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(Salon)   One in 32 U.S. adults either on parole, probation or in prison   ( divider line
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895 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Aug 2001 at 8:20 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-27 08:46:01 AM  
It is scary. I fear for the future.
2001-08-27 08:58:22 AM  
But the streets are so much safer.
2001-08-27 09:02:29 AM  
2001-08-27 09:02:53 AM  
get the sword!
2001-08-27 09:05:23 AM  
might be
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2001-08-27 09:33:25 AM  
People around the world aren´t that different, so its probely a cultural thing, it could be you have to many laws or to many laws nobody can keep or something, anyway my best guess is America has to many c.o.p.s. and dumb criminals as seen on tv.

-- Wow think about the number of people that got away with theire crimes..
2001-08-27 09:36:14 AM  
I could lower those figures dramatically. Legalize pot.
2001-08-27 09:39:28 AM  
oh yeah, im not an "adult"
2001-08-27 09:44:09 AM  
1 in 2 people in Baltimore are either on parole, probation, in prison, or playing for a professional sports team
2001-08-27 10:08:01 AM  
The NFL and NBA skewed these figures.
2001-08-27 10:10:58 AM  
It was my understanding that the US has 25% of all the worlds prison population and it probably has something to do with the fact that many small town communities now rely on running a private prison to stay solvent.

(Gotta keep putting those people in jail)
2001-08-27 10:11:07 AM  
Well, this just starts my day out all nice and farkin' shiny!
2001-08-27 10:18:32 AM  
We could clear out about 75% of these people if they would legalize drugs.
2001-08-27 10:20:37 AM  
Legalize drugs and prostitution. No reason for druggies, hos and lonely guys to be in jail. Well maybe the lonely guys, they can find companionship...
2001-08-27 10:32:49 AM  
Think of how many would be in jail if stupidity was a crime.
2001-08-27 10:39:22 AM  
My neighborhood is still a zoo, even though I live in an expensive building next to the woods. Many of my neighbors show absolute contempt for other residents' feelings. They camp out in front of the building and work on their cars whilst playing the subwoofers. They do basketball drills at midnight. They yell and scream even more when asked to shut up. They tear up the elevators. If you catch one of them doing something insane, like ramming their BMW through a pedestrain zone at Mach 7, and you ask them not to do that, they say fark you, you're not a cop. And threaten to punch you out. One resident threatened to shoot the guard because she (she!) knocked on his door to ask him to shut off his car alarm. This was the alarm on his third car, a spanking new Lincoln. This place is not the ghetto or a trailer park, but look how people act.

I think air should be illegal if these people breathe it.
2001-08-27 10:40:45 AM  
Anyone named Billy Bob or something along those lines should immediately get a life sentence.
2001-08-27 10:54:18 AM  
that goes double for you Bill
2001-08-27 10:57:04 AM  
Yup. Get rid of the victimless crimes and decriminalize drugs and we will find ourselves with one of the smallest prison populations in the world.

But as it is, these kinds of statistics make me sick. Live and let live.
2001-08-27 11:08:40 AM  
Don't hate me, Demos - I did my part for these statistics. Probation for three years after DWI arrest. Violation-free completion and five+ years clean makes me one of the few for whom the system actually worked (if you consider me still having a license "worked"). Am I the only FARKer to have been in the system or just the only one willing to admit it?
2001-08-27 11:14:05 AM  
Does Tijuana jail count?
2001-08-27 11:17:53 AM  
That's not exactly the kind of stuff I'm talking about, Talix18... DWI is not a "victimless" crime... it kind of falls into the "reckless endangerment of others" category.

I'm glad to hear that you got yourself clean though. For some, that is the only way to get their lives back on track. My mother is a 12-stepper (clean and sober for 10 years!), and believe you me: without that, she'd be a royal wreck still, to this day, if even still alive.

