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20657 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jan 2003 at 7:54 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-01 04:18:13 PM  
J-Lo rules again!

Shouldn't she have her own Fark tag?
2003-01-01 05:21:17 PM  
George Hamilton didn't make the list?
2003-01-01 07:57:16 PM  
Dang, I thought this was a boobies post, even though the tag wasn't there.
2003-01-01 07:58:04 PM  
And coming in at number one, for the 4.6 billionth year in a row, THE SUN.
2003-01-01 07:58:39 PM  
I'd say that Vin and Natalie have been a bit over-exposed on Fark lately. Don't even get me started on Orlando...
2003-01-01 07:59:18 PM  
Could this site be any farking wider?!
2003-01-01 07:59:36 PM  
Definitely agree with J-Ho. Might also add anybody who's appeared on "reality" TV shows.
2003-01-01 07:59:50 PM  
wow. britney spears and j-lo made numbers three and one, respectively, on two different lists in the same day. creepy.
2003-01-01 08:00:52 PM  
I think Mariah Carey qualifies....
2003-01-01 08:01:14 PM  
J-Lo #1. Her ego should have been #2.
2003-01-01 08:01:18 PM  
eminem sucks
2003-01-01 08:03:09 PM  
2003-01-01 08:04:28 PM  
J-Lo?! More like, J-Low Expectations For Husbands! Ahahahaha

Oh wait, J-Lo sounds catchier, and doesn't insult herself as much. OK.
2003-01-01 08:04:49 PM  
[image from geocities.com too old to be available]
Jay Leno?
2003-01-01 08:05:54 PM  
What, no Drew Curtis?
2003-01-01 08:07:57 PM  
wow cool, two similar list in a day. how about that.
what happen to christina? she's quite 'exposed'
2003-01-01 08:07:58 PM  
Most overexposed on FARK: Christina Aguilera
Most overexposed (literally): Christina Aguilera
Most overexposed (figuratively: on metaphorical album titles/ album concepts, interviews, etc...): Christina Aguilera

So why isn't she #1?
2003-01-01 08:10:58 PM  
#11 Edward Leslie Bland Jr.

[image from laurafranklin.com too old to be available]
2003-01-01 08:13:12 PM  
Now I have the image of the name "Rosie" and the word "overexposed" embedded in my head. Does anyone have a neuralizer? Or an icepick.
wil [TotalFark]
2003-01-01 08:13:33 PM  
I wish they'd expose more of Christina Aguilera.

2003-01-01 08:25:04 PM  
All jokes aside, can Jennifer Lopez get shot? Please?
2003-01-01 08:27:11 PM  
I wouldn't mind if they lessened the exposure of George Bush.
2003-01-01 08:28:19 PM  
Why the fark isn't Halle Berry on that list?
2003-01-01 08:35:57 PM  
01-01-03 07:58:04 PM KingTT
And coming in at number one, for the 4.6 billionth year in a row, THE SUN.

God, I wish voting was enabled. That made my day better.
2003-01-01 08:36:35 PM  
i think you mean J-Lo's ass should be at #2...
2003-01-01 08:39:55 PM  
enrique iglesias or whatever for sure...
2003-01-01 08:41:30 PM  
I vote for Brooke Burke. It was cool when only us perverts who watch E! at 3:00 in the morning knew who she was.
2003-01-01 08:51:18 PM  
How about Nicole Kidman? Can I just once stand in line at the supermarket without seeing her staring back at me from a dozen different magazine covers?
2003-01-01 08:59:14 PM  
This is why I think the terrorists had our number all wrong. Few, if any, are going to remember those thousands who died, but if any of these life sucking parasites called "celebrities" were to die? WOW!!!!

What would have happened if, instead of government buildings, they had flown planes into Hollywood. America would have suffered a deadly blow to its lifeblood: the entertainment industry.

