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2003-01-14 01:22:45 PM  
Why is it that when people get rich and famous they feel the need to ramble on and on as if someone cares?
2003-01-14 01:29:25 PM  
Because Candypants - most people just ramble but to be rich and ramble, thats almost like multitasking.
2003-01-14 02:02:02 PM  
The victim, if the infant boy survived and my experience was anything to go by, would probably one day take his own life.

Huh? Pete Townsend committed suicide before writing his "research paper"?
2003-01-14 02:05:24 PM  
I'm not buying it. I've logged many, many hours of web surfing and have never had anything as vile as what he describes come up. Porno sites, yeah. But not what he's talking about.
Methinks he protests too much.
I love the Who's music, but give me a break, Pete.
2003-01-14 02:18:26 PM  
im with Yosarian i'm not buying either
2003-01-14 03:21:01 PM  
I'm not buying it either.
2003-01-14 03:54:28 PM  
No sale.
2003-01-14 04:07:50 PM  

And I guess I'm terminally uncurious. Probably going to be a boring death.
2003-01-14 05:07:13 PM  
I knew they would have it eventually.
2003-01-14 05:08:40 PM  
I can't believe it.
Please be innocent.

/hero worship down the drain
2003-01-14 05:09:19 PM  
Well, how much does it cost?
2003-01-14 05:09:37 PM  
So sad about us
So sad about us
Sad that the news is out now
Sad, suppose we can't turn back now
Sad about us

So bad about us
So bad about us
Bad - never meant to break up
Bad - suppose we'll never make up
Bad about us

Apologies mean nothing
When the damage is done
But I can't switch off my loving
Like you can't switch off the sun
2003-01-14 05:10:52 PM  
I feel kinda like when I found out Tool's "Stinkfist" song was about anal fisting. I mean, I guess I kinda knew in the back of my head, but, oh, what a disappointment.
2003-01-14 05:11:06 PM  
"...laid out like a free line of cocaine at a decadent cocktail party: only the strong willed or terminally uncurious can resist"

Or those of us who like women who actually have breasts and secondary hair.
2003-01-14 05:11:17 PM  
[image from buckner.org too old to be available]
GIS for "Russia", "orphanages" and "boys"

I feel so dirty.
2003-01-14 05:11:55 PM  
Blah. Child porn laws are dumb. Outlawing (and prosecuting) producers seems reasonable and smart, but consumers? If demand for this kind of thing hasn't gone away yet, it likely never will. So, what's the point?
2003-01-14 05:12:26 PM  
we will never really know.
there will always be someone saying he's a pedophile.
and there will always be someone defending him.
only he knows what's going on within himself.
when can talk and feel important all we want.
it doesn't matter.

sigh. cynical today.
2003-01-14 05:12:58 PM  
I suggest that if Pete thinks that the curious would look at that shiat, curious must be defined as a terminally sick motherfarker.
2003-01-14 05:13:13 PM  
That's some sick shiat.
2003-01-14 05:13:21 PM  
Yeah the "strong willed or terminally uncurious" was a little much.

Personally, I'm not either by a long shot, but I haven't done these searches because kiddy porn just ain't on my mind. I think an overwhelming majority of people are like me in this regard.
2003-01-14 05:13:34 PM  
Oh no! It's only a matter of time until police find Pete's bloody clown suit.
2003-01-14 05:13:50 PM  
Forget about winona, this sounds like the OJ case of the oughties.
2003-01-14 05:14:09 PM  
The idea is to cut demand so supply will quit making it... while simultaneously eliminating supply so that demand can't find it. Either way, if it protects the kids, I'm for it.
2003-01-14 05:14:24 PM  
Not buying it either.
2003-01-14 05:14:40 PM  
MrGumboPants: better start depleting your collection, else go the way of Mr. Townshend.

I think the point of the smoking gun stuff is to show that Townshend's claims of "research" hold some water...
2003-01-14 05:15:06 PM  
That paper seems vaguely reasonable to me. It smacks of cover your arse a bit too much, though. It also seems to have a bit of a rambling, hippie-snuggling, self-examination quality to it that, I must confess, creeps me out.
2003-01-14 05:15:26 PM  
Let the person who doesn't laugh at ArkieBoy's Photoshops cast the first stone.
2003-01-14 05:15:39 PM  
Tommy, can you hear me?
Can I download your pictures?
2003-01-14 05:15:45 PM  
Look, it's really simple to prove or not. If he went to the site more than once, if he passed along photos, etc., all of that will be in the dark depths of his hard disk.
2003-01-14 05:16:29 PM  
Yeah, this isn't the war on drugs. This isn't a victimless crime. If everyone is terrified of being caught, they'll stop looking (or get locked up)and the market will hopefully dry up (a longshot, it's true, but in this case it's important enough to try.)
2003-01-14 05:16:41 PM  

