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2009-01-20 12:22:26 PM  
2009-01-20 12:22:29 PM  

libbynomore2: I hope he means what he said about terrorism. Dude is about to release from GITMO a bunch of really, REALLY bad guys...whose guilty status has YET to be proven, even after being in Guantanamo Bay for nearly seven years

... but don't let the reality of that small little detail get in the way of your fantasy.

Fixed Happens™.
2009-01-20 12:22:29 PM  

Thusly Farked: I have to admit, it feels very good to know that Bush is out, and Obama is in. I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief, like a great weight was lifted off my shoulder. I feel content, secure, and at peace.

I can't wait to pop open that bottle of champagne! :D

Oh yeah, totally agree there.

hehe. My cousin just called to tell me she hung up her American flag again for the first time since we invaded Iraq.
2009-01-20 12:22:30 PM  
Cataholic: Now that he's gotten in front of the teleprompter and is saying nice things, I feel better about myself than I did merely an hour ago. AMAZING!

Awww, don't feel so bad. No need for ill-placed sarcasm.

Tomorrow, you can freely complain about the President without the idiocy with which you complained about a senator from Illinois for the past few months.
2009-01-20 12:22:32 PM  
Allright folks, let's bask for today, but tomorrow the real work starts. It will take all of us, not just Obama, to dig us out of the hole that we all worked so hard to dig us into. I'm hoping that he can unite us and cause us to want to work together to find solutions to our problems.

Obama is simply a man, not a messiah or the devil, but a man with an unenviable job to do. Let's put snarking and sniping and adoration and worship behind and focus on what needs to be done to fix what ails us.

Hope is what this country needs, and I believe that Obama can jumpstart that hope that I would like to see reinvigorate this nation.
2009-01-20 12:22:32 PM  
Anyone notice that since his intelligence briefings, Obama has become a lot more vocal about terrorism and defense?

That has to be a shiatty farking day. You get elected and you are on cloud nine, then they throw down a list of hundreds of independent groups who want to destroy the country that has just put you in charge of their safety.

I just hope if he extends an olive branch, when they spit in his face, no one is really surprised. Far too many countries see any sort of compromise as weakness (Russia, China, N. Korea, Pakistan)

The good news is he read "Ghost Wars" which is the best work done on the middle east political dynamics.
2009-01-20 12:22:33 PM  
Limbaugh is TRYING to bash this speech. He really is trying very very hard....but he can't do it.
2009-01-20 12:22:38 PM  

CanisNoir: bulldg4life: Maybe, just maybe...you will see the difference in bashing an incoming President for no apparent reason as compared to bashing an outgoing President with rock bottom approval ratings because of 2 dozen scandals.

Who's bashing Obama? I'm bashing his followers not the man. Calling him a Politician is being realistic not insulting; unless you're one of the sycophants.

Again you use the temper tantrum and manufactured scandals of the left as your evidence. That's like me saying Obama IS a Secret Muslim because everyone is baitching about him being one.

Can't you go one day without your whining?
2009-01-20 12:22:40 PM  
wwffan7385: "non-believers" interesting choice of words.

It's actually very good wording, because it's more inclusive than just saying "atheists" or whatever.
2009-01-20 12:22:40 PM  

smooshie: We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - and non-believers.

Hell yes! Take that, fundies :D

As a Buddhist who is married to a Zoroastrian wife, I take offense to this.
2009-01-20 12:22:41 PM  
images.wikia.comView Full Size
2009-01-20 12:22:42 PM  

SurfaceTension: I still get a tear in my eye thinking about the one thing that makes our country great: the peaceful transfer of power. We are witnesses to something that may be a blip on humanity's history, but it IS something that is truly and especially great.

West Wing much?
2009-01-20 12:22:44 PM  

mmm... pancake: The way he reads those words written by somebody else off of the teleprompter just melts my heart.

Its great, isn't it? Bush really struggled with t, but Obama has it on lockdown.
2009-01-20 12:22:57 PM  

Confabulat: It's nice listening to a President that doesn't sound like a complete retard for a change.

[image from gogela.com too old to be available]
2009-01-20 12:22:59 PM  

Alien Robot: Mugato: With a speech he seems to have actually memorized.

LOL! His eyes are riveted on one of the two teleprompters on either side of Him. Notice how He doesn't speak while looking straight ahead.

