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2008-10-31 12:47:15 PM  
Here's my story...

In Newport, PA they have ghost tours because there seems to be so many homes that have ghosts. I was doing computer work in a large 200 year-old house (one on the tour) at about 12 in the morning (life of a consultant) I went from the kitchen to the living room via the hallway. The hallway has a carpet runner over wooden floors. As I went down the hall, you could hear my footsteps on the floor "raaa rooo raaa rooo".

I was working on the server and I heard "raaa rooo raaa rooo". Now, there have been times when the owner was home and I didn't know it (I have a key and he works in Virginia). So I figure someone is walking down the hall. I walk out and say "Hello?"

Now, mind you, I'm an engineer by schooling, computer consultant, 47, and was sober and straight at the time.

I walk into the hall and there's no one there. I am incredulous because there wasn't only sound, you almost felt the weight of the footsteps. Something walked right in front of me. I wasn't scared. I just smiled and thought, "Now I know what they're talking about". I said hello and the presence left.

I am now no longer a skeptic, as far as that stuff goes.
2008-10-31 12:48:05 PM  
You may have to wait till it gets dark out to be able to see this one:
[image from static.zooomr.com too old to be available]
Click for full image.
2008-10-31 12:48:28 PM  
When I was 10 I had this dream about my grandfather having a huge heart attack. It was fairly vivid and included some pretty intricate details.

My mom came in and woke me up, and said, "I have some bad news...."

"I know, gramps had a serious heart attack the may have destroyed 8% of his heart muscle." was my reply.

She just sat there staring at me....and asked how I knew that.

I saw the doctors talking over him in my dream just now.

Weird shiat.
2008-10-31 12:49:23 PM  
18 years ago, on my first ship in the Navy, a bunch of friends of mine and I decided to pass the time one night with a Ouija board. Nine or ten of us put the board on the dead-reckoning plotter in CIC, and took turns calling up various spirits. One in particular blew all of our minds.

The spirit claimed to be that of a little girl from Compton, who had died in a drive-by. She also revealed a number of secrets about different guys, always guys who weren't touching the plastic pointer at the time (none of which I'll reveal here). But what was more interesting was, she gave us a phone number and a name, Rev. Green, and message for him. She asked us to tell him that "Missy" was fine and happy. The number had a 310 area code; the two guys who were touching the pointer at the time were both from the midwest, and didn't know anyone in LA.

I and another guy called the number the next day. It turned out to be a church in Compton, and Rev. Green answered the call himself. When I told him that "Missy" was OK, he started crying. The little girl was his daughter.
2008-10-31 12:50:08 PM  

That's called sleep paralysis. Happens to lots of people.
2008-10-31 12:50:41 PM  
This happened a few years back. One day, I came home and my roommate was watching the Matrix. It was my favorite movie at the time, so I sit and watch with him. At the exact point in the movie where they hit the EMP at the end, the entire neighborhood power grid goes out. 3 or 4 square city blocks. The power came back after about an hour, but the tv wasn't the same. Every day at 6 pm, after an hour of the simpsons, the drew carey show was scheduled to come on. If we left the tv on that channel, it would mysteriously turn off, and if we tried to turn it on again we would hear a strange clicking sound, and wouldn't be able to turn on the tv for a half hour. This would only happen at 6, only on weekdays, only on that channel, and only when the drew carey show was on. If we changed the channel right after the simpsons was over, before drew carey came on, nothing would happen. it's not even as if we watched the drew carey show, it was just what was on after the simpsons.

/not very scary, I know, just creepy
2008-10-31 12:50:47 PM  

Timanous: vernterv: Timanous: One of the cats we adopted was named Sally, and we changed her name to Boo after the main character from Monsters, Inc.

That Boo is really cute.

She's a pure white cat with bright blue eyes. Quite beautiful actually.

But she hates this guy:

How the hell did that thing get my flash drive?
2008-10-31 12:51:07 PM  
[image from img227.imageshack.us too old to be available]

Aaaah! They're dogs, and they're playing poker!
2008-10-31 12:51:42 PM  

Trixie_Belden: The other night I was home alone except for my mini schnauzer Max. I was doing some cleaning in the living room and turned to see Max in front of the cupboards in the kitchen sitting and shaking like something had just hurt him or scared the bejesus out of him. I picked him up and he tried to climb up over me. I brought him into the bedroom and set him on the bed. He ran to the head of the bed and hid behind the pillows,still shaking. This went on for about 20 minutes. Nothing I could do would stop his shaking. He would not go back in the living room the rest of the night. Was it a ghost that scared him? Who knows.

