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(BBC)   Iran announces car to be specially designed for women. Photoshop some suggestions   ( divider line
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2008-10-08 03:04:28 AM  
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Introducing the Burka Bug
2008-10-08 10:52:07 AM  
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2008-10-08 11:35:49 AM Full Size
2008-10-08 11:40:51 AM  
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2008-10-09 02:15:22 PM  
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2008-10-09 02:37:47 PM  
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/quick and damn dirty
//I got nothing
2008-10-12 01:57:00 PM  
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Tsk, tsk, boys. They could just take what they're currently manufacturing and paint it a fashionable color. My personal favorite car color is candy apple red. The Rakhsh would look GREAT in candy apple red. I could certainly see myself driving this to work. It would come in great during those little road rage incidents.

From the intertubes: Iran's Defence Industries Organisation (DIO) is offering a new 4 x 4 wheeled armoured personnel carrier (APC), dubbed Rakhsh, on the export market.Rakhsh has a hull of all-welded steel armour that provides protection against 7.62 mm small-arms fire.According to the DIO, Rakhsh has a maximum combat weight of 7,500 kg with the 155 hp water-cooled diesel engine giving a maximum road speed of 95 km/h.Rakhsh is being offered on the export market with various optional equipment including: banks of electrically operated smoke grenade launchers; a nuclear, chemical and biological warfare defence system; and additional ceramic armour. The latter is claimed to provide the occupants with protection from small-arms fire up to 14.5 mm in calibre.
2008-10-13 10:39:58 AM  
2008-10-14 05:09:58 AM  
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2008-10-14 11:01:56 AM  
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2008-10-14 11:02:49 AM  
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2008-10-14 11:18:31 AM  
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2008-10-14 11:43:23 AM Full Size

/MSPaint ftw
2008-10-14 12:01:32 PM  
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2008-10-14 12:04:03 PM  
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2008-10-14 12:56:52 PM  

munko: someone please use or post a pic showing one of them suv's equipped with anti-rollover training wheels they use to test how easily suv's tip. that, i think, might be a good example, wtih no shop required, unless ya wanna make it cute or womanly or something.

i got nuthin. happy tuesday. i hear my sammich callin.

Like this?

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2008-10-14 03:42:04 PM  
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2008-10-15 12:09:16 AM  
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2008-10-15 02:39:03 AM  
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2008-10-15 08:00:05 AM  
I've had my entry to this contest deleted twice. Once for "Unedited entry in Photoshop contest" and another for "Trolling Fark admins/moderators"

One more time for the slow kids:
[image from too old to be available]

This is not unedited. I pointed out the edits in both posts to make it clear.

In the second post, I called the person who deleted my entry "retarded." I believe this is what got my second post deleted for "trolling the fark mods." I don't think it's fair to call it trolling though since whoever deleted my entry obviously didn't look at the photoshop (the fact that it's edited should stand out, I'm not a very good photoshopper) and the fact that I SPELLED OUT THE EDITS UNDER THE IMAGE. If that doesn't make the person who deleted my entry retarded, I don't know what does.

So if you're the person who's deleted this twice, you're a retard.
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