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(Yahoo)   Let the greedfest begin: Powerball claim challenged in court   ( divider line
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2712 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Aug 2001 at 6:40 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-29 06:47:42 PM  
let's all sue somebody today! it's the american way.
2001-08-29 06:48:59 PM  
I just submitted this same link through!!
The co-workers are indeed greedy. The Powerball machine clearly distinguished the two batches of numbers, and her smaller batch had the winning ticket. Now the Maine couple has to put up with this shiat from greedy assholes.
What a pisser.
2001-08-29 06:50:48 PM  
And of course, the lawyer convinced her to fight any claim. Greedy sumanabiatch blood sucking vulture. Gotta get his piece of the pie so he can send little Herschel to college. God I hate them. Lawyers I mean.
2001-08-29 07:07:44 PM  
Lawyers are the anti-christ. Can't believe I actually thought of going to law school. Good thing I didn't.
2001-08-29 07:20:30 PM  
I'm just embarrassed that there are actually lawyers in my family, although only by marriage...
2001-08-29 07:30:46 PM  
Greed. Its whats for dinner.

I, myself have been known to be a greedy bastard. Shame, however, provokes me to steal rather than sue thereby making an awful spectacle of myself.

Then again, i'd do nearly anything for a million dollars.


Life is short.
2001-08-29 07:36:49 PM  
I'd like to sue the Powerball organization for not picking my numbers....
2001-08-29 07:37:46 PM  
Why do they have that picture of Hewey Lewis on there?
2001-08-29 07:42:39 PM  
Because Glenlivid, it's The News.
2001-08-29 07:56:35 PM  
People-it's not the Lawyers. It's the greedy bastards. Lawyers are just people hired basically to focus that greed. If people had no greed, there would be no need.
2001-08-29 08:15:08 PM  
I was the person who told the dude how took back the $203K and my lawyers are drawing up papers for my cut of the $25K. He better come off the cash too.
2001-08-29 08:17:57 PM  
I'm not familar with how the powerball tickets are stamped, but it sounds like she actually did buy the ticket with her own money, after she bought the tickets for everyone else. But that would make me look like an asshole because of my next statement, which is:

"``When I comforted her, her first words were, `Let them have the money.''' "

If she cracked that easily, somethign has to be going on there....
2001-08-29 08:31:47 PM  
Goes to show, the chance to grab massive amounts of money turn people into greedy, self centered,farking assholes. I'm disgusted.
2001-08-29 08:34:11 PM  
Capitalism at it's finest :) Look out for #1 first and foremost. Not that I'm an anti-capitalist.. just saying it how it is
2001-08-29 08:44:29 PM  
They're just sorry losers. Course if she worked with me, she'd admit that ticket was half mine from a gynecologist's exam table AT MY FARKIN MERCY!! There are no friends...only money.
2001-08-29 09:17:26 PM  
I'm with you Mme.Mersault.

Hello Paulie Walnuts? Yeah, here's de address.
2001-08-29 09:26:46 PM  
I live in Portland and I saw this couple interviewed about winning Powerball. The wife, who is 60 years old, said they were grateful for the money, but did not like all the stress that came with winning. Little did she know when she made that statement how bad things would get. What a bunch of greedy pigs her coworkers are.

I am much more classy than her coworkers. I am waiting for winter, and then I am going to slip on their icy driveway and sue.
2001-08-29 11:08:54 PM  
Doofus, it also makes them absurdly stupid. When you win a prize like that, you claim the money, drop EVERYTHING and just leave. Car, house, all yr shiznit, everything, just set it all down and head off to Cuba or some other civilized country without an extradition treaty.
2001-08-29 11:13:21 PM  
Okay...I give a co-worker 10 bucks to buy 190 "anonymous" picks and she just happens to buy 20 for herself that just happen to win? I think perhaps if she had gone about it the proper way (Photocopying and POSTING the numbers in the office) beforehand, instead of hanging on to them and conveniently having the winning ticket,then there would be no problem. Put yourself in the people who wouldn't know their random picks from the couples? What WOULD you think?
A little too convenient. BTW .....You'd get pissed over a few million if you were in this situation too...don't kid yourself
2001-08-29 11:16:56 PM  
BTW...our lotteries corporation suggests that when a group isnt' playing the same numbers on each draw then the buyer should photocopy and post the bought tickets in the office one day before the draw.
2001-08-29 11:18:13 PM  
Geez, GlenLivid... try clicking on the picture.

It's obviously not Huey Lewis.

It's Joey Buttafuoco

2001-08-30 12:06:57 AM  
I fear the future if this is what is happening now.
2001-08-30 01:31:00 AM  
I'm with Flake, fark it all, I'd be way gone. Money makes people crazy. I suppose that's why I'm still semi- sane, I'm poorer than dirt!
2001-08-30 08:08:08 AM  
America... Land of the free and home of the Lazy Fark Lawsuit!
Jealousy is a BIATCH!
2001-08-30 01:10:17 PM  
This is why people shouldn't pool money for lottery tickets. Someone's always gonna gripe if one of the tickets win and they're not included. If you're gonna to a pool, there's gotta be a contract and meticulous record-keeping...and even THEN there's still a 15% there'll be a court challenge.
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