Quite the brave dog there...good story.
2008-10-31 12:52:11 PM  
A good friend of mine had a son who died in a car accident. He was a musician and played in a band. The day of the funeral, I was outside playing Amazing Grace on a type of dulcimer, just thinking of him. I went inside and laid the instrument on the kitchen counter and went back to the bedroom. The strings suddenly twanged like someone had strummed them. I thought it was our dog dragging it off the counter (he gets into everything) so I ran in. It was sitting right were I left it. Nothing was around it and my husband was in the other room. He heard it too.

Nosferatublue Where in the heck are you getting those pics?
2008-10-31 12:52:17 PM  

ltdanman44: My father passed away 3 years ago. I kept having dreams about him standing near my bed while I slept. One morning when I woke up, 2 pieces of his jewerly was on my stomach and one of his pressed suits in my closet was on my bedroom floor all wrinkled. I don't know how this happened as I live alone and have no pets. This creeped me out so bad, I moved out of the apartment the next month, losing my deposit. Haven't heard from 'Dad' since.

OK, so I'm not the best night-time rapist out there and I have a conscience... as well as a thing for neatly pressed suits. I leave some jewelry behind as "payment" because I just can't be all "take take take." I woulda re-pressed the slacks and hung them but I couldn't find your damn iron... it was dark though so cut me a break.

/I sure was glad there weren't any attack dogs though.
//Sorry if that was creepy too.
2008-10-31 12:55:52 PM  

Mighta been DT's.

2008-10-31 12:56:00 PM  
2008-10-31 12:56:35 PM  
This happened about four years ago while on a trip in Hawaii.

We stayed at this hotel on the big island, it was just a local hotel run by local people, not like a big fancy resort. I was with a few other people, and in this one room a few friends were staying in, weird things would happen every night. The radio would turn on and off, lights would turn on and off, etc. One night they claimed they saw a shadow of a man walking back and forth on the balcony, so the next night we all decided to stay in the room with them and check it out.

That night, the shadow again reappeared on the curtains for the balcony. It walked back and forth, back and forth. We gather up our courage and went out onto the balcony. There was a shadow of a hand on of the balcony walls, just sitting there. My religious friend started saying some prayers, Our Fathers, Hail Marys, stuff like that. The hand got really agitated and started moving around the wall very fast and shaking. The same friend picked up a stick that had been laying on the balcony and hit the hand. It split into two separate shadows, then came back together to reform into a hand. At this point we were scared beyond words and ran back inside and closed the curtains. The shadow of the man paced back and forth the rest of the night.

The next morning, we asked the owner of the hotel if anything strange happened in that room. The first thing he asked was if he had taken any lava rocks, as its legend that if you try to take lava rocks from the island, the volcano goddess Pele will NOT be pleased. He told stories of how people who have taken rocks sent them back because of strange things happening to them or really bad luck. No one claimed to have any rocks, and he could not come up with any other explanation. We left the hotel that day. True story.
2008-10-31 12:57:33 PM  

MNguy: Mya_Buttreeks

Mighta been DT's.


What are DTs?
2008-10-31 12:57:40 PM  
One night, at my then boyfriends house, we decided to play with a ouija board. We got in touch with a ghost named ethan, who showed himself to us. The lights were flickering and he knocked on the wall a few times. We talked to him for over an hour. He said there were several ghosts in the house, including 2 8 year olds. The backstory on the house is, Ethan built the house. He died in a car accident in the 80's I think. He was middle aged. His wife died of cancer not long after, in the house. A woman shot herself in the bedroom. So right there, 3 probable ghosts. Ethan said his mom was there with him and his dog, zeke. All the ghosts in the house came in the room during the conversation, and showed themselves. By the end, my legs were like jello, and during our fingers were all tingling. It was a very odd experience.

Now, prior to the Ouija board incident, I have seen and felt many things in this house before. All the spirits I have encountered there were friendly. Last night I met a new attic ghost that I didnt know before. She was pissed. I just felt angry energy in there while I was putting things up. It seems each ghost has a part of the house they stay in.The kids stay in the attic, there is a woman in the bedroom, a man in the hallway/dining room, another woman in the hallway/kitchen. I have seen things there. I get the feeling of being watched often. But its always in a friendly way.
2008-10-31 12:58:22 PM  
Oh i have another one, this one my mom told me.

When she was little, she lived in an old house that used to be printing place or something like that. Everynight, under the kitchen table, a disembodied hand would appear and tap on the floor. She and her brother could see it from their bedroom. They would talk to it, and it would tap harder. One night, her brother threw a shoe at it and it disappeared for a while, then came back.

