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(BBC)   In one of the greatest upsets of all time, Farker's favorite soccer team beats Everton FC; Fifth best in England and 80 places higher in the league   ( news.bbc.co.uk) divider line
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2003-01-04 01:47:30 PM  
2003-01-04 06:45:03 PM  
i couldn't be happier. Take that Rooney
2003-01-04 06:46:08 PM  
I believe the correct term is football.

But then what do the british call America's favorite past time?
2003-01-04 06:46:26 PM  
Like when Konyaspor beat Fenerbahce a few weeks ago. Great stuff.
2003-01-04 06:47:08 PM  
And the point is...
2003-01-04 06:47:14 PM  
Jay - they call it "stupid"
2003-01-04 06:49:17 PM  
hmmm i thought Seaman was england's keeper, not Richard Wright as it said in the article.
2003-01-04 06:50:23 PM  
Ummm... nobody cares about soccer... mostly because it sucks...
2003-01-04 06:52:11 PM  

2003-01-04 06:53:23 PM  
Brits play soccer? I thought they only played football.
2003-01-04 06:53:46 PM  
But then what do the british call America's favorite past time?

2003-01-04 06:54:00 PM  
hmmm seeing as one continent really plays American Football, Flozell, I wouldn't really moan about the most widely played sport in the world.
2003-01-04 06:55:21 PM  
Uh, more sports. At least this is proper football, not the sides'o'beef with more padding than a rubber room...
2003-01-04 06:55:38 PM  
Soccer sucks.
2003-01-04 06:56:28 PM  
The Shrews? Worst teamn nickname ever.
2003-01-04 06:56:35 PM  
Soccer (or "football" for our fine socialist friends) is the most popular sport in the world, ergo it is the cause of all problems and should be cleansed from the planet with fire.
2003-01-04 06:56:40 PM  
any sport that allows ties in playoffs sucks...IE soccer sucks
2003-01-04 06:56:40 PM  
Baseball sucks more than soccer. Soccer can be alright I guess. It can't really be knocked since it's the most widely played sport in the world.
2003-01-04 06:56:52 PM  
Brilliant 3x in one short blurb article.. what, no thesaurus in the UK?
2003-01-04 06:56:54 PM  
Ohio State beating Miami was cooler...
2003-01-04 06:57:09 PM  
And for the worst spelling ever, check out how I spell 'team'.
2003-01-04 06:59:16 PM  
Soccer?!! What?!!! Who cares?!?! This isn't England!!This is America!! Learn to play some real 'football'!!!!

2003-01-04 07:00:34 PM  
the only reason football is so popular around the world is because they are too poor to play any other sports. think about it, all you need is a ball and a field.
2003-01-04 07:00:46 PM  
What, the Eagles? They suck! Go Alaskan Blue-assed Warbler-Fish!
2003-01-04 07:00:49 PM  
Not here to blast the skill involved in Soccer but I must add....*yawn*
2003-01-04 07:01:08 PM  
"This" isnt anywhere really
2003-01-04 07:01:33 PM  
This Jets/Colts game really sucks. Too damn boring.
2003-01-04 07:02:05 PM  
The only real sport is Hurling.
2003-01-04 07:04:40 PM  
Lawyers - Kinda funny to see Tony Dunghead get his ass whipped.
2003-01-04 07:04:57 PM  
These replies are all BRILLIANT. Bravo.
2003-01-04 07:06:28 PM  
My two cents on other footballs.

Canadian - sucks
Australian Rules - kicks a$$
Arena - WTF
2003-01-04 07:08:36 PM  
Soccer (or football, if you prefer) needs a shot clock...anytime I watch it, after a few minutes, I'm yelling at the screen "SHOOT THE FARKIN BALL!!" All the passing around the middle of the field...boooooring. It needs a shot clock, or perhaps randomly placed land mines.
2003-01-04 07:09:26 PM  
Isn't it funny how the only sports articles that get posted on FARK are about some asshat, like that homo soccer guy, Beckham is his name I think? I mean, I understand that this sites viewers are not all Americans, but who really cares about sports in other countries, seriously, who? I don't have the facts, but I doubt that there is some soccer player in England making 20 million a year to play, is there? I'm not saying that our sports are better because the players make more money though, I'm saying thier better because the statistics show more people are intterrested in American sports, which is why the players get paid more. More viewers=more revenue=more money for players=American Sports Are Better!!

Man , I'm drunk!
2003-01-04 07:10:56 PM  
I understand that, I've corrected myself already though! Thanks
2003-01-04 07:11:40 PM  
I vote for randomly placed land mines.......and bear traps, you gotta have bear traps.
2003-01-04 07:11:45 PM  
Go Gunners!!!
2003-01-04 07:14:18 PM  
"The Shrews? Worst teamn nickname ever"

...what about the banana slugs?
2003-01-04 07:16:25 PM  
Banana slugs taste besat deep fried in coconut oil.
2003-01-04 07:19:27 PM  
Besat is Farci for best. Or maybe I cannot spell, but then again I do not give a flying fark.
2003-01-04 07:23:34 PM  
Soccer is for demented Europeans and Third World countries............
2003-01-04 07:27:24 PM  
The thing you can count on at Fark is the predictability of the comments. *yawn*. Anyone who puts up a bunch of over-padded NFL players as the pinnacle of athletics can be safely ignored.
2003-01-04 07:28:08 PM  
After seeing that picture and reading that the match was played at Gay Meadow, I'm starting to wonder about the Shrews... not that there's anything wrong with that.
2003-01-04 07:28:27 PM  
...what about the banana slugs?
The banana slugs, while not inspiring terror, have a certain comic appeal. The shrews are little worthless rodents.
2003-01-04 07:29:40 PM  
Soccer is pretty boring, but then again, most sports are. I want to see some violence out there! Nothing like the threat of death to liven up a game some.

Plant mines in the soccer field...randomly engineer the ball to explode whenever a random player's DNA is detected, then not reveal who the victim is ( 'Will ya take a look at that,Bill? The player of the game is Julio!! (KABOOM) )....

Or just give hockey players guns. Whatever.
2003-01-04 07:31:54 PM  
Everton - fifth best in england?!

What the hell is that on about, they may be fifth in the league but a few seasons ago ipswich finished fourth, then the next one they got relegated. Did that mean ipswich were fourth best in england? no it means that they totally fluked the year.

Just like everton are doing, they never finish in the top half. I am not saying the are shiate, far from it - they have been in the premiership for yonks. Although judging from todays performance, their luck seems to have run out.
2003-01-04 07:33:19 PM  
hmmm seeing as one continent really plays American Football, Flozell, I wouldn't really moan about the most widely played sport in the world.

It's only so widely played because all you need is a rounded object(ball, melon, human skull, ect). In a lot of parts of the world thats all they can manage.
2003-01-04 07:37:17 PM  
Yonks??? What the giant flying squirrel balls is a yonk?!
2003-01-04 07:38:25 PM  
I once saw Norman Whiteside start a fight with Kevin Sheedy when they both played for Everton during a game against Norwich.

Wait....no....that's not interesting at all....
2003-01-04 07:39:44 PM  
"But then what do the british call America's favorite past time?"


2003-01-04 07:47:05 PM  
soccer sucks.

and football's not much better.
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