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(Minneapolis Star Tribune)   Lawmakers want to make it legal for first cousins to wed in Minnesota   ( startribune.com) divider line
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2003-01-18 05:22:01 AM  
Rep. Marty Seifert, R-Marshall, joked that the bill would appear to conflict with Gov. Tim Pawlenty's oft-stated promise "not to turn us into another Arkansas."

2003-01-18 05:41:11 AM  
beat me to it, Snake...
my first thought was "too late"
2003-01-18 06:37:31 AM  
Genetically speaking I've heard this isn't terrible, anyone who has specific knowledge care to comment?
2003-01-18 06:41:28 AM  
Genetic or not... Can you imagine farking a cousin??

2003-01-18 06:43:48 AM  
ha ha!
I wonder if there is Shelbyville in Minnesota.

"And to marry our cousins"
/Manhattan Shelbyville
2003-01-18 06:43:57 AM  
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I think that its ok to marry a cousin.
2003-01-18 06:44:18 AM  
Burn'em at the stake! Lock'em up and throw away the key! Frickin prevorts! Feed'em to the wolves!...Oh wait, for a minute there I thought I was posting to Fark.
2003-01-18 06:49:25 AM  
Nothin' says lovin' like marrying your cousin!
2003-01-18 06:53:29 AM  
Speaking from an entirely empirical standpoint, marrying your cousin isn't too hard on the ol' genetic level. I think there's a 2-3% chance of some grievous inbreeding-related disorder (retardation, born without a brain, something like that). Compared with the 1-1.5% in normal population, most people will say it's mostly society that says you can't screw with a cousin.

Immediate family is the only serious risk.
2003-01-18 06:55:28 AM  
Can we have a contest on who can submit the best boobies links? It would be hard to beat recent links of JOHNDX though. Nothing of mine gets posted. And give the Farkettes a weiner contest to make them happy too.
2003-01-18 06:56:13 AM  
Come on... with all the people on the planet, you can't even go outside you immediate family to find someone to fark.


2003-01-18 07:01:41 AM  
[image from wklt.com too old to be available]
Bubba and Jake will tell you there is nothing wrong with marrying your cousin...
and look at those faces, how could they be wrong?

2003-01-18 07:03:02 AM  
Several years ago, my cousin's wife kept giving me the evil eye because the cousin and I were having a good time together at a family picnic. I got tired of it and told her that in OUR family, WE didn't fark cousins and she could quit worrying about her husband. She wasn't amused but she did go off in a huff, which was fine with me.
2003-01-18 07:03:51 AM  
Desertfoxg you do realize that by your stats it means that the odds of a birth defect are doubled by breeding with a cousin right? That sounds significant enough to me not to go there.
2003-01-18 07:03:59 AM  
Do the Klingons in canada have anything to do with this?
2003-01-18 07:06:55 AM  
if i had a hot cousin -- i'd hit it. she'd have to be pretty damn hot though, and i'd have to be pretty damn hammered.
2003-01-18 07:09:41 AM  
cousins are people first. if i liked my cousin, i'd want to be able to fark her. that's all i have to say about that!
2003-01-18 07:12:04 AM  
[image from house.leg.state.mn.us too old to be available]

She sure got a purty mouth. An' all her own teeth too.
2003-01-18 07:17:57 AM  
"Genetic or not... Can you imagine farking a cousin??"

Come now, don't tell us you've never secretly lusted after a particularly hot cousin at one time or another.

I know I have. Whoohoo.

'Course, she was a second (or maybe a third) cousin, and that's not quite as creepy as wanting to fark a first cousin.
2003-01-18 07:20:50 AM  
[image from modbee.com too old to be available]

He'd hit it

2003-01-18 07:23:45 AM  
Okay, but what about siblings. That's still illegal?

...just kidding

If I wanted to have relationships with family members, I'd tell them that obituary was fake and I was still alive.
2003-01-18 07:38:43 AM  
Doing it once isn't so wrong, but the problem starts when it happens a lot, especially in the family tree.

For example, Suppose we have A and B, who have kids B and C, B has a child with Bob, and C has a child with Casy. Now B and Bob's kids would be cosins with C and Casy's. Now they would have 50% new genetic material inserted into the 'gene pool' at this round.

But suppose C and Casey have Clarence, Chevy, Chris, Constance and Coco. B and Bob have Barker, Bob II, Beatrice, Beth and Belinda. Belinda marries Clarence, Bob II marries Chevy, and Beth marries Chris.

Now, theoretically Bob II + Chevy's kids could marry Beth + Chris's kids, and so on. But if they did that, no new genetic material would be passed along. In fact, you could continue to go along like that for quite some time, gradually degrading the local gene pool because of... Erm what's the damn term... transposition (word of the day, folks). Transposition is what causes problems with inbreeding.

