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(Daily Mail)   Robot receptionist knows 700 phrases - one of which is apparently "I WANT YOUR SOUL" if the pic is accurate   ( divider line
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10950 clicks; posted to Fandom » on 08 Jan 2009 at 7:48 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2009-01-08 4:03:15 PM  
img132.imageshack.usView Full Size

/unless she is 'complete'
2009-01-08 4:09:48 PM  

Tr0mBoNe: /unless she is 'complete'

Fully functional?
2009-01-08 4:13:08 PM  
I took that as "You just farted, didn't you?"
2009-01-08 4:18:44 PM  
Who farted, y'all?
2009-01-08 4:18:50 PM  
Does it come with giant tits?
2009-01-08 4:20:12 PM  
there's no chance she'll run off with the boss.

I lost interesting during the opening sentence.
2009-01-08 4:25:34 PM  
This girlbot is a little bit better....

2009-01-08 4:33:24 PM  
slightly less freaky Full Size

/bow chicka
2009-01-08 4:57:43 PM  
Don't be a Saya hata.
2009-01-08 5:32:36 PM  
That is just creepy. Why does it need to look human?
2009-01-08 5:33:47 PM  

GoDawgs!: Who farted, y'all?

"I humbly beg your pardon, but which among you has emitted flatus?"
2009-01-08 5:55:18 PM  

Tresser: slightly less freaky

/bow chicka

No sir, you are incorrect. That image made my balls retreat up into my spleen.
2009-01-08 6:38:45 PM  
2009-01-08 8:04:59 PM  
Ah great, I'm really going to have to keep on top of my "routing customers through phone hell" or "phone hold limbo if you're not such an ass" if I don't want to be outsourced.

/you'll never get through to my director until after lunch.
//you're welcome.
2009-01-08 8:19:46 PM  
First thing I thought of

virginmedia.comView Full Size

Computah says nooooooouh

Not sure which is worse really
2009-01-08 8:27:57 PM  
That's not a secretary, this is a secretary:

everythingandnothing.typepad.comView Full Size

Call me when they make one of these.

/Knowing the Japanese, that call will come in three months
//Hot in everyway
2009-01-08 8:28:00 PM  

Who the hell thought this wasn't horrifying?
2009-01-08 8:33:02 PM  
Really, though, this was created by a bunch of male engineer nerds at the Univeristy of Tokyo. They probably have never seen a woman make an expression other than this one.
2009-01-08 8:34:47 PM  

hetheeme: Computah says nooooooouh

tertuliamusical.comView Full Size

/machine is hot
2009-01-08 8:37:03 PM  
Damnit Japan, if you're going to make female robots, make sexy female robots! Don't make something that my first reaction to is the blow apart with a shotgun.
2009-01-08 8:37:30 PM  
Fire, kill it, etc
2009-01-08 8:39:21 PM  
This will be the best Prom ever...
2009-01-08 8:40:16 PM  
So, you've got a whole team of japanese robotics guys, and none of them own a Sorayama book?
2009-01-08 8:44:19 PM  
At least they could have consulted Hajime Sorayama on aesthetic design:

img150.imageshack.usView Full Size
2009-01-08 8:46:43 PM  
director-file.comView Full Size
2009-01-08 8:48:25 PM  
ealdent.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2009-01-08 8:49:34 PM  
Couldn't they have picked a photo where she was smiling? Or were those photos even creepier?

The uncanny valley can be weird like that.
2009-01-08 8:49:46 PM  
img99.imageshack.usView Full Size
2009-01-08 8:50:17 PM  
The receptionist where I used to work looks like her, but a bit older and with glasses.

Truly scary.

/bet even a robot receptionist will still call in sick on Fridays of long weekends.
2009-01-08 8:50:56 PM  

Zeppelininthesky: This will be the best Prom ever...


Well done.
2009-01-08 8:53:05 PM  
Could have been worse. Could have been Nikki Cox.
2009-01-08 8:55:15 PM  
Who farted y'all?
2009-01-08 9:03:47 PM  
Came for the Aphex Twin references. Leaving satisfied.

/You've got so many machines, Richard.
2009-01-08 9:21:00 PM  
Since it seems that sexbots are a forgone conclusion, what about rape and pedodroids will they seve as a safe outlet or inspiration for the illegally devient. Waiting to see if apple comes out with the iRape pleasure model, and will it be more stable than Microsofts Pedows2012.
2009-01-08 9:27:15 PM  
2009-01-08 9:28:50 PM  
Some people say it with flowers, some people say it at Lloyd's. But you don't find many trying to say it with humanoids.
2009-01-08 9:39:35 PM  
img78.imageshack.usView Full Size
2009-01-08 9:39:59 PM  
firmly within the uncanny valley.

/was hoping for graph
2009-01-08 9:43:48 PM  

SniffSharpies: This girlbot is a little bit better....


More like a lotta bit better. I'd short circuit her innards.
2009-01-08 9:48:55 PM  
subby +1 for posting a robot story without referencing Sarah Connor.
2009-01-08 9:52:01 PM  

GoDawgs!: Who farted, y'all?

I came for this, and I thank you.

/pass the beans
2009-01-08 9:52:18 PM  
Didn't "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" do her in with a wooden stake and a mallet?
2009-01-08 9:57:30 PM  
I came for the "Kill All Humans" reference and left alive and disappointed.
2009-01-08 9:57:38 PM  

radioman_: subby +1 for posting a robot story without referencing Sarah Connor.

-1 for your self defeating post.
2009-01-08 10:14:43 PM  
"That's gonna replace the whale in my nightmares."
2009-01-08 10:17:16 PM  
director-file.comView Full Size

GOD DAMN IT! I came here to make the awesome Aphex Twin reference.

/Is nothing obscure on Fark?
2009-01-08 11:20:11 PM  
Robotic receptionist Saya knows 700 phrases, but will she say sayonara to human secretaries sacrifices?

/I think not
//And so it begins
2009-01-08 11:31:14 PM  

Damn you! You beat me to it! *shakes tiny fist*
2009-01-08 11:47:06 PM  
Whenever I need to stay awake, I'll have that picture on my PDA.
Too bad it's time for bed...

2009-01-09 12:22:34 AM  
there is nothing more sensible than saving money
by asking a machine to do the job
a human being once might have done

who needs people anyway?

god forbid a company eliminate infuriating voice answering machines
that take you from nowhere to nowhere
and hire a human being who needs to eat
to do ten times the job a machine ever could.

let's eliminate humans altogether!
except for the ones you hope will buy whatever shiat you're selling
through machines
of course.

you know that people have to somehow subsist
in order to enjoy your product, right?
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