2008-10-31 12:59:32 PM  

JohDHJ: MNguy: Mya_Buttreeks

Mighta been DT's.


What are DTs?

alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

\delirium tremens.
\\also a pretty decent belgian beer.
\\\pink elephants
2008-10-31 12:59:54 PM  
Not scary, just weird...

My brother's nephew was killed in a car crash this spring. They were going over 100 mph and hit a pole, and he died instantly, with injuries bad enough for the services to be closed-casket.

One of the other passengers swears that the nephew was sitting beside him on the curb while they waited for the ambulance.

Said nephew had two twin sisters who at the time were under 3 years old; not old enough to have heard, let alone make up, talk of ghosts. One of them insists she saw her brother at the cemetery during the funeral service.
2008-10-31 01:01:14 PM  

CaptainSmartass: I and another guy called the number the next day. It turned out to be a church in Compton, and Rev. Green answered the call himself. When I told him that "Missy" was OK, he started crying. The little girl was his daughter.

That is seriously creepy.
2008-10-31 01:02:05 PM  

unicron702: Here's mine, still freaks me out to this day, and scared the ever living shiat out of my friends when I told them.

I'm trying to fall back asleep, and wondering why I woke up to begin with, being a very deep sleeper. At this point, I hear shuffling. Whatever is making the sound, their are more than one of them....
*yadda yadda yadda*
I haven't slept in that room since. Even now, the room is a playroom for MY kids, and I make my daughter walk out the room to talk to me, etc. I won't go in.

Oh please. Classic, CLASSIC Sleep Paralysis episode. Go educate yourself and your friends.
2008-10-31 01:04:02 PM  
I was six years old, and it was Christmas eve. My stupid parents didn't give my brother and I any Christmas presents because; a) we were Jewish from my mom's first marriage and my step dad was antisemitic, and b) we got caught shop lifting in November and as punishment we had to pick out the presents we wanted and give them to a bunch of adopted retarded kids.

So in the middle of the night on Christmas eve, the two of us got the idea to go back to the "special house" and take back our shiat, as it was rightfully ours and we were certain it would be as easy as taking candy from a retard. So we sneak out my bedroom window and walk over to the place.

It had just snowed, and we didn't want to leave prints, so rather than just climb in the open window, we went around the back to the basement entrance.

Sometime after this whole ordeal went down, we found out that the building used to be some sort of asylum for lunatics, but at the time we had no idea. It really caught us off guard as we walked in the back, and there was a strange presence standing in the main hallway. About 6'5" and seemingly girthy, this bald and groaning mess of creature started ambling toward us at zombie pace. The Christmas tree under which "our" presents were wrapped was in the main intersection of hallways, just past the grip of the frightening beast.

Having no experience in dealing with a specter, I followed my instincts and ran at the foul thing,throwing all of my weight into the collision, and sending the thing sprawling. My brother, meanwhile, grabbed our now beautifully wrapped gifts and as soon as I saw he had the loot, we took off as fast as our feet could carry us.

I never did find out what it was, but I'll never again return to the site, as the haunting ghost is surely still there, waiting.

Also, I'm pretty sure i slipped in some pee...
2008-10-31 01:05:14 PM  

felixecho: Not scary, but true.

My roommate and I were putting groceries away in the kitchen. There was a pan lid on the stove. This pan lid moved to the middle of the stove. We both had seen it, and thought it was a mouse or something. She positioned herself to pick up the lid while I grabbed a fork. (Was I planning to stab it?) Anyway, right before she could touch the lid, it slid forward again and turned while sliding until it reached the lower left corner of the stove.

We looked at each other again, convinced there was something under there. We braced ourselves and my roommate grabbed the lid by the handle and lifted it up. There was nothing under there, or in the lid.

I still can't explain it. It isn't scary, but it is puzzling.

Was this after Julia Childs had died?
2008-10-31 01:07:32 PM  
No elaborate post from Pocket Ninja yet?

I leave slighlty dissapointed. Or fooled by ctrl+f.
2008-10-31 01:07:59 PM  
This aint a ghost story but it's kind of weird.

3 years ago my grandma was dying of lung cancer. I was working in Chicago at the time during the week and would go home to see her during the weekend. I got a call in the middle of the week that she'd passed away.

That night my roommate and I went out to the bar across the street to have some drinks and talk. It had been a rough couple months and as bad as it was to lose her at least her suffering was over.

