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(benmaller.com)   An altered photograph of our buddy the hockey streaker ends up as one of Sports Illustrated's pictures of the year   ( benmaller.com) divider line
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2003-01-01 02:25:50 PM  
a shameful ploy to get us to skim over the site? hmmmm.
2003-01-01 02:57:56 PM  
Gee....ya think? I never even found anything relating to the headline of the posting......
2003-01-01 03:09:33 PM  
The page I get has it's latest headline dating August 10th with a picture of Mark Cuban looking like Jack Nicholson from "The Shining".
2003-01-01 07:05:35 PM  
i care why? oh yeah - i don't. fark benmaller
2003-01-01 08:52:33 PM  
If it's not a FARK photoshop, I don't give a rusty fark.
2003-01-01 08:52:45 PM  
2003-01-01 08:54:05 PM  
I couldn't find the article on the site. Why did this get posted? Corrected link out there anyone?
2003-01-01 08:55:45 PM  
How depressing.
2003-01-01 08:56:27 PM  
Holy shiat, this makes those websites that make you scroll three pages horizontally to see content look good
2003-01-01 08:57:54 PM  
THIS is why I hate nonthreaded pages that aren't sequential in subject.

[image from streaking.co.uk too old to be available]
2003-01-01 08:57:59 PM  
It's the second article HERE.
2003-01-01 08:58:34 PM  
Just because we're screwing around on Fark doesn't mean we have hours to kill looking at that page, for Chrissakes. Get real.

Oh wait. Yes it does.

Still didn't see it tho.
2003-01-01 08:59:25 PM  
its not there
2003-01-01 08:59:27 PM  
too farking long . . . ^^;;
2003-01-01 09:00:26 PM  
2003-01-01 09:01:25 PM  
The Case of the Missing Member is back in the news.

A photograph of a streaker that was pulled from news wire services two months ago because it had been altered has ended up as one of Sports Illustrated's pictures of the year.

Somehow, the computerized removal of the streaker's nether regions eluded the eyes of editors at the sports magazine.

``We did not know it was altered and wouldn't have run it if we had known," said SI spokesperson Sheryl Spain. ``We do not knowingly run altered photographs."

The picture showed a fan clad only in red socks climbing the glass at the Calgary Saddledome during an NHL game Oct. 17 between the Flames and the Boston Bruins. The photographer who took it used a computer program to erase the streaker's genitals, which were partly hidden by a divider.

The photograph was moved on wire services but pulled half an hour later when the trickery was discovered. Newspapers avoid running altered photographs over concerns about ethics and credibility.

Spain said SI's photo editors received the picture on the wires in October and considered running it at that time. Instead, she said, they saved it to run as part of a 24-page photo spread in its Dec. 30 year-end issue.

Spain said no decision has been made on what, if any, action the magazine might take.

Coincidentally, the issue hit newsstands the same week that the streaker's case began to wind its way through the courts.

Tim Hurlbut, 21, is charged with interfering with public property, a subsection of the mischief charge of the Criminal Code.

His lawyer appeared in a Calgary courthouse yesterday, asking that the case be put over until Jan. 31.

The streaker, after climbing over the glass, slipped on the ice and was knocked out. He was then carted off on a stretcher. Play was stopped for about six minutes while medical staff attended to the unconscious streaker.
2003-01-01 09:05:03 PM  
This should have been picture of the year.
[image from www25.homepage.villanova.edu too old to be available]
2003-01-01 09:06:11 PM  
Oh jeez...

Who mods these things, anyway? A blind man with a braille mouse? :P
2003-01-01 09:08:04 PM  
Um, so they didn't want to use the photograph because it was edited???

So that is to say, the photos in the swimsuit issues never have any photoshop?

2003-01-01 09:08:14 PM  
[image from geocities.com too old to be available]
They used a photoeditor to erase my WHAT?!?
2003-01-01 09:08:25 PM  
I have a suggestion for Fark. How about the moderators have their name posted next to the link posted on the main page? That way we know which moderators have habitually had their heads up their asses and which moderators are being paid by shiatty sites to post links. This is farking ridiculous.
2003-01-01 09:10:22 PM  
"This" btw refers to the incompetence and idiocy demonstrated by the shiatty mods who continue to not read the articles they post, and when they do read them, only post the factually or grammatically incorrect links.
2003-01-01 09:10:56 PM  
Apfletch: Apparently your head is pretty far up there too.

