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(Washington Post)   Scientists warn of Eastern US tsunami   ( divider line
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2778 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Aug 2001 at 9:59 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-28 10:02:44 AM  
I'm not afraid. If you accept jeebus as your savior, you won't have your home destroyed! Chick told me so.
2001-08-28 10:04:55 AM  
What? Is Rosie at the beach again?
2001-08-28 10:09:36 AM  
Jonny, cancel the vacation!
2001-08-28 10:10:11 AM  
Finally! Decent surfing in OC, MD.
2001-08-28 10:13:02 AM  
Faggedaboutit, I don't have the cajones for surfing anything over 12ft.
2001-08-28 10:15:00 AM  
Imagine the possibilities of a 70 foot tsunami...
Washington, DC - Gone!
New York City - Gone!
Florida - Gone! Gone! Gone!
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-28 10:15:02 AM  
we learned about these in science class this year. supposedly these have happened before, and they just wip everything out. We even learned about the volcanoe thats going to cause it, theres already a huge gap between the main volcnoe and the piece that will crash into the ocean and start the wave. Im excited, this could be very interesting. It would wipe out the entire coast on the eastern side, and go inland pretty far.

A big ole wave (500 ft. or so) destroyed some lake town awhle ago when there was a huge landslide into the water. A father and son who were out fishing ont their boat got picked up by the wave, and they road it inland, then it pulled them back out, they both lived.

Now, how cool would that be?
2001-08-28 10:15:24 AM  
Tso, let me get this tstraight. You're tsaying that tsometime tsoon, a tsunami could hit? Tshiat! I tswear, I was tsurprized when I read this. Tsee you later.
2001-08-28 10:16:30 AM  
Yeah, but think about it. A big percentage of the Fark population would be wiped out....
2001-08-28 10:23:01 AM  
I just returned from the VA beach yesterday two people drowned over the weekend yet the waves still sucked.

Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-28 10:26:15 AM  
only the ones in new york, newjersey, new england, deleware, north carolina, south carolina, georgia, and maybe florida.

anywho, i dont think this is happening in our life time. but if it did, that would just be nifty. it's a sin that all those people would be wiped out, but if there really all that worried, they can move.
2001-08-28 10:29:00 AM  
Kat - if that happened, the there'd be no more blackvampyr, no more frksamor, no more TheJerseyDevil, etc.

And that's just in Jersey. how can you say such mean things? *sniffle*
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-28 10:29:40 AM  
oops, i made some booboo's

the volcanoe im tlaking about would be a bigger problem, and it's directly across from new york, jersey, deleware area.

this one would hit the lower east coast the hardest, but its only 70ft, so i doubt it would go very far inland. there's been bigger, and there will be bigger.

i also think i was wrong with the 500ft, but i know it was huge.
2001-08-28 10:29:55 AM  
HEY thirdrail!

My buddies found one of the dead bodies while surfin at the beach on Sunday. It was all bloated and the couldn;t get it in b/c it kept going under water so they called out to the lifegaurds to bring it in.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-28 10:31:56 AM  
blackvampyr- i never said i WANTED it to get you, im just saying, i think it would be neato. move if you're worried.
2001-08-28 10:33:43 AM  
Kat - you're from Philly right? I grew up there and known you can basically throw a stone and hit the Jersey shore... perhaps you should consider relocating yourself???
2001-08-28 10:35:54 AM  
Sprack said:
Yeah, but think about it. A big percentage of the Fark population would be wiped out....

Sacrifices sometimes have to be made. A small price to pay for the elimination of DC, NYC and Florida.

Of course, I'm joking. But then again....
2001-08-28 10:37:43 AM  
I saw this on Discovery 2 years ago. There was a huge tidal wave in Alaska in the 50s that no one could explain until it happened again and two boats were in the cove that it hit. At that point everyone assumed all tidal waves were caused by earquakes under the ocean. This one was caused by a rock slide. One of the boats survived and they interviewed a guy that was on it. Then they went to this island off Africa and showed the rift in the mountain side. There are gaps that people can stand in. Pretty cool.
2001-08-28 10:38:50 AM  
At least it may Fark up the sharks...
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-28 10:48:43 AM  
Im not too worried, if it gets me, it'd be a great way to die.

Jumbotron- i saw that too :D
2001-08-28 10:50:13 AM  
Why I living in St.Louis. It's like sleeping in the middle of the bed. There, the monsters can't reach up and get you.
2001-08-28 10:52:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"This town needs an enima!"
2001-08-28 10:56:33 AM  
Nah, nothin to worry about. With 9 hours warning, i could fark off up the nearest mountain fairly easily.
2001-08-28 11:01:01 AM  
I love the U.S.-centric tone of the article -- "Volcano off the coast of Africa could cause killer tidal wave on East Coast!" Yeah, and it wouldn't be all that great for Africa and the Caribbean, either.

However, a killer tsunami rushing through the Caribbean is probably the only thing that could save the world from annual "What is Elian Gonzalez doing now" stories.
2001-08-28 11:03:01 AM  
Ok, Flip. Nothing against Atlanta, but it could use a little "cleansing" itself.

Crime Index:

National Average 100

NYC(Bronx) 207

NYC(Brooklyn) 195

NYC(Queens) 121

NYC(Staten Is) 60

Washington DC 361

Atlanta 465
2001-08-28 11:06:41 AM  
"John, what are the chances of the East Coast being attacked by a giant swarms of Killer Bees just as the tsunami hits?"
2001-08-28 11:07:29 AM  
a 70 foot wave would only travel a little more then half a mile in land, but it will fark up anything with in that zone. it's not just one wave ethier, there is a hole series of waves atfer the first part would come through, but not as big.
2001-08-28 11:17:06 AM  
a tsunami travels at an average speed of 340 mph. dont think of it as a wave either... more like the ocean goin inland at once. it would cause mass destruction. a couple towns in alaska were wiped out in when a tsunami hit there, n had to be relocated. i think there is a greater chance of one hittin the west coast then the east. cuz of the fault lines.
2001-08-28 11:31:53 AM  
"Why I living in St.Louis. It's like sleeping in the middle of the bed. There, the monsters can't reach up and get you."

