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(Wired)   Computer security experts say that RIAA website keeps getting hacked because it's being run by idiots   ( divider line
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10509 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jan 2003 at 9:36 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-03 09:39:02 PM  
not realy anything else ot add.
2003-01-03 09:39:45 PM  
Except spelling, perhaps.
2003-01-03 09:40:44 PM  
This time, the defacement resulted in bogus press releases on the front door, touting the joys of cheese and interspecies romantic relationships.

is that the polite term for "we're a bunch of cheese-eating goat-farkers"
2003-01-03 09:41:07 PM  
In Other News:

The sky is blue.

2003-01-03 09:41:08 PM  
Realy? That's add
(jk CG)
2003-01-03 09:41:29 PM  
more of a typo then spelling, (unless realy has two l's)
2003-01-03 09:41:57 PM  
I want that URL.
2003-01-03 09:42:02 PM  
I'm guessing it's Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.
2003-01-03 09:42:24 PM  
So obvious it's blinding.
2003-01-03 09:42:49 PM  
(it does)
2003-01-03 09:43:01 PM  
I blame the 5 beers and a lack of spell-check...
2003-01-03 09:43:28 PM  
Actually, it is spelled "really." But I'm tired and still at work, so I'm basically being an asshat for its own sake. My apologies.
2003-01-03 09:44:22 PM  
We already knew the RIAA was stupid.
Now we have proof!
2003-01-03 09:45:19 PM  
Sounds like they know about as much about technology as the government.
2003-01-03 09:45:34 PM  
This should have an AMUSING tag..... The people who keep hacking that site are farking geniuses! They should have a HERO tag.
2003-01-03 09:45:53 PM  
i think the thread is mistyped, 'The RIAA IS a bunch of idiots who dont know what they are doing'
2003-01-03 09:48:33 PM  
Yeah, yeah that's usually why a website gets hacked. Thanks computer security experts!
2003-01-03 09:50:37 PM  
CanuckGuy - that part was high-larious
2003-01-03 09:50:48 PM  
"...while I don't ordinarily side with defacers and script kiddies, in this case I'll make an exception."

2003-01-03 09:51:01 PM​a​.org&sub mit=Examine

The site is running Microsoft-IIS/5.0 on Windows 2000

I woundn't say it's entirely the RIAA's fault...
2003-01-03 09:52:14 PM  
All the cool people run Mac OS X server. RIAA is behind the times
2003-01-03 09:52:38 PM  
Addendum... According to that site, they were running "NT4/Windows 98" and IIS4 up until September 2002.
2003-01-03 09:55:28 PM  
ya know... the RIAA may see constant hacker attacks as a form of "schoolyard bullying"... and they will feel full of themselves because they're not breaking the law or something, and because they have bigger lawyers. so naturally, they will push back on the "underground" community in an attempt to make an example. i happen to agree with to agree with Ferrell. "I believe that the RIAA honestly has no idea what they're up against," Ferrell said. "The RIAA and MPAA are Internet disasters of potentially epic proportions just waiting to happen, and while I don't ordinarily side with defacers and script kiddies, in this case I'll make an exception."
those could be my words, i agree with them so much.
2003-01-03 09:56:24 PM  
and yes, my grammar sucks. deal with it or go to a different thread. blah.
2003-01-03 09:56:39 PM  
"I'd hit it!" - Kevin Mitnick
2003-01-03 09:57:07 PM  

...or Unix based servers.
2003-01-03 09:57:32 PM  
"This time, the defacement resulted in bogus press releases on the front door, touting the joys of cheese and interspecies romantic relationships."
uhh, did dolfin hack the site?
2003-01-03 09:58:08 PM  
Script kiddies? I have a feeling it's people a little more intelligent than that.
2003-01-03 09:58:32 PM  

Very nice.
2003-01-03 09:58:53 PM  
"Hey, don't you think they should have noticed that press release urging people to have sex with barnyard animals by now?" one chat participant asked, several hours after the bogus press releases first hit the RIAA site.

2003-01-03 09:59:43 PM  
It's probably the webmaster behind this.
2003-01-03 10:00:00 PM  
Technologically challenged? I think Sony was using the same technical minds to produce that wonderful Celine Dion disc that crashed everyone's computers...(everyone dumb enough to buy a Celine Dion CD, that is)
2003-01-03 10:00:39 PM  
Interesting, DFlor, it says my site is "unknown"

I'm safe from hackers
2003-01-03 10:00:42 PM  
Give me 'Government Issued Cheese' and I'm there every time!
2003-01-03 10:00:45 PM  
As per netcraft:
The site is running Microsoft-IIS/5.0 on Windows 2000.

Nuff said.
2003-01-03 10:01:16 PM  
"The RIAA's role as the music industry's voice against digital piracy makes it an obvious target for those who are angered by what they see as the organization's overly vehement crusade for copyright owners' rights."

I imagine you don't have to be angered with the RIAA to want to hack that site. *rolls eyes*
2003-01-03 10:02:51 PM  
The site is running Apache/1.3.27 (Unix) mod_perl/1.27 mod_gzip/ AuthMySQL/2.20 on FreeBSD

You knew that was coming
2003-01-03 10:03:49 PM  
Looks at DFlor...
Note to self: Refresh headers before posting.
2003-01-03 10:07:37 PM  
Why do I see Microsoft buying out the RIAA and the MPAA to become an even bigger group of idiots than they already are as seperate entities?

We're all doomed.

*goes back to watching bootleg DVD*
2003-01-03 10:08:11 PM  
Honestly, did any of you see the site? It was farking hilarious. Someone posted it to TF, but I guess it didn't make it to regular FARK because one of the mods was scared.
2003-01-03 10:10:29 PM  
The site is running unknown on FreeBSD

NSFW: do not even go there. I posted it merely so us that know about the horror that is Bakla can crack jokes about those crazy FreeBSD users. I'll be the first: how perfect is it that an OS developed in California now houses a website featuring transexuals?
2003-01-03 10:11:25 PM  
(Yes, I know most OSs were developed in California which explains why a lot of the internet is really farked up)
2003-01-03 10:14:11 PM  
It probably didn't make it to regular Fark because the admins know there are plenty of other sites that deal with this sort of thing quite adequately.
2003-01-03 10:14:16 PM  
Even Blizzard is hosted on ISS/5.0! These guys have no excuse if even the official Lisa Loeb site is running Apache on Redhat.

Even though SuSE is superior due to German engineering, but I'll let it slide.
2003-01-03 10:15:42 PM  
TexasPride I saw the site. Funniest hack ever. I was expecting it to show up on fark but alas it never did. Hopefully next month when it gets hacked again the rest of us regular farkers will get a chance to fark it up some more!
2003-01-03 10:16:20 PM  
IIS. Ah who cares anymore. I demand more
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-03 10:17:23 PM  
I thought they kept getting hacked cause they actually got government permission to try and hack file sharing programs. Dude that was just asking for it.
2003-01-03 10:22:46 PM  
Guess just changing the passwords didn't work. What a bummer, no really.
2003-01-03 10:23:22 PM  
2003-01-03 10:24:01 PM  
That really does suck. I'm heartbroken such an atrocity could occur.
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