We were sitting at a table away from the crowd in the corner by the window so we could talk about stuff that nobody else needed to hear. We were being entertained by watching this belligerant drunk at the bar who was a regular at this place. He looked like he was homeless. The guy was knocking down shot after shot of what looked like to be the house whiskey. He'd do a shot and then slam his beer and waved his finger in a circular motion above his head and it looked like he shouted something that was almost like a battle cry of some sorts. We were sitting a ways away from him so we couldn't really make out what he was saying. It was pretty comical. After about an hour or so of this he put his head down on the bar and fell asleep. The bar owners for some reason just left him be. I think they felt sorry for him.

The beer began to flow with myself and my buddy and we had a good talk about life. He got up and went to take a leak. I was sitting there just watching the baseball game that was on and a really weird thing happened. The drunk guy picked his head up off the bar and walked over to me. He put his hand on my shoulder smiled and said very calmly and clearly "She's doing fine now. Everything is alright". Then he walked back to his spot at the bar put his head down and passed out in the same position he was in before. We finished another pitcher of beer and took off. He didn't move an inch the rest of the time we were there.
2008-10-31 01:09:50 PM  
A few weeks ago I was sitting on my couch and turned to pick up my nearly full glass of water, it was sliding across the table at a steady pace, was the weirdest thing, I grabbed it just before it was going to fall off the table. I figured it was from the condensation or something but have had this table for more than 5 years and never had something like that happen. Any explanations to this? It is a glass table and I checked to make sure it is actually level.

/ghost cup
2008-10-31 01:10:52 PM  
When people think that separating two words with a backslash is correct. Or a name space separator. Those both scare me.
2008-10-31 01:12:49 PM  

strawbury78: JohDHJ:

There's lots of weird things to happen in this house. One of my friends will not come back to visit me anymore. We bought another house that is a fixer-upper. Got it dirt cheap.

I'm afraid I'll have future stories to tell, as it was once a funeral home...and there is a funeral home right next door to it now.

I used to live in an old funeral home! Beautiful building, really. The arches, the hardwood floors, the wood paneling, the french doors, the wall sconces, the weird trap door lift in the basement that went up into the great room, the electrical problem that made the lights flicker on and off rapidly fairly often and made sparks shoot out of the outlets from time to time... Well, at least I HOPE it was an electrical problem. Otherwise I might have to change my perception of things.

2008-10-31 01:13:30 PM  
Reposting from last years thread (Thank you GendoIkari!):

I saw it (him?) three times in my old Florida house.

I was lying in my bed wide awake. I had finished reading, my coffee was empty, and my girlfriend was asleep next to me. It was dark, but I saw something move in the shadows off to the left of my bed. It was as if a patch of darkness had just suddenly 'stood up'. I saw something about the size of a small boy, but seemed to be composed entirely of shadow. The shadow walked around to the foot of the bed, then turned it's head and looked at me. I saw two glimmering points of red light where eyes would be. I briefly got the image of a small child, lost and confused, and a little angry.

It just stood there and looked at me for a moment. The head seemed to tilt a little, as if it didn't understand what it was seeing. Then it walked ahead around a corner, and into the master bathroom. The shower doors rattled.

When my girlfriend woke up hours later, I was still awake. She wanted to know why I had showered in the middle of the night, and left the bathroom such a mess. There was water everywhere. I couldn't answer her.

That was the first time I saw him.
2008-10-31 01:13:40 PM  

NTidd: A few weeks ago I was sitting on my couch and turned to pick up my nearly full glass of water, it was sliding across the table at a steady pace, was the weirdest thing, I grabbed it just before it was going to fall off the table. I figured it was from the condensation or something but have had this table for more than 5 years and never had something like that happen. Any explanations to this? It is a glass table and I checked to make sure it is actually level.

/ghost cup

Is it possible that there were vibrations from a large truck or a train going by nearby? If there was water on the outside of the glass, a glass cup on a glass table, it could have moved on the water.
Or it could have been a very thirsty ghost. Either way, creeepy.
2008-10-31 01:14:03 PM  
The house I live in was bulit in the 1840's a creaks like a mofo. I know for sure over the 160+ year life of the house, 2 people have died in the room I sleep in. Two of the oldest "complete" grave yards in America are with in 5 minutes of the place and from what I've heard, there's an Indian burial ground on part of the property.
2008-10-31 01:16:09 PM  

NTidd: A few weeks ago I was sitting on my couch and turned to pick up my nearly full glass of water, it was sliding across the table at a steady pace, was the weirdest thing, I grabbed it just before it was going to fall off the table. I figured it was from the condensation or something but have had this table for more than 5 years and never had something like that happen. Any explanations to this? It is a glass table and I checked to make sure it is actually level.