Admins choose articles, mods clean up the front page comments.
2003-01-01 09:11:31 PM  
2003-01-01 09:15:23 PM  
yeah, but this thing is great. *not sure if html will work with this one*

[image from benmaller.com too old to be available]
2003-01-01 09:15:56 PM  
01-01-03 09:10:56 PM Malinois
Apfletch: Apparently your head is pretty far up there too. dmins choose articles, mods clean up the front page comments.

2003-01-01 09:18:33 PM  
eh, someone else fix the sizing, because I don't know how to do that in HTML. I suck.......
2003-01-01 09:26:07 PM  
hey Apfletch, take a breath.
2003-01-01 09:27:15 PM  
BenMaller.com apparently doesn't work at all under mozilla. Too bad, I may have actually found the article interesting.
2003-01-01 09:27:39 PM  
Is there an uglier site than benmaller.com?
2003-01-01 09:29:58 PM  
Damn TomKzinti, how many Fark threads are you gonna spam that link in?!?
2003-01-01 09:30:53 PM  
The Admins choose the articles. Oh MY BAD. The Admins can join the Mods as the F*cktards running Fark into the ground.

2003-01-01 09:32:32 PM  

01-01-03 09:08:25 PM Apfletch

I'm almost 100% sure Drew is picking today.
He created this place. He could be making 1,000,000's off it but he's chosen not to inundate us with pop-ups.

If you cared to contribute to this site by say.. paying for totalfark you would see just how hard of a job it is to choose from all of the links day in and day out. Plus all admin have real jobs that come before and during their FARK time.
That's it. I feel better.
you should really send your previous message directly to Drew. I'm sure he'd love it.

On topic.
I was at that Flames game. there really wasn't much to see. It was funny when he gave the "farkin eh" sign from the strecher.
2003-01-01 09:33:21 PM  
By the time I finish that article Ben will post the 2004 follow-up.
2003-01-01 09:35:27 PM  
You know, this biatching about the mods is a little tiresome and, IMHO, unwarranted. It's not like the streaker thread is going to decide the fate of nations anytime soon. Lighten up, Apfletch and associates.
2003-01-01 09:37:59 PM  
Go Femme_fatale...

I think someone got biatch-slapped.
2003-01-01 09:39:39 PM  

Hey asshole. If you don't like it, leave. You're not a member or TotalFark (neither am I, which is why I don't farking complain), so FARK is a free service for you dumbass. Maybe, and this is simply a maybe, your criticisms may be taken better if you actually payed for this service. Since you don't, then shut the fark up and go back to playing with your dingy.
2003-01-01 09:41:06 PM  
Yeah, seriously, someone posted the intent and picture of the article anyway...

which reminds me, i went onto sports illustarted.com and they didn't have any mention of the photo whatsoever in the year in sports.
2003-01-01 09:41:40 PM  
After learning that the pic was doctored, it was totally obvious to me.

Hey dude, what's that blur where your crotch should be???
2003-01-01 09:45:28 PM  
dude, how did you know he had a boat?
2003-01-01 09:45:55 PM  
Mwaha. Is it not an amusing link, though?
2003-01-01 09:47:56 PM  
Sorry, didn't mean to pile on, but I didn't see Femme_Fatale's thrashing until after I had posted.
2003-01-01 09:49:50 PM  
Heh heh...

3691 hits and the site is driven to it's knees.

"But I'm not dead yet!" /python

~ Pinky ~
2003-01-01 09:51:29 PM  
They should have just put a 'weeners' tag over it and called it a day.
2003-01-01 09:53:42 PM  

Oilers rule. :P

Why do trees in Edmonton lean south?

Becuase Calgary sucks! Aw haw haw.

....kidding. I like Calgary. :)
2003-01-01 09:54:55 PM  
Hmm... fresh flesh!

Login: apfletch
Name: Alex
Email: alexla2nitecom
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Articles: none posted
Fark account number: 35804
Date created: 2002-05-07 18:14:07

Gotta love it when a newbie goes down in flames..!!

Smell my Finger..?

~ Pinky ~
2003-01-01 09:55:16 PM  
I'm originally from Edmonton so I agree with you.

What's the best thing to come out of Calgary?
Highway 2 North.
2003-01-01 09:56:36 PM  
Who wants to see this asshat banned?

*raises hand*
2003-01-01 09:58:05 PM  
I just have to say this, no matter how offtopic it is..


Thank you.
2003-01-01 10:04:12 PM  
Yeah actually it is kinda, TomKzinti, but you're likely gonna have the hammer come down on ya if you keep just randomly posting it in every thread.
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