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(Mainichi Daily News)   Japanese girls going no-bra, no-panty, just for kicks   ( divider line
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2003-01-10 04:33:25 AM  
As always Mainichi is good for a nice laugh.
2003-01-10 08:50:18 AM  
Big deal... I have never worn a bra and never will...

Huh? What? Oh, they said girls... Never mind.
2003-01-10 09:24:58 AM  
I read this headline and found it slightly arousing. Then I clicked on the link & saw that girl w/glasses to the left.

I'm gonna need popcicle sticks and duct tape to get an erection now...
2003-01-10 09:44:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I am with Bump on this one. She better wear her panties.
2003-01-10 01:50:24 PM  
Who noticed?
2003-01-10 01:51:11 PM  
So long as they don't ski. You can get chapped lips that way.
2003-01-10 01:53:16 PM  
finally, some good news from the japanese.
2003-01-10 01:54:27 PM  
Japan tag, Japan tag, Japan tag!!!
2003-01-10 01:54:37 PM  
Ironbar you magnificent bastard. Hehe, reminds me of Chris Rock in his Bigger & Blacker cd talking about Chapped Dick from too much porn.
2003-01-10 01:54:40 PM  
This is the kind of story that makes you wonder how is it still possible that Japanese men treat Japanese women as subsevient instead of treating them as equals.

I'd hit them though, with all of my penis tentacles.

2003-01-10 01:54:49 PM  
why is this so shocking? girls go braless all the time, especially since most tank tops have little built in sports bra things. and underwear? i'd rather go undie-less then wear a thong, same effect, loads more comfy.
2003-01-10 01:54:49 PM  
Pokemon caught on in the US. Why not this?
2003-01-10 01:55:13 PM  
With the small `fun bags' on most Japanese woman, a bra wouldn't be necessary.
2003-01-10 01:56:05 PM  
"Once she had to report to the office on a Saturday when no one else was there, so she stripped and snapped pictures of herself nude."

couldn't they have at least included a couple of these pictures with the story. Tease!
2003-01-10 01:56:13 PM  
ick, thank god there wasnt more pictures.
2003-01-10 01:57:17 PM  
You may think this is spiffy right now, but by the time they are 25... nothing but sag.
2003-01-10 01:57:42 PM  
01-10-03 01:54:37 PM Absolutben

Heh heh. :)

From that old grade-school joke: why don't girls ski in short skirts.
2003-01-10 01:58:05 PM  
"Not to mention that it's uncouth from a hygienic point of view."

Though it is pretty couth from an erections' point of view
2003-01-10 01:58:26 PM  
I just found out that my friends italian gf does this, I always thought she was wearing wool panties.
2003-01-10 01:58:45 PM  
Here in America we call them 'Hippies'. And they usually smell bad too.
2003-01-10 01:59:21 PM  
I'm not wearing panties! (Dam these jeans are sawing my nads off when I walk)
2003-01-10 01:59:36 PM  
me rikey velly much
2003-01-10 02:00:47 PM  
Lots of "tit" references in the article. Titillating, isn't it? Damn, now they got me doing it.
2003-01-10 02:01:28 PM  
Don't you need boobies to wear a bra?
2003-01-10 02:01:38 PM  
"I don't pretend to know who these Japanese people are. I know they're small, maybe one or two feet high. I know they sound funny when they talk. I know the women folk have sideways vaginas. But underneath their scales, they're just like you and me."
2003-01-10 02:02:21 PM  
A lot of girls didn't wear panties at my highschool and none of the guys did either.
2003-01-10 02:02:26 PM  
2003-01-10 02:02:35 PM  
2003-01-10 02:03:05 PM  
I officially state that i want to live in Japan.

2003-01-10 02:03:18 PM  
I'm not wearing socks right now.
2003-01-10 02:03:25 PM  

good dumb and dumber ref :)
2003-01-10 02:03:55 PM  
Jeez, and the other article hasn't even cooled yet
2003-01-10 02:04:03 PM  
As long as it's "just for kicks" and not for shiats and giggles... Who'd want to see that?
2003-01-10 02:04:33 PM  
I need TokoyGirl to explain why this is all a misunderstanding and a western sterotype of Japanese girls.
2003-01-10 02:04:36 PM  
I see it this way...underwear keeps getting smaller and smaller, anyway, so I'm just jumping ahead of the pack by getting rid of it altogether. It's loads easier. I wore thongs for years, and while I still do occasionally, I mostly ride free these days.

I can't go without a bra, though. Too much "bounce" in my step. It's distracting.
2003-01-10 02:04:53 PM  
Anyone notice the author of the article? I wonder if music isnt paying the bucks anymore.
2003-01-10 02:04:54 PM  
So? I only wear panties once a month, as do most of my friends. Bras are harder to get rid of as they keep you from bouncing painfully during the day. However, once I get home and sit down to relax, the bra be gone.

This is not something all that unusal. Most girls I know prefer not to wear them except for specific reasons/times.
2003-01-10 02:05:01 PM  
I'm witnessing the birth of a new fark cliche and I'm not wearing any panties.
2003-01-10 02:05:35 PM  
I guess this fad started in Uganda
2003-01-10 02:06:40 PM  
i like to call it "going commando" and such a thing should NEVER be thought of as bad
2003-01-10 02:07:18 PM  
I've never been to Japan so I can't say with any authority, but is this "news-worthy" because their culture has traditionally been very sexually conservative? I think more women in the US do this than you realize (especially when trying to wear trendy little tops and tight, low-rider pants), it's just not a huge deal to us. I guess I expected the article to be something a little more shocking.
2003-01-10 02:07:49 PM  
God help them if they ever go to Uganda.
2003-01-10 02:09:14 PM  
Strange that a culture which has public baths would be worried about girls running around naked at home. Its their home sheeesh!
2003-01-10 02:09:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-10 02:10:11 PM  
I've worn a kilt `regemental'. (I giggled like a shoolgirl)
2003-01-10 02:10:35 PM  
Terd_Ferguson- eeewwwwww!
2003-01-10 02:10:51 PM  
Domo Arigoto (sp?)

2003-01-10 02:13:35 PM  
"Man, I can't wait to get home and tear off my wife's panties"

"you that horny?"

"no, they just keep riding up my buttcrack and it's really uncomfortable"
2003-01-10 02:13:43 PM  
Only in Japan? Nope.
2003-01-10 02:15:08 PM  
I categorically deny modelling for those scarves!
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