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(Yahoo)   Chinese discover 4-winged dinosaur. Not to be confused with those wacky parade dragons   ( divider line
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10691 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jan 2003 at 9:53 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-22 03:29:48 PM  
Spicy or teriyaki with flied lice.
2003-01-22 03:32:32 PM  
blah, a flock of these come to the birdfeeder, outside my window, every day at breakfast. Their gone by the time I finish my 12-pack.
2003-01-22 03:33:51 PM  
2003-01-22 09:41:50 PM  
"The 128-million-year-old animal"

These people really need to find Jebus. Nobody else can seem to find him.
2003-01-22 09:54:53 PM  
that headline is priceless
2003-01-22 09:56:08 PM  
"The discovery would have been reported sooner, but they originally thought it was Godzilla frozen in stone and ran around bumping into each other for a few days."
2003-01-22 09:56:54 PM  
I don't understand why this is such a suprise...I mean, look at the dragonfly....What do you think it evolved from?
2003-01-22 09:57:27 PM  
It's a dragon. Duh.
2003-01-22 09:58:00 PM  
They're always after me 4-winged dinos
2003-01-22 09:58:00 PM  
Before this gets too out of hand, I'll ask this upfront.

I would like one of the creationists out there to post a theory of Creationism with is testable and falsifiable, so that we can discuss creationism on scientific terms.
2003-01-22 09:58:08 PM  
ur mom
2003-01-22 09:58:41 PM  
rah rah rah rah rah...
rah rah rah rah.

2003-01-22 09:58:45 PM  
It was buried right beside the 5-assed monkey.
2003-01-22 09:59:47 PM  
This is nothing, once at an Oakland barbecue we saw a 7-foot 8 legged chicken, uhhhm I think, I mean the only thing I smoked was this thing some dude named China handed me so I certainly wasn't *tainted* or anything
2003-01-22 10:00:25 PM  

You'll shoot your eye out kid.
2003-01-22 10:01:10 PM  
Just to clarify something, the area this fossil was found in had previously "found" another rare dinosaur, but it ended up as a hoax. Sit back and wait to see what happens folks.
2003-01-22 10:01:12 PM  
My headline was, no it wasn't
2003-01-22 10:01:26 PM  
This story is almost as funny as an earlier Fark post "Chinese invent MSG free egg-roll"
2003-01-22 10:01:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-22 10:02:21 PM  
Think.......... flying squirrel, sugar glider
Think.......... bats...
Think.......... that little used term called the "evolutionary dead end".

These guys really need to go see some cambrian era fossils, it'd blow their mind.
2003-01-22 10:04:13 PM  
Stile4aly, don't do that, it'll go all timecube..
2003-01-22 10:04:40 PM  
this is pretty cool. I can't wait to hear more about it.
2003-01-22 10:06:33 PM  
"Researchers in Colorado discover 4-assed monkey fossil" - how come that story did not get any love?
2003-01-22 10:06:54 PM  
Stile4aly, why do you hate God so much?
Evolution is just a theory that has no actual proof to back it up. Many scientist don't believe it and even Darwin said the theory was wrong on his death bed. To put it simply the belief that the universe and human life came by some other means than an invisible santa in the sky is preposterous. Just look around you, the proof that God created everything is all around.

/typical Creationist Arguement
(I had to spend my 8th grade year at a christian school, were I was forced to read a book "The Lie: Evolution" and write a report on why evolution was wrong. I believe my obvious sarcasm was lost on him.)
2003-01-22 10:08:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
AHHH He lost his wings and now he wants them back!
2003-01-22 10:10:28 PM  
I PRAY that the dragonfly comment was an attempted joke.
Still, this is hard evidence that Trogdor burninated CHinese villages a long time ago.
2003-01-22 10:12:21 PM  
This seems to make a lot of sense to me. Lately I have been reading a book called "The Future is Wild". You may remember that link a while back on Fark that was to discoverychannel I think where a Stanford Scientists theorized what life would be like 5 million, 100million, and 200 million years from now. Well "The Future is Wild" is the book and in it they theorize that a 4 winged animal could exist. Now I know that this doesn't mean that this could be a hoax but to me it seems like sense because life seems to want to evolve to simpler and more efficient means for the environment predicted to be around 100 million years from now.
2003-01-22 10:12:30 PM  
Some pics:
Globe and Mail:
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-22 10:14:18 PM  
Four wings, no drumsticks. What a jip.
2003-01-22 10:14:57 PM  
But Stile4aly, are you willing to invest your time and energy in translating your scientific theories into theological terms so you can discuss them with Creationists?