One thing I still disagree with is the court-forced rehab/12-step programs... you can't force somebody to go through that and honestly expect them to get anything out of it. It ends up being a waste of money and time. The only way anyone gets anything out of rehab programs and 12-step programs is if they want to be there.
2001-08-27 11:19:49 AM  
Present company excluded, Talix18.... if you actually got clean through being forced by the courts into rehab/A.A., then you are the rare exception, rather than the rule. 9 out of 10 offenders sentenced to rehab programs are off the wagon almost immediately after getting out...
2001-08-27 11:34:42 AM  
1 in 5 black men are on Parole, Probation, or in Jail. And it ain't for smokin weed either.
2001-08-27 11:40:30 AM  
Fark all of youse! How was I supposed to know the kid was eight? And this ankle bracelet is farking killing me!

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-27 01:35:06 PM  
Demos: It's a long story of course, the nutshell version being that I was terrified of going to jail and I had a year-long suspended sentence waiting for me if I violated. Almost six (!) years later, I'm the first to admit that I'd love to be able to indulge - it's those damn consequences that I'd rather avoid.

And I knew I wasn't committing a victim-less crime - I was initially referring to your "these statistics make me sick" comment. I am well aware of the damage I could have done.
2001-08-27 01:40:33 PM  
I was in "the system" for 3 hours once. I got arrested for minor consumption of alcohol when I was 19. I only had a .02 though, so the bastards couldn't make it stick (as mouthwash will give you a .02). It was all dropped and such, so I guess I'm not part of the statistic.
All victimless crimes should not be crimes. If you want to put something into YOUR body, than that's up to you. If you want to sell your body for cash, have at it. If you want to buy sex, go for it. Damn Nanny State.
2001-08-27 01:45:22 PM  
Talix18: Yeah, I figured that... by my "makes me sick" comment, I was referring to how many in those statistics really don't belong there (i.e., the "victimless crime" perps). What a waste of taxpayer money, resources, and freedoms.
2001-08-27 02:07:25 PM  
if we all would stop crying about the current laws and finding "new" ways to break them... the system would be much better...

if you think the laws are unjust and wrong.. VOTE, stand up and try to change the system from within, you'll never change things by being a rebel and complaining....

sorry, soapbox moment
2001-08-27 02:12:17 PM  
Augie: One big thing standing in the way of doing that... LOBBYISTS.

As soon as anyone brings up easing off of illegal drugs or other "crimes" that so many of our moral minority find to be an "outrage", a gajillion more dollars gets siphoned over to politicians and to lobbyists to make sure such measures get killed off before they ever make any real waves in the status quo.

What we really need to do is start kicking these bozos out of office that pay too much attention to their political bribes and their "pro-moral-legislating" constituents... and get some people in office that actually think that it's a cool idea to limit government to the constitution for a change....
2001-08-27 02:16:33 PM  
true, but doesn't affect my comment.

on the subject of drugs and such.. lobbyist or not the general public of this country will NEVER repeal anything against now illegal substances. So that argument is moot
2001-08-27 02:19:39 PM  
"America, where the criminals roam free!"

The sad part is how many of those people were busted for marijuana-based "offenses", which aren't really offenses at all. I mean, shiat, the stuff is 100% natural for christ's sake!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-27 03:23:02 PM  
Can't we all just remember-that-attorneys-and-politicians-
don't-get-paid-if-they-got-nobody-to-defend-or-offend along?
2001-08-27 03:53:42 PM  
Plus, the drug lords don't make as much if it's legalized.
2001-08-27 03:59:59 PM  
I never have understood why Americans seemed to have learned ZERO from the prohibition of alcohol. The parallels are uncanny, yet no one seems to see them.
2001-08-27 04:02:06 PM  
I wouldn't say no one sees them, WC. I just don't have much clout with the lawmakers.
2001-08-27 04:52:02 PM  
Excellent, my second post. It is scary though, I believe we have more people in prison, than all of european inmates combined.
2001-08-27 05:20:33 PM  
I just don't have much clout with the lawmakers.

