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(AP)   Shirtless Jesse Ventura spits tobacco at reporters then sprays them with minigun at final press conference (well, he wanted to, anyway)   ( divider line
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10829 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jan 2003 at 5:08 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-03 05:11:46 PM  
nice headline
2003-01-03 05:12:12 PM  
2003-01-03 05:12:22 PM  
but he was so good in Predator
2003-01-03 05:13:42 PM  
And people say politics isn't exciting.
2003-01-03 05:14:03 PM  
say what you will, but ventura was a nice breath of fresh air sometimes.
2003-01-03 05:14:53 PM  
Shiat like that will make you goddamned sexual tyranasaur
2003-01-03 05:14:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here! This stuff will make you a god damnned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me!"

It's hard to tell the difference in his crappy movie quotes and his crappy real life quotes...
2003-01-03 05:15:40 PM  
He's a Gaddamned political Tyrannosaurus!
2003-01-03 05:15:55 PM  
come on in you farkers... old painless is waitin for ya
2003-01-03 05:16:20 PM  
"Then strap THIS on your sore ass, Blaine!"
2003-01-03 05:17:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Shhhh...Democrats. Just over that ridge.
2003-01-03 05:17:22 PM  
give him the chance and he'll turn you into a goldamn sexual tyranosaur
2003-01-03 05:18:24 PM  
I screwed up the quote AND got it in too late, but he still makes that movie.
2003-01-03 05:18:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Who you callin a Democrat, liberal scumbag!!"
2003-01-03 05:19:23 PM  
Jesse Ventura is the only politician that I ever would have voted for. Don't like him enough to move to Minnesota.
2003-01-03 05:19:25 PM  
i really hope he goes back into the action movie game... he should do something like.. a spoof on being governor where he whips throwing knives at obnoxious members of the media.. and then blows up the capital building and escaping while the explosion dangling off the landing strut of a helicopter his wife is piloting...

welcome back to private life, mr. Ventura.. we missed you
2003-01-03 05:19:27 PM  
So how long till Jessie and Fred Thompson star in an action/cop buddy movie?
2003-01-03 05:20:06 PM  
I have always liked Ventura and supported him political career. I even wrote him in for the last presidential election.

Frankly, I am just sooo tired of CEO's, corporate millionaire businessmen, and career politicians holding all the political offices. It was nice to see a guy who wasn't just a career schmoozer or money brokering fatcat.

Why do you have to be powerful or rich to hold office? There is no reason the rich should run the country. Because you own a magazine, doens't mean you need to run for president.
2003-01-03 05:29:03 PM  
Anyone know anything about those mini-guns? Seems like it's be difficult and rather unwieldy for something like that to be taken on a combat mission. What kinda kick do they have and where can I get one?
2003-01-03 05:29:25 PM  
You guys need more people like this dude in office.
2003-01-03 05:31:45 PM  
Note to self:

Do NOT start land war in Asia with Absolutben.

(backs away slowly)
2003-01-03 05:33:46 PM  
*Looks forward to Monday*
2003-01-03 05:36:07 PM  
Absolutben They exist only in the realm of make-believe & the pedestal mounts of military vehicles.

They tried to make a man portable version, but like you assumed, it was too unweildy.

2003-01-03 05:39:30 PM  
Jesse V. should be our next Sec. of Defense, and he should do it by body-slaming Donald R. through one of those U.S.A. podiums, and taking the position by force.
2003-01-03 05:40:18 PM  
Maybe he'll run against "Do Nothing" George the Second.
2003-01-03 05:41:30 PM  
Woah. That's like an epiphany, TM Dragon. The Secretary of Defense position shouldn't be an elected position. It should belong to whoever kicked the last guy's ass and then defended it. I mean, who else would know better how to protect our country?

Erm.... Or it could just be the cold medication talking.
2003-01-03 05:42:12 PM  
From what I've read, he was a pretty good governor, in addition to the fact that he didn't seem to have his strings pulled like so many Republicans and Democrats.