2003-01-01 09:01:06 PM  
Poor Christina. She goes skank so she can differentiate herself from Britney and beat her in the popularity standings. Not only does it fail, but she can't even whoop Britney in a list of people we're all sick to death of.
2003-01-01 09:06:44 PM  
SockMonkeyHolocaust: Good theory, but keep in mind that these are the same shmucks that made a movie about a rapping kangaroo that takes off with somebody's wallet and shat out the story of Jennifer Lopez using Tae Bo on a stalker. The latter should have been a straight to Lifetime film.
2003-01-01 09:09:46 PM  
I cannot believe that Ozzy and the rest of his idiot clan weren't on there. I am so sick and tired of hearing about these scumii. But, I guess NOBODY in the media is allowed to diss 'em.
2003-01-01 09:28:50 PM  
I'm horny.
2003-01-01 09:30:47 PM  
Also, I really like the Anna Nicole show. Am I the only one?
2003-01-01 09:37:17 PM  
What, no Abe Vigoda?
2003-01-01 09:38:57 PM  
Yeah, I expected to see the Osbournes on there too. Ozzy was KING when I was a kid, but I'm pretty tired of hearing about him and his family these days.
2003-01-01 09:40:12 PM  
I wish they'd expose more of Christina Aguilera.

I'm guessing you'll get your wish before too long, my man. She seems to be on the expressway to Nudeville and she's on the exit ramp now.
2003-01-01 09:42:28 PM  
The Anna Nicole Show is quality watching, but only three people in the US actually watch.

Wasn't Rosie in "Exit to Eden"?
2003-01-01 10:02:39 PM  
Any socio-economic system that rewards vermin such as Rosie ODonnel does not deserve to exist.
2003-01-01 10:06:43 PM  

2003-01-01 10:44:37 PM  
Sheryl Crow is overexposed everywhere but FARK.

Any tribute album, any industry geekfest, she's there.
2003-01-01 10:56:27 PM  
This list was very close to the one I read in USA Today at work...instead of working. I am so tired of the whole J- Lo crap I was even willing to get rid of cable to try and avoid her. Now she is here...is there no where safe from her evil grasp of media manipulation?
2003-01-01 11:00:18 PM  

Yep, Rosie was in "Exit to Eden". I'm still trying to inject enough lye into my cerebral cortex to erase the memory of her in that leather BDSM outfit.

2003-01-01 11:10:47 PM  
J-HO, is such a whore!!
2003-01-01 11:12:25 PM  
where is randolph mantooth?!
2003-01-01 11:13:07 PM  
Yep, Rosie was in "Exit to Eden". I'm still trying to inject enough lye into my cerebral cortex to erase the memory of her in that leather BDSM outfit.

Ohhh yeah... Damn! my penis just fell off.

Ugh, like someone stuffed a big fleshy watermelon into a black condom with rips in it.
2003-01-01 11:16:29 PM  

Well, I never said that Hollywood comprised the intellectual elite of the country...I just have Tom Cruise's Oscar Awards speech going through my head where he deified the entertainment industry as an escape from the pains of everyday life--because that's just what this country needs is more escapism. Have you ever been around an industry exec when someone didn't know about his show/movie/whatever? A friend almost got fired from his waitering job because he didn't give preferential treatment to one of those dickheads.

If there is one thing that Hollywood definitely needs is the reality of a dirty bomb on Rodeo Boulevard. To paraphrase Chris Rock.

"I don't approve the mass murder of everyone in the entertainment industry, but I would understand."

(sorry everyone, I am a lot burned out on pop culture and those who think it matters. Too many editions of Entertainment Weekly)
2003-01-01 11:25:50 PM  
HA! HA! HA! Randolph Mantooth! I loved that show as a kid. I thought he was the sexiest thing...but then again, I was only 5.
2003-01-01 11:27:12 PM  
Vin Diesel. Fast and the furious was good cheesy fun but XXX sucked. I'm afraid that more action flicks with him would be too much for us to bear.
2003-01-02 12:09:28 AM  
I don't have cable, I don't read People, and I only look at the front page of the tabloids when I'm standing in line. So why am I also sick to death of these people?

And that Vin Diesel guy--he looks funny and WTF is that name? I don't understand....but I didn't understand Sylvester Stallone either. E-yuk.
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