Heh... nobody does... not unless you have a shiatload of money to hand them as a bribe-- er.... "campaign contribution". The dollars that are "pro-drug laws" greatly outweigh the dollars that are "anti-drug laws", currently.
2001-08-27 05:23:28 PM  
oh, and let's not forget one of our the penalties for commiting a felony in america. you can't vote. that's a lot of people with no say on how our government works.
2001-08-27 05:32:44 PM  
Sorry, folks, one in 30-something is 3% or something. In a nation of 260 million, that ain't much. It seems like it but its not. So simmer down.

Lenny the Lozer
Cellblock 8
2001-08-27 07:04:42 PM  
I'm betting one of the reasons the government is not legalizing drugs is that the CIA has invested too much effort into propping up the drug lords.I read that somewhere,I forget where though.Anyhow,I personally wouldn't do drugs if they were legal,but I see no real harm in at least fully legalizing marijuana,and doing some trials with cocaine and heroin.And maybe,if the profit isn't there,drug-related homicide will go down,and average citizens can get assault weapons easily!w00t!

Just some demented thoughts of mine...
2001-08-27 07:06:29 PM  
Also,in regards to pot,I suspect the large tobacco industry has something to do with keeping it illegal.After all,where's the profit if people can grow their own pot?

Plus the government taxes cigarettes,so I suspect that plays a role also.
2001-08-27 07:20:25 PM  
Not to hurt anyone's "little" feelings... what Augie was saying was "STOP WHINING ABOUT CURRENT LAWS" pay attention to the issues, so that you may be able to make an educated choice...

2001-08-27 08:10:40 PM  
Wow, how could someone so blind to reality steal the name of Lord Walken? Society's laws do not reflect the will of the people. Most politicians dont even recieve a quarter of the eligible vote for their position. People have no intrest in politics in any more, a quarter of the eligiable voting populace is making decisions that affect us all. More people should go out and make their voices heard. Things would change dramatically. The problem is most people are either too stupid or too lazy or too jaded to vote. Of course I don't have any answers do don't look at me.
2001-08-27 08:15:43 PM  
Hey, Kthulhu (if that is your real name):
You can grow your own tobacco! When tobacco becomes illegal, then you will see a new industry burgeoning! As the guerrilla pot-growers become disenfrachised by the commercial pot corporations (soon), they'll need a new illegal crop, and that would be tobacco!
2001-08-27 10:31:34 PM  
oompaSorry, folks, one in 30-something is 3% or something. In a nation of 260 million, that ain't much. It seems like it but its not. So simmer down.

you are farking joking right? That is a huge statistic and certainly not one to trivialise or ignore.
Incarceration as a solution to societies woes is not the answer. How much are you spending to keep all these people of the street? HJow much does it cost for 1 eprson for 1 year to stay at the states convenience?
How about investing in prevention, education and an effort to solve social scenarios that create crime.
Granted there are a lot of whackos out there that need to be secured for all our sakes, but this is like the farking pharmacuetical scenario..treating symptoms not problems.

As much as middle class red neck conservatives would have you believe..not all black/hispanic/white working class people are born bad. Its the social enviroment that has much to do with this statistic. Limit the options and ability to gain education and basic rights and you give little options for advancement....
2001-08-27 10:46:54 PM  
Also, 1 in 30 something is more like 10%.
2001-08-27 10:52:18 PM  
Nevermind, I'm retarded.
2001-08-28 05:28:39 AM  
I recommend an excellent book on the subject of victimless crime to anyone who is interested: "Ain't nobody's business if you do: The absurdity of consensual crimes in a free society", by a hero of mine, Peter McWilliams. McWilliams was killed a while back by enforcers in the War on Drugs. It's a tragic story, and is available at his website:
All of his books are kept online as well, for free.
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