Perhaps the answer is to mandate genetic screening before marriage, of course there would be cries of eugenics, but then aren't all anti-incest laws eugenic in nature (i.e. to keep genetic undesirables from being created)?
2003-01-18 07:43:33 AM  
love is the bottom line! thank you!
2003-01-18 07:46:53 AM  
I've seen cats inbreed. Claws growing on the wrong side of their paws, etc... Mighty interesting stuff that inbreeding.
2003-01-18 07:50:03 AM  
My grandparents were first cousins. Very common in the early 1900's. Hasn't produced any three-eyed monsters in the 80 years or so since.

(A lot of one-eyed monsters, but that's a different story.)
2003-01-18 07:52:28 AM  
It's those folks up north in the iron range I tell ya. Us big city don't doink our kin folk.
2003-01-18 07:53:49 AM  
Damnit, that last comment I made sounded entirely retarded. Cold weather = frozen brain cellz
2003-01-18 07:54:18 AM  
Minnesota has nothing to worry about.
In Arkansas it's OK to marry our brother or sister. I have met several people since I moved here 15 years ago who have married their sister. If they have not married them in the technically legal way, they have married them in the "all of the other ways ways".
2003-01-18 08:11:11 AM  
are you guys kidding. In our family my sister married our father. My grandfather is dating my cousin. Mom is gay so she is engaged to my wife. I don't see a problem. I just don't like it when vern rubs one out in the living room while the kids are sleeping. I'm not sure if he does it because of space limitations or he is turned on by the kids. I just hope when they turn 13 he marries one of them.
2003-01-18 08:11:38 AM  
Spoonfed's Buddy,

Don't make me send the Hibbing hit squad. You betcha.
2003-01-18 08:16:51 AM  
In Benelux countries it's legal for cousin's to marry.. so just go get married there if you absolutely have to :|
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-01-18 08:25:30 AM  
20 or 30 states allow first cousins to marry.

It must be true. Jerry Springer said so. (Really, I happened to turn on the Jerry Springer show and they were talking about cousins having sex.)
2003-01-18 08:31:25 AM  
From what I've heard (I live in minnesota) this is mostly to appease a certain ethnic group (can't think of who exactly) where marrying first cousins is totally fine.
2003-01-18 08:41:44 AM  
What if THESE two were your cousins?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-18 08:46:48 AM  
BigPeeler: I'd wait untill they were of legal age,then I'd be hittin' 'em like a broken screen door.
2003-01-18 08:51:17 AM  
Part of my cultural heritage involves wearing a helmet with a spike on top ... better not do that here in MN.
2003-01-18 09:11:49 AM  
You're a lawn dart?
2003-01-18 09:16:55 AM  
Phyllis Kahn is the biggest freak here in MN! MN is begging for it's own tag! God help us! Kahn needs this bill to pass simply to justify her own existance!! Have I properly overused the exclamtion point?
2003-01-18 09:29:45 AM  
Funny, when the Democrats were in office no one was even considering making inbreeding here legal.

Just saying, it's odd. Not trying to generalize all Republicans as inbreeding supporters. Well, except for maybe the loser Repubs we have in Minnesota.
2003-01-18 09:34:03 AM  
In college I met a girl who looked a lot like the cousin I loved the most. It was creepy fantastic sex. But I'd never tell my cousin about it. :)
2003-01-18 09:36:10 AM  
Crotchrocket Slim: Did you read the article? The two representatives pushing for the bill are democrats.
2003-01-18 09:39:54 AM  
Let's see, the state is facing a $4 billion deficit over the next couple of years and these two farking morons would rather worry about "keeping it in the family". Thankfully, neither represents my district. We have a completely different moron.
2003-01-18 09:42:40 AM  
werddrew, I believe that the Hmong and some of the East African communities here arrange marriages between cousins and conduct the ceremonies accordingly.
2003-01-18 09:51:59 AM  
Yep, it is the Hmong and the Somalis. First cousin marriage is completely fine between them, and for some damned reason, the liberals decide to listen to their constituents on THAT issue. Christ I'm glad I'm conservative. Also, there is no chance in hell the bill would pass the House of Reps. I know Rep. Jeff Anderson (Austin), talked to him yesterday in fact, and he said that all the reps are calling it the hillbilly bill. No one should take it seriously.
2003-01-18 10:09:02 AM  
what's really a first cousin? is this like a First Officer or something?
2003-01-18 10:23:29 AM  
Creamcheeseinpanties: and those two Democrats would have been laughed out of the Capital by their fellow party members back in the day, which is the point I was trying (unsuccessfully) to make. Oh well, ScottMpls and Eta6 bring up a good point, that support for this bill is coming from a lot of our first generation Hmong and Somali immigrants... good people for the most part, just haven't had the chance to acclimate to America yet. At the risk of sounding slightly racist, I'm glad the inbreeding bill isn't being taken seriously by anyone else though, Dem or Repub.
2003-01-18 10:25:51 AM  
David the Genome wouldn't be too happy about this.

I have a really hot first cousin. If I wasn't related to her...
2003-01-18 10:27:50 AM  
Nice political threadjack, Slim :p
2003-01-18 10:35:21 AM  
Ashleys cuter
2003-01-18 10:38:40 AM  
Michael Corleone is gonna be pissed
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