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(Reuters)   McDonald's posts its first-ever loss. Ever.   ( divider line
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15993 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jan 2003 at 10:29 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-23 10:09:12 AM  
The headline is not true. Years ago I worked at Burger King and we used to play softball against other local fast-food places. We played McDonalds a lot and they usually lost. So, as far as I'm concerned, McDonalds has suffered many a loss.
2003-01-23 10:13:45 AM  
McDonalds, "food" is disgusting.
2003-01-23 10:24:29 AM  
Somebody let the cat of the bag about supersized fries being fattening.

Guess it's back to Cheetos for dinner.
2003-01-23 10:31:21 AM  
2003-01-23 10:31:22 AM  
2003-01-23 10:31:28 AM  
Lets hope the trend continues.

McDs is shiat..

tho I do like the fries.

2003-01-23 10:31:43 AM  
Well, there goes my class action lawsuit.
2003-01-23 10:32:50 AM  
Is this an Onion article?
2003-01-23 10:33:37 AM  
Didn't I hear about this a couple weeks ago?
2003-01-23 10:33:41 AM  
Looks like Ninja Burger has finally achieved its goal!

[image from too old to be available]

You WILL discover the Ninja Burger difference, or you will die!


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2003-01-23 10:33:48 AM  
Let's blame Bush! La la la...
2003-01-23 10:34:06 AM  
I see this as an emerging new trend. More and more people around me continue to embark on healthier lives, which includes not eating fast food. This includes me. I haven't been to a fast food place in almost 2 months now. Lets hope it continues rapidly. Maybe someday soon, America won't be seen as a bunch of fatasses.
2003-01-23 10:35:09 AM  
Hmmm, it was in the Onion last week. Maybe they truely are "America's Finest News Source."

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-23 10:35:33 AM  
I told them not to buy that new cow.
2003-01-23 10:35:48 AM  
Less McDonald's food = less fat people = more hot chicks.
2003-01-23 10:36:11 AM  
It's Clinton's Fault. Or Reagan's.

Maybe both.
2003-01-23 10:36:23 AM  
01-23-03 10:35:48 AM Damon_Ryde
Less McDonald's food = less fat people = more hot chicks.

Can't argue with that. The math is right there.
2003-01-23 10:36:24 AM  
First-ever loss. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.v Ever.
2003-01-23 10:36:39 AM  
McDonalds needs a burger with some McLettuce, McTomato, McOnions and McPickle instead of this slab-o'-meat-on-a-bun crap that they have now
2003-01-23 10:36:55 AM  
They've popped their cherry pie.
2003-01-23 10:36:58 AM  
I'd like to order a McHahahaha with a side order of hilarity.
2003-01-23 10:37:02 AM  
Long live Jarred and Subway! Hey kids, put down that burger and run around the block a few times.
2003-01-23 10:37:02 AM  
Probably cuz that little fatty kid, whose lawsuit against McDonalds got shut down recently, has switched to Burger King in protest.
2003-01-23 10:37:03 AM  
my key stuck. stuck.
2003-01-23 10:37:07 AM  
Grumble, grumble, grumble....

GIS for Hamburgler (NSFW)
2003-01-23 10:37:43 AM  
hey, at least they are honest about it and not enroning
2003-01-23 10:37:55 AM  
This is NSFW
2003-01-23 10:38:42 AM  
No word yet from the McCheese administration.
2003-01-23 10:39:10 AM  
Their next big product: McBankruptcy.
2003-01-23 10:39:33 AM  
99 cent Sausage McMuffins rock
2003-01-23 10:39:52 AM  
Let's see....

Crappy "food" made from the cheapest products available.
Huge discounts on premium items
An employee turnover rate thats mindboggling. (think $$ for training)
Expansive menu that forces corporate/franchise stores to hold more than needed inventory on the off chance that someone will order 50 McRibs at once.
Exorbitant franchise fees forcing would be owner/operators to look elsewhere for opportunity.

Big friggin suprise.....
2003-01-23 10:39:58 AM  
McDonald's would do better if they cleaned their restaurants once in a while and hired workers that actually spoke the English language and didn't have the biggest chip on their shoulder. Every time I go to McDonald's, the person behind the counter makes me feel like I'm interrupting their conversation and inconveniencing THEM. But you can't really place all blame on the workers on the front line, it starts with management, which sucks at McDonald's.
2003-01-23 10:40:03 AM  
Less McDonald's food = less fat people = more hot chicks.

So not fat is equal to hot? I've seen some pretty fugly skinny women and some pretty good looking ones that would probably be described as fat according to popular opinion.
2003-01-23 10:40:04 AM  
great, maby now they will relize there food sucks, and changing it might improve business.
2003-01-23 10:40:28 AM  
Wendy's single or double with small chili Rocks and spells doom for McD and BK.
2003-01-23 10:42:05 AM  
Everybody should instead eat at El Meson de Felipe.
They got some great sandwiches there.
2003-01-23 10:42:06 AM  
Has anyone seen the new McDonald's "diners"?
2003-01-23 10:42:09 AM  
Count_Farkula - you can't fool me. I know a McFish when I see one.
2003-01-23 10:43:41 AM  
They would be a lot worse off if it wasn't for their Chipotle restaurants.
2003-01-23 10:44:08 AM  
I like how it feels like I swallowed a brick after I ate some McD's.
2003-01-23 10:44:10 AM  
2003-01-23 10:44:13 AM  
People don't go there because the food is good. It's not. Or because it is fast. Or because it is cheap. They are mind-numbed robots seeking consistency (even when travelling overseas). Much better options wherever you go, but stay-at-homes in SUVs take the brats there by habit.

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." R.W.Emerson

2003-01-23 10:45:19 AM  
As opposed to a first-ever loss for the third time?
2003-01-23 10:45:53 AM  
So you guys think because a company posted its first loss in history its going downhill from here? Riiight.
2003-01-23 10:46:07 AM  
This article is neither strange nor news.
2003-01-23 10:48:06 AM  
McD's loss is your gain (weight gain, that is).

I highly doubt this has to do with people "eating healthier". However, in response I'm sure McD's is going to cut prices (I had heard they actually had the highest margins on their food, so it's a matter of making less money if they cut prices and it will fuel a price war with other chains that could very well bankrupt the others).

Lower prices also means more people will tend to go to McD's to eat, nixing any sort of "health craze". McD's will not be going down without a fight and we're all going to pay the price for it :(
2003-01-23 10:48:21 AM  
I knew mc d's was in trouble when my little kids started choosing to go to Jersy Mikes subs instead of there. And man am I EVER so glad for that. I hate Mcfakemeatdonalds.
2003-01-23 10:48:56 AM  
McDonald's may become the black hole of fast food if it collapses, devouring everything in its path like a minivan full of soccer kids after a 3-1 victory.
2003-01-23 10:49:13 AM  
Say what you want, I loved happy meals as a kid. In moderation the food is fine, but they went and tried for world domination. Maybe this will humble Ronald a bit and he wont go for a golden arches on every street corner.

Whats with Sonic deep frying pickle slices and calling it a menu item?

Pickalos, now those are worthy of a fark article...
2003-01-23 10:49:42 AM  
Strange not at all, every year they keep adding more & more "filler". Guess the super sizers of the world realized two feet from any McDonalds is another fast food place.
And there fries I think we could all do without.
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