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(   Streetlegal robots will save the Japanese economy. That, and Ultraman   ( divider line
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4320 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jan 2003 at 1:26 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-28 01:29:03 AM  
I thought Negative Interest Rates were saving the economy already.
2003-01-28 01:29:34 AM  
Negative Interest Rates COWER in the face of StreetLegal Robots!
2003-01-28 01:30:02 AM  
frost poot
2003-01-28 01:31:48 AM  
No, you are not the first Maintenance.
2003-01-28 01:31:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-28 01:34:01 AM  
Yeah, but then Godzilla will come along and mess it all up!
2003-01-28 01:35:05 AM  
Colly: shouldn't it be The Oxford Engrish Dictionary? :-)

I'm still coming to terms with them putting money in a bank and then seeing it shrink more than if I stash it under the mattress, I don't think my brain can handle robots accosting me in the streets in Japan :-P
2003-01-28 01:35:13 AM  
I'm telling ya, the best way to save the Japanese economy is to get rid of that stupid mosaic pattern they put on porn. There's big money to be made there! er, I mean, a friend told me that once.
2003-01-28 01:36:12 AM  
I want a lifesize, streetlegal robot named Fifi, wearing a French maid outfit, and three functional orifices.
2003-01-28 01:36:48 AM  
Godzilla + a decent storyline could actually be quite a moneymaker... heck, just look at Jurassic Park. Same thing, just no radiation.
2003-01-28 01:37:30 AM  
I'd apprecite the japanese if they would just admit that they want robots to do their shiat jobs because they don't want any filthy non-japenese immigrant workers doing their shiat jobs.
2003-01-28 01:37:37 AM  

/ernie cline
2003-01-28 01:37:53 AM  
Did somebody say Ultraman?

[image from too old to be available]

Larger than life
Searching for a hero
Searching for a man
with all the right stuff
Searching for a hero
When super is just not enough
Super is just not enough
Ultraman Tiga
Larger than life.

[You've been enlisted into a top secret agency called GUTS. You have access to the worlds most advanced weapons and technology. Ultraman Tiga can't do it alone. He needs your help.]

He's the one ten stories high.
Save the world
He's the hope for all mankind.
Save the world
Ultraman Tiga.
Larger than life.
2003-01-28 01:39:44 AM  
Man, I still remember seeing Ultraman... because it's so far beyond bad it's memorable.

/mysteriously gets envelopped by big cocoon
2003-01-28 01:39:45 AM  
After reading that headline, I imagined armies of robot Benders bending Tokyo to little pretzel-like metal pieces.
2003-01-28 01:44:18 AM  
Clevershark: we still get the Ultraman TV series here in Asia.. they're pretty new, i think they still make them in Japan.

Still the crappy, campy bad acting, bad dubbing and worst of all, the lousy Ultraman rubber suit where you can see the zipper, and the lousy monster you can see is some schmuck in a rubber suit :-P
2003-01-28 01:44:44 AM  
dude 'Boobies' gets filtrated
Boobies dos not
thus....i tope what i tope
and it hasn't apperd in twelve hours
2003-01-28 01:48:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Colin! Get off the Interweb ... it's rotting your brain!"
2003-01-28 01:48:58 AM  
Any chance they've made any progress on the Mobile Suits or the Veritechs?
2003-01-28 01:52:40 AM  
I saw the original movie when I was at boarding school... some 23-24 years ago (man I'm old).

Even by the standards of that time the production values weren't just poor, you just had to laugh out loud at everything... good times.
2003-01-28 01:52:50 AM  
Gundam is basically an institution.
Veritechs or Macross has moved into the new millenium with reverse wing aircraft.

But the new trend is to have barely legal little girls driving sleek, shapely (aka sexy) robots to save the earth (Evangelion).
...and you still can't drive your Dad's Lexus!
2003-01-28 01:53:44 AM  
is taht the new cliche or something?
2003-01-28 01:58:03 AM  
Ultraman is going to kick your ass

[image from too old to be available]

Don't fark with him.
2003-01-28 02:00:26 AM  
Ahh, yes Ultraman. If you like poorly dubbed Japanese monster movies, you'll love Ultraman.
2003-01-28 02:05:18 AM  
What I hate about Ultraman are all those stupid poses he has to make to shoot whatever shiat at the monsters!

That has turned Japan into a nation of "posers"!!
Every commercial on TV has some chick making some sort of dumbass pose!
2003-01-28 02:06:13 AM  

People will soon be saying "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!"

2003-01-28 02:09:51 AM  
See now, this is how it starts.
[image from too old to be available]

Then some scientist is going to go nutty and fark the whole thing up.
2003-01-28 02:10:11 AM  
"Are you Sara Connors?"
2003-01-28 02:12:22 AM  
People will soon be saying "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!"

So how long until Dr. Everett Righteous and the MMM overthrow the Unitd Stats Government and impose a Christin Theocracy that has Rock and Roll Banned?
2003-01-28 02:45:45 AM  
2003-01-28 03:05:16 AM  
Awsome post!
Giga-creds to the poster.
2003-01-28 03:23:42 AM  
"barely legal little girls"

The age of consent in Japan is 13, so they're not "barely" in Japan. Up until a few years ago, there wasn't an age of consent.

nihon wa l33t desu
2003-01-28 04:47:34 AM  
Robots with credit cards?
2003-01-28 05:02:45 AM  
This gives me an idea. I'm going to build a robot robot army that can disable cell phones and let them loose. I'm also gonna follow Lord_snots idea of 3 functional orifices.
2003-01-28 08:30:13 AM  
Hopefully this will lead to women in tight power armor running around destroying said robots. Oh and skimpy clothing the rest of the time.
2003-01-28 09:33:33 AM  
Lartrak -- that explains a few pics I've seen floating around USENET...
2003-01-28 01:13:18 PM  
Ultraman was OK, but his desperation move kicked butt. I always wondered why he didn't use it until his chest light started flashing, but now I realize his health bar had to be red.
2003-01-28 02:04:27 PM  
Not to be an arse, but I thought Fark didn't post sites that required pay subscriptions to view content. Am I wrong?

When I try to view this, I'm told I'm not a member, and have to sign up. They want my payment info, but promise I won't be billed if I cancel the subscription within 15 days.
2003-01-28 04:05:18 PM  
Fark the Financial Times, by the way I am watching a Television show about Crack heads.
2003-01-28 05:21:57 PM  
Lartrak I think that's been upped to 18 now, as it has in Spain and several scandinavian countries (where it was 12). Certain states of the USA, however, still stand alone in lower ages. The lower bounds for legally appearing in porno seem to bottom out at 16 or 18 no matter where you are though.

Even the japanese government eventually had to admit that child pr0n was sick shiat and make a move to get rid of it... the most (legal) pics you'll run across these days amount to clothed (barely... loophole city) 'glamour shots'.

BTW can someone with an FT subscription copypaste the article text or at least wibble up a synopsis, the pure Stupid they are displaying in making expensive online what is free at my local library makes it kind of hard to read without any l33t ha><0ring skillz or burnable money.

hey... is that bubblegum crisis?
got trading cards of that somewhere, from the miniature anime boom (hehe i made a funny) of early '96. came on the front of some innocuous PC magazine or other. nearly naked girls in and out of robot armour. was in early teens heaven.
2003-01-29 05:03:18 PM  
2003-01-29 09:14:39 PM  
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