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(MSNBC)   Satellites search for Noah�s Ark; Snapshots of Mount Ararat reveal anomalous structure   ( divider line
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3929 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Aug 2001 at 9:56 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-24 10:02:33 AM  
Someone tell me what I'm looking at? There's no chance that those are rocks that aren't covered with snow, or maybe a large herd of moose(s??) wandering aroudn that area?
2001-08-24 10:03:17 AM  
I hate it when countries make potentially important archaeological sites inaccessible to researchers because they're too busy blowing up nearby peoples.
2001-08-24 10:03:24 AM  
okay, this whole Noah's Ark thing again. This is no mystery where the thing is, or what's there. A couple days after that article a month or so back (the one with the guy who was trying to get info from the government about Mount Ararat), I saw a special on PBS about it. An American researcher has been studying the site for the past 20 years. And despite what Jack Chick may say, there are no animal cages or preserved word. It is simply a long shape in the ground that appears to have formerly been a boat. (wood decomposes, folks.) The boat nearly matches the biblical schematics, but other artifacts found with it date to 1100 at the earliest. Really, no one seems very interested in this artifact.
2001-08-24 10:04:06 AM  
Ah, finally! Irrefutable proof of divine creation! Take that, Stephen Jay Gould!
2001-08-24 10:04:06 AM  
Ark = made of wood
Wood = rots

5000 years = probably nothing left if the Ark even existed in the first place.
2001-08-24 10:07:04 AM  
Time is of the essence, with winter closing in, Taylor said.
Right, it decomposes after exactly 6000 years. It's been there all this time, but next spring, it'll be gone forever.
2001-08-24 10:07:14 AM  
Wood DOES rot, but the lack of bacteria/moisture/etc at those altitudes would keep things nice and preserved (kinda like those ice-men they're always digging up)
2001-08-24 10:11:14 AM  
True.. but how long ago was the arc there? It could have rotted way before it was frozen. and if it was frozen, how would noah and the animals gotten off alive? That's some harsh climbing right there..

but then again, maybe God really does have the whole world in his hands. :)
2001-08-24 10:13:07 AM  
2001-08-24 10:14:47 AM  
It feels like the face on Mars all over again.
2001-08-24 10:20:41 AM  
this reminds me of that face on mars, for like twenty years people were going crazy, making cults, saying the govt. is hiding info about it. then, not to long ago, a new zoomed in picture shows it's just funny shadows and crater holes.
2001-08-24 10:22:42 AM  
Noah's ark. The Shroud Of Turin. Jesus in a tortilla. Read: grasping at straws.

Hebrews 11:1 - Faith is "...the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld."

With that in mind and the fact that it comes from the very Bible that carries the whole Ark story, why do so many Christians clamor about looking for some shred of tangible evidence to wave in other's faces? "See!! See!! I told you!!"

If you so believe it's all true, then stop trying so hard to convince others of it's validity. It sorta kinda waters down your argument.
2001-08-24 10:23:57 AM  
"As for the anomaly," Taylor said, "what it is ... is what it is ... no matter what it is."

Boy, her really hit the nail square on the head with that statement.
2001-08-24 10:27:23 AM  
What it is, what it was, what it shall be. Right on.
2001-08-24 10:28:32 AM  
Of course there is an Ark on Mt. Ararat, the Nazis put it there with aid from the communists! Didn't you learn anything from Chick's tracts?
2001-08-24 10:33:29 AM  
Free tip for the jesus wack jobs. There never was a flood. There never was an ark. Nobody parted the red sea. Nobody even walked on water. And nobody besides the french can turn water to wine.

Wake up and smell the obvious
2001-08-24 10:35:48 AM  
I love atheists who are convinced they're right. They're just like Jack Chick - when they get upset they just shout louder/become more "authoritative/firm". It's funny.
2001-08-24 10:45:54 AM  
More crap from these bizarre religious people.
2001-08-24 10:47:45 AM  
As an atheist, I merely ask you to prove it. No amount of speculation will convince me...I simply ask for cold hard facts. I'm not shouting or becoming authoritative. In fact, I'm rather bored by the whole debate. I'm not out to convince's up to you to convince me.
2001-08-24 10:52:33 AM  
C'mon, it's obvious that the world is 6000 years old. It's obvious that there is a magical man watching everything and judging everything. It's obvious that a man bulit a ship and put two of every animal and insect on the planet in it.

