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(Mainichi Daily News)   Teacher breaks fourth-grader's jaw for taking too much time to finish lunch   ( divider line
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2003-01-08 03:56:56 PM  
The school system I went to (rural OK) had and still has corporal punishment through 12th grade. It's kind of interesting to see the principal beating an 18-year-old's ass with a paddle. If you were male, you had a male spanker. Female, a female spanker. Anyway, the school, being in rural OK, was heavily Xtian (especially Baptist) influenced, and had the "spare the rod, spoil the child" mentality. So basically saying no personal accountability/no spanking in schools is a Xtian thing is a bunch of BS.

Jay, Tell Corky I said "howdy".
haha. Hilarious.
2003-01-08 03:58:41 PM  

I hope you're not speaking for everyone on this board.

My OWN highly-questionable and faltering character happens to be this one.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-08 03:58:45 PM  
I'm in a quandry. On one hand, I know there are alot of snot-nosed pukes out there that need a good ass whoopin' as I see them at the malls etc. I wanna walk through them fist first pummeling their pierced, scrawny, silk-stocking-under baseball hat attractive and successful Caucasian-Americans . On the other hand, while I am not a parent, if I were one (fat chance ha ha), I wouldn't want anyone laying a hand on my kid *ever*.

So I am perplexed and confused, get my drift?
2003-01-08 03:59:16 PM  
perhaps someone would be willing to explain something to me...
where did the term troll come from? is it a reference to the gross little creatures that live under bridges and eat goats? or is it like someone using a trolling motor when fishing for bass...

Probably a mix of the two. When you go trolling you usually bait the hook and throw it over the back. Then you cruise around waiting for something to bite. Then you reel them in.

The name troll also evokes the crude under the bridge type.
2003-01-08 03:59:45 PM  
Man, Jay Is the worst! He won't even come back and irrationally support himself and tell everyone criticizing him to die or anything!

dumb AND dull
2003-01-08 04:00:03 PM  
I live in Texas, and corpral punishment is still an option in some school districts with parental concent. A friend of mine was once given the option of swats with a paddle or dention. As she was eighteen at the time and able to give concent herself she took the licks. Man, was her principal surprised and a bit embarrased to be spanking an eighteen year old. But she called the bluff and didn't have to stay after school.
2003-01-08 04:01:06 PM  
SadDad, maybe it is wrong, but I'd break the teacher's jaw. Then, when it healed, I'd break it again.
2003-01-08 04:02:12 PM  
MynaMinkoff Were high school students actually expected to submit to corporal punishment?

My first two reactions would be: a) Beat the crap out of someone trying to hit me, or, failing that, b) run away (if the spanker was larger than myself)

Either way, I have a hard time seeing anyone that old willingly offer themselves up for a beating
2003-01-08 04:03:50 PM  
I've got to get a principal gig in Texas!
2003-01-08 04:04:04 PM  
I'd hit it.
2003-01-08 04:05:04 PM  
The PTA Disbands

Jasper: Talking out of turn... that's a paddling. Looking out the window... that's a paddling. Staring at my sandals... that's a paddling. Paddling the school canoe... ooh, you better believe that's a paddling.
2003-01-08 04:07:33 PM  

I was one of those ADHD kids. My mind would wander, and I wouldn't do my school work. They didn't have Ritalin then, so I guess choking me out was the next best thing.

It wasn't exactly motivating.
2003-01-08 04:07:33 PM  

"MynaMinkoff Were high school students actually expected to submit to corporal punishment?"

Usually by then the student chose that option because he/she did not want to stay after school for detention. I had several friends in HS who did this. There was never a case when it was the only option.
2003-01-08 04:07:40 PM  
Japan? heh... this kid is lucky he doesnt live in china...

if that were the case, his teacher would have shot him and then billed his family for the bullet
2003-01-08 04:07:49 PM  
MynaMinkoff Were high school students actually expected to submit to corporal punishment?

Yes. I think when I was a junior or so the school started issuing those parental "check yes or no" cards after one of the parents got upset, but in general all the parents were for corporal punishment, and I only got swats once in my life (I was 16) for staying in the school after cheerleading practice with one of my friends, letting some boys into the school, and drinking beer in the auditorium balcony. It didn't go over too well.

I don't think I ever heard of anyone running from swats/hitting back. Suspension/expulsion was the alternative, I think.
2003-01-08 04:09:52 PM  
Just give the teacher a curb job and be done with it.
2003-01-08 04:10:28 PM  
Brazil Yeah there really are no positives to growing up withour a father I suppose.

