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(San Francisco Examiner)   Retired Navy ship may be used to house homeless in San Franciso   ( divider line
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2352 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Dec 2002 at 8:55 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-31 05:11:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

You're gonna need a bigger boat.
2002-12-31 08:13:59 AM  
If they're physically or mentally disabled, help them out. Otherwise, get your lazy asses off the street and try earning a living for a change.
2002-12-31 08:36:29 AM  
This is right next to my old Navy base (NWS Concord). As Jay_vee said "You're gonna need a bigger boat". The bay area is a haven for the homeless. They used to live right outside our base. One of them even got his legs cut off by the train that goes from one side of the base to the other. He sued, and got somewhere around $500,000. I think his name was Brian Wilson. Not the Beach Boy, but with the same name.
2002-12-31 08:59:28 AM  
Man, I wish I had a house-boat.
2002-12-31 09:01:06 AM  
yup fill it up with homeless people then skuttle the ship.

I think a few thousand vagrants would make a nice coral reef. :P
2002-12-31 09:01:55 AM  
I think it could work...they could make it where the people that are capable of doing work, keep the ship clean and it good order, minor repairs and things of that nature to earn thier stay.
2002-12-31 09:02:43 AM  
If homeless people were willing to do work, they wouldn't be bums.
2002-12-31 09:03:47 AM  
Anyone else here played Fallout II and having flashbacks to the vagrants in the tanker in... San Francisco of all places...
2002-12-31 09:05:37 AM  
They can sing the Village Peoples' "In the Navy" all day.
2002-12-31 09:06:40 AM  
Hello sailor.
2002-12-31 09:06:59 AM  
I can see your point gator, maybe dancingshoes had the idea...ship em to see and see what torpedos do to a retired ship
2002-12-31 09:08:30 AM  
4 million dollars to house 1000 vagrants?

Thats 4 gs a pop. If you just make crude housing for 50$ rent/month... 4 gs would be like 80 months worth of housing.
2002-12-31 09:09:52 AM  
I can see it now:

- "We're homeless! Give us that ship!"
- "This ship is a dump. Renovate it"
- Ship is made liveable, homeless flock there
- "We need another ship and a better reason to remain homeless! Give us that hotel!"

Do like they did in Toronto; The homeless occupied land owned by Home Depot. HD came in, hauled them out and flattened the area. And it was about time too.
2002-12-31 09:09:59 AM  
Homeless people? We have a two front war about to happen, why not ship them all to the front, and let them take whatever homes they like.

Pax Americana!

At least American bums are better than any muslim.
2002-12-31 09:10:29 AM  
who else can see this ship sinking (without 'help') about a week after they start the program?

I wonder if celebrities will volunteer their time to help clean the bodies off the coast...
2002-12-31 09:10:48 AM  
Looks like we found our first wave of bullet catchers in the persian gulf.............
2002-12-31 09:20:05 AM  
Line them up bunk after bunk, without the hygiene protocol demanded by the navy and you will have a great place for desi testing.
2002-12-31 09:21:01 AM  
If this is going to be done, they are going to need screen doors
2002-12-31 09:22:08 AM  
have fun, life on the ship sucks...better than the alternative though I guess

2002-12-31 09:23:36 AM  
Who is going to tell the homeless that the ship is sailing to Iraq? Welcome to Baghdad, have a nice day.
2002-12-31 09:27:21 AM  
Can't we just house all the homeless in France? They'd do just fine over there. If we impose the death penalty on the homeless France will take them in for sure.
2002-12-31 09:28:18 AM  
That will be one smelly ship...
2002-12-31 09:29:47 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-31 09:32:27 AM  
This is SF, so I suspect $4K/person is fairly cheap construction/renovation costs. But why do I have the feeling the ship will disappear now and then, to reappear a week or two later without its passengers, as the streets of LA slowly and inexplicably grow more and more crowded?
2002-12-31 09:33:10 AM  
I'd pay good money for the "Bum-Battleship-Fights" video.
2002-12-31 09:33:58 AM  
I'd like to be housed by local/county/state/federal funds on a ship...make mine off the coast of Tahiti, please
2002-12-31 09:34:03 AM  
Where's Grivas? I want that Titanic picture!
2002-12-31 09:39:23 AM  
Albert is a genius!
2002-12-31 09:39:47 AM  
If we're goning to sink the USS Homeless, can we put all of Hollywood on it too?
2002-12-31 09:42:51 AM  
I wish I had that pic of the fat guy in a t-shirt that says "Will Fark for Beer." ;-)
2002-12-31 09:53:20 AM  
I don't think putting the ones who aren't right in the head in close quarters on a boat is such a smart idea.
2002-12-31 10:06:54 AM  
What a good idea!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-31 10:13:27 AM  
Jay_vee wins!
2002-12-31 10:14:08 AM  
You sunk my battleship...
2002-12-31 10:21:33 AM  
Fallout 2 surrenders.
2002-12-31 10:27:29 AM  
Free waterfront hotel for the homeless overlooking San Francisco Bay?

How will the homeless advocates in Seattle ever keep up with that?
2002-12-31 10:43:01 AM  
Hey I'm your typical farker!
"Screw the homeless! Man they're always bugging me for stuff, and they totally suck. I really hate the homeless. Damn liberal homeless advocates. Those homeless are so lazy. I hope that ship sinks."
Speaking of lazy, aren't most of you getting paid to do something else while you're here instead?
2002-12-31 10:44:29 AM  
If they work, they couldn't be bums, at least according to the hobo website:

"A Hobo Wanders and Works....          ;               Â
A Tramp Wanders and Dreams....                           Â& nbsp; Â
A Bum does Neither.
2002-12-31 10:44:48 AM  
RichardCranium: Log some technical issues with us. I think it's more dead today than on Christmas Eve.
2002-12-31 10:50:59 AM  
Diogenes I'm sorry - to tired to be technical. Sleep has dropped below 4 hours/night for 5 consecutive nights. Only capable of being a smart-a$$ at this point. Maybe Harmonia will come spice things up. Harmonia?!
2002-12-31 10:51:46 AM  
Swords to plowshares.

Jay_Vee, that Roy Sheider pic was genius.
2002-12-31 10:58:56 AM  
I'm all for it!!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-31 11:03:14 AM  
Hehe, just liek the INS round up. "C'mon in and get legal! We won't deport you or put you in jail!"

In the immortal words of Akbar:


All those homeless in one place? Just too tempting for a mass medical experiment... or an organ round up.
2002-12-31 11:07:05 AM  
The ship will have to be recomissioned under French registry, right?

(because of the stench)
2002-12-31 11:17:15 AM  
stink it. sink it. stink it. sink it.
2002-12-31 11:20:30 AM  
This isn't anything new. New York was thinking of doing the same thing with old cruise ships.
2002-12-31 11:54:27 AM  
San Francisco Headline News

1,000 unidentified people found at bottom of local Bay. Most found inside homemade coffins- a.k.a. cardboard boxes.
2002-12-31 11:55:42 AM  
you mean they gonna ship them to russia???
2002-12-31 11:57:33 AM  
Wasn't a ship like this a major plot device in Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash"?
2002-12-31 01:01:57 PM  

OMG it's the Raft! Is L. Bob Rife behind this???
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