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2003-01-18 11:47:50 AM  
"The bars are fair game for the naked and the nude."

Cool, I was planning on going to the bar nude but thought they only allowed nakedness.
2003-01-18 12:23:48 PM  
hmmmmmm, always wanted my induction to the Mile High Club.
2003-01-18 12:36:26 PM  
Vegasj You are not a member???
2003-01-18 02:36:07 PM  
``Inapproriate behavior is not condoned for this nude flight.''

I have two words in response. Yeah. Right.
2003-01-18 04:53:06 PM  
So you mean people don't do this all the time on flights?
2003-01-18 04:53:45 PM  
Ugh. Can you imagine the smell? No thanks.
2003-01-18 04:56:32 PM  
hopefully the seats are scotchguarded or covered in plastic "for your protection"
2003-01-18 04:57:58 PM  
Sounds good....until you remember some stinky fat nasty person sat in the same seat before you. THIS SEAT HAS NOT BEEN SANITIZED FOR YOUR PROTECTION.
2003-01-18 04:58:36 PM  
2003-01-18 04:59:05 PM  
They can save some time checking through airport security if they're already stripped before the search.
2003-01-18 04:59:29 PM  
Well, unless all the passengers are swimsuit models, count me out. Just imagine your last airline flight, then imagine your fellow travellers naked.

No thanks.
2003-01-18 04:59:41 PM  
Im sure you can't "engage is sexual contact" on the plane, but you can shove your ass on someone's head and yell "Asshat!"
2003-01-18 05:01:12 PM  
"oh excuse me ma'am i'm just going to squeeze by..."
2003-01-18 05:01:30 PM  
I've always wanted to moon the clouds.
2003-01-18 05:03:10 PM  
*cough* repeat *cough*
2003-01-18 05:04:05 PM  
So honestly, just how many people here are members of the mile high club?
2003-01-18 05:07:20 PM  
2003-01-18 05:08:16 PM  
Bah. They probably only serve salted nuts.
2003-01-18 05:08:19 PM  

Me. Just barely. I was a member of the 1/2 mile-club for a while, but I talked the wife into joining me in the bathroom a few years back while traveling to the Bahamas.
2003-01-18 05:08:20 PM  
Not me. Sloths go dormant at 5279 feet.
2003-01-18 05:08:48 PM  
I don't like being crammed into close quarters with clothed people. Count me out.

However, if they should hire strippers as flight attendants...?
2003-01-18 05:10:14 PM  
LMAO @ Desolation
2003-01-18 05:11:30 PM  
They should install vinyl seats and turn the heat up.
2003-01-18 05:13:19 PM  
Woohoo! Over cooked asshats!
2003-01-18 05:18:49 PM  
Wow, the airline industry is really going downhill....
2003-01-18 05:20:21 PM  
No killing kittens while stareing at your single serving friends.
2003-01-18 05:21:10 PM  
The biggest problem I have with nudist colonies is lack of quality control.
2003-01-18 05:21:58 PM  
Telemakhos oh my.. that is one disturbed woman. ..your problems are only as bad you as make them..
2003-01-18 05:22:17 PM  
the seat thing reminds me of that Simpsons episode when Homer was trying to be a clown, he was going to do a loop-de-loop on a tricycle, but his clothes got stuck in the gears and he pedal-strips himself naked, the Ringleader yells "...and burn that seat!!!"
2003-01-18 05:26:47 PM  
"Please, no staring at the stewardesses"
2003-01-18 05:27:26 PM  
Yeah, that she went from dating eighteen year old boys to her own students to ex-cons is rather telling.
2003-01-18 05:30:51 PM  
you will be free to enjoy the flight clothes-free

So, in other words, you don't have to take it off. Hmmmm...
2003-01-18 05:35:26 PM  
actually, there is a big difference between naked and nude.
nude means: without clothing.
naked means: without clothing and 'up to something.'

no, thats not an erection joke.
2003-01-18 05:36:24 PM  
[image from bdolangavitt.web.wesleyan.edu too old to be available]
2003-01-18 05:38:56 PM  
UUARUUZARE: So nude dancers are actually naked dancers -- 'cause they're definitely 'up to something'.
2003-01-18 05:39:03 PM  
2003-01-18 05:42:31 PM  
So when you go off to kill some kittens under the covers, you're doing it naked not nude...
2003-01-18 05:46:06 PM  
No thanks. I for one would rather not find out in graphic detail that the guy siitng next to me has Herpes. I'll settle for banal talk about the weather, rather than say, "So does it hurt to pee the first month that you have Syphillys ?"
2003-01-18 05:46:10 PM  
to be technical, yes, they would be naked dancers.
litmus test:
nude: artistic.
naked: dirty and sexful.

and another thing, dont call them exotic dancers. i havent ever seen drug addict siliconed promiscuous women being called 'exotic' before.

apologies to strippers/stripper apologetics.
2003-01-18 05:47:11 PM  
and one last note:
I would rather see naked pictures than nude pictures most of the time.
2003-01-18 05:52:59 PM  
No thanks. I for one would rather not find out in graphic detail that the guy siitng next to me has Herpes.

Or worse...


major ecccchhhhhh factor
2003-01-18 05:53:10 PM  
nude = artistic? So that makes Leonardo Divennci a nude painter? Sick.
2003-01-18 06:07:43 PM  
2003-01-18 06:19:24 PM  
Well, as the resident nudist here, let me say that all travelers will be asked to sit on a towel. This is accepted practice at all nudist clubs. (Ants live in colonies, not nudists.)

Now, if it would just warm the heck up here in sunny Florida. I'd like to spend my days off at Paradise Lakes this week.
2003-01-18 06:25:16 PM  
ahh, florida.

p.s. without the towels, i think only the first flight would be a hit.
2003-01-18 06:29:27 PM  
I doubt it.
2003-01-18 06:37:01 PM  
Overweight nudist passengers who are unable to fit into one seat are required to buy 2 seats on another airline.
2003-01-18 06:39:09 PM  

No thanks. A towel? I want something more along the lines of thick plastic.
2003-01-18 06:53:59 PM  
In all honesty, this flight probably wouldn't be for me. I enjoy being nude, but I also like my space. Lounge chairs are more appropriate for nudism than airline seats are.
2003-01-18 06:55:07 PM  
And I thought I wasn't going to get sick reading this.
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