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2001-08-24 10:36:19 AM  
I'm just waiting for the Microsoft Statue of Liberty, The Viacom Grand Canyon, McDonald's Mount Rushmore, and the General Motors White House.
2001-08-24 10:41:50 AM  
Is someone on the board (perhaps) a mega-gazillionaire?

I propose going for a new low in stadium names:

The FARK Bowl

Perhaps we could pass the hat...
2001-08-24 10:43:15 AM  
Forgive them father...
2001-08-24 10:47:29 AM  
It is done.
2001-08-24 10:51:16 AM  
This story hits home with me. Pine Knob Music Theatre--a legend in the Detroit, Michigan area, attended by millions of fans and known as "The Knob" to countless bands all over the world for the past 20-some years, was renamed to "The DTE Energy Theatre" last year. What's DTE you ask? Detroit Edison--our local power company monoply.

Selling out a priceless identity for a couple million. Does it help sales? Just ask Acenture, formally Anderson Consulting, who just announced their 2nd round of layoffs.

There are some in the Detroit area (broadcasters, radio jocks) who refuse to call it by its new moniker. I applaud them.

2001-08-24 10:56:26 AM  
I heard they're opening a Gary Condit Cemetary. They already have enough bodies to fill it.
2001-08-24 10:58:31 AM  
Yeah, we went from Deer Creek Music Center to the Vorizen Wireless Music Center and from the Hoosier Dome to the RCA Dome.
2001-08-24 11:03:20 AM  
Blah blah blah.. who cares. It's all going to be Microsoft's McUnited States soon enough. If you don't like their advertising, don't use their farking products.
2001-08-24 11:10:48 AM  
Dallas went from Reunion Arena to American Airlines Center, Coca-Cola Starplex to Starplex to Smirnoff Music Center. There was a lot of talk about renaming Texas Stadium after Tom Landry died, even just the field itself, to Landry Field, which would have at least been a good change.

Here in Florida, there's American Airlines Arena, National Car Rental Center and who knows what else...

2001-08-24 11:10:55 AM  
Fark is too wide.
2001-08-24 11:20:43 AM  
At my school we have a Papa Johns Stadium, and they named an overpass after the last basketball coach
2001-08-24 11:22:48 AM  
I'm all for it. Professional sports are for-profit corporations. How they get any tax money for their stadiums at all infuriates me. The Statue of Liberty and Mt. Rushmore are bad metaphors. They are public sites open to the public and owned by the government. I can't afford to go to a football game, even though my taxes built the stadium. They should be entirely privately funded, even if that means selling naming rights.
2001-08-24 11:30:05 AM  
Phillyguy: Name them whatever the hell you want if they are all totally privately funded. I've never met a stadium that wasn't helped along greatly at the taxpayers expense.
And music centers aren't professional sports centers--although Smirnoff Music Center is kind of humorous (even though I stick to Stoly's)
2001-08-24 11:33:08 AM  
You think that's bad? Check this out...at the University of Arkansas, we have the Sam Walton College of Business Administration (housed in the Walton Business Administration Building)...the Tyson Poultry Science Center (yes, you can get a degree in Poultry Science)...Bud Walton Arena (Sam's brother...basketball arena)...Bell Engineering Center...Tyson Indoor Track Center.

Welcome to the University of Arkansas, brought to you by Tyson and Wal-Mart.

2001-08-24 11:35:12 AM  
That's my point WC, they shouldn't get tax funding. And if it's a privately-owned music arena, same thing would apply.
2001-08-24 11:37:31 AM  
Somebody tell me whos hurt by this. The taxpayers, no, in a building owned by a city/county/state the government gets some of the money, money that would otherwise have to come from taxpayers. Fans, don't like the name don't use it, plus if the team is generating revenues from other places it may help keep ticket prices or concession prices down.

Look, pro sports is a giant marketing machine and as far as these music centers and stuff, so what, without this the money would be comming out of taxpayers pockets.
2001-08-24 11:42:48 AM  
I'm with you on the public ownership thing Phillyguy. I live in VA where a law was passed a few years ago making it illegal for public funds to be used to build, renevate, etc statiums or venues for privately owned organizations. Just accross the river in MD they have 3 brand new stadiums.(Redskins, Orioles, and Ravens) The Redskins owner paid for most of his, but the Orlioles and Ravens were built and maintained by the state. Hey MDers, isn't it nice to know that your tax money is going to Peter Angelos and Art Model.
2001-08-24 11:59:42 AM  
Phillyguy: I'm definitely not arguing against private funding for sports stadiums. The only time I use them is to go to music events (and a graduation or two). I certainly don't want to have to pay taxes to use them. That should just be included in the ticket price.
2001-08-24 12:02:21 PM  
The all new Kotex Clamshell Ampitheater
2001-08-24 12:08:11 PM  
"There were a couple situations where we got close, but then the stock market worked against us and companies backed out," said one White Sox team official, who spoke on the condition his name not be used.

2001-08-24 12:25:48 PM  
Hi, I'm a multi billionaire and I'd like to get in contact with someone about naming a stadium after myself.