/ghost cup

As long as it wasn't TWO ghosts with one cup...
2008-10-31 01:16:13 PM  
I have a rental property that I was working on, when something happened that I can't explain other that it was creepy. The house needed a furnace and plumbing. My friend, that does my heating and air conditioning, and I went into the basement to take some measurements. This is when we heard the front door open and someone walk across the wooden floor that had no carpet. I wasn't concerned because a few people knew we would be there and it was real close to all of our houses. I yelled up that stairs to let (I thought it was my brother) them know where we were. No one answered, no one came down. Chris (furnace guy) and I decided to check it out. We went up stairs and looked around, the door was closed and no one was in the house. We both agreed that we were just hearing things, and went about our business.

The next time I spent any real time there was after Chris had installed the furnace. My brother and I were installing the hot water tank and replacing the copper piping. This is when we heard what sounded like a basketball being dribbled across the floor, on the first floor. We both went upstairs to look around; at this point I had totally forgotten the first noises I heard with Chris. No one was in the house, so we went out side, I am thinking that it is my buddy messing with me. We searched around the house but saw no one.

I have to explain how the house is positioned. It faces a fairly busy street and has a sidewalk in front of it, but if anyone but the mailman was on that sidewalk you would be on alert, because it leads to nowhere. It is the last house on that side of the street, and it sits next to a steep overgrown hillside. There is a giant wall in front of the house that the city built in the twenties when they changed the elevation of the road. This adds privacy and like I said, unless someone is coming to that house they shouldn't be on that sidewalk.

So we went back to work, a tad on guard now. Some time goes by and we hear footsteps, loud footsteps heading toward the top of the basement door, then a rattle and knock. The door never opened. When we heard the door knock, I looked at my brother and he looked at me, we were both holding pipe wrenches and all the hair on our arms was standing tall. We went back up and inspected and found nothing. So now we are both spooked and started making jokes that it must be a ghost. As we finished that night we heard more noises and steps but kept mocking it to make ourselves feel better.

We were headed back the next night, and in a joking manner were asking each other if we were ready to work in "hell house". So we get to work and we heard some minor noises and just blew it off. We were finished up and started cleaning up. I have to preface this by saying I know this sounds ridiculous, but I swear it's true. There is a small oblong area on the concrete floor that was broken up and had dirt exposed. You have to imagine this is about a hundred year old house that has tree trunk post as supports in the basement, so it has been around awhile. So in a joking manner I picked up a beer can, that had about a 1/8th of stale beer in it and told my brother that the hole in the floor has someone buried in it, I said "this one is for my dead hommie" and poured it on the "grave". I shiat you not, the second that beer touched the dirt, the basement door leading to the outside rocked, as if it was kicked. We were shocked to say the least, my brother said, "ok, lets go". I wasn't arguing.

After the gas was turned on Chris (furnace guy) was coming back to make sure every was working properly with the furnace. I asked my brother if he had talked with Chris since the incident and he said he hadn't. I was curious if Chris noticed or heard anything because he was there working too in the basement. Chris was already there in the basement when I arrived, I was talking on the cell phone, and was picking something off the floor, and Chris noticed that I had a gun in a holster on my belt. When I hung up the phone, he said "hey internut scholar, that gun isn't going to do anything against those ghosts". I was taken aback, I asked him what happened to him. He said "this farking place is haunted", he also told me that his assistant wouldn't come back into the house by himself. They were both freaked out. I felt better that at least someone confirmed something weird was going on without me having to ask.

A few other things happened after that, when I went down to get a toolbox out of the basement and was leaving right away, I hit the top of the stairs and was in the hallway and was just nailed with the strongest scent of women's perfume. In the hall to the left is the foyer entrance, and to the right is the kitchen entrance. Think of the person in your office that doesn't know how to properly apply perfume or cologne and you can smell them about 15 feet away, that is how powerful it was. Now, if I would step one foot into the kitchen it was gone, one foot into the foyer, gone. I wasn't too concerned but found this strange.

Some other things too, but nothing lately, My father ended up moving to this house because he broke up with his girlfriend and wanted to move back closer to where we all lived. After his first night in this house he stopped by my place the next day. He told me I was going to have to come down and fix the roof. I said why? He said he couldn't sleep because the roof was banging all night and there must be a shingle loose. I laughed and told him it was a brand new roof, it must be something else. He never had any other problems.
2008-10-31 01:17:24 PM  
Several years back, my girlfriend and I moved into an apartment in Centreville, VA. Maybe 200 yards from our apartment was a marker for the dividing line between North and South in the Civil War and a little monument describing the thousands of people who'd died in that area during the war.