Yeah, except the biggest earthquake in recorded North American history was just down the road from St. Louis. If it happened again today, good-bye St. Louis, Memphis, and a good portion of the Mid-West. I think you have to live in the middle of North Dakota to be safe...and I don't think safety is worth the boredom.
2001-08-28 11:33:34 AM  
"Yeah, and it wouldn't be all that great for Africa and the Caribbean, either."

And don't forget little Portugal...
2001-08-28 11:50:28 AM  
I don't live in city limits of Atlanta. (I'm over 25 miles away from city center.)

For your info...
Atlanta city limits population is only about 315,000
Rest of metro area is about 3,850,000

Guess where vast majority of crime takes place? Ta-da! The city!

I agree that the city could use a LOT of cleansing... starting with City Hall and Mayor Campbell!
2001-08-28 11:54:32 AM  
It wouldn't be that much of a problem for Africa because thats where it will start. Just like an earthquake in California causes a tsunami in Japan.

The Caribbean would be farked - Sorry FB.

It would wipe out all of those condos and hotels they've built along the beach from Maine to Key West - and that's a good thing
2001-08-28 11:54:56 AM  
But we have earthquakes over in CA. Neener neener neener.

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-28 12:17:19 PM  
But the Mid-West had a bigger earthquake than has had California, so there, take that! =^D (Plus we don't make earthquake proof buildings).
Not that the likelyhood of getting leveled is something to brag about...
2001-08-28 12:17:53 PM  
...than California has had....
2001-08-28 12:24:23 PM  
In the Pacific Northwest, we have earthquakes, crappy buildings, tsunamis, and the Cascade Mountain Range. Now they say Mt. Rainier is getting pissed off; I'm preparing to sacrifice Brittney to the gods as we speak.
2001-08-28 12:33:02 PM  
Ground floor opportunity for you investors: oceanfront property in the Appalachians.
2001-08-28 12:40:20 PM  
Good riddance. Now if only we could have an earthquake out here and Northern California would drop off into the ocean it would be perfect.
2001-08-28 12:57:43 PM  
From traveling in California, I always thought the state would be better off if Southern California dropped off into the deep blue sea.
2001-08-28 01:01:08 PM  
And HOW is this COOL? I mean, I'm completely safe (I'm in Indiana), but I do have some friends that I would miss terribly. Granted, most of those cities could use a good enema, though.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-28 01:06:16 PM  
wrong thinkg grebb, fault lines dont matter, because it isnt about earthquakes, tsunamias caused by earth quakes are much smaller then ones caused by large amounts of land and rock plummeting into the ocean. although, if hawaii was to lose part of its islands, then the west coast would be able to have one of these mega-tsunamias
2001-08-28 01:23:42 PM  
Yes, if Southern California dropped into the ocean, we wouldn't have to worry about shiatty movies coming out of Hollywood anymore. It would be a convenience, to say the least.

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-28 01:44:51 PM  
Hey, now, be nice to So. Cal.

We give the world more boobies here.

And most of the porn.
2001-08-28 02:01:38 PM  
Wax on - Wax off

If it hits New Jersey, will the landfill erode away, or has it been there long enough to become mostly solid?

It seems like the whole state of California needs a good dunking.
2001-08-28 02:19:24 PM  
Yeah, well, despite my living here and my weak porn defense, Tool has it right...

Some say the end is near.
Some say we'll see armageddon soon.
I certainly hope we will.
I sure could use a vacation from this bullshiat three ring circus sideshow of Freaks here in this hopeless farking hole we call LA
The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
Any farking time. Any farking day.
Learn to swim, I'll see you down in Arizona bay.

Fret for your figure and Fret for your latte and Fret for your hairpiece and Fret for your lawsuit and Fret for your prozac and Fret for your pilot and Fret for your contract and Fret for your car...

...fark L Ron Hubbard and fark all his clones. fark all those gun-toting Hip gangster wannabes. Learn to swim. fark retro anything. fark your tattoos. fark all you junkies and fark your short memory. Learn to swim. fark smiley glad-hands With hidden agendas. fark these dysfunctional, Insecure actresses. Learn to swim.

Cuz I'm praying for rain and I'm praying for tidal waves
I wanna see the ground give way.
I wanna watch it all go down.
Mom please flush it all away.
I wanna watch it go right in and down.
I wanna watch it go right in.
Watch you flush it all away.
Time to bring it down again.
Don't just call me pessimist.
Try and read between the lines.
I can't imagine why you wouldn't Welcome any change, my friend. I wanna see it all come down. suck it down. flush it down.
2001-08-28 02:27:10 PM  
I'm with Leopold...and glenlivid...this west coast living with our earthquakes, mudslides, out of control just feels safer....keep your tsunamis....gimme a 4 pointer baby!! *grins*
2001-08-28 02:50:14 PM  
2001-08-28 03:17:38 PM  
Damn straight, Shrew. I left out mudslides, wildfires, whirlpools, black ice, funnel clouds, and the hobo spider. and bigfoot.
2001-08-28 03:39:23 PM  
Hobo spider? WTF is that?

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-28 03:59:55 PM  
It's some kind of wicked-poisonous spider that hitches rides on trains and stuff. Can be fatal, but will definetly leave a gaping hole in your body were it bit you (whereas the barking spider lives in a hole in your nether regions).
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