That song is only metaphorically about anal fisting. Like all of their songs, there is a deeper/more important meaning.
2003-01-14 05:16:51 PM  
It's quite an ugly situation he's gotten himself into. I can't see it turning out well for him regardless of the truth.
2003-01-14 05:16:57 PM  
Research my ass. If I get caught with a hooker can I claim research too?
2003-01-14 05:17:23 PM  
Drat! They ix-nayed my Yakov cliche!
2003-01-14 05:17:27 PM  
The essay pretty much explains much of what has been going on this week. It is only one of several things that he's written about the subject. All that the police have ever said about him is that his number showed up on a site that they set up as a sting operation. They didn't find anything on his computer, which Pete willingly handed over. Anyway he wasn't charged with anything and he went home today. This sting operation, BTW, has arrested about 20,000 people since last year, resulting in about 130 convictions.

So, you people serve on juries and stuff? Wow.
2003-01-14 05:17:28 PM  
"The "pathway to 'free' paedophilic imagery is--as it were--laid out like a free line of cocaine at a decadent cocktail party: only the strong willed or terminally uncurious can resist."

We know join The Who backstage, circa. 1975....

KEITH: Man, look at all this blow! Only a strong willed or uncurious person could resist all of this!

JOHN: That's me! I'm indestructible to this stuff!

PETE: This coke is so good, it reminds me of a two-year old being raped in a Russian prison.

ROGER: Um, I'm getting up to get a Schlitz now...

And another thing. Is "Stinkfest" really about fisting?
2003-01-14 05:18:02 PM  
Look I've been on the Net for a very long time now. Sure pr0n is everywhere....but a two year old boy being raped doesn't just "pop-up". Sure there are a bunch of sick farks out there but you have to deliberately GO OUT LOOKING FOR THIS CRAP. Plain and simple.
2003-01-14 05:18:03 PM  
So does this mean the 5-page essay I did on the history of druge laws will protect me if they find my Igloo cooler full of fluffy-bud?
'Cause I need all that for like, uh, research, man..
2003-01-14 05:18:05 PM  
Plus: Isn't there anyone on Fark who isn't a little bit worried about all of that pop up crap and history files. I DO enjoy looking at boobies on the internet, and if I hadn't nuked java and activex, who's to say that I wouldn't get bounced to a somewhat questionable site. But then again, I've never typed lolita into a search engine, and I despise Nabakov.

/off to slag my hard-drive just based on paranoia alone
2003-01-14 05:18:21 PM  
spend enough time on Kaaza and you can accidently download a lot of stuff.. I think people intentionally mislabel stuff..

but through a search engine? little less convincing.. I don't think he's out there cruising for this stuff because he loves it though.. and this paper was written long before his arrest came.
2003-01-14 05:18:30 PM  
They'll send him to one of those awful celebrity prisons, where they only let you play tennis on Tuesday, the hot tub only seats 6, and they serve really cheap wine with the lobster.
2003-01-14 05:19:04 PM  
I'm pretty weak willed and I've had no problem avoiding kiddie porn. There's a pretty big difference between not eating a hamburger and participating in the sexual exploitation of children.
2003-01-14 05:19:41 PM  

Amen! But in our trying, there should be some way to stop a McCarthyian episode.
2003-01-14 05:19:57 PM  
I'm so glad that the folks in here are relying on media reports and heresay and nothing quite so mundane as 'evidence' to try Townshend.

Keep up the good work, Farkers.
2003-01-14 05:20:18 PM  
He's been "researching" this since 1997? I'm not buying this either. How sad.
2003-01-14 05:20:31 PM  
LMFAO @ 'oughties'
2003-01-14 05:20:53 PM  
that deaf, dumb, blind kid sure plays a mean pornball
2003-01-14 05:21:09 PM  
"The idea is to cut demand so supply will quit making it... while simultaneously eliminating supply so that demand can't find it. Either way, if it protects the kids, I'm for it."

Isn't that idiotic on the face of it? It *doesn't* protect kids, there's no more of a link between pedophilia fantasizers and abusers than there are between rape fatasists and rapists.

I'm telling you, we've gone off the deep end on this pedophilia shiat. Compared to every way that children are abused, pornography is a tiny sliver. Cracking down on abusers is fine, but like I said.. it's 2003. Anyone who still buys the argument that ingesting images leads to replicating those images is a good century behind the times.
2003-01-14 05:23:25 PM  
Personally, I think he's full of crap. In all my months of cruising child-porn chat rooms, I've never come across him one time and another thing.....................hold on, there are some guys in suits knocking on my door.

Be right back.
2003-01-14 05:23:25 PM  
Compared to every way that children are abused, pornography is a tiny sliver.
If it helps one kid isn't it worth it?
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