When we moved in, of course the first thing we did was have the cable installed. The cable guy, for no good reason, rattles off this story about how he lives around the corner and thinks his townhouse is haunted (can hear steps at night, feel a cold chill when he goes down the basement stairs, candle will flicker in the bedroom for no reason, feels like he's being watched sometimes, etc). Anyway, it's a compelling story and we're talking about how we both believe in that kind of stuff, and nothing is impossible until proven so. Just kind of random conversation...

When we moved in, we also brought a cat with us. We'd moved with the cat before, and while it usually takes a few days to acclimate, it had never acted like this before. Immediately after moving in, it disappeared for days on end...just vanished. I'd find it hiding in the cupboard under the sink. I'd find it in the tightest spot behind my desk in the office. I'd find it in the damnedest places and after days of looking. It never ate. It never used the litter box. This went on for about two to three weeks.

Things started happening in the apartment too. After the cable was installed, my girlfriend called to tell me that she'd be sitting on the couch watching TV with the remote on the coffee table, and the TV would suddenly start scrolling through the channels. She'd set it back to what she was watching, set down the remote, and it would start scrolling through again.

We had a glass coffee table, and there one day appeared a 10 inch scratch in the glass that we couldn't account for (cat was declawed and likely under the sink anyway).

The final straw, I was at a buddy's house and my gf called, totally freaked out. She'd done a load of laundry and was cooking dishes when she heard the laundry machine buzz that it was done. When she went to take the laundry out, she saw that the lid was wide open. I've messed this up before, and if you leave the lid open, the wash won't start. It just fills with water and sits there. But this time, the wash was done, spin cycle and everything, so it somehow opened afterward.

I told my buddy about this before heading home "to the rescue" and he said that we had a ghost, likely a Civil War casualty and it wouldn't be the first time in this area. He recommended I talk to it and recognize it and it would go away...yeah right...

So I get home and my girl is still freaking out and has been crying. I hold her close and start talking to the air...I named our ghost "Captain Casper" because it was a friendly ghost and wasn't here to hurt us. I spoke to the air like I was having a civil conversation with a person i couldn't see. I invited Capt Casper to stay, to enjoy our food and wine, to enjoy watching football with me and that he was welcome to call this apartment his home. I just asked that he not frighten or attempt to harm myself or my girlfriend. I had my girlfriend repeat the sentiment.

No sooner had she finished, and took a breath, than the cat emerged from under the sofa (had been missing for 3 days), approached and flipped over on the ground in front of us, cooing and purring...got up and went over to his bowl and ate for the first time in 3 weeks.

We never had another issue with the cat, or the apartment again.
2008-10-31 01:17:25 PM  
The house I live in was bulit in the 1840's a creaks like a mofo. I know for sure over the 160+ year life of the house, 2 people have died in the room I sleep in. Two of the oldest "complete" grave yards in America are with in 5 minutes of the place and from what I've heard, there's an Indian burial ground on part of the property.

F*ck all that sh*t!!

/my irrational fear is irrational
2008-10-31 01:17:37 PM  
A man is walking home alone late one foggy Halloween night, when behind him he hears:




Walking faster, he looks back and through the fog makes out the image of an upright casket banging its way down the middle of the street toward him.




Terrified, the man begins to run toward his home, the casket bouncing quickly behind him.






He runs up to his door, fumbles with his keys, opens the door, rushes in, slams and locks the door behind him. However, the casket crashes through his door, with the lid of the casket clapping.




on his heels, as the terrified man runs.

Rushing upstairs to the bathroom, he locks himself in. His heart is pounding; his head is reeling; his breath is coming in sobbing gasps.

With a loud CRASH the casket breaks down the door.

Bumping and clapping toward him.

The man screams and reaches for something, anything, but all he can find is a bottle of cough syrup! Desperate, he throws the cough syrup at the casket...


(hopefully you're ready for this!!!)

The coffin stops.
2008-10-31 01:19:46 PM  

Nice! I'm telling that tonight!
2008-10-31 01:20:50 PM  
Parts 2 & 3, also reposted from last yer:

Years passed before I saw him again. I was living alone now, same house, same bedroom. I had been happy before, but then she left, and I was alone. I guess I never completely felt alone though, because I still remembered that Dark Shape, and the Red Eyes.

