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(AP)   Britney Spears has more hands up her dress than Miss Piggy   ( divider line
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39935 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jan 2003 at 11:47 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-16 06:58:33 PM  
Sounds like someone had the limp taken out of his bizkit.
2003-01-16 08:28:27 PM  
My body aches to have that babe. Britney too.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-16 11:33:05 PM  
2003-01-16 11:50:21 PM  
I would just like to be the first to say that Fred Durst is an asshat
2003-01-16 11:50:25 PM  
Thought Bubble..."Gee, my career is kinda faltering, I wonder what I can do to spice things up? What would Madonna do? I KNOW, can let a bunch of older famous guys feel me up. I wonder if I can get Warren Beatty's phone number...."
2003-01-16 11:50:34 PM  
I always thought Britney seemed a little fake, like she was made out of foam rubber, or something.
2003-01-16 11:51:17 PM  
I wonder if Brit enjoyed Fred's hot-dog flavored water??
2003-01-16 11:51:34 PM  
I couldn't possibly give less of a poop.
2003-01-16 11:51:43 PM  
isn't that the point? of her appeal that is, not me in her, and ive said to much.
2003-01-16 11:52:01 PM  
Wow! Slow news day

I hate the american media
2003-01-16 11:52:25 PM  
The "Britney" that I keep under my bed is made of rubber. HA.
2003-01-16 11:52:31 PM  
I'd like to see Fred Durst thrown down a flight of stairs. No, wait-- an escalator. An "up" escalator, so he keeps tumbling and tumbling and tumbling and tumbling without ever quite reaching the bottom.
2003-01-16 11:52:40 PM  
You can't help what happens in life because everything happens for a reason"

Yeah, fark free will and determination. Good message to send the shiat head idiots who are fans of that, uh, *sigh* "music."
2003-01-16 11:54:07 PM  
Everyone listen to Durst, 'cause he's got his own style...he doesn't care what anyone else likes, he's his own man


oh yeah, and about the whole closing-html-tag-after-text-explaing-feelings-about-text thing...please use it correctly...don't do the whole "/I got nothing" thing. It doesn't make sense..."/sarcasm" on the other hand does.

/soap box

see? That works...if you want to do the whole I got nothing thing, you could use the C thing (I'm sure it's like that in other languages too), /*I got nothing
that way it's like a comment on your text

now, I'm off to kill myself for ever typing this!
2003-01-16 11:55:06 PM  
"Honk if you love Fred Durst"

2003-01-16 11:55:21 PM  
that should be explaining-feelings


2003-01-16 11:55:54 PM  
thank god for apples in stereo.

asshats...the entire industry
2003-01-16 11:56:00 PM  
Id still do her.
2003-01-16 11:56:01 PM  
Fred Durst and Britney Spears, eh?

I guess we can look forwad to that Moby + Eminem single to come out soon after all!
2003-01-16 11:56:06 PM  
Here is a depressing thought. Though Fred Durst is an asshat he is getting hotter women than most farkers.
2003-01-16 11:56:13 PM  
Uhm.. good for her?
2003-01-16 11:56:46 PM  
or is it */ ?

Dammit, I've got to buckle down and start learning this stuff!
2003-01-16 11:56:51 PM  
Ummm...I don't think those are hands.
2003-01-16 11:57:40 PM  
She could ALMOST have anyone she wants and she chooses HIM? For the love of God, at least get someone hot if you're really trying to burn yer ex-boyfriend.

I suggest Sean Connery!

[image from too old to be available]

No wait... he's mine!
2003-01-16 11:57:53 PM  
Sorry guys, these things seem to have minds of their own.
2003-01-16 11:58:40 PM  
2003-01-16 11:59:45 PM  
Pfft, who are all these loser bands and solo "artists?" We all know real music died December 31st, 1979 at 11:59PM.
2003-01-16 11:59:49 PM  
I'll get you for this Durst!
2003-01-16 11:59:54 PM  
What I want to know is: What does any of this have to do with her eventually posing for playboy? If the answer is nothing, then why bother?
2003-01-17 12:00:36 AM  
"It just happens to be a person that I would have thought could make me feel this way. And believe that I have never felt this way, so there."

2003-01-17 12:00:45 AM  
"Sit me next to Carson Daily and Fred Durst, and hear 'em argue over who she gave head to first!"

