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2003-01-28 12:22:18 AM  
OK let's just pick up where we left off the first time this story was run.

Oppai I believe you had just summoned Bevets?
2003-01-28 03:12:14 AM  
I believe in evolution
I believe in God
I believe that God created everything since the beggining of time and things evolved from his creations
2003-01-28 03:13:18 AM  
What? You mean, GOD didn't *make* them? *gasp* Oh the horror, the horror, my whole world is just a shattered illusion.

2003-01-28 03:13:29 AM  
holy shiat! I'm Rip Van Winkle! I just slept for, like, six days straight! All of this is actually new news!


2003-01-28 03:14:00 AM  
2003-01-28 03:15:15 AM  
in a holographic universe there is no place for God.

or is there?

2003-01-28 03:20:37 AM  
Wow, found two in the same week. What're the odds?
2003-01-28 03:21:34 AM  
good god, why does someone have to bring god into a thread when there really isnt a reason to? reaguardless of whatever you believe in, this is just going to start a flamewar.

i think i speak for all the sensible christians out there and say that if god wanted a thread about himself, he'd of put the post up himself.
2003-01-28 03:23:05 AM  
checks quantum signature...

yep. seen this before.
2003-01-28 03:25:23 AM  
Hmm, I thought this was a joke the first time and didn't even bother to read it.

Next thing you know, they'll be saying man evolved from apes.
2003-01-28 03:25:23 AM  
there's a glitch in the matrix again
2003-01-28 03:25:45 AM  
God is wired? He has Cat5e running to some fiber? Is God a Farker? I'll bet he likes boobies!

Nothing better than riling up some sheepstians before going to bed.
2003-01-28 03:25:55 AM  
dinosaurs overthrew god, didnt you hear?
2003-01-28 03:27:34 AM  
God is omnipresent, he is in all threads. :)
2003-01-28 03:27:53 AM  
at least it has a pic this time
2003-01-28 03:30:32 AM  
God creates Dinosaurs.
God destroys Dinosaurs.
God creates Man.
Man destroys God.
Man creates Dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs eat man.
Woman inherits the Earth.

2003-01-28 03:31:58 AM  
Feh, repeat. Saw these in the Cretaceous...
2003-01-28 03:33:10 AM  
What's with all this talk about Jesus, don't you people know about SVCDs?
2003-01-28 03:41:54 AM  
marinated in breast milk, this would have been delicious.
2003-01-28 03:42:55 AM  

wake me up when they find a five assed monkey.
2003-01-28 03:44:33 AM  
It all makes sense now...

[image from feng-shui.de too old to be available]
2003-01-28 03:46:47 AM  
Maybe it was really a two winger but was a Siamese twin defect dude. Imagine if millions of years from now, they dig up those twin girls attached at the head. The Speilberg/Lucas dudes of the day will create an army of them ruling the planet for their historic movie.
2003-01-28 03:47:57 AM  
Make that 'historical'.
2003-01-28 04:02:40 AM  
and his name was TROGDORRRRRRRRR!!!
2003-01-28 04:04:33 AM  

wake me up when they find a five assed monkey."

They already have. He founded the "Stryper" fan club.
2003-01-28 04:07:34 AM  
Not only that...

[image from peoplejustlikeus.org too old to be available]

God did smite them for being totally GAY in his name.
2003-01-28 04:14:49 AM  
[image from home.swipnet.se too old to be available]
2003-01-28 04:34:18 AM  
01-28-03 03:15:15 AM Gladiator12g
in a holographic universe there is no place for God.
or is there?

Computer! Shut down the program...........

I said, Computer!! SHUT DOWN the program...........

Shut the farking off!
2003-01-28 04:40:22 AM  
Oh...I found one of these freaky looking things in my backyard.
2003-01-28 04:50:04 AM  
[image from yesterdayland.com too old to be available]
2003-01-28 05:06:12 AM  
I wonder if this is proof that communism failed in the jurrasic era. "four wings are better than two four wings are better than two"
2003-01-28 05:06:59 AM  
Interesting -- the Discovery Channel realized that the filthy atheist Communists deserved the credit for this find, but they spin it as all confirming a theory of a godless Evolutionist American imperialist pig. The running dogs of capitalism attempt to steal another bone from the dirty reds of China.
2003-01-28 05:10:53 AM  
Wow. Somebody aknowledged my existance. I feel special. O_o
2003-01-28 05:33:37 AM  
OK OK But what we need in this day and age is a chicken with 4 drum sticks, continue the research.
2003-01-28 08:00:04 AM  
[image from heise.de too old to be available]
2003-01-28 08:37:08 AM  
Oh, my God. This monkey only has four asses! I have failed you, son!!!
2003-01-28 09:46:56 AM  
Well, this really comes as no surprise... I mean, look at flying squirels. They've evolved a similar mechanism (using all 4 limbs for flight) using their mammilian parts. If something works, very different creatures will evolve similarly functioning (but completely different) structures. Look at whales and fish, or fuzzy caterpillars and fuzzy mammals, or flying insects and flying birds, etc, etc.

These ubuiqitous charactisics are everywhere in the animal kingdom. As I heard a zoologist put it: "It all comes down the the "3 F's: Fur, Flight & Sexual Reproduction."

2003-01-28 09:50:28 AM  
Not as much "flight" as "controlled descent with gliding." But bats, I think, are an even better comparison as the only mammal having evolved flight characteristics (and, by and large, their wing flaps are connected to all four limbs).
2003-01-28 09:57:04 AM  
I read it as a four-winged dingo...

*need more coffee*
2003-01-28 09:57:34 AM  
2003-01-28 10:00:49 AM  
Holy Shait! It's a farking repeat!
2003-01-28 10:01:00 AM  
Dragons do exists?
2003-01-28 10:29:26 AM  
Microraptor Gui? No relation to Bernardo Gui, I assume.
2003-01-28 11:01:19 AM  
Jurassic Fark

/is melting in the dark
2003-01-28 11:47:25 AM  
Maybe it's just me... but those rear two limbs just look like legs. The front 2 are definately wings but the rear ones look like just normal legs on the bottom of the body.
2003-01-28 11:59:54 AM  
It's fake.

The chinese are getting famous for faking fossils and then selling them to gullible Americankis.
2003-01-28 12:32:38 PM  
just wait till you see a movie about otherkin. i just might do it since i'm one. i think i am a dragon and this just makes my heart skip a beat. and for those that don't know what otherkin are, check out www.otherkin.net
2003-01-28 12:35:33 PM  
[image from ncaabbs.com too old to be available]
2003-01-28 12:46:33 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
img.fark.netView Full Size
Holy shiat. Four-winged dino unearthed .... for the second time. Wait noe, its just a repeat
2003-01-28 12:52:29 PM  
I submitted a link last to the story on MSN with this picture:

and my title was: "Tasselled fossil proves that some dinosaurs were Country when Country wasn't cool."

Alas, a different story got posted :(
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