One night I woke up and heard my next door neighbors fighting. I couldn't sleep because of them, so I just lay there, waiting for sleep to come again. I was looking at my stereo and listening to the CD I had put in to distract me (The soundtrack to the anime 'Akira'), when I saw him again. He rose up from the foot of my bed and looked around, almost curiously, as if he had been suddenly brought to a strange new place.

It appeared then that he noticed me, and he seemed more scared of me than I was of him. He moved quickly away (I hesitate to use the term 'ran' - he just ... moved), off out of my field of vision. I heard my door open. A minute later, my door creaked again, and he was back at the foot of my bed. He looked at me one more time, then dropped from view. He seemed sad, and confused.

I saw him one more time after that.


Years passed. I'm still in the same house, but now have a new woman living with me, my future wife. I had almost thought He was gone but then one winter night I saw him again. This time he walked into view on my side of the bed, appearing from the corner of the room.

He stood there watching me. He looked at me, then at my fiancé, and back to me again. He seemed sad and alone, but he didn't vanish like he had in the past. It was as if he wanted something.

I moved closer to my fiancé, and waved him towards us, and patted the open spot in the bed. I murmured sleepily "It's ok. You don't have to be alone". He seemed hesitant "Don't be afraid. It'll be alright". I felt him curl up there. He seemed happy, comforted - and then he was gone.

I never saw him again after that. I like to think he's happy now, moved on to where ever it is we go. I'm also not making up a word of this. Think of it what you will.

Dream? Hallucination? Accepting my Inner Child? Could be. It still freaked me out to no end.
2008-10-31 01:21:32 PM  
I lived in a house in Augusta, ME from 6th-12th grade. It was single story, with a finished basement that I used as my bedroom during high school.

Throughout the course of those 6 years, I would regularly see these "gold orbs" in the living room that would slowly float up in a straight path from the floor up through the ceiling. They always originated from the same spot on the floor. I'd see one at least once a month, sometimes more. They were roughly the size of a large marble and glittery gold. This wasn't something out of the corner of my eye, I could watch its entire path. It was truly bizarre.

I'd never spent much time in the basement before high school, but when I moved my bedroom down there (directly below the living room), I started noticing these gold balls rising from floor to ceiling in exactly the same spot.

It definitely wasn't low-blood pressure sparkles, and it was almost always daylight when I saw them.

Keep in mind, I am an avid skeptic. Grew up in an atheist household, and hold no belief in the paranormal at all. But I have never come up with an explanation for these orb things. If they had only been in the living room, it would have been easy enough to debunk as headlights from the road or something. But seeing them in the windowless basement as well, in precisely the same spot in the house, now that was just weird.

Any ideas?
2008-10-31 01:22:18 PM  

busy chillin': foxiejo

Nice! I'm telling that tonight!

Thats gonna be my joke of the night!!!!!
2008-10-31 01:23:38 PM  
When I was in college I lived in a house with a ghost. I remember hearing the door open and footsteps go across the floor. No one was there. Many other things happened there, but right now I am too creeped out by the thread to want to talk about it.

And my sister and I used to have conversations where half of it was silent. We both clearly remember the last conversation we had like that:

"You know, we need to stop this now." (This was not spoken out loud)

"Yes, I know."

And I had a friend I could occasionally connect with. We would play I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10. On good days the game would be "I'm thinking of a number between i and 1000." "68?" "Right."
2008-10-31 01:24:26 PM  

that picture is farkin' creepy.

where did that meme originate? I remember seeing the disfigured Lincoln with "rape rape rape rape" all over the bottom of the pic.
2008-10-31 01:25:34 PM  

busy chillin': szyska
The house I live in was bulit in the 1840's a creaks like a mofo. I know for sure over the 160+ year life of the house, 2 people have died in the room I sleep in. Two of the oldest "complete" grave yards in America are with in 5 minutes of the place and from what I've heard, there's an Indian burial ground on part of the property.

F*ck all that sh*t!!

/my irrational fear is irrational

Every night around 2 am, if it's loud enough, I hear this loud double tap. The door doesn't stick, I know the sounds the house makes; windows, mice in walls... etc. All the furniture is that cheap particle board stuff and won't have the "depth" this noise has.

One other time when I was way yonger, same room, I left my Legos all over the floor. That night I hear a sound like some one is walking through them while pushing the bricks aside.
2008-10-31 01:26:38 PM  
I had just finished reading my 3-year old son a bedtime story. Seeing that he was asleep, I turned out his light and went into the next room to watch TV.