And it's especially obvious that anything that contradicts this was put here by an evil demon creature trying to trick us.

Anybody that says differently is nuts.
2001-08-24 10:56:24 AM  
I know nothing but my own ignorance. I find people who know of more than their own ignorance fascinating.
2001-08-24 11:33:12 AM  
I agree with you. And I love how everyone lumps all the "jesus wack jobs" in one big category.

Bigpeeler, there are some of us who couldn't care less about what is being found or not found wherever people choose to dig. Some actually abide by the advise you listed.

I read an arcticle in Newsweek (I think) about Carl Sagan, who had friends who were religious, though he was not. Sagan remained convinced that black holes existed and love was indeed a powerful force though there was no empirical evidence for them, only evidence of their results. His religious friends used the same argument for the existence of God.

And by the way, Sagan didn't use the tired ol ad hominem arguement to berate people who belived differently than him...
2001-08-24 11:49:15 AM  

Scientist discover Superman's Fortress of Solitude! Oh, wait, it a rock, sorry about the hype.
2001-08-24 11:50:19 AM  
should be HEADLINE!
(damn decaf)
2001-08-24 11:58:41 AM  
Proving the existence of God would nullify faith, so comes a paradox, and the Christians would defeat themselves with their own beliefs. Regardless of what Jack Chick-enfarker says. It's like the "true cross" artifacts some of them claim to have. Put them together and you'd have about three or four different crosses.
2001-08-24 12:01:19 PM  
"Close-up view from an Ikonos satellite photo shows what could be "broken" pieces of an artifact or simply a natural rock formation."

HA HA HA "or a natural rock formation" Hey-zuse Farking 'A'. Just go there with a helo or fixed wing and take pix of it, and get it over with.
2001-08-24 12:06:21 PM  
< JesseTheMindVentura > Religion is for the weak minded. < /JesseTheMindVentura >
2001-08-24 12:06:32 PM  
How did Noah get the Kangaroos? Did he use the Ark to go down there and get them? And if his boat ended up on the top of a mountain in the Middle East, how did he distribute all of the animals to their own habitats on other continents? Silly literal interpretations...
2001-08-24 12:08:49 PM  
wood rots, but what about the power of god preserving it? I mean it is possible. You cant rule it out unless you can prove god does not exist. Lets wait and see if we can get close enough to check it out. I mean, if I was some other relegion, I sure as hell would not want to give proof to someone else that their religion was correct over what I had been following.
2001-08-24 12:08:58 PM  
Slick: If they proved there was a cross that Jesus was nailed to, how would that prove God anyway? That would just prove that there was a human named Jesus nailed to a cross. That doesn't seem like a good argument for them to use. Silly cross searchers...
2001-08-24 12:09:37 PM  
Jesus loves Allah, Allah Loves Buddha, and Buddha Loves God (Christian). Can we stop fighting now? :P
2001-08-24 12:23:08 PM  
*sigh* So many misinformed and emotionally reactionative people here.

OK. Let's keep one thing straight, the Bible, especially the early books, are metaphors and exaggerations of reality. Got it? Good.

The flood that covered the world was nothing more than a flood that covered a large area near the fertile crescent. To the people of that day and age, it literally did cover their world. Evidence of said flood has been found in Egypt of all places (sedimentary changes at certain strata levels. I wish I had references. *sigh*)

The wood? Sure it rots, but how do you explain fossilization and petrification if all of it rots away? No reason said unknown blob on said mountaintop, if indeed a Biblical relic, couldn't have been petrified or fossilized somewhat.

