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(Some Guy)   We sucked the life out of boobies link and left host holding the bill for bandwidth   ( theshoebox.org) divider line
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37812 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jan 2003 at 2:17 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-02 08:23:09 PM  
To bad, so sad, bye bye.
2003-01-02 08:56:17 PM  
I donated. I'd say a couple bucks is a bargain for all the free boobies here on Fark. Of course, it'd be better if the money was rewarded with, say, some boobies perhaps?
2003-01-02 09:03:09 PM  
So you link to his directory with his pleading message, sucking down MORE bandwidth...

Maybe he'll host the message asking for donations to pay for his donation message somewhere else.

2003-01-02 11:33:26 PM  
if someone has 56 GIG of downloads/traffic and cant find a way to make $400 to at least break even, he's a moron.

charge a measly $5 - $10 and you'll get friggin 40-100 takers...
2003-01-02 11:46:40 PM  
BEHOLD!!! The power of FARK!
2003-01-03 12:16:24 AM  
Where will the mob strike next?
2003-01-03 12:21:17 AM  
Isn't he the guy who submits his site for 'stress tests' anyway?
2003-01-03 12:26:50 AM  
Its the guy's ISP that advertised "unlimited" bandwidth.
2003-01-03 02:03:21 AM  
dem da breaks.
2003-01-03 02:04:34 AM  
This has gotta be a scam. If you do a whois on shoebox.org you can find that his host is rightchoicehosting.com. If you look at their service plans you can see that you can get 60 Gig of bandwidth for 25$/month.

Not a bad idea though

Step 1:get a 60 GB/month platinum service account for $25
Step 2:upload a bunch of boobies pics to it
Step 3:get boobies site posted on fark
Step 4:claim that the bandwidth cost $400 and get paypal account linked on fark front page
Step 5:profit

On the other hand maybe he had a basic account with 5 GB and rightchoicehosting.com is raping him for $400 bucks for going 52 GB over it even though they offer a 60 GB account for $25. I doubt it though.

Yes i'm bored.
2003-01-03 02:20:21 AM  
I think I speak for everyone here at Fark when I say, Not a penny for Boobies!

Oh, wait.
2003-01-03 02:20:40 AM  
i smell a farking beggar site. biatch.
2003-01-03 02:20:45 AM  
I couldn't help but laugh.
2003-01-03 02:21:49 AM  
Severin's got a good point. There's nothing there that says anything about unlimited bandwidth. I'm not calling him a liar or anything, but yeah, that deserves an explanation.
2003-01-03 02:22:22 AM  
Which boobie link was this? Was it the one with all of the pop-ups, viruses, and dialers?
2003-01-03 02:22:26 AM  
if everyone had 56k, this wouldn't happen...as rapidly.
2003-01-03 02:22:49 AM  
Pay for porn!? Ha!
2003-01-03 02:23:17 AM  

Behold the power of FARK
2003-01-03 02:23:44 AM  
(Jiglet) Everyday Hotties - Here we go again... (not safe for work)

Farkers have clicked on the above link 68429 times

hehe, lets do it again.
2003-01-03 02:24:03 AM  
I laughed, i cried, but i did not kiss my money goodbye.

Stress test result: Failure.
Cash flow result: there is one born every minute
2003-01-03 02:24:06 AM  
why not charge him $400 for 52GB over his limit? I've seen cell phone companies charge $0.60 a minute for anything over your plan. They say you should sigh up for more minutes if you are going to use them.
2003-01-03 02:27:47 AM  
I thought banner ads took care of all this.
2003-01-03 02:28:41 AM  
should have thought of that before the link was posted.
2003-01-03 02:29:46 AM  
"The galleries are gone, because someone FARKED it."

Wasn't me.
2003-01-03 02:29:57 AM  
We sucked the life out of boobies link and left host holding the bill for bandwidth

Yes, well when that link was farked I was left holding my...

...goodnight everybody.
2003-01-03 02:30:50 AM  
Maybe we should have a tag somewhere a long the lines of "try to fark this site" so everyone would click it and overload their servers.

The again, that would be like internet terrorism.
2003-01-03 02:31:14 AM  
Why would anybody put boobies up and expect a free ride on the internet?

If you post the boobies, they will come. (pun intended)

While I appreciate the guy sharing the boobage, what was he expecting to happen?

"Here's some boobies everybody (in the world). Please don't visit my site."
2003-01-03 02:34:11 AM  
Don't most ISPs just cut-off the website when it hits a bandwidth limit?

