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2003-01-19 05:31:16 PM  
Will I get some if I learn these?
2003-01-19 05:32:36 PM  
IM just a bic freak. Maybey I need a website too
2003-01-19 05:32:45 PM  
I remember when the pen tricks site was on here, anyone remember the site? or maybe it was a repeat of this and someone mentioned the pen trick site. I miss my pen tricks.
2003-01-19 05:36:33 PM  
Now you too can look cool and hip while setting yourself on fire.
2003-01-19 05:38:46 PM  
Do not try the "flesh torch" trick. I've seen someone attempt that one and it didn't turn out too well for him. It was extremely entertaining for the rest of us to watch, though.
2003-01-19 05:39:49 PM  
Along the same lines, there's this butterfly knife trick site.

With knives and lighters, who needs anything else?
2003-01-19 05:40:39 PM  
Man I used to love this stuff. I didn't get any as a direct result of my firey fun, so I took to drinking instead. Then I got some. All was right with the world.
2003-01-19 05:40:45 PM  
errr, more specifically, here.
2003-01-19 05:43:40 PM  
Sensurround - Here is the pen tricks site.
2003-01-19 05:46:21 PM  
i still want a mini torch


i should really figure it out
2003-01-19 05:46:59 PM  
ummm, nevermind that last sentence...it was a joke, and i had that in html brackets that said html, but it got screwed up...
2003-01-19 05:59:42 PM  
Taken from Absinthe's first link, specifically the "Xtreme sheath-works" section...

[image from balisongxtreme.com too old to be available]

So many things could be said about this picture, but what really gets me is that he has his pants unbuttoned. It must be intentional, their undone in the side view also.
2003-01-19 05:59:57 PM  

-Super Kermit

2003-01-19 06:00:36 PM  
2003-01-19 06:02:43 PM  
Did anyone notice the 'zippotricks.raw' site. It's kinda like the TotalFark of zippo tricks.
2003-01-19 06:12:05 PM  
People who rely on doing tricks with their lighters to get attention are usually those annoying losers that won't leave you alone.
2003-01-19 06:38:38 PM  
Does anyone remember that Zippo made a model that had no rounded corners, with brushed metal? I had one in high school, lost it, and I've never seen that kind since. But I'd really like one. Input from Zippo aficianados (sp?) appreciated.
2003-01-19 06:44:15 PM  
I have a Zipper. Oh, you mean a Zippo. Nope sorry. Wait! I do have a zippo. It's from the 70's and it has a picture of a caribou on it and says "Frobisher Bay". Used to belong to my grandfather.
2003-01-19 06:53:40 PM  
This was already on www.memepool.com.
2003-01-19 07:02:45 PM  

Did the lighter you had have two notches in the opposite corners? kind of squarish? I had one like that for a couple years, but it got ripped off somewhere inbetween here and new york, stolen from my baggage.

those ones were damn near impossible to do tricks with, though.
2003-01-19 07:15:06 PM  

Nope, no notches. Yeah, couldn't do any tricks with it--but it was cool, like a silver monolith.
2003-01-19 07:16:14 PM  
That pen tix site is retard....how the hell do they do that stuff.

I have been trying for about a year to get the 360 Degree Normal tick, man i am bad.
2003-01-19 07:27:21 PM  
I had stumbled upon that site a couple years ago...about set my apartment on fire trying the "flesh torch"
2003-01-19 07:49:03 PM  
I tried to teach myself zippo tricks last year. First I filled my zippo because it was getting low and spilled a bit on the floor. No problem I thought, it'll just evaporate (important later...don't forget). So I'm watching movies, playing with my zippo (far away from the lighter fluid spill). I'm not very good with the zippo at the time, so it should come as no surprise that the lighter slips out of my hand and goes flying across the room. This would not be so bad, except for two major problems:

1. The lighter stopped in the small amount of lighter fluid I had previously spilled.

2. The lighter was still lit.

And where did I spill the lighter fluid you ask? Next to my couch (the flammable kind). Couch starts to burn. Panic. I threw my chair under the smoke dectector, jumped up, grabbed the battery out (this was in my dorm room--I didn't want the alarm going off), dove across the floor to the couch, flipped it over in one dare I say impressive motion and batted out the flames with my hands (lighter fluid doesn't burn very hot).

Fire put out. I don't play with my zippo indoors anymore.
2003-01-19 08:07:07 PM  
Woo! Cool Zipper Tricks!
2003-01-19 08:13:23 PM  
nice story Mmmrky!!
2003-01-19 08:24:22 PM  
Millay - You (and Phedex) are talking about the vintage line. They come w/ or w/o notches.

The version they have available now is a little less boxy (slightly rounded edges) where the original was like a chrome brick.

/prefers "zippo geek" to afficionado.
2003-01-19 08:39:56 PM  
Thanks User! Mine was brushed chrome brick, indeed. But I'm definitely going to look around the site.
2003-01-19 08:50:14 PM  
Flamerite has some cool Zippos, including my favorite.

[image from flamerite.com too old to be available]
2003-01-19 09:01:52 PM  
FIRE!! heheheheheh...heheheheheh...fire fire!!...heheh...FIRE!!!
2003-01-19 09:06:29 PM  
Milk & Cheese kicks ass.
2003-01-19 09:19:02 PM  
I was told that it's not a good idea to use Zippos because the lighter fluid isn't inert to your lungs like butane is.

Truth? or wild unfounded rumor? I would like to know.
2003-01-19 10:48:30 PM  
Undertoad - That is an unfounded rumor nut does it really matter? I mean, your using to light cigarettes. That's like worrying that the nuts on top of your banana split are fattening.
2003-01-19 10:49:11 PM  
2003-01-19 11:07:08 PM  
This is an uber-repeat.
2003-01-19 11:17:50 PM  
is it just me, or are most of those tricks the same thing with a different name?
2003-01-19 11:54:31 PM  
Darwin wont get me with this one...I'm too smart to know not to play with fire.
2003-01-20 10:50:29 PM  
I can't tell if posting in a Fark thread or that Balisong link above is the ultimate display of loserdom.

Oh wait...actually watching two of the balisong videos and then posting a snarky comment here...that wins.
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