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(Independent News)   German jails cleared in preparation for England football fans   ( news.independent.co.uk) divider line
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2001-08-30 12:24:57 AM  
Have any of these host countries ever considered just not inviting England to these things?
2001-08-30 12:26:13 AM  
God bless Hooligans.

BTW, the 'other' headlines at bottom... change meets to meats and it is a porno title.
2001-08-30 12:40:58 AM  
How do you think German officials are clearing out all those jail cells?
Are the former prisoners all housed in one ashtray now?
2001-08-30 12:43:58 AM  
Didnt the germans kill all those naught englishmen in world war 2, just before frace surrendered?
2001-08-30 01:02:39 AM  
Darrek for farks sake no. We invented the farking game. We shall not be um, not invited. ahem. Nope. can't stop because some fans are farked. thats like giving in to terrorists. And german fans are bad also, as are Dutch and Turks. Its just a mentality that uses football as its outlet.

anyway. Go England!
Beat them Germans and secure a place in the World Cup!
I , for one, shall be watching.
and if we lose, god help the first BMW I see...
2001-08-30 02:59:15 AM  
i've always wanted to say this: i'm watching footy on the telly you bloody limey!
2001-08-30 04:21:37 AM  
Nodhg The 'evicted' German prisoners have probably all recruited as security for the game.
2001-08-30 06:48:20 AM  
Yes! Football! Yes!
Goodbye Cricket, Hello action.
2001-08-30 07:10:51 AM  
England will win if Eriksson lets the Liverpool boys do their thing. Go Reds! Die Man U!
2001-08-30 07:55:16 AM  
I really can't be arsed with the footy. The German's reckon their own team is crap, but we'll still fark it up.
2001-08-30 08:40:59 AM  
Is there anything more pathetic than a football hooligan? It's usually not even teenagers, but older guys who should know better. These people have nothing to offer society except the possibility of a new generation of mindless wankers. fark putting them in jail. Shoot rioters on sight.
2001-08-30 08:47:29 AM  
I say put them all in a small room with no windows and play looped tapes of England's last few World cup losses. That'll teach 'em. They'll all kcik the shiat out of each other- no more trouble.
2001-08-30 09:26:59 AM  
EnemyFrank: Hooligans provide us with amusing stories of violence and mayhem. They express the natural desire in all of us to fight, the problem is we are just culturally repressed. Go on - have a fight.
2001-08-30 09:28:55 AM  
Yeah, but do they have a judge holding court right in the stadium like Philly does at Eagles games?
2001-08-30 09:29:46 AM  
The German security operation is likely to be the biggest in Bavaria since the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Oh great, since that turned out *really* well for everyone involved! Yikes.
2001-08-30 10:30:20 AM  
I got to see the Polizi in action against the English during the Euro-Cup in Frankfurt in 1988.
Let's just say when the Brits got a load of the Army of Polizi and dogs at the Train Station, they got real quiet and stared at thier shoes as they boarded the train
2001-08-30 10:43:02 AM  
This may not be related to the article, but that's hardly a rare thing here.

GO USA!! World Cup bound, baby! Oh yeah!

2001-08-30 11:36:42 AM  
Read your history books,England never leaves another country without a fight,its encoded in british DNA or something.That being said Go England!
Q: What are three shortest books ever written?
A: 1. German humour
2. English Cooking
3. French WW2 heros
2001-08-30 11:37:19 AM  
Yeah USA! You can beat Cuba and Barbados!
2001-08-30 12:20:15 PM  
this reminds me of one thing only...SCOTTISH SOCCER HOOLIGANS ...AYE!!
2001-08-30 02:10:27 PM  
This should be a great game.
German fans are as crazy as the English.
2001-08-30 02:39:46 PM  
Isn't beer-for-breakfast a hereditary thing in England? Maybe we in the U.S. should invite these guys for a city-wide championship "celebration" in LA or whatever; who riots better, beer drinking thugs or crackheads?
2001-08-30 04:43:19 PM  
I'll take the British over the LA rioters any day, hell I'll actually join them, always wanted to be involved in a futbol riot.
2001-08-30 07:15:53 PM  
If any article ever needed an "Obvious" tagline this is the one.
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