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(CNN)   Michael Jackson visits the NASDAQ for some reason, gets cake   ( divider line
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2140 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Aug 2001 at 2:45 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-30 02:51:48 PM  
This is a very bad sign for the economy.
2001-08-30 02:53:42 PM  
Have you heard the demo songs from his album? Now that is a bad sign for the economy! (Yet a good sign for tighty-whitey wearing 12 year old boys everywhere)
2001-08-30 02:54:01 PM  
I can see that it didn't help us we are still down today. What's next are they gonna dig up Elvis and display his body
2001-08-30 02:56:01 PM  
I don't get it? Did someone tip him off that it was "Bring you son to work day"
2001-08-30 02:59:14 PM  
Damn, forgot to enter my password so no credit for the post! That's weird though. Too bad he didn't bring his monkey. So to speak.
2001-08-30 03:00:46 PM  
Suddenly, I'm picturing choreographed, zombie stock brokers moonwalking while going about their nefarious undead trading.

More brains...
Send more cops...
Send more paramedics...
Send more venture capitalists...
Send more money...
2001-08-30 03:01:18 PM  
NASDAQ Guy to other NASDAQ Guy: "Whos the new white chick?"
2001-08-30 03:02:14 PM  
Who's Michaek?
2001-08-30 03:03:15 PM  
who is this Michaek you speak of?
2001-08-30 03:04:30 PM  
Fat-fingered, my bad.
2001-08-30 03:09:58 PM  

OutShined, he didn't bring his monkey because it dead a couple years ago.

2001-08-30 03:10:56 PM  
What better to promote a washed out stock index than a (white)washed out rock/pop star.
2001-08-30 03:17:34 PM  
people! it's his BIRFDAY!

(btw, the crack and rat poison does create uncontrolable bleeding - i think I'm having a stroke :)
2001-08-30 03:17:47 PM  
Can't we all just-breathe-a-big-sigh-of-relief-now-dat-
little-boysee's-underpanties along?
2001-08-30 03:19:18 PM  

And now, for my impersonation of Michael Jackson. Thank you.

2001-08-30 03:22:52 PM  
one of the all-time classic headlines!
2001-08-30 03:29:30 PM  
Funny stuff grue!

--Kiss grue
-I'd rather kiss a pig!
--Kiss grue
-Grue eats face.
2001-08-30 03:32:37 PM  
Michaek Jackson - The coolest new rabbi!
2001-08-30 03:36:38 PM  
NASDAQ was just showing off the last venture capitalist with any money. Of course, the high risk ventures he's into are illegal. (15 will get you 20)
2001-08-30 03:36:47 PM  
I don't know about you guys, but something about the headline "Michael Jackson visits the NASDAQ for some reason, gets cake" just made me ROFL.... I'm not sure what, but it just struck me as really funny... Nice work!
2001-08-30 03:37:01 PM  
Michael jackson even farts like girl.
2001-08-30 03:53:10 PM  
At the rate he's changed color, I'm surprised he isn't farking CLEAR yet!
2001-08-30 04:01:51 PM  
What do MJ and the Nasdaq have in common
They are both in dire need of a comeback.
2001-08-30 04:02:26 PM  
"Michael Jackson visits the NASDAQ for some reason, gets underage bukakke"

2001-08-30 04:08:34 PM  
Holy crap Zero, you made soda come out of my nose. That is so WRONG.
2001-08-30 04:13:19 PM  
Michael Jackson offered hanson $5,000,000 to poen for him on his next tour.
They turned it down when they found out he wasnt talking about music.
2001-08-30 04:26:23 PM  
Who is tomorrows guest of honor. Paula Poundstone?
2001-08-30 04:40:06 PM  
Well, now that he is a white, middle-aged male, he is welcome on Wall Street.
2001-08-30 04:54:25 PM  
farking pedophile
2001-08-30 05:11:31 PM  
The Rite Aid on Fairfax and Sunset has a shortage of Ex-Lax! Please remain calm. We should have plenty in stock within the hour. I urge you all to remain calm and stay away from the Rite Aid on Sunset and Fairfax in Hollywood. With my partership with the LAPD and LAFD no problems should arise. Again, please remain calm, all will be well.
2001-08-30 05:16:29 PM  
Is it just me,or is Michael Jackson lookingmore and more like a Japanese woman?


And did anybody play that Moonwalker game for the Sega Genesis?Creepiest shiat ever!
2001-08-30 05:16:40 PM  
Is there some reason that we should even care about Michael Jackson doing anything anymore? He is about as washed up as they come.
2001-08-30 06:47:29 PM  
Ok he's in NY. That means he's about 300 miles away from my kid. That's all I need to know.
2001-08-30 07:38:31 PM  
What did Michael Jackson fill out on his census form where it says "Race"? It's not a joke, I wanna know!
2001-08-30 08:09:51 PM  
Well, I'd like to feel sorry for Michael, but let's be fair - Dick Clark did warn him not to use too much of the secret goo of youth, but he just had to go drink it by the gallon! Really, he has only himself to blame.
2001-08-30 09:26:51 PM  
Y.Dload. Possibly he put 'Undecided'.
2001-08-30 10:28:05 PM  
Demosthenes: I was about to say the same thing... whoever submitted it either works for the Onion or reads it daily.
2001-08-31 12:57:55 AM  
What the difference between Michael Jackson and Neil Armstrong?

One landed on the moon and the other farks kids.
2001-08-31 06:51:09 AM  
Neko-Yasha: are you sure you want to mention Michael Jackson and "Youth goo" in teh same post? ew ew ew..

And Dick Clark is a highlander anyway. One of these Rockin' New Years Eve's I'll hop on stage with him, scream "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!" and behead him!
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