1) Fred Durst? I didn't think you could step down from Justin Timberlake, but damn... there you go.

2) Carson Daily. Talk about fadeing from obscurity, I can't belive that idiot left TRL, he had every 12-16 year old girl wet for him and a resonable persentage of the legal ones too. I can't belive that shlub thought his own charisma would take him anywhere in life. bwahahah.

now in the correct thread...
2003-01-17 12:01:05 AM  
What the hell's up with the Fred Durst posts on the band's site?

"Anybody out there who has a serious problem with my feelings for Britney should just chill and worry about your own feelings for a minute. You can't help what happens in life because everything happens for a reason,"

"I am a good judge of character and so is she. It just happens to be a person that I would have thought could make me feel this way. And believe that I have never felt this way, so there. If you think I'm going soft then you go ahead and think it."

I was instantly transported back to middle school after reading that. "Yo dude... Britney's my girl. If you ain't down wit' dat' den maybe me -n- you cain't hang no more... KnoWutI'mSayin'?? Me and you don't need to be sharin' a locker no more, dog!!!"
2003-01-17 12:02:26 AM  
I'm just gonna go and make me a sandwich and hope this thread get's deleted
2003-01-17 12:02:42 AM  
I'm inclined to agree with ApeMan.
2003-01-17 12:03:06 AM  
gets even...
2003-01-17 12:03:10 AM  
I'm sure Durst's attractiveness to women has nothing whatsoever to do with his money or his guitar. Not a thing.

He should be sliced lengthwise with hot guitar strings, buried in a pillar of garlic salt, and then set on fire.
2003-01-17 12:03:43 AM  
I was hoping for another pic and i scroll down to find a civil war-era pic of sean connery. that's not funny in a brittney thread.
2003-01-17 12:04:21 AM  
Elvis Costello rules. Anyone mentioned in that article don't.
2003-01-17 12:04:58 AM  
or doesn't...whatever.
2003-01-17 12:05:15 AM  
It'd be
/*I got nothing */
// I got nothing
either way is a-okay, or incredibly anal. :-)
2003-01-17 12:06:11 AM  
For those of you ready to agree with Apeman, let me respond with why you should care:

At her current rate, by the time she poses for Playboy she will be loose, dried up, and with 6 kids (all breast fed) under her belt. Now, I'm not trying to knock the mothers out there (*ahem*), I'm just putting things into perspective.
2003-01-17 12:06:53 AM  
01-16-03 11:59:45 PM FifthColumn
Pfft, who are all these loser bands and solo "artists?" We all know real music died December 31st, 1979 at 11:59PM.

Actually, it was Sept. 25, 1980.
2003-01-17 12:06:53 AM  
thanks, Al-g

hahaha, did you know if you say your name and pronounce the g as "gee" it sounds like "algae"? I bet you didn't. Don't lie, I know you didn't!
2003-01-17 12:07:25 AM  
they're both 'good judges of character'? WTF?

Isn't Fred Durst bandless right now, I thought (hoped?) that limp bizkit was done.

ApeMan is dead on... I'll never get to sleep w/ her, so at least accelerate her career towards porn.
2003-01-17 12:07:29 AM  
A wimp and a simp. Oh what a cute couple.
2003-01-17 12:10:16 AM  
So right, TriXXX, so right!
2003-01-17 12:10:46 AM  
Yeah, if I had a bunch of idiotic angsty teens as my fanbase I'd give them up to date britney. If I actualy made good music I wouldn't, but then my fans wouldn't give a fark who I was farking as long I kept making good music.

I'm not that attracted to britney, but the idea of so many people being jelous of me would just make the sex so much better then sleeping with some ramdom, vapid, bimbo. What can I say, I'm a self-obsessed asshole. I would probably drive an SUV if I could afford one, and if I didn't hate them with every fiber of my being.

In conclusion

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-17 12:10:47 AM  
I don't care what ppl say about Miss Spears...

I'd hit it until it fell apart.
2003-01-17 12:10:55 AM  
dammit, Fred Durst can get Britney Spears and I still can't get any action. This world is so unfair.
2003-01-17 12:12:08 AM  
When I think "Who would be a good judge of character?" the first person to pop into my mind is usually Fred Durst, followed closely in second by Britney Spears. Tied for third: Trent Lott and Pete Townshend.
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