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2003-01-15 01:14:02 PM  
to euthanize Chewy after it bit a girl in the face

You know you shouldn't laugh, but sometimes you just can't help it.
2003-01-15 01:53:45 PM  
"I guess the terrierorists have already won"

[/lame 2nd try]
2003-01-15 01:58:53 PM  
I never thought labs were that aggressive. It must not have had that much love growing up.
2003-01-15 02:20:34 PM  
He was probably just nuetered-the dog, not the man.
2003-01-15 02:51:50 PM  
Labs aren't usually aggressive - sounds like he prob has a chemical imbalance....

Chewy - I love it!
2003-01-15 03:13:17 PM  
It's been a long day already. **sigh**

I read that headline as:

Man jailed for farking his dog to death
2003-01-15 03:22:19 PM  
*passes Jenny the coffee pot*

The dog was obviously pissed about the names the owner kept using. Of course, this guy wasn't your everyday John Doe, either.
2003-01-15 03:32:07 PM  
Some dogs just don't like kids.
2003-01-15 04:34:53 PM  
My chocolate lab is 6 months old. My wife just had him fixed - and he's still humping his blanket, even with no nuts.

My wife is having me fixed this Friday. At least my boys will still be attached,.... just not functional. (I am NOT looking forward to this operation...)
2003-01-15 05:08:31 PM  
LOL, JennyBean. So did I.
2003-01-15 05:16:26 PM  
Well, the first time I read it, I thought it said Faking His Dog's Breath.
2003-01-15 07:21:56 PM  
The dog was probably abused. How else can a lab get mean? Weird.
2003-01-15 07:22:12 PM  
The first time I read it, I thought it said Farking his dog to death

Fire and brimstone here I come!
2003-01-15 07:23:20 PM  
I thought it said "Farking his dog to death" too.
2003-01-15 07:25:38 PM  
I thought it said "Go Go Gadget Copter"
2003-01-15 07:26:32 PM  
You people just see what you want to see.
2003-01-15 07:26:46 PM  
"First of all, to understand how Killer the Dog died, you have to understand who Killer the Dog was."
2003-01-15 07:26:55 PM  
My Hillbilly Hound would have something to say about this... but, alas..my lil pooping dog gif musta got my html skillz suspended. I am REALLY bummed about that. :(

Please mods reinstate me, that pic has been posted before and it's a small pic.
2003-01-15 07:31:04 PM  
Kill a dog because it bit a kid? Bah! What a stupid rule. This man is a HERO!
2003-01-15 07:31:52 PM  
This article didn't get me aroused whatsoever.

2003-01-15 07:32:19 PM  
If it was worth seeing Maveno, maybe you could post the link without the hypertext.
2003-01-15 07:32:48 PM  
This was aired on my local news here across the country. It must be a slow news day.
2003-01-15 07:36:03 PM  
The dog bit kids on two separate attacks? Poor kid needed 50 stitches in her face?

He sounds like a very responsible dog owner. He probably was waiting for something serious to happen, like the dog killing a baby or something, before he did anything about it.
2003-01-15 07:38:07 PM  
time for the "quizzical dog" image...anyone?...
2003-01-15 07:38:07 PM  
The dog needs to be put down, just like any person who attacks and maims three kids should be put down.

However, I do feel bad for the guy. It sounds like the dog was his only friend.

Talk about mixed feelings.........
2003-01-15 07:39:26 PM  
Wow he perjured himself and is going to jail. He needs to show that a precident has been set that perjury doesn't mean jail time.
2003-01-15 07:39:50 PM  
Who is going to be the Weeners that quizzical dog pic?
2003-01-15 07:41:21 PM  

Whoa. That was good.
2003-01-15 07:41:30 PM  
Filters are messing with my sentences. Who will the one to begin with the quizzical dog post I should have written to start with.
2003-01-15 07:43:02 PM  
2003-01-15 07:43:52 PM  
weeners = f*rst to post

didn't know that.
2003-01-15 07:43:58 PM  
dude! if you gonna kill that dog, just give it to the cop in tennessee! he'll do it for you for FREE and you wont get charged by other asinine cop!
2003-01-15 07:44:33 PM  
My wife is having me fixed this Friday. At least my boys will still be attached,.... just not functional. (I am NOT looking forward to this operation...)

2003-01-15 07:46:45 PM  
I can't help but feel for the guy, in that I would do whatever it took to protect my only friend, but after attacking kids on two different occasions, and then after he moved there was a third...

My main question after reading the article was how did kids keep coming in contact with the dog? You'd think if he lives in an apartment then the dog is pretty much always going to be either in the apartment or on a leash.

I guess in the end I feel sorry for the dog, for being stuck with an owner who wouldn't take care of it and protect it from situations like that.

2003-01-15 07:51:26 PM  
I suggest a new strategy for the guy: Let the Wookie die.
2003-01-15 07:52:41 PM  
My theory is the kids kept attacking the dog, who in turn tried to protect himself. Kill the kids!!!
2003-01-15 07:57:11 PM  
Bah, biting dogs...I hate theeem!