Hell, I have memories back to about 1.5 years old. Speaking from experience and what I've seen, all humans are the same. They want security. The best environment for children is a rational and stable one. My parents were married until my father passed away. They were married for 45 years. I never saw them fight and they rarely disagreed. There was NEVER a physical exchange.

My childhood at home was very Norman Rockwell. School sucked but then it was full of irrational cruel children. Which from a security perspective was never an issue because I've always been a big guy and had older brothers too.

Those lessons stick with you for life. I've been married 18 years now and my wife and I have never had a fight. Physical violence in anything other than self-defense is so abhorrent to me it makes me a bit nauseous to see it in others. Personally I think they should give the teacher six months or so in jail and a pretty good size fine that goes to the kid and he should never teach again.
2003-01-08 04:10:32 PM  
It was an accident

Please see the following transcript.

Police Officer: What happened here

Teacher: I was in the bathroom washing my fist when it just went off

Police Officer: Three times

Teacher: Ok, it's a little embarrasing but.........
I was on my computer looking at this website called fark and I stumbled upon a boobies link and.......


Teacher aquitted of hitting student - Peta is currently investigation reported massacre of .....
2003-01-08 04:10:33 PM  
I don't know when my parents realized that spanking me didn't work anymore. But at some point I realized that a spanking lasted at the most 15 minutes (including post-spank pain)... but the joy of whatever the forbidden fruit was, lasted until I got caught.

The jig was eventually up though and that's when they started with punishments that fit the crime... man those sucked. My Dad's a 28 year career military officer... part of his job is administration of justice...

The man still inspires respect and obedience in me, and i'm all growed up!
2003-01-08 04:12:52 PM  
Jocosta OMG she was 18 and he had to do that. I would of just let her go out of fear of popping some wood. If she was cute I would of had to. To damn scary and what a scandal. :)
2003-01-08 04:13:13 PM  
my 6th grade teacher palm-struck a kid in the nose cuz he said shiat
2003-01-08 04:13:42 PM  
Soporific - I graduated in 1999 from a Texas high school, and they still gave us the option of corporal punishment. You could either take two licks or detention. It was simple. If you were a man, you took the licks. I would've rather had the detention, but I'd be damned if I'd look like a pussy in front of anybody.
2003-01-08 04:14:30 PM  
Smerfnablin Hee hee... now that was funny.
2003-01-08 04:14:47 PM  
Soporific, I just now saw that you said the exact same thing before me. I'm a dummy.
2003-01-08 04:16:07 PM  
Zombie Zero laff. I was always a problem child 2..I could never focus in on jack shiat and always slacked...Untill a fire was lit under my arse...Then I was a pro at anything. Some people it works. some it doesn't
2003-01-08 04:16:36 PM  
Hmm...we were never offered detention instead of swats. It was suspension (which my parents would have killed me for) or spanking. Maybe the detention option is a TX thing.
2003-01-08 04:16:38 PM  
The private school I went to from K-2 used soap to wash out the mouths of kids that used inappropriate language. I never got the treatment but I saw it dished out a number of times.
2003-01-08 04:18:10 PM  
When I was in the second grade some nun called me up to the front of the class for not doing my homework or not getting some math problem right or something.

So she calls me up, grabs a ruler off her desk, smacks my hand hard and puts it back on the desk. So I grabbed a ruler and smacked her.

Needless to say that didn't go over very well. But on the plus side, the class was *COMPLETELY* silent for the first time ever...

So on a scale of 1 to 10, how badly am I going to hell?
2003-01-08 04:23:02 PM  

"I live in Texas, and corpral punishment is still an option in some school districts with parental concent. A friend of mine was once given the option of swats with a paddle or dention. As she was eighteen at the time and able to give concent herself she took the licks. Man, was her principal surprised and a bit embarrased to be spanking an eighteen year old. But she called the bluff and didn't have to stay after school."

20 bucks says the principal went straight to the bathroom after that...
2003-01-08 04:23:49 PM  
Solstice = Badarse Rebel. Bows down.
2003-01-08 04:26:19 PM  
and the parents filed a somethign-or-other. If it were my kid (of course I dont have kids) I would have kicked the shiat outta da biotch who got jollies off smacking my kid around the bathroom. THEN I would litlgate aganst the teacher, school, city, state, county, neighborhood, zip code, area code, school board, local 7-11, and the entire USA till I had so much money i forgot that I had a kid.

oops - side tracked.
2003-01-08 04:26:53 PM he finishes his lunch through a straw...

