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(CNN)   Steelers fans charged with beating death at Tom's Diner. Neither are named Luka   ( sportsillustrated.cnn.com) divider line
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2003-01-08 10:46:47 AM  
Being a Steelers fan living in upstate NY, people have assumed:

- I drink Iron City
- I will drive slow going into tunnels
- I will let you turn left in front of me when I have the right of way
- I say 'yinz'
- I eat all my sandwiches with fries and saurkraut built in
- I use wax paper instead of plates

Thanks to this, people may now start assuming that if you get on my nerves I'll drag you into the bathroom, beat you senseless with a toilet seat, and drown you in a urinal.

Wrong on all counts, but maybe this new one will get the assholes at the bars with NFL Sunday Ticket to leave me alone.

I love stereotypes.
2003-01-08 10:47:14 AM  
When did the Filthadelhpia fans start teaching Steelers fans how to act, or do they simply not want to be outdone by their cross state rivals?

I'm cheering for an Eagles-Steelers Superbowl. Living in State College we're close to the geographical split as to who cheers for what team. I hope that will create some hilarity at the local bars for Superbowl.
2003-01-08 10:48:09 AM  
If only sleep, beer, and football could be combined
2003-01-08 10:48:19 AM  
I used to live right up the street from the diner.. I still go there occasionally, and can't imagine it getting roudy like that with Steeler fans.
2003-01-08 10:48:28 AM  
You go slow into the tunnel and then gun it.

I think I am the only person in Pittsburgh that has never eaten at Primanti Bros.
2003-01-08 10:49:21 AM  
make that cole slaw, not saurkraut (thanks LawTalkingGuy)
2003-01-08 10:50:00 AM  

I live in the same area and I eat there often (tasty breakfast).
2003-01-08 10:51:12 AM  
This one time, I was stuck in the Squirrel Hill tunnel for almost 2 hours, in traffic.

Best night of my life, hands down!
2003-01-08 10:51:47 AM  
Make that me?
2003-01-08 10:51:47 AM  
[image from lvrj.com too old to be available]
I'd hit it.
2003-01-08 10:51:49 AM  
Steelers' fans are...... different. The impression I get from observing them is that there must not be too much else to do in Pittsburgh. So cocky yet no SB win since Bradshaw had hair.

I wonder if they get to watch the games in prison?
2003-01-08 10:51:53 AM  
"Dustin Garger, 24, of Brentwood, and Brian Frisbie, 23, of Carrick, have been charged with homicide...."

Brian Frisbie ? Is his uncle Joe Whiffleball ? I'd like to punch in the balls just for the stupid name alone. Or maybe assault him with my Nerfbat.

You haven't been assaulted, until you've been assaulted by a Frisbie !

2003-01-08 10:52:42 AM  
That's not to say we don't enjoy sauerkraut here, just not on a Primanti's sandwich.

Utter_Bastard Try not to, or you will be hooked. The best is going to the Primanti's in Oakland at 3AM, passing out, waking up at 7AM and walking over to Pamela's for breakfast.

The only thing better is going to Ritter's at 3AM and waking up at 7AM and eating some more Ritter's.
2003-01-08 10:54:18 AM  
The funny thing is that there is plenty to do in Pittsburgh, but nobody does it...
2003-01-08 11:00:52 AM  
Amen to that LawTalkingGuy
2003-01-08 11:00:53 AM  
If these had been 17-year-olds arguing over Xbox vs. GameCube the news media would be calling for an overall video game ban. How come no one ever thinks to question whether or not to outlaw sports? Or do they and I'm just less observant?

You never see PS2 fans starting a car-tipping riot...
2003-01-08 11:05:08 AM  
Okay, by virtue of the fact that these were MEN living in PITTSBURGH it is assumed that they are STEELERS fans. It is irrelevant.
2003-01-08 11:06:28 AM  
Schnapple: Hear, hear

BTW, GameCube rules.
2003-01-08 11:06:41 AM  
Pamela's "Morning After Breakfast" is definitely badass. Perfect for a hangover. Had to get there before 11:00 though or you'd be waiting for a seat.

My 2 worst experiences while living in Pittsburgh:

1 - Getting loaded at PHI (Panther Hollow Inn) and taking a dare to eat an entire large fries from the "O" by myself. For out of towners, the "O" is "the original hot dog shop" and sells boardwalk-style fries by the truckload. A large fries is about the size of your average cafeteria tray filled with a mound of fries 8-10" high. I finishe dit, but I couldn't eat for 2 days after that. I gained 65 pounds in four years living in Pittsburgh.

2 - Going to Zelda's on the infamous "night of the raid". Zelda's was well known for allowing underaged drinking, and had quarter-draft night that day. It was only my second time there. I was 19. I got in with a friends ID. The PLCB raided the place, and busted over 200 kids. I tried to use the ID I had to get past the PLCB. Were it not for the massive amounts of people they had to deal with, I'd have spent the night in jail. They let me go home but I got $250 in fines and I lost my license for 6 months.
2003-01-08 11:07:06 AM  

like what? im from the 'burgh and the only thing to do (especially in winter) is go out and eat. one can only eat so many meals a day. no wonder we are so fat..
2003-01-08 11:08:07 AM  
"You never see PS2 fans starting a car-tipping riot.."

That'd require them actually leaving their parent's house and getting their hands dirty.
2003-01-08 11:08:28 AM  
BRILLIANT Coleslaw! I was going to make some reference to the song, but couldn't quite think how to do it. Very nice.
2003-01-08 11:10:25 AM  
Sikobabel I was at Zelda's that night too! Luckily we had just left to go to the O (oddly enough) and had just sat down with our fries when we saw it all go down. I was about 18 or 19 at the time too. Small world.
2003-01-08 11:12:27 AM  
01-08-03 10:30:51 AM Sex0r
Doesn't surprise me. Steelers fans are Pabst Blue Ribbon swilling, pick-up truck drivin', football jersey wearin', beer belly sportin' buffoons.