[image from too old to be available]

There goes the great Jeebus Lizard!
2003-01-15 08:00:52 PM  
I don't understand why the state has to get in between a man and his animal. The cops came by my house just yesterday because they got complaints about me and my best bud the chicken. Yes, I sometimes get mad at him and I chock him a little. Yes, while I'm chocking the chicken I make a little noise. But that's only natural because its something I enjoy.
2003-01-15 08:06:53 PM  
Well, your chicken is not going after children.
2003-01-15 08:09:29 PM  
I demand more quizzical dogs!!

And props to Nonoyesno for the half baked quotes.
2003-01-15 08:10:02 PM  
there ya go.
2003-01-15 08:11:02 PM  
Y'know, I'd probably move to another town to protect my dog, too. However, I'd be smart enough to make sure the dog DIDN'T ATTACK A THIRD CHILD. But then again, I have an 18 lb. chinese pug. If he did attack a small child, the child could probably kick his ass. He's not very tough. Unless you're a biscuit. Then you're fcuked.
2003-01-15 08:12:23 PM  
son of a biatch.

[image from students.washington.edu too old to be available]
2003-01-15 08:12:24 PM  
Seems like there's been too much dog killing around here lately and less and less kitten killing. What's up with that?
2003-01-15 08:13:18 PM  
Last line of the article:

"Motyl-Szary told the court he had the dog put to death by a Westboro vet, but did not give a date for the dog's death."


/Dr. Evil
2003-01-15 08:13:58 PM  
Um, Doodie...have a seat. *explains what happens when the doctors cut a man's vas deferens*


2003-01-15 08:28:29 PM  
2003-01-15 08:31:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-15 08:31:49 PM  
This is Ted Kennedys fault. He should not allow this type of thing to happen in his state.
2003-01-15 08:51:09 PM  
Dogs probably don't realize children and adults are of the same species, since children look and smell very different. Some dogs can be aggressive with kids because of previous experiences with a child being abusive. This dog either had a natural fear for kids or just mental, like what Flachickie said.
2003-01-15 09:17:13 PM  
I thought it said FARKING....
2003-01-15 09:30:16 PM  
Yeah, I read it as man jailed for farking dog to death.
2003-01-15 09:39:11 PM  
01-15-03 07:31:04 PM Lunatic Tassle
Kill a dog because it bit a kid? Bah! What a stupid rule. This man is a HERO!

I had to put down MY dog because he attacked my cousin and she was 3 years old. My dog wasnt badly trained, he was just abused before we had him. That didnt make the dog vicious in any way but the kid pulled on the dog belly fur and that made the dog berserk.

It was really sad. The killing of the dog and the attack on the kid.

/Farker who's pissed at anyone stupid enuf not to put down a dog after it bit a child.
2003-01-15 10:07:52 PM  
Scooby-Doo, where are you?
2003-01-15 10:10:00 PM  
Here's a farkback:
[image from okcsites.com too old to be available]
2003-01-15 10:11:21 PM  
He's got huge, sharp-- eh-- he can leap about-- look at the bones!
2003-01-15 10:14:55 PM  
I think it's sad that the man probably lost his only friend. Judging by the recent reactions to stories such as the cop that shot the family dog, I am inclined to believe that many farkers understand where I am coming from.
I think it is tragic that 3 children were attacked and one had to get 50 stitches and plastic surgery.
In this case, I think the man should do his time (1 month is NOT bad) and when he gets out start over with a well tempered dog who hs had obedience training.
Wait. This is FARK. I'm not supposed to attempt to be rational.
2003-01-15 10:30:04 PM  
my dog is a chihuahua. he is very nice to my family members and friend of myself and my brother, but he is very agressive when it comes to strangers. one of my biggest fears in the world is that some snot-nosed brat will fark with my dog, and get themself hurt.
2003-01-15 10:48:57 PM  
Maybe I missed something but does this mean they are going to kill Chewy? Or, as Scooby, is he immune from the death penalty?
2003-01-15 11:12:18 PM  
"Dog jailed in faking owners death, search for adequate translator ensues"
2003-01-16 12:22:04 AM  
2003-01-16 01:43:53 AM  
No animal is worth the physical & emotional scars
that a bite worth 50 stitches to face causes.
Especially when its a child.
Three children bit is inexcusable.
2003-01-16 04:11:17 AM  
my dog is a chihuahua. he is very nice to my family members and friend of myself and my brother, but he is very agressive when it comes to strangers.

those dogs suck bigtime. There pedigrees, which means they are inbread like your family. there very tempramental. They are the result of your dad sleeping with your auntty emm
2003-01-16 05:32:28 AM  
Could be worse. Could be parents jailed for faking their child's leukemia...
2003-01-16 01:44:50 PM  
''Alone in a shabby rental apartment, my dog seemed like the only friend and companion I had left,'' he wrote.

Friends don't let friends savagely bite people?
2003-01-16 04:28:03 PM  
What's usually missing from the equation in situations like this is that the idiot kids are usually farking with the dog in some way. That's why I don't allow my dog to be around kids. Parents don't watch or control their kids(expecting everyone else to look out for them), idiot kids fark with or hurt dog, dog attacks, dog's fault. Whatever.
2003-01-16 08:40:34 PM  
Any dog that bites a child of mine gets a bullet through the head before I notify the police.

Or the owner.
2003-01-16 11:00:42 PM  
And any kid that screws with my dog gets the ass-kicking of a lifetime. And his owner.
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