/just purchased one way ticket to hell
2003-01-08 04:26:55 PM  
He probably didn't hear the teacher because he's still deaf on one side from the last left-hook he caught from a teacher in 3rd grade. Maybe they should just start putting all their kids in protective head gear like amateur boxers. Still not as bad as the teacher who, while on a field trip some girl farted, and no one would admit it so she made them all swim into the cold river. Something like 5 of them drowned. That was Japan too.
2003-01-08 04:27:32 PM  

Zero. That act created an entire class of free thinkers. You should be pround.

^_^ \ *salute*
2003-01-08 04:27:57 PM  
Bass555: Friend of mine was a principal at a city high school. Was hauling a kid(i think he was 15-16) into his office for taking a swing at a teacher. Kid took a swing at him. Really bad idea. He picked the kid up, threw him over his desk, not on, over. Goes around to pick the kid up. Tries to hit him again. Threw him back over the desk, goes to pick him up again, same thing. This time, as he goes to pick the kid up, the kid says "im tellin my parents and youre gonna get sued" tells the kid "wait one minute" Goes over to the emergency call list, looks up the number, calls the kids dad. "Hi, this is Mr so and so. Sorry to bother you at work. Your kid attacked a teacher, and i pretty much beat the shiat out of him a minute ago. He thought you might want to know." dad says put him on the phone. Dad told the kid that if he caused any more trouble at all, dad was gonna go down there and beat the shiat out of him too. Never had ANY problem out of that kid again.
2003-01-08 04:32:53 PM  
You see that is precisely the problem when eating with chopsticks, it just takes forever.
2003-01-08 04:35:27 PM  
Damn, I'm late Sod: Blazing Saddles! One of my top 5 favorites of all time.....
2003-01-08 04:37:21 PM  

20 bucks says the principal went straight to the bathroom after that...

Were I an 18 year old highschool girl being administered corporal punishment.. (and I am clearly not, nor have I ever been) Then just to make it that much mroe akward for him... I'd make sure to breath heavy and moan enthusiasticly as he did the spanking...
2003-01-08 04:38:38 PM  
Maybe I should clear up my rant.

OK, I was wrong about the teacher accepting personal responsibility for hitting the kid. But the fact remains that if an american dose something stupid they readily know is dangerous, like say smoking for ex, and they get lung cancer, rather than admit they were stupid for smoking they prefer instead to sue the Tobacco company even though they KNEW BEFOREHAND that if they smoke, they run the risk of getting lung cancer.

And dose anyone remember the McDonald's vs. Fat Bastard lawsuit a while back? How can anyone NOT know that McDonald's food is unhealthy and will make them fat? Yet, Fat Bastard wants them to pay him $$$ for his retardation, as if they were forcing him at gunpoint to eat the filth.

What I ment about christianity is that it promotes "faith".
Faith means basicly "Don't ask any questions. Do not think for yourself. Accept what you are told at face value.". This dangerous type of thinking is keeping people from stopping to think if what they are doing is dangerous for them and if they should do it anyway.

So yeah, that's all...
2003-01-08 04:40:38 PM  

Excellent story.
I love clueless kids.
2003-01-08 04:46:40 PM  
Beat on the brat! Beat on the brat! Beat on the brat with a baseball bat! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh oh...
2003-01-08 04:50:31 PM  
good thing it wasn't a 4th grade school girl over there..... we ALLLLLLL know what happens to them.

Yes, they are raped by giant mechs and/or creatures with tentacles. At least, that's what Japanese animation has taught me.
2003-01-08 04:54:52 PM  
I always went with the wrench.

because, f*#& him
2003-01-08 05:02:02 PM  
Psycho Jay, only some Americans do that. The majority-- the ones who just admit they did something dumb-- don't make the god damned news, and that's probably why you think we're all lawsuit-happy.
2003-01-08 05:06:48 PM  
And also, Christianity is supposed to encourage morals and self responsibility... The people who file frivolous lawsuits are probably out of touch with their morals and self responsibility. So if anything, blame the people who don't understand their own belief system rather than the belief system itself.
2003-01-08 05:07:57 PM  

Is that your best argument? Blame the media?

Works for me...
2003-01-08 05:16:08 PM  
01-08-03 03:44:29 PM TheBigRagoo
You been here four hours! I break jaw now!

Hilarious! Is this from a comedian's routine about an all you can eat Chinese restaurant? Who was that again?
2003-01-08 05:20:37 PM  

Thanks for clearing that up.(?) Still has nothing to do with the article.

Now you're criticizing someone else for putting blame in the wrong place?

Seriously, is there something wrong with you or are you just that bad at coherant thought?
2003-01-08 05:21:10 PM  
you been here four hour! You eat too much! Scare my wife!
Who else but the Simpsons?
2003-01-08 05:22:16 PM  

John Pinette. And I can't believe I remember that.

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