Ummm, I don't quite fit that description. Oh well. Guess I won't be able to convince you otherwise.

Go Steelers!!!

[image from acupofideas.com too old to be available]
2003-01-08 11:13:14 AM  
Well, Pittsburgh is one of the best metro areas for mountain biking in the country (according to Bike magazine.) I usually ride in Frick Park or North Park (great hidden singletrack there.)

Pittsburgh also has a symphony, local theatre, and occasional operas. It has the Carnegie museums, Warhol museum, and the kick-ass Carnegie Science center. It has great golf courses, and are within driving distance from some ok skiing. People also use the rivers for water-skiing, jet-skiing and other water-based recreation.
2003-01-08 11:13:29 AM  
Actually, it's pronounced, "Stillers". A good Pittsburgh practice sentence is: "Dwonnie an is Dwodge drove don ton ta meet yunz ad d'incline."

I am a feline whipped Stillers fan - although I was born in Cleveland, I married a Penn Hills girl.

May Brian Sipe please forgive me.
2003-01-08 11:15:18 AM  
On a semi-related note, Philly Eagles fans are none too nice either, from what I hear. Let's just go ahead and move all the sports teams on out of Pennsylvania.
2003-01-08 11:17:33 AM  
Oh, will some one please clear up an argument betwixt me and the missus? She says it's pronounced "Car Nay Gee" - I say "Car Nigy"... She's from Penn Hills and says 'she should know'...

A genuine Daniel Webster Cigar to whoever helps...
2003-01-08 11:18:40 AM  
Car Nay Gee - yeah, that's it.
2003-01-08 11:20:54 AM  
Sikobabel: "My 2 worst experiences while living in Pittsburgh:

1 - Getting loaded at PHI (Panther Hollow Inn)" ...

Did you by chance go across the street to the Holiday afterwards?
2003-01-08 11:23:23 AM  
car NAY gee

i thought football fans in general were fat violent idiots

2003-01-08 11:28:20 AM  
Don't i feel sheepish... i was trying to figure out what the Godfather reference was for.

"It's a sicilian message. It means Kordell Stewart sleeps with the fishes..."
2003-01-08 11:30:59 AM  
Nice one, CapnWacky. I think even out-of-towners can guess what the Holiday is just by the name.
2003-01-08 11:33:53 AM  
Sikobabel -- Your list of Pittsburgh assumptions is great. The left hand turn thing kills me. If I don't take the left, I am the asshole.

I will say that Yuengling is way better then Iron city. Ritters is great, so is Tom's Diner on the south side. Nothing like being called hun by the waitress.
2003-01-08 11:34:15 AM  
Good ole' "Dirtmont" makes the headlines on Fark.

Woo Hoo...you are safer at Tom's on the SS...eventhought West Lib has bwetter eats.
2003-01-08 11:35:52 AM  
Maybe the guy parked in the wrong spot...

[image from nflnut.com too old to be available]
2003-01-08 11:36:28 AM  
I_got_nuthin -- I think that it is more like Kordell Stewart sleeps with guys in Schenley park......
2003-01-08 11:36:37 AM  
Hey, I had sex inside the Carnegie Museum of Science a few yars ago. Does the "Stratovater" ring a bell for anyone?
2003-01-08 11:36:50 AM  

I was at Zelba's that night...

right out the back door...down the alley..over the fence.

Straight to UBC aand bought a case of beer for the ride home
2003-01-08 11:38:07 AM  
Haha. Going to jail for beating a dude to death over football. What a winner.
2003-01-08 11:38:26 AM  

Zelba's =Zelda's

2003-01-08 11:40:26 AM  

UBC is awesome. Saved quite a few parties using that place, since it was the only distributor open after normal hours (you had to buy the shiat through the door).

I wonder how they were allowed to do that? With all the wacky PA alcohol laws, I was sure that would be illegal somehow.

Anyone know their loophole?
2003-01-08 11:40:36 AM  
Bump, Brian Sipe can't really forgive anyone. We're the ones who all had to forgive *him*.

Actually, I was born at the exact moment he was throwing an interception. My father swears by it. I don't know what that means, but it can't be good.
2003-01-08 11:47:54 AM  
In other news Steelers team's fourth quarter comeback beats me to death.

/browns fan
2003-01-08 11:51:20 AM  
i thought football fans in general were fat violent idiots

I'm fairly slender.
2003-01-08 11:54:05 AM  
This story doesn't surprise me. Steelers fans are the biggest morons I've come across. They continually live in the past, claiming the 4 Superbowls they won in the 70's make them superior to all others. Let's not forget the one they lost and the 3 home AFC Championship games, heavily favored that they choked in.
2003-01-08 11:57:41 AM  
Macboy Yeah, no other sports fans act like that.
2003-01-08 11:59:36 AM  
Pittsburgh is STILL trying to shed it's 'Filthy Milltown" image even after the mills are all gone, and the place has been scrubbed up. (Granted, a$$holes like the abovementioned aren't helped our rep any)
Believe it or not, it's actually a pretty nice place to live. The housing market is insanely cheap, and there really is interesting stuff to do at night...
2003-01-08 12:02:42 PM  
Sikobabel Okay, so I'm way late to this, but I just have to brag here. I can eat an entire large O fry PLUS a superdog (bacon and cheese) without breaking a sweat. And I can even do it without taking the inevitable "O shiat" that normally follows eating at the O. I have a colon of steel.
2003-01-08 12:03:59 PM  

I hope your sewage bill doesn't cxharge you by the pound!
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