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3314 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Aug 2001 at 10:51 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-28 10:58:53 AM  
It's all Bush's fault.
2001-08-28 11:03:05 AM  
I don't know what's stupider:

a) The fact that the check bounced or b) the fact that the paper actual called it a "rebate."

IT'S NOT A REBATE! IT'S AN ADVANCE ON NEXT YEARS TAX REFUNDS! GO TO IRS.GOV AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! IF YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET LESS BACK NEXT YEAR THAN YOU HAVE RECEIVED ON YOUR CHECK (example: the check is for $300 and next year you are supposed to get $250 back from the IRS) THAN YOU ARE GOING TO PAY THE DIFFERENCE (example: using the previous example, you would actually OWE the IRS $50)! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
2001-08-28 11:07:44 AM  
That's just to funny. Now as long as mine doesn't bounce....
2001-08-28 11:11:59 AM  
Man, Kentucky's getting some bad press the last couple of days.
2001-08-28 11:17:31 AM  
Yeah Reveal...I'm not sure why more people haven't been clued into the whole tax advance thing...

You see, they looked at your 2000 taxes to determine what you might be making in 2001...that's how they calculate the "rebate"...But come 2001 tax time that's 300-600 less than you'd get back IF you were actually getting anything back in the first place...In many cases people are going to find a big "Hope you liked that 300 we loaned you...now pay up!"

Anywho...don't just go out and spend that "rebate" if you usually owe taxes every year...there's no such thing as free money.
2001-08-28 11:19:27 AM  
He called the I.R.S. about this, and they said that they are sure the check is good. He called back about his new refund check and the IRS was all like "it is in the mail" and so he called a couple of weeks later and the IRS was all like, "Oh man we forgot to buy some stamps, we just got down to the store the other day and mailed it off two days ago, it will be there soon." He called again and the IRS was all like, "What? it isn't there yet, I know we mailed it, you must of lost it or something."
2001-08-28 11:21:49 AM  
you would actually OWE the IRS $50
And interest knowing the reputation of the Infernal Revenue Service.
2001-08-28 11:25:07 AM  
The dude should probably just post it on eBay and sell it for MORE than $300. Some idiot would buy it...
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-28 11:30:21 AM  
nkosika- hehe.
2001-08-28 12:14:52 PM  
Kentucky always gets bad press, we're used to it though. Most Kentuckians deserve it
2001-08-28 12:34:11 PM  
The victims in situations like this are always farked. It takes 10 times the effort on the victim's part to get the situation rectified, even though the victim wasn't at fault.
2001-08-28 12:38:00 PM  
"Fifth Third Bank"???
2001-08-28 12:49:32 PM  
It probably bounced because they haven't transferred in the balance from the social security account yet.
2001-08-28 01:09:10 PM  
there is no social security account. Social security is withheld from every paycheck and benefits are paid from the general fund.
2001-08-28 02:20:11 PM  
Pngr44 - That's actually a very good idea.
"Bounced IRS check - very rare" would probably earn some money.
2001-08-28 02:26:51 PM  
Fifth Third Bank really sucks, they've been going downhill ever since Johnny Bench quit doing the commercials.
2001-08-28 02:46:46 PM  
Correct, Rassleholic. Way to nail an uninformed poster!

IRS has always sucked. I've wanted it gutted for years. A pack of trained Algore chimps could run it better.
2001-08-28 04:59:25 PM  
Jeez, Rassleholic, did you have your sense of humor surgically removed at birth? What, you thought I really believed the federal government kept the social security surplus in a savings account at the local bank?
2001-08-28 05:55:23 PM  
Never heard of a Fifth Third Bank - is that where 7 of 9 does her banking?

I don't know if I'd trust a place called Fifth Third Bank with my money. "Let's see: that's one third, two thirds, three thirds...Hey! Where'd the other two thirds go?!"
2001-08-28 07:29:15 PM  
The Commonwealth of Virgina bounced a tax refund check on me this year.

It's a bunch of codswallop eating leg humpers down there, I swear.
2001-08-28 11:28:17 PM  
(for the couple of people who hadn't heard of 5/3 Bank)

It was formed when 3rd National and 5th National (American?) Banks merge, IIRC.
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