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(Boston Globe)   Listerine is wine for the homeless   ( divider line
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15902 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jan 2003 at 5:07 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-05 05:08:49 PM  
Let me be the first to say...ewwww!
2003-01-05 05:08:54 PM  
2003-01-05 05:09:00 PM  
And lysol is their vodka!
2003-01-05 05:09:43 PM  
Even the homeless have better teeth than the British.
2003-01-05 05:09:49 PM  
Listerine is actually a lot more expensive than some wines - where are they buying?
2003-01-05 05:10:47 PM  
Once walked past a bus shelter with two cops pushing a passed-out bum back and forth. as I got closer, the overwhelming smell of "minty fresh" hit me and I saw three bottle's of Scope on the ground. the cops were arguing over which one of 'me would have to pour the poor bastard into their cruisser.
2003-01-05 05:11:30 PM  
Well, you gotta have something. I tried that in High School, but the extent of minty breath I had overpowered the alcohol. That stuff burns. But, then again...I've done worse. In my moment of "experimentation," since I didn't have pot I used catnip. It isn't that bad.
2003-01-05 05:11:33 PM  
That sounds like a mean buzz.
2003-01-05 05:11:53 PM  
'me = 'em

it wouldn't be a CanuckGuy post without a spelling mistake and/or typo.
2003-01-05 05:11:56 PM  
Isn't listerine like... methanol? Which could kill you?
2003-01-05 05:12:02 PM  
shouldn't this be obvious?
2003-01-05 05:12:34 PM  
It probably tastes about the time. I've yet to taste an alcoholic beverage I liked...
2003-01-05 05:12:42 PM  
what makes you think their buying the shiat, KIRIBUB?
im suprised someone gave two craps about them to actually write a story about their GHETTO WINE....

btw, captain planet is a homo.....

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-05 05:13:50 PM  
they're just figuring that out now? I think its why they change that Carl's Jr commercial for the onion bacon cheese burger.
2003-01-05 05:14:17 PM  
No Borking, it's not methanol. They would get their asses sued for doing that. Very rightly.

They assume that it's denatured enough, due to all the other crap in there, that no one would drink it to get drunk. Thus they can avoid the hefty alcohol taxes.
2003-01-05 05:14:51 PM  
Decemberween, Decemberween, Coach Z's been drinking Listerine.
2003-01-05 05:15:28 PM  
On New Years Eve they drink Nyquiltm
2003-01-05 05:15:52 PM  
I'd probably pick a fresh bottle of Listerine (more likely Scope) over some Soccer Mom's slobbered-on half of a mcdonalds "burger" or a few sips of backwashed pepsi.
2003-01-05 05:15:55 PM  
Who doesn't know this?
2003-01-05 05:17:03 PM  
hm... kinda weird, but whatever floats their boat, yes?
2003-01-05 05:17:16 PM  
Sidi- Oh, thanks. I still don't see why they buy mouthwash though... I'm sure there's cheaper, better tasting liquor out there.
2003-01-05 05:18:18 PM  
I'm partial to Aqua Velva filtered through a loaf of bread.

Brisk baby.
2003-01-05 05:18:23 PM  
And Aqua Velva is their chaser.
2003-01-05 05:18:34 PM  
"I can't stand the taste, but it carries me over; it prevents the seizures."

I laughed at that line.
2003-01-05 05:18:38 PM  
Not just the wife's former boss used to pound Listerine in her office. Bleh.
2003-01-05 05:18:44 PM  
Using listerine to stop the shakes... Life is good, eh?
2003-01-05 05:19:08 PM  
I was told back in the day mouthwash used to be made with Isopropyl alcohol... guess that wouldn't be quite the same kick eh?
2003-01-05 05:20:15 PM  
But I bet none of them have gingivitis!
2003-01-05 05:20:40 PM  
High alcohol percentage + no liquor taxes = perfect drink
2003-01-05 05:21:07 PM  
meh. I prefer liquid crack aka MD 20/20
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-05 05:21:35 PM  
From what I've heard, this is a problem in the army as well. To keep the troops from drinking mouthwash as a poor substitute for alcohol, the only mouthwash allowed in the barracks is Plax.
2003-01-05 05:21:49 PM  
just for the homeless? I don't think so.

2003-01-05 05:21:52 PM  
I doubt it. The taxes on alcohol are very prohibative. Everclear runs what, $20-25 per liter? 50 ounces is roughly 1.5 liters for $4.

Not only that, stealing mouthwash would be much easier, and safer, than stealing alcohol. Convenience stores are always open, and cameras and mirrors tend to be set up to watch the beer and wine very closely.
2003-01-05 05:23:41 PM  
I'm not sure if this more sad or more funny.
2003-01-05 05:23:51 PM  
Back in high school, we'd use discarded mouthwash bottles and fill them with: Everclear, Peppermint schnappes, and a touch of green food coloring. I gag at the thought of it now, but back then....Mmmmm.
2003-01-05 05:24:39 PM  
Up here in Canada, the salesfolk in the liquor stores are not supposed to sell to the 'winos'.

But, yes, Listerine, Aqua Velva et al are readily available in the convenience store down the block.
2003-01-05 05:24:40 PM  
Hey - at least Listerine tastes better than the crap you get after you filter a bottle of shoe polish through a loaf of bread.

This is why I'm going to start a new charity: 'Liquor for the Homeless'.
2003-01-05 05:25:14 PM  
This is more sad than scary.
2003-01-05 05:26:00 PM  
This makes me glad I've turned 21, and I can make my own wine. And in a pinch, working in a lab means access to the worlds best (and cheapest) everclear.
2003-01-05 05:26:45 PM  
Anti_Freak_Machine: I was just about to bring up that I no longer feel so bad about settling for Mad Dog 20/20 in college when I couldn't afford anything better (or the ABC store had already closed)...
2003-01-05 05:27:03 PM  
What is this 'everclear' of which you speak?
2003-01-05 05:27:27 PM  
Buy? They steal the stuff.
2003-01-05 05:27:34 PM  
I hope these people don't get stopped and have to take a breathalizer... Listerine can cause a false positive. Oh, what am I thinking? these guys are homeless...
2003-01-05 05:27:41 PM  
Minty-fresh winos.
2003-01-05 05:28:27 PM  
Everclear is 95% grain alcohol. It's basically the maximum alcohol content you can distill to. Ethanol and water form an aziotroph that boils at a lower temperature than ethanol or water alone, so you can only distill it to this point.
2003-01-05 05:28:33 PM  
It's sad that these people get this desparate. It's not "wine for the homeless" it is self medication for alcoholism. These people aren't using it as wine, they are using it so they don't die from alcohol withdrawl. Alcohol withdrawl is more severe then heroin and cocain withdrawl combined, and very likely (read: certain) to cause death among very strong alcoholics. It's not a recreational use.
2003-01-05 05:29:57 PM  
At least this way they smell better.
2003-01-05 05:31:29 PM  
Apparently you can't buy Lysol in most of Alberta for this very reason.
2003-01-05 05:31:46 PM  
Sidi: Thanks. The liquor stores here sell a 40% (80 proof) alcohol product, which we usually refer to as 'alcool' because of the French labelling.

So Everclear is the same thing, just a bit stronger.

2003-01-05 05:32:18 PM  
Yeah, here in the northwest they're worried about people buying lots of decongestants because it's one of the starting ingredients for meth.
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