My name? Why of course, it's:

Mr. Baseballisaboutasinterestingaswatchingapileofoldtoenailsrot.

Do you have a problem with this?
2001-08-24 12:29:03 PM  
How 'bout

"Allyoufarkingoverpaidplayerscansuckmydotcomdingaling Stadium"

2001-08-24 12:45:44 PM  
I don't want sports stadiums built with my tax dollars, either. That's just corporate welfare. They can all rot as far as I'm concerned. I haven't been to a professional ball game in over twenty years. I refuse to pay those ticket prices.
2001-08-24 12:47:04 PM  
Wow, I think someone is jealous. Like you wouldn't want to make millions doing what you love? I don't agree with the price that baseball players get, but, they are doing something right, seeing as how they sell out just about every game. (Well the Red Sox do I know that much). The only thing that bothers me, is when they complain about how much money they are making. Tell you the truth I'd love to make the rookie salary... what is it? 500,000/year. I'm set... "Oh don't worry, I'll just sit the bench today coach. Play the good guys!" Hah, but seriously, ... wait, what are we talking about here? Oh ya... stadiums...well, I think if a corporation is going to buy a stadium... don't name it after the corp. Name it something cool, like, oh I can't think of anything... but 3com park, quallcom stadium... all of those, it just sounds gay... no one wants to hear it, and I'll say this now, if someone buys the rights to Fenway, and they name it something else... I won't call it that... it's always goin to be called Fenway... bastards... ok, thats enough
2001-08-24 12:54:12 PM  
yeah, kind of like the Red McCombs school of business over at UT.. baseball man, baseball stadium, business man, business school. blah.
2001-08-24 01:34:15 PM  
Would you want your name attached to something as ugly as the New Orleans Superdome? NO!

Especially not with a nine-figure price tag.
2001-08-24 01:49:55 PM  
Scooper- I'm with you on the Pine Knob name. It has been Pine Knob for years and it always be Pine Knob to me. DTE Energy Music Theatre? Too long! Too corporate. But that is the way of the world....

Comerica Park...have to find another nickname for that..can't stand CoPa!
2001-08-24 01:54:30 PM  
How about Tiger Stadium? ;)
2001-08-24 01:58:14 PM  
Yeah.....that's the ticket! Tiger Stadium....has a ring to it! I like it!

From this day forth....Let Comerica Park in Detroit be known as Tiger Stadium!
2001-08-24 02:13:47 PM  
wish, wish all we want it will not change.... why waste energy crying about the corporate naming...

get your ass in gear make some money and change the name to whatever YOU want, that is the American way........
2001-08-24 02:51:37 PM  
Hey Phillyguy, I'm shocked that you didn't mention what they did to the CAmden E-center (as if that name wasn't imaginative enough) - we now attend concerts at "The Tweeter Center".

As far as public funding goes, the theory is that the city is supposed to turn a profit on renting out the stadiums to the teams. No NFL ro MLB team has troble finding some other city to go to. There's gotta be a *ahem* profitable reason.
2001-08-24 03:09:45 PM  
It wouldn't be such a big farking deal about Mile High Stadium if the city hadn't raised taxes to pay for it, lied to the people of Denver about not renaming the stadium, and lied to the people of Denver about not raising ticket prices and then raised them anyway. And that's just for starters. People here are major league pissed off about the entire ordeal.
2001-08-24 03:36:50 PM  
Kgf - I'm in NY now. Partly to avoid paying for two new stadiums I will never attend.
2001-08-24 03:54:54 PM  
I don't see why you guys are whinning about universities naming buildings after people who funded them. There are endowed professorships and chairpersons at universities not just buildings. And then you forget places like Duke, Vanderbuilt, Carnegie-Mellon. I think these places have something in common but I can't quite put my finger on it. Hmmmmm? Oh I got it they are all named after the people who gave a lot of money, more than a simple building, to establish these centers of learning. Naming things is not new in the academic world.
2001-08-24 06:58:58 PM  
There are large colorful signs everywhere I look imploring me to buy this or that car, eat such and such slop, cart my ass (when it's injured, I assume,) to whatever 'people who care' at whatever hospital.
I do not watch tv anymore. (Thank goodness for recording media!)
I will not attend any event at any building with a company name on it unless I work for that company and I'm required to in order to preserve my job... and when the day comes, I will not send my children to any school bearing a corporate logo.
I hope that there are many others like me out there.
2001-08-24 10:43:58 PM  
your a farking moron and will have no place to go EVER... with a lame attitude like that.

Maybe try to change the things that you hate, instead of ignoring them.
2001-08-24 10:46:40 PM  
Good Point Doggie!!

You Da Man!
2001-08-24 10:47:49 PM  
Chris? is that you, baby????
2001-08-24 11:18:38 PM  
I think the White House will be sponsored by Exxon-Mobil.. not GM. ;-)
2001-08-24 11:55:21 PM  
You Bet'cham...Guy!!!
2001-08-25 12:39:20 AM  
RobbieFal: If it happens in the next 3 1/2 years, that is certainly true. :)
2001-08-25 08:38:31 PM  
I wonder how much money it would take to get them to name a stadium after Satan.
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