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(Chicago Sun-Times)   Italian teen flocking to 8-foot long 'minicars'. Mini Japanese stickers, oversized wings and tailpipes coming soon   ( suntimes.com) divider line
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2003-01-03 11:14:55 AM  
"Oh look, up there in the sky! It's a flock of teen!"
2003-01-03 11:57:48 AM  
The Shriners beat 'em to it by about twenty years.
2003-01-03 01:20:50 PM  
Wait till morons start buying Segways. Traffic deaths will skyrocket and I don't mean by Segway riders killing pedestrians. More like the other way around.
2003-01-03 02:48:22 PM  
Hey, you know what nobody talks about anymore? hanging chad.
2003-01-03 02:48:24 PM  
Gee, this article would be really cool with a PICTURE or two. Would it kill 'em to put in a stinkin' webcam pic of whatever the hell it is they're talking about?
2003-01-03 02:48:30 PM  
Quote :
American doctors recommend to have a cup of bee honey in the morning. As they say, honey qualities help a human organism to clean blood from alcohol.

Hmm... Cleaning blood from alcohol.. thats always nice when you get blood in your alcohol stream...

Just a thought
2003-01-03 02:49:08 PM  
anybody know where to find a picture of one of these things? they sound funny.
2003-01-03 02:49:19 PM  
I remember seeing a Flock of Teen back in the '80s. Great show.
2003-01-03 02:49:41 PM  
[image from images.google.com too old to be available]
2003-01-03 02:49:46 PM  
Damn wrong thread.. sorry...
2003-01-03 02:50:07 PM  
God bless those Itallians and their death-dealing teens
2003-01-03 02:50:36 PM  
I've seen these before.. for those who haven't, they're just like regular cars, execept smaller.. and gay.
2003-01-03 02:50:44 PM  
Many parents who can afford minicars, which range from $8,000 to $13,000, believe they have found a safer alternative.

That's pretty farking expensive.
2003-01-03 02:51:16 PM  
People say American teens are fad-prone.....
2003-01-03 02:51:18 PM  
Now thats a spicy meatball!
2003-01-03 02:51:56 PM  
I think they're along the lines of this:

[image from westerndriver.com too old to be available]
2003-01-03 02:53:00 PM  
This reminds me of my last trip to Vegas. They had these little golf-cart cars you could rent to go up and down the strip or wherever. Neat idea for tourists.
2003-01-03 02:53:09 PM  
Finally a car that a riced-up Civic can beat!
2003-01-03 02:53:09 PM  
[image from aixam-uk.com too old to be available]
2003-01-03 02:53:22 PM  
How can one teen flock?
2003-01-03 02:54:01 PM  
won't they get their big baggy pants caught tin the chain?
2003-01-03 02:54:09 PM  
Teens keep getting stupider.
2003-01-03 02:54:21 PM  
01-03-03 02:53:22 PM Kpar90
How can one teen flock?

The same way that one teen farks.
2003-01-03 02:55:11 PM  
Some pics?

2003-01-03 02:55:43 PM  
2003-01-03 02:55:52 PM  
Italy is full of tiny cars. Motorcycles are more popular among 'teen' over there, though, since you can get a license for one at 14. And there's practically no legal drinking age.
2003-01-03 02:56:11 PM  
[image from goporta.com too old to be available]

2003-01-03 02:56:13 PM  
"Thanks to a twist of Italian law, kids as young as 14 can drive so-called minicars--which are much smaller and much slower than normal cars--though they can't get licenses until age 18."

2003-01-03 02:56:24 PM  
Teens will try anything that's remotely big in enough to Fark in on the weekend.
2003-01-03 03:00:13 PM  
I used to like the band A Flock of Teens. You know the 80' punk band that released " And I Ran I Ran so far away."
2003-01-03 03:01:50 PM  
So Niccolo's friend KILLED someone and he's still able drive. I suppose it's safe to assume his friend isn't in jail.

2003-01-03 03:02:01 PM  
I'd go on a Roman Holiday with Audrey.
[image from diebuntewelt.de too old to be available]
2003-01-03 03:03:09 PM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2003-01-03 03:03:46 PM  
[image from fisher-price.com too old to be available]

Mini- Cars? Bah. We've had 'em in the states for years. My son has two.
2003-01-03 03:04:37 PM  
CanuckGuy, most of the people in Europe wear tight pants (well, we'd probably consider them tight).
2003-01-03 03:05:02 PM  
[image from posternow.com too old to be available]
2003-01-03 03:05:11 PM  
I thought these looked pretty cool till I noticed they were $23,000.

