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(Reuters)   Coney Island Polar Bear Club marks 100 years of acting like freezing dumbasses   ( reuters.com) divider line
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2002-12-31 01:46:38 PM  
please don't encourage them anymore...
2002-12-31 05:38:00 PM  
Blue Balls Club.
2002-12-31 05:38:12 PM  
hmm... someone should give the bear a chainsaw. A bear with a chainsaw, nature's most perfect killing machine
2002-12-31 05:39:05 PM  
"It's shrinkage, I tell ya!"
2002-12-31 05:39:07 PM  
oh wait thats that club for dumbasses who swim in ice water. they should have a real bear as a mascot
2002-12-31 05:41:34 PM  
I am glad I live in Florida, we have a nude beach here and do our polor dive at midnight as well.

I am just glad the waters are still in the 70's
2002-12-31 05:41:51 PM  
[image from teelfamily.com too old to be available]

they are so cute
2002-12-31 05:42:29 PM  
I've seen these people and not many are staying in the water for 15 minutes. and what kinda games? Marco Polo???
2002-12-31 05:47:19 PM  
L Street Brownies surrender.
Kat [TotalFark]
2002-12-31 06:14:30 PM  
I jumped in the Whissahickon (goes through Fairmount Park, if you're from the Philly area you know this creek) with a friend one chilly late october day last year. That was fun.
2002-12-31 07:12:42 PM  
I take issue with the use of the word "acting" in the headline:

1) It's offenseive to REAL actors everywhere.

2) It assumes those mentioned are NOT, in fact, dumbasses.
2002-12-31 08:14:47 PM  
friend of mine is a memeber of a polor bear club that jumps into lake erie each year. they use it as an excuse to goto the closest bar afterwards and get shiatfaced.
good enough reason for me..
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