It's a shame there aren't more people like him in office.
2003-01-03 05:43:00 PM  
funny, i'm medicated from the cold too, and at work, american productivity in action.
2003-01-03 05:44:20 PM  
Woah. I, also, am at work. I'm thinking about going home. I ran one ticket today, and farked the rest of the day. Oh well, got paid for the whole day. ;-P
2003-01-03 05:47:24 PM  
Ventura for President '04
2003-01-03 05:47:27 PM  
If he ran for prez, I'd vote for him.
Of course, I'd vote for anybody not a demopublican if they had a chance of winning.
2003-01-03 05:49:14 PM  
It is that whole 'if they had a chance of winning' thing that screws third party and independent candidates. Everyone assumes their vote for that person if they voted for that person is a 'wasted' vote, and thus vote for their favorite from the two party system. The democrats and republicans do nothing to help shake this image, as it keeps them in power. If we all just voted for who we liked, regardless of 'if they had a chance' you'd be suprised who all really did 'have a chance'.
2003-01-03 05:49:49 PM  
The last of a dying breed.
2003-01-03 05:52:07 PM  
I just think it'd be cool if you could have on of those mounted on the roof of yor house. Some little bastard comes to egg or tp your house and takatakatakatakatakataka he nothing more than a stain on the ground. Then you could get the cool rep as the crazy guy no one wants to fark with in the neighborhood. And don't worry Chastain86 unless you've got eggs and tp or a paper bag full of poo in your hands I won't shoot.
2003-01-03 05:54:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

And, strangely enough, he was supposed to run for governor too, wasn't he?
2003-01-03 05:54:19 PM  
As somebody who voted for him, while I was sober no less, I am glad that he's leaving. He was my "protest" vote, as I couldn't stand the GOP/Dem tools running. He was fine when the economy was great, but his act wore thin when it came down serious governing and the state faced serious issues. He managed to alienate virtually anybody who paid attention to politics and could move his agenda. I appreciated that he spoke his mind, but he never really grasped the finer points of the job.

Maybe he can be in Britney Spears next movie. :)
2003-01-03 05:55:49 PM  
He said he'd only stay for one term if elected and he kept to that. We had a problem with that kind of thing in MN.

He didn't raise taxes, but he just caved into the teacher unions. We have good education but less than half the money goes to the classes. To much tail and not enough teeth. Still, didn't raise taxes.

In fact sent out some rebate checks. And he capped the rebate amount at what people paid, so no one could get money back they didn't pay. That cheesed off alot of people - but he stuck to it. The rebates are for the taxpayers.

Like all the other states we have a terrible budget, but its the legislature not him.

He bad mouthed religion in Playboy. Politically stupid but its about time someone in the public had the stones to call superstition just that.

I can't wait to see what he does with the press once he's out. Big vendetta there...
2003-01-03 06:01:38 PM  
Any guesses on a big Monday announcement from The Body?
2003-01-03 06:02:24 PM  

"You guys need more people like this dude in office."

amen, brother.
2003-01-03 06:03:38 PM  
He was fine when the economy was great, but his act wore thin when it came down serious governing and the state faced serious issues. He managed to alienate virtually anybody who paid attention to politics and could move his agenda. I appreciated that he spoke his mind, but he never really grasped the finer points of the job.

So true
2003-01-03 06:04:15 PM  
senate seat possibly?
2003-01-03 06:04:33 PM
2003-01-03 06:05:18 PM  

"If he ran for prez, I'd vote for him.
Of course, I'd vote for anybody not a demopublican if they had a chance of winning." should vote for the person whether or not you think they have a shot. only when more people start doing this will we rid ourselves of this abominable two-party system and get some independents, greens, and libertarians in office.
2003-01-03 06:12:33 PM  
"Any guesses on a big Monday announcement from The Body?"--PatrickBateman

I'd guess it's some moneymaking venture, e.g., a book or talkshow, or perhaps a competing grill to the George Foreman product.
2003-01-03 06:16:41 PM  
Vince McMahon is trying desperately to get him to work as a color commentator.
2003-01-03 06:19:02 PM  
2003-01-03 06:20:03 PM  
Cars with projectile devices are cool.
2003-01-03 06:22:09 PM  
Sticking It to Rogue Vehicles
[image from too old to be available]
try again
2003-01-03 06:24:12 PM  
I did; I voted for Nader, and got Bush as prez. There is something to be said for pragmatism in a winner-take-all system. If we went proportional like the EU's, then I'd vote my conscience.
2003-01-03 06:26:22 PM  
He's going into wardrobe design.

that'll teach 'em.
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