[image from too old to be available]

No thanks.
2003-01-03 03:06:36 PM  
90 miles to the gallon! Since I'd rarely ever drive anywhere other than the streets of my city I would love to have one of these. Talk about a perfect commuter vehicle. I doubt they'll become that popular in North America. The auto industry over here wouldn't allow it.
2003-01-03 03:06:44 PM  
...those dont deserve to be called cars...
2003-01-03 03:11:27 PM  
But how many clowns can you fit inside one?
2003-01-03 03:12:01 PM  
I bet they suck in the winter.
2003-01-03 03:14:56 PM  
I've have walked in Rome, Italy and let me tell ya.. it is scary! Besides the air quality(leaded gasoline.. yummy) the drivers are crazy! You see so many cars with dents. Lots of honking.. And yes..Deniko.. I saw many hotties (male and female) in tight pants.. all wearing the same blue/orange/yellow tint sunglasses.
2003-01-03 03:15:18 PM  
[image from noelhidalgo.com too old to be available]
2003-01-03 03:16:50 PM  

Some of these cars are just begging for rollcages and turbochargers. Especially that Mac 500.
2003-01-03 03:17:37 PM  
[image from punahou.edu too old to be available]
2003-01-03 03:17:56 PM  
[image from cnn.com too old to be available]
2003-01-03 03:18:57 PM  
You know what would screw with those kids in the minicars?

Big farking Speedbumps.

'nuff said.
2003-01-03 03:22:13 PM  
Danho, or a big farking Hummer. It'd make those little cars nothing more than a colored spot on the road.
2003-01-03 03:22:42 PM  
My uncle, who lives in Germany, said that there was some commercial (for a Mercedes one maybe?) where a guy is driving around looking for a place to park his tiny car and can't find one. He gets an idea though. In the next scene, he's indoors, and the tiny car is tucked away innocuously in the corner. I would have liked to have seen that ad.
I don't like driving, so a convenient, low-maintenance form of transportation would be ideal.
2003-01-03 03:30:58 PM  
I want one of these:
[image from microcar.org too old to be available]
Subaru 360. 2 cylinders of pure power!
2003-01-03 03:33:06 PM  
how fast do the cars go, like whats the max speed, how quickly does it accellerate
2003-01-03 03:43:35 PM  
Speed facts:
Top speed: Mach 4.2
0-60: 1.7 seconds
1/4mile: 6.7 seconds
Horsepower: 3400@6000rpm

...these things are farking rockets man!
2003-01-03 03:45:36 PM  
Would these be refered to as "Tomato Burners"?
2003-01-03 03:46:48 PM  
[image from micro-cars.co.uk too old to be available]
2003-01-03 03:48:28 PM  
[image from smartercarhire.net too old to be available]

2003-01-03 03:49:31 PM  
A nice little kit car for the kids

Linking to the main site instead of a picture, these things are scary.
2003-01-03 03:49:47 PM  
Somebody please "RICE" this mf'r

I bet adding a Type R sticker will add at least .5 HP
2003-01-03 03:51:54 PM  
Even adults whose licenses have been revoked, or who wouldn't qualify for a license because of health problems including bad eyesight, can drive minicars because the vehicles are classified as small mopeds, which don't require a license to operate.

I'm moving to Italy!
2003-01-03 03:56:06 PM  
Yesterday, I saw two SUVs fighting in the street over who was going to get to eat it. ;-)
2003-01-03 03:57:36 PM  
Hey Anton, you sure that wasn't 23,000 Lire?
2003-01-03 04:07:51 PM  
I don't know what you guys are talking about, I've always dreamed of taking a golf cart on a wild rampage...
2003-01-03 04:32:18 PM  
I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the Shriners yet.
[image from scw.gts.org too old to be available]
2003-01-03 04:39:38 PM  
Hogans: I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the Shriners yet.

They have. Let me guess, you didn't even bother to RTFA either, did ya?
2003-01-03 04:40:11 PM  
2003-01-03 04:40:16 PM  
What about pocket bikes?
[image from pocketbikes.com too old to be available]
2003-01-03 04:50:01 PM  
"My friend just killed someone on the street," he says. "Not with a minicar but with a moped. Yet he can still drive a minicar."

Oh yes that makes it all the more justified doesn't it...
2003-01-03 04:50:56 PM  
2003-01-03 05:56:18 PM  
Mini-car = expensive bicycle. What a sweet idea!
2003-01-03 06:06:31 PM  
I have one of those Shriner Model A's, as mentioned above. That thing cruises along at a blazing 8 miles an hour. Big fun for the whole family. One problem- the wheels fall off on occasion.
2003-01-03 07:03:32 PM  
Or Custom Mini Bikes

*snicker* Those things probably outperform the HD's they're modeled after.
2003-01-03 08:56:43 PM  
Polyploidy: I don't know what you guys are talking about, I've always dreamed of taking a golf cart on a wild rampage...

Friends of mine once "liberated" a golf cart, disabled the governor (gas-powered, not electric), and eventually crashied it into a small stream. Hilarity ensued, yes it did.
2003-01-03 10:36:25 PM  
Dave!!!! RTFA
2003-01-03 10:50:29 PM  
Harley-Davidson bikes perform pretty well. I have an flht standard with htcc heads, 1550 kit, large bore carb, and screaming eagle pipes. That bike is deceptively fast and nimble given its size. My v-rod however is probably the highest performance production bike HD has put forth yet.
2003-01-04 01:10:41 AM  
[image from tophersworld.com too old to be available]
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