I wondered why he never looks forward during a speech, he looks side to side. Is that the reason?
2009-01-20 12:23:05 PM  

FightDirector: At the close of Mr. Bush's Presidency, we'd like to give a moment of thanks for all the folks who made it such an interesting time. Here's your (reposted) credits for the last 8 years.

Written and directed by: Karl Rove

Cast in Order of Appearance:
Decider - George W. Bush
Actual President - Richard Cheney
Mr. Cheney's Attempts at Human Emotion by - Industrial Light & Magic
Decider's Wife - Laura Bush
Decider's Actual Wife - Condoleezza Rice

The Supreme Court
John Roberts
Samuel Alito
Clarence Thomas
Antonin Scalia
Anthony Kennedy
William Rehnquist
Sandra Day O'Connor
...and some other people who don't matter

Prop Master - Gen. Colin Powell
Evildoer - Osama bin Laden
Mr. Bin Laden's Stand-in - Saddam Hussein

Guantanamo Detainees - [censored by order of the Department of Homeland Security]

Heckuva-Job Doer - Mike Brown

Best Boy - Gen. David Patraeus
Worst Boy - Richard Clarke

Iraq Location Team
Second Unit Director - Donald Rumsfeld
Location Scout - Paul Wolfowitz
Iraq Extras Casting - Pal Bremer
Additional Material by - Ahmad Chalabi
Abu Ghraib Sequences Directed by - Donald Rumsfeld A few bad apples
Guantanamo bay Sequences Directed by - Dick Cheney a few other bad apples
John Bolton's Mustache Wrangler - John Bolton

Unit Publicists -
Sean Hannity
Steve Doocy
Bill O'Reilly
Brian Kilmeade
Greta Van Susteren
Glenn Back

Undercover CIA Agent - Valerie Plume Ooops...sorry. Forget we mentioned it.

Stenographer - Judith Miller

Scapegoat provided by - I. Lewis Libby

Shrapnel Collector - Harry Whittington

Reporters -
Little Stretch
Helen Thomas

Coalition of the Willing -

Coalition of the Unwilling -
Everybody Else

Pooty-poot - Vladmir Putin

Executive Boob Coverer - John Ashcroft

Rich Uncle Pennybags - Henry Paulson

Chief of Stuff - Joshua Bolten

The Truth Squad -
Ari Fleischer
Scott McClellen
Dana Perino
Tony Snow

Sweat Hog (Uncredited) - Scott McClellan

Key Grip - Lynndie England

Promotional Considerations Paid by - Haliburton
Additional Dialogue - Roger Ailes
Gaffer - Douglas Feith

"I (don't recall) Remembering to Recall"
Alberto Gonzales

"Let the Eagle Soar"
John Ashcroft

"I am the Decider"
Karl Rove
George W. Bush

Inside your head for the rest of your life

Mr. Bush's suits courtesy of BOTANY 5000

Mr. Cheney's suits courtesy of the Filipino women locked in his basement


SPECIAL THANKS TO: 537 confused elderly voters in Florida

/You're an idiot if you think this is mine
//Best. Credits. EVAR.

You forgot Poland.
2009-01-20 12:23:28 PM  

Phaid: How come every single black person shown on camera is frowning? Is it the shenanigans?

they are probably just cold
2009-01-20 12:23:28 PM  
Everytime I start wishing I'd gone into DC for the ceremony, they show a crowd shot and I'm so glad I didn't.
2009-01-20 12:23:31 PM  
...Judged by what they build, not what they destroy...

hell yeah - great quote, very, very effective

/non-believers what what!
2009-01-20 12:23:31 PM  

priestrape: Weaver95: ha!

Now limbaugh is saying that Obama is stealing ideas from Bush.

I didn't see THAT angle coming

Limbaugh is not having a good day. I think he's sitting in his booth and snorting Oxy.
2009-01-20 12:23:35 PM  
has George asked for a bathroom break yet?
2009-01-20 12:23:36 PM  
CNN sucks.

thanks for cutting to the studio to show your wall of losers instead of the historic (your favorite word, CNN) speech of the new President.
2009-01-20 12:23:37 PM  
Obama Haphazardly Takes PresidentialOath

So it begins. Obama blamed for something he clearly didn't do by so-called patriots who should know who mangled the oath of office if their bluster about their country was truthful in any way.
2009-01-20 12:23:41 PM  

mmm... pancake: at80eighty: very very very carefully thought out speech

I'm sure the speech writer thanks you for the compliments.

im sure obama was banging all playmates of the last 5 years at Hefner's bachelor pad , which singing the Saudi national anthem ; while it was being written 2000 miles away
2009-01-20 12:23:51 PM  
yeah, someone is going to willingly give up hours so someone else keeps their jobs....never gonna happen....