Besides, just don't pay the bill and let them fark the website. Sure it screws with your credit but its a bum deal, and I'd rather have crap credit than pay $400 for bandwidth and have nothing to show for it.

But I pay cash for everything and rarely use credit anyway.
2003-01-03 02:35:17 AM  
You might say we "milked" that boobie link for all it was worth.

It left us with some fond mammeries though...

I say, too bad for him. Even if we did run up the bandwidth, and it did cost him $400....so what.

That's like you buddy inviting you over for a beer...then handing you a bill for it before you leave.

I say we charge him for making us wait for those damn slow downloads...hey, my time is valuable!! That'd be tit-for-tat!
2003-01-03 02:35:59 AM  

Doesn't anyone besides Offshore gambling sites take Netteller???
2003-01-03 02:36:40 AM  
And a one and a two...

I should invite you back to my house to fark my server!!!

[image from sawken.com too old to be available]

Closing tags. What about them?
2003-01-03 02:36:59 AM  
if downstream traffic was all billed too, you'd probably see a little more selective boobie clicking...
2003-01-03 02:37:04 AM  
you buddy=your buddy
2003-01-03 02:37:29 AM  
Maybe this whole bandwidth brouhaha could have been avoided if she had itty bitty titties.
2003-01-03 02:37:39 AM  
400 bucks for 52 gigs?

Hell I can get about 52 gigs for 20 bucks. SomethingAwful.com hosting charges less than that almost.

But 400 bucks for that?

I paid 400 bucks a month for a romsite and I got about 600 gigs a month allowance.

He's getting ass-raped paying that much for that much bandwidth.

Just like that letter Dattaway showed that asked for 16,000 bucks for 250 gigs? Get real.

If used 250 gigs too much with my current host all I would owe is about a 60 cents per gig.

Get a real host :)
2003-01-03 02:37:44 AM  
check these guys out:


it's 29.95/mo for 40 gigs .. and ONLY $1.00/gig over that
I run a pretty high-bandwidth site .. they've been great to work with .. lots of excellent features .. zero down-time in the last 6 months

- vbob
The Virtual Bob Show
2003-01-03 02:39:03 AM  
Fleener: I thought farkers liked skinny, anorexic, underaged girls.

2003-01-03 02:39:37 AM  
welcome to the real world....
It was 4° colder last month than i thought it was gonna be now my heating bill is $100 more than expected....can you guys help out??
2003-01-03 02:39:39 AM  

er...Hell I like you. You can come over to my house and fark my server!
2003-01-03 02:39:41 AM  
Every time I see a boobie link on FARK, I put $1 in a big jar on my desk. I then add another $0.25 for each boobie (assuming it's not some breast cancer survivor/mastectomy fetish site, that's $0.50 per pic...unless it's *YAY* Lesbians and/or Lesbian Orgies themed).
I paid off my mortgage last month. Porsche is being delivered next week. Amazing what you can do with spare change (besides heating them with your lighter and tossing them on the stripper's stage near the pole).
Still not sending this guy a dime, though.
2003-01-03 02:40:16 AM  
john has been thrashing hosts for a couple years now.
wil [TotalFark]
2003-01-03 02:40:24 AM  
He should hook up with Karyn.

Kidding. Kidding. :)
2003-01-03 02:40:27 AM  

How many gigs a month do you run?

The highest I've ever gone was 630 or so but that was with a ROM site... hehehe

Those things eat up the bandwidth.
2003-01-03 02:40:56 AM  
Virtual_Bob-nice boobies. The blonde is a little to skinny but the brunette is hot.
2003-01-03 02:41:14 AM  
free patriotic boobies http://www1.toptgphost.com/mackdaddy/sydney1/index.html
2003-01-03 02:41:16 AM  
Oh well, he shoulda thunked abooooot dat befoe he be openin dis shizznit up to da publik, bizzzznitch!!

He gets no miznittle from da D O Double Dizznittle!
2003-01-03 02:42:39 AM  
Anyone that is willing to be charged 400 bucks for a measley 52 bucks deserves to be anally-raped.

Read the fine print, especially if you want "server tests" under Fark.
2003-01-03 02:42:41 AM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 1396 times

we've got some work to do...

2003-01-03 02:43:15 AM  
GrySovCob, you FBI stooge. I ain't fallin' for that bait again. From here on out it's only plump post-menopausal waitresses for me.
2003-01-03 02:43:29 AM  
Does anyone have change for a button?
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