See? You're demanding things of people you're not willing to do.

The dichotomy between scientific theories and theological meditations is a product of the limited perception of the human mind.

The shadow of a sphere looks like a circle. Prove it's the shadow of a sphere without pointing to the sphere and saying, "See?"
2003-01-22 10:16:51 PM  
Could it be TROGNOR?
2003-01-22 10:17:06 PM  
So, we're talking about a fabulous Rocky The Flying Squirrel?

Are feathers and scales related the same way hair and a rhino's horn are?
2003-01-22 10:20:07 PM  
Theory: God made the worl in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Here you go ready? One day to 'god' is like 1,000,000 years, so he created the earth 6 million years ago.Actualy over the period of 6 million years. On the 7th day he rested. This theory can explain almost everything, and satisfy almost everyone. Most people say there is no god, if so where is he? He is resting. Some people say the world can not be more that a couple thousand years old, ah, but they are wrong, god did not create the world in one of our days. Remember this is my theory and it works.
2003-01-22 10:20:45 PM  
I think it's a Crocostimpy.
2003-01-22 10:21:13 PM  
2003-01-22 10:23:13 PM  
Wow, in that one pic it looks a bit like MC Hammer. It could be that two specimens were found one atop the other or something. Multiple remains in one site aren't unheard of. Or it could be a promotional stunt for a mall opening.
2003-01-22 10:25:23 PM  
You're okay, Otay. But, "theory" and "God" should not be used in the same sentence. They are terms from two, separate modes of thought, and use together causes logical incongruities in a pre-syntactical manner.
2003-01-22 10:26:03 PM  
I_B_OTAY That's a nice theory that both Religious and Scientific people could accept without much difficulty. Much like Descartes idea that being a "religious scientist" isn't contradictory, one doesn't have to choose between religion and science when explaining the way the world is.
2003-01-22 10:26:11 PM  
So, this guy dies and goes to heaven. He meets god, who proceeds to explain his greatness and sense of scale. "To me," he says, "1,000,000 years is but a second, and $1,000,000 is but a dollar."

The man ponders this for a moment, and asks "So god, can I borrow a million bucks?" God replies, "Just a second..."

Thank you, I'll be here all week. Try the veal.
2003-01-22 10:26:31 PM  
Y'know...that thing doesn't look too implausible. The artist seems to have had a picture of Archeopteryx in front of him.

Remember this is my theory and it works.

Y'mean it works for you. Enh. I won't shatter your illusions.
2003-01-22 10:28:56 PM  
Fnord, actually my theory was evolved from that joke years and years ago. I have actually had hour long discussions about it. I was forced, I mean raised catholic, but I think religion is a joke. Of course just my oppinion
2003-01-22 10:29:34 PM  
Nah. It's not a dragon.
Dragons don't need wings to fly, for one thing.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-22 10:32:19 PM  
"01-22-03 10:23:13 PM SherKhan
Wow, in that one pic it looks a bit like MC Hammer. "

2003-01-22 10:32:40 PM  
I'll admit, this headline was better than mine:

Chinese discover four-winged dinosaur; sticker says Made in Taiwan.
2003-01-22 10:32:57 PM  
The way most people misconstrue religion is, indeed, a joke. A sad, sad joke.
2003-01-22 10:39:22 PM  

See you in HELL!!

*from heaven

2003-01-22 10:40:40 PM  
Having one last clinging shred of religious feeling is the thing that's keeping my feelings together at the moment, i would say, despite all my atheist swing...... odd.

(bad things)
2003-01-22 10:42:40 PM  
Prob-a-bob-diddley, MB.
2003-01-22 10:49:31 PM  
I can see some prehistoric fast food chain attempting to make a killing off those things... it's all about the hot wings, baby!
2003-01-22 10:50:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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