About 5 minutes later, I hear him talking, so I walk into his room to remind him that's it's bedtime etc. etc. When I walk in, he's sitting straight up in bed looking at the ceiling. I hear him say, "No, no, don't." and "Baby won't know you then." Figuring he's having a bad dream, I gently wake him up, and hold him for a minute. He's pretty tensed up at first, but he begins to relax, and as he closes his eyes, I ask who he was talking to. He answers, "Grandma." He looks a little sad, but he goes back to sleep.

At 4;00 am that morning, I get the call from my sister that my mother is being taken to the hospital with no heartbeat. At 4;40 am, I get the call saying she has been pronounced dead.

My wife is 8 months pregnant with our "baby" who never met his grandmother.

I 've asked my son (who is now 14 years old) if he remembers that night. He, of course, looks at me like I'm crazy and says no.

I sure as hell do, and so does my wife. I'm glad my mom stopped by one last time to kiss him goodnight and say good by.
2008-10-31 01:26:45 PM  
This is not a ghost story, but still kind of freaky. I've had at least two incidents of precognition in my life.

The first time it happened, I was in high school. One night, I had a dream that I was in class and the teacher introduced a new student. She didn't say his name in my dream but he looked exactly like the kid in the Omen movie. I woke up not really remembering the dream any more then any other dream.

At school the next day, while sitting in the exact same class as in my dream, the teacher introduced a new student that was sitting in the front of the class. His name was Damien! MOTHER farkER! I almost flipped out in class trying to tell my friends that I had a dream about this the night before. Of course nobody believed me.

Another time, I had a dream that a car crashed into the front of our house while my family was sleeping. I awoke in my dream and went outside to see that it was my neighbor that had crashed his car into the side of our house. All of a sudden, I woke (in real life) and heard a loud crash. My parents turned on the hallway light and headed to the front of the house where we found that a car had indeed crashed into the front of my house and it was the same neighbor from my dream!
2008-10-31 01:27:02 PM  

ExJerseyGirl: When I was in college I lived in a house with a ghost. I remember hearing the door open and footsteps go across the floor. No one was there. Many other things happened there, but right now I am too creeped out by the thread to want to talk about it.

And my sister and I used to have conversations where half of it was silent. We both clearly remember the last conversation we had like that:

"You know, we need to stop this now." (This was not spoken out loud)

"Yes, I know."

And I had a friend I could occasionally connect with. We would play I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10. On good days the game would be "I'm thinking of a number between i and 1000." "68?" "Right."

I think you could get some kind of reward if you could prove that you and your sister could "hear" each others thoughts.
2008-10-31 01:29:11 PM  
nothing too creepy, but definitely weird.

im in the air force, and i spent some time in korea this past year. the hallway i lived in was on the bottom floor, and drunk people would always turn off the light for some reason. eveytime i walked through the hallway, i could feel a malicious presence all around, and i got stronger as i approached a certain spot on the floor, with was right in front of the room next to mine. this spot was really strange, it was like someone held something above it and let it drip onto the floor, and swirled it around (a bloody knife perhaps?). but what really took the cake was when the light was off, i couldn't feel the presence. so i decided to test this, i stood near the spot, and had someone turn the light off. once it got dark, it felt almost like when your in the car, and someone rolls all the windows up at the same time; the air got really stiff, stagnant almost. my friend turned the light back on, and i felt the presence dissipate -- like rolling the windows back down -- and i heard a ringing in my ears, like someone screaming...

my friend who turned the lights back on said he heard the noise too, but slightly after he'd turned them on...

i heard it immediately after....

also, my tv turned itself on a few times over that year. i had to get up and turn it off manually, because the remote was on the other side of the room. before the aforementioned experiment, i would just turn it off and go back to bed, assuming it was just the tv being weird or some jackhole had a universal remote. but afterwards, i could feel that same presence in my farking room as soon as i turned the tv back off.

creeps me the farkout.
2008-10-31 01:29:21 PM  

timboalogo: TRUE STORY

I used to have a watch back when I was 18 that my sister bought in Germany, a Seiko that showed a three letter abbreviation of the day of the week on the dial, next to the date.

Late one Saturday, higher than a kite in my friends' basement, watching SNL, I look at my watch and the day of the week says DIE in red letters. I positively freaked out.

Never realized that at midnight the watch rolled through the German abbreviation before going to the English abbreviation SUN ...

Dope is for dopes.

DIE would be Tuesday.... "Dienstag"
2008-10-31 01:30:06 PM  
Once I, uh, no - that wasn't me.
2008-10-31 01:31:13 PM  
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