Who gives a fark about the kangaroos? It's amazing how anti-Christians will take a literally interpretation of the Bible to attack all Christians in general. As far as I'm concerned, anyone, Christian or otherwise uses the Bible as literally true needs to be certified. It is not *the* word of God. Do you think God really speaks with "thous" and shiat like that? Of course not. It was interpretted by humans for humans. He/She is probably laughing His/Her ass off about this day in and day out.

Just relax, realize that no matter what anyone says, you are always "right" even if you are not. Also, don't lump Christians into one big happy family. Realize that some of us do have a basis in Science and are happy to explore scientific possibilites to many of the stories and interpretations set out in the Bible. Just don't blame folks over 2000 years old that are DEAD for not being able to.
2001-08-24 12:24:53 PM  
Josh2025, the immortal words of rei should quell your need for disproof.

"08-17-01 11:05:42 AM Rei
To exist and function normally, we do not have to disprove everything - we *cannot* disprove everything. There could be a herd of invisible pink unicorns running past you this very instant. Do you even consider this possibility? Of course not. The probability of it being true is just too low to give it any credence. If you believed in everything you couldn't disprove, you'd be getting some invisible pink grass for the unicorns, being careful not to move too quickly or the trolls will eat you, but not too slowly or the little demon at your heels will cut your achilles tendon... etc. A person just cannot function believing in things that are just unrealistic.

To an atheist, the concept of God - especially the christian god - is just completely unrealistic and improbable. Thus, it gets discredited. Its a simple as that, its just a part of everyday functioning. There could be a sourceror that will exhile you to a plane of dispair when you die if you don't believe in him - but does that mean you should believe in him? Of course not, its a preposterous concept. To an atheist, so is God. Especially your god."
2001-08-24 12:26:52 PM  
Josh is right.
In all probability, a man named Jesus did exist, had followers and was crucified. Having the true cross proves only that, nothing else. It doesn't verify your religious beliefs.
2001-08-24 12:27:21 PM  

What's metaphorical about saying that just before the earth flooded, a man built a boat, got 2 of every living creature on the planet, and sailed the earth for a month?

I thought the bible was the word of god. God is a liar.
2001-08-24 12:31:44 PM  
-FB, every major religion has a flood story in its lore, not just Christianity. Me thinks Christianity stole a bunch of stories from other religions, including the flood stories.
2001-08-24 12:38:04 PM

I thought the earth was 6000 years old. God said so. How can there be 67 million year old dinosaur bones? Oh yeah.. the devil put them here.
2001-08-24 12:48:37 PM  

Hey, wouldn't this make a good name for a rock group?
2001-08-24 12:50:40 PM  
Or the name for a repellant. I could have used this. Every time I went on spring break, and both times I went to Mardi Gras, I had Christians pick me out of the crowd and start telling me the world of God. I could have used some Christian-be-gone spray or something of the like.
2001-08-24 12:59:12 PM  
Looks like a rock to me...
2001-08-24 01:03:04 PM  
We all know there's only one way top solve this:

Call Indiana Jones and his Dad. He found one kind of arc - surely he can do it again.
2001-08-24 01:09:52 PM  
Also, Noah's Ark as the Bible describes it, is essentially a box, not a "ship" with a "bow".

If it existed at all.
2001-08-24 01:35:46 PM  
Pooh bear is god, end of discussion.
2001-08-24 01:38:02 PM  
Pardon my ignorance, but how did all the animals in the world fit on something only 600' long, especially since there were thousands more species in the world 5000 years ago?
2001-08-24 01:44:21 PM  
froggy: please tell that to every fundamentalist and overly zealous religious person you see. i dont think all of them quite get it yet.
2001-08-24 01:51:38 PM  

You are one of those religious nuts jobs too?
2001-08-24 01:52:51 PM  
no fb, i'm agnostic.
2001-08-24 01:54:14 PM  
but that just means I DONT GIVE A shiat EITHER WAY. i'll find out when i die. until then, i live by my own standards.
2001-08-24 02:03:45 PM  
A few quotes from Dogma would be nice right about now.
2001-08-24 02:11:21 PM  
Hey.. off topic, well so are most of my posts, but any way.. it looks like two men kissing, but in reality it's two women kissing. Creepy.

[image from too old to be available]
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