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2001-08-30 11:41:12 AM  
This dude is f'd.
2001-08-30 11:45:38 AM  
Stupid farker. There should be mandatory stay in the pokey till they sober up enough to drive themselves home. Also should cost out the wazzoo and have minimum 6 months jail time even for the first offense. Perhaps if there were harsher (is that a word?) consequences there would be fewer repeat offenders.
2001-08-30 11:46:09 AM  
Drunk drivers deserve nothing less than death.
2001-08-30 11:47:26 AM  
end of the month ticket quotas strike again
2001-08-30 11:54:42 AM  
This guy should never have been allowed to leave the station. What a dumbass.
2001-08-30 12:03:08 PM  
Here in Oklahoma, your first DUI costs $1200 (I think) plus jail time. I don't know how long the jail stay is, but I doubt they'd let you drive away drunk.
2001-08-30 12:04:00 PM  
this guy is not f'd - in ohio and neighboring states, a dui is not much worse than a speeding ticket. No $1100 fine, no 5 days jail, no special drunk guy classes to attend, just a ticket and a small fine.
2001-08-30 12:08:48 PM  
This story is enough to drive a person to drink and drive and drink then drive again.
2001-08-30 12:14:04 PM  
Did they mention if his license is revoked? I didn't see anything like that in the story. I don't think a person like that should be able to drive again. I bet he crashes into something next time and hurts someone. I'm pretty set on, if you get pulled over, and have an illegal BAC, then you should have your license taken on the spot and never get it again. BUT, I also believe that they should raise the legal BAC because the levels they have now are, like, if you drink 1 beer, your illegal to drive. Now I'm no heavyweight, but I REALLY think anyone can handle 1 beer. I don't think they are going to change that.
2001-08-30 12:17:40 PM  
A big round of applause for the second DUI with special consideration for the loaded weapon in the truck.
If you're going to fark up, do it right. (watch out Kentucky, Ohio is gaining momentum for first place.)
2001-08-30 12:51:19 PM  
Phone call from jail-"Yeah I'll be right home."
Second phone call form jail-"Well this time i mean it!"
2001-08-30 12:51:32 PM  
Can't we all just wish-that-the-cops-woulda-dragged-this-
baton-shampoo-on-his-mofo-thick-skull along?
2001-08-30 01:15:04 PM  
This was literally minutes from where I live (Ridge Road).

What a turd bomber...
2001-08-30 01:27:07 PM  
G92vR: revoking this moron's license probably wouldn't do any good. There's always stupid ass people like this driving without a license anyway.
2001-08-30 01:32:15 PM  
if he had an entertainment lawyer he'd be ok.
2001-08-30 01:41:30 PM  
> in ohio and neighboring states, a dui is not much worse than a speeding ticket. No $1100 fine, no 5 days jail, no special drunk guy classes to attend, just a ticket and a small fine.

In Ohio your license is automatically suspended for 4 years if you are convicted of DUI.

Insurance after the 4 year period starts at around $2000 a month. Proof required to get your license back.

Hes farked all right.
2001-08-30 02:37:21 PM  
this will not stop him... still gonna drive, still gonna drink and drive.....

this guy sounds too farking stupid to get a clue.
2001-08-30 02:50:01 PM  
I'm sure this is a slug that has been lucky enough to fall through the cracks and never get pulled over before even though he has driven drunk hundreds of times.
2001-08-30 03:15:23 PM  
From I-71 to Weymouth road.

I take that route home every frikin night.
2001-08-30 04:18:41 PM  
Hisey: I'd keep my eyes open for a swerving Ford Truck then.
2001-08-30 04:37:27 PM  
I think that Drunk Driving is the most farked up thing there is. Its all about $$$. If you have enough $$$ you can drive, if you don't got no $$$ your farked. They BAC is too damn low.
I think there is alot of sober people out there that can't drive for shiat anyways. Its those people that drink and drive and kill. They give the rest of us "normal" people a bad name. Its not all about BAC or walking the damn line. Last time I knew you didn't have to walk a straight line to drive a car. That should be part of the driving test if it is! Its just another way for the gooverment to make a little $$$. It was never a big deal back in the day. A little fine and you walked your drunk ass home. Now there is all the political correct BS. And you wonder why 1 out of ecery 32 people is in jail or on Parole. Its because of a overactive goverment trying to be a tolitarian dictatorship. Don't get me started....
2001-08-30 08:18:11 PM  
I couldn't agree more. I won't defend drunk driving, but I think it's idiotic that people want the "death penalty" for this offense.

I'll make a little confession here...I got a DUI (technically it was reduced to a charge of Reckless Driving w/ Alcohol.) And if my first offense had resulted in 6 months jail time I don't think it would have served anyone.

I'm a college graduate, I've got a decent job, 2 kids a house and a wife. If you put my ass in jail for 6 months I lose all of that. (Some would say that's what I deserve. But I'd ask those people to consider the long term ramifications of such an action.) And...how many here can say that they haven't been at the bar with the fellas...had a few beers and driven home??
I'm just the unlucky SOB who got caught.

I wasn't swerving. I wasn't driving on somebody's front lawn. I was going 50 in a 45 and got pulled over. The cop smelled beer on my breath. I blew a .10 (the legal limit in Utah is .08.) And the rest, as they say, is history.

Trust me when I say that this wasn't a pleasant experience even without the jail time. It cost roughly 450$ to get my car out of impound. I cost me 800$ for a cheap atty. 900$ fine. 300$ alcohol awareness class. 90 days with no drivers license. 50$ administration fee to get it back. 50$ reinstatement fee. (I know I'm forgetting some of my fees.... the state charged a fee for about every damn thing I needed to get.) My car insurance has tripled. And then there's the humiliation due to the stigma of this offense.
I'm not saying that I should have come away feeling proud. But I felt like a damn child molester...and I don't think I should have been made to feel that way because I'd have a few brews and driven home.

Was I barreling through the streets barely coherent?? No. Was I so drunk that I didn't remember where I'd been? No.
I was the guy who had 4-5 beers over a 3 hour span in a bar and drove home. I got pulled over 2 blocks from my home. I hadn't swerved. I passed roadside sobriety but failed a breathalyzer. Was justice served? I think so. I learned a lesson. I don't drive if I've had anything to drink now because it's not worth the financial difficulty.

Would justice have been served if I'd lost my job, family, and home? I don't think so. I think that would have been much to harsh for my first offense. Especially considering the fact that I wasn't terribly drunk. I didn't even feel buzzed at the time. So I agree with Grrrrrl23...the BAC is too low. And I think the hunt for drunk drivers is somewhat related to the war on drugs. I think it's become a witch hunt of sorts...and I'll vouch that it's certainly a money thing. The government stuck it to me every chance they got.

I think stopping real drunk drivers is a good goal. But I don't think we should be punishing people for having a few drinks in their system....unless we're willing to start punishing people for driving while on Sudafed, or when they're too tired to be driving, or when their children are crying, etc.
2001-08-30 10:52:14 PM  
GawdGood post.
I, once, was followed for over 2 miles by a police officer when I shouldn't have been driving. (I was capable, but not by much.) He opted to not pull me over, for what reason I don't know.
I chose this to be a lesson. I, too, feel that a 6 mos sentence would be unusual punishment. Much beyond that deserved.
The repeat offender (even 2nd time) is the one that needs the ass whoopin. Do it a third time? Get the scrote puller out.
2001-08-30 11:45:14 PM  
I couldn't agree more. How is the government expected to get its precious $$$ when we are in Jail, burdening the tax paying american?

I say we revolt like the colonies!
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