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2009-01-06 07:57:15 AM  
"Go away dog or I shall taunt you a second eeerrrrk!"
2009-01-06 08:59:40 AM  
"Stop yanking my chain, jerk. You do remember I fling poo, right? Just ask this dog here..."
2009-01-06 09:42:10 AM  
lionking.orgView Full Size

He's gonna eat me!!!
2009-01-06 09:48:25 AM  
Prey on Mojo.
2009-01-06 09:52:29 AM  
2009-01-06 10:13:19 AM  
"Great, first he dares me then he attacks me, WTF dawg"
2009-01-06 10:15:20 AM  
Mmmmm... tastes like chicken!
2009-01-06 10:15:56 AM  
"Still beats living with Michael Jackson."
2009-01-06 10:17:26 AM  
No no no, you have it all wrong. Stop choking your monkey, and, for the love of god, stop spanking your chicken.
2009-01-06 10:19:39 AM  
Doggone-it Rex, you betcha that hurts.
2009-01-06 10:19:50 AM  
"Word of warning though, if he does lay into ya, it's best to just let him finish."
2009-01-06 10:22:11 AM  
WEll, at least its the healthier option than the McMonkey (new window).

/From this thread (new window)
2009-01-06 10:22:47 AM  
Bite me.
2009-01-06 10:23:32 AM  
Cotton McKnight: Looks like it's gonna be a two-on-one, a beastiality menage-a-trois of pain.

Pepper Brooks: Usually you pay double for that kind of action, Cotton.
2009-01-06 10:23:53 AM  
.... Remind you of anyone?

/someone had to do it.
2009-01-06 10:24:25 AM  
No longer having access to the fancy limos and Air Force One, George W Bush is introduced to his new chauffeur and rookie body guard.
2009-01-06 10:24:30 AM  
"Find your own damn leg to hump"
2009-01-06 10:25:05 AM  
2009-01-06 10:25:26 AM  
when i get command to that nuclear submarine, i will send you back in search of the Garden of Eden!
2009-01-06 10:25:57 AM  
'All I said was...my grandmother could probably bite harder than you!!'
2009-01-06 10:27:49 AM  
Yeah, that's the spot right there...
2009-01-06 10:28:28 AM  
"This is how you hump your master's leg, dawg."
2009-01-06 10:34:42 AM  
Hillary is thanking Barack for being nomimated as Secretary of State.
2009-01-06 10:38:23 AM  
In this area of the world, it is a cut throat, dog eat monkey world.
2009-01-06 10:39:27 AM  
Opposable thumbs...save me!
2009-01-06 10:40:22 AM  
I thought it was okay to call your wife a biatch?!
2009-01-06 10:43:17 AM  
Ready to form Voltron! Activate interlocks! Dyna-therms connected.
Infra-cells up; mega-thrusters are go!

Let's go, Voltron Force!

Form feet and legs...
2009-01-06 10:43:41 AM  
Marcel finally paid the piper for his antics on Friends. Unfortunately, David Schwimmer remained unharmed.
2009-01-06 10:43:50 AM  
"You say your monkey killed my trained fighting dog???"
"That's correct, sir."
"How in the world could a little monkey kill Spike???"
"Um, I believe the dog choked on him sir."
2009-01-06 10:48:07 AM  
My mother bit me on the neck once...once.
2009-01-06 10:50:42 AM  
Korean turducken.
2009-01-06 10:59:42 AM  
"I told you I could get a picture of monkey tongue on Fark..."
2009-01-06 10:59:56 AM  
Fark Punchline Contest:

A young man is riding into town on his bicycle when he passes a small farm house. It is late, and he is tired, so he stops and asks the farmer if he can stay the night in the barn. The farm agrees, and gives him some dinner and a blanket on which to sleep.

As the young man is getting ready to go to bed, the farmer's buxom young daughter slides open the door to the barn. What is really strange is that she has a monkey on a chain clinging to her leg. She approaches the young man and says that he can sleep with her if he'll take this monkey with him in the morning.

The young man readily agrees and has a torid night of debauchery with the farmer's daughter. In the morning, the young man wakes up to find the monkey clinging to his leg. What is more, the monkey is talking!

At first, the young man has visions of vast amounts of money to be made with a talking monkey. However, these visions are soon interrupted by the monkey's loud and abusive comments. As the young man walks back to his bicycle the farmer comes out of the house and the monkey gives a graphic description of the young man's nocturnal encounter with the farmer's daughter.

The farmer heads to the side of the house for his pitchfork as the young man runs to his bicycle. With the monkey still attached to his leg, the young man mounts his bicycle and speeds off down the road with the farmer in pursuit. The young man pedals furiously and eventually leaves the farmer in his dust. All the while, the monkey lets out a boisterous commentary deriding the young man's physical and mental prowess.

With the immediate danger from the farmer gone, the young man attempted, without success to dislodge the monkey from his leg. The monkey just gripped the young man's leg harder until the young man thought he would lose circulation to his foot. To the triumphant shrieks of derision from the monkey, the young man gave up and continued on toward town.

All along the road the monkey hurled insults at the passers-by. When they looked over to see who had verbally abused them, all they saw was the young man with a pet monkey. As a result, the young man was forced to endure a nearly unending hail of rotten fruit, vegetables, eggs, mud, and worse.

As the young man entered the marketplace, the monkey picked up loose fruit from one of the vendors and started hurling it at the shoppers. The vendor's dog, seeing the thieving monkey, ran over and clamped it's jaw on the monkey's head.

Without missing a beat, the monkey said ___________________.
2009-01-06 11:02:13 AM  
To combat the possibility of suicide bombings from Pakistan, India has created a program to train dogs to seek and remove dynamite monkeys. Here we see one in action.
2009-01-06 11:08:52 AM  
No, I submitted this article with a better headline!
2009-01-06 11:09:35 AM  

IAAl: Without missing a beat, the monkey said ___________________.

"Now that's what I call a sticky situation!"
2009-01-06 11:14:06 AM  
Om Nom Nom
2009-01-06 11:38:54 AM  
"I'm Simon, and I like to do drawrings".

2009-01-06 11:43:56 AM  
C'mon man, lemme finish.
2009-01-06 12:05:37 PM  
Ha Ha! We ran over your flea infested ass! Where's your boyfriend now, biznatch? ThbpbpthptURGK!
2009-01-06 01:15:04 PM  
Michael Jackson visits Michael Vick, with obvious results.
2009-01-06 01:17:45 PM  
"This image is disturbing."
2009-01-06 02:26:33 PM  
--Ozzy Osbourne in "Reincarnation: Karma is a biatch!"--
2009-01-06 03:12:11 PM  
"When I said, 'Give me head', this is NOT what I meant"
2009-01-06 03:37:01 PM  
It's almost as if we stopped giving the audience candy.

/Have we got time for an email?
//There's a place up on Hollywood Blvd. where they'll bite your monkey for a twenty.
2009-01-06 08:40:18 PM  
Oh helz no, monkey. Find your own leg to hump!!!
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