Cynical? yes

True? Yes
2009-01-20 12:23:55 PM  
Obama's shoutout to atheists has me mollified for the horrible, horrible Rick Warren prayer.
2009-01-20 12:23:57 PM  
Shout out at us non-believers.

Now if he can just mention Native Americans, he'll have described me.
2009-01-20 12:23:59 PM  
Oh my god.

"Rhetoric cliche cliche rhetoric rhetoric"

I dont mind the guy and wish him the best luck but god damn I cant wait for for him to do something other than talk.
2009-01-20 12:24:03 PM  

luckyeddie: I am listening to the greatest speech I have ever heard.

Podcast of something by Che?

2009-01-20 12:24:05 PM  
CanisNoir: Who's bashing Obama? I'm bashing his followers not the man. Calling him a Politician is being realistic not insulting; unless you're one of the sycophants.

Again you use the temper tantrum and manufactured scandals of the left as your evidence. That's like me saying Obama IS a Secret Muslim because everyone is baitching about him being one.

your shtick is tired, chet
2009-01-20 12:24:06 PM  
What a black president may look like?
2009-01-20 12:24:06 PM  

zomega: So what was the farkup, guys? I don't have access to anything at this time.

He said "So help Me Allah" at the end instead of "So help Me God."
2009-01-20 12:24:07 PM  

DrBimka: I really could do without all this god crap. Pisses me off every time.

Exercise your right to turn off the TV
2009-01-20 12:24:12 PM  
and they just cut the feed for two seconds.

2009-01-20 12:24:20 PM  

themathgeek: they are probably just cold

I heard they are a tropical people.
2009-01-20 12:24:28 PM  
wow look at all those people on the roof
2009-01-20 12:24:33 PM  
HaHa! He just said dooty!
2009-01-20 12:24:34 PM  

libbynomore2: I hope he means what he said about terrorism. Dude is about to release from GITMO a bunch of really, REALLY bad guys

judge America's detainees in accordance with the rule of law and respect for human rights...

2009-01-20 12:24:42 PM  

luckyeddie: I am listening to the greatest speech I have ever heard.

Don't worry, reality will set in when the ether wears off.
2009-01-20 12:24:45 PM  
Did Jesse jackson cut off Obama's balls yet?
2009-01-20 12:24:52 PM  
He said duties.

/He he he
//Shut up Bevis
2009-01-20 12:24:54 PM  
Weaver95: Limbaugh is not having a good day. I think he's sitting in his booth and snorting Oxy.

if a liberal talk show didn't hand over his show to an uninterrupted broadcast of a Republican President's speech, El Rushbo would be outraged
2009-01-20 12:24:55 PM  
Posting just to post.
2009-01-20 12:24:55 PM  

now Limbaugh is pissed because the crowd is attentive.
2009-01-20 12:24:56 PM  

bulldg4life: Yeah, the complaints are big exaggerations. What color is the sky in your world where you are correct in your statements?

My sky has no intrinsic color, what I see is the remnants of wave lengths reflected back.

Kind of how you see Obama as being great is just a projection of your own hopes and dreams completely separate from the fact's of the situation.

Why, what color is YOUR sky?
2009-01-20 12:25:03 PM  
sit down John Lewis.....
2009-01-20 12:25:15 PM  
If he ends it with "Banana" I am going to shiat.
2009-01-20 12:25:17 PM  
Today: The Honeymoon.

Tomorrow: The start of the slow awakening to the realities of what he is, who he really represents and who he will be beholden to.

Change?....that is something you will undoubtedly get.

What has been wished for, is now reality.

Be careful moving forward.
2009-01-20 12:25:24 PM  
It's so nice to have a president who can speak clearly. Instead of the smiling dope that was bush.

/the crowd is HUGE
2009-01-20 12:25:26 PM  
OK, nonbelievers did get a shout out but so did 1950's lunch counter proprietors so how good is that?
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