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9038 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Dec 2002 at 9:53 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-30 10:00:13 AM  
What he said.
2002-12-30 10:00:23 AM  
And I thought I was an anal writing Nazi.
2002-12-30 10:00:27 AM  
What's a wanker?
2002-12-30 10:00:42 AM  
th@nx 4 teh tips, dood!!1!1
2002-12-30 10:00:44 AM  
He forgot to put in all caps, and when in doubt, do it.
2002-12-30 10:00:51 AM  
Kewl prOn,wanXor.
2002-12-30 10:02:22 AM  
And I thought I was an anal writing Nazi.

You can write with your......??

Never mind, I don't want to know. :)
2002-12-30 10:03:27 AM  
What's a wanker?


1. Grab your penis with your right hand

2. Move right hand up and down vigourously.

Congratulations! You're a bona fide wanker!
2002-12-30 10:04:10 AM  
Just a touch disappointed that "definately" didn't make the misspelling list.
2002-12-30 10:04:28 AM  
Slippy: It's not so far-fetched. Haven't you ever seen My Left Foot?
2002-12-30 10:06:46 AM  
these donkey-shagging nazi's should stfu as they dont know what their talking about!!! I should know ... i have a l33t english phd as do 67% of people on FARK.
2002-12-30 10:07:16 AM  
fark that mutherfarking fag c*nt
2002-12-30 10:07:46 AM  
Did somebody say non-sequitur?
[image from santacruzsentinel.com too old to be available]
2002-12-30 10:08:08 AM  
Not that I can recall, Diogenes, and quite frankly it makes me a little nervous to hear you bring feet into this discussion as well. ;)
2002-12-30 10:10:17 AM  
donkey-shagging nazi's

*no comment*
2002-12-30 10:10:54 AM  
y@y!!!1! n0w i can b3 l33t!!!!!111!! f0rg3t th1s f@rking s1t3 im t00 k3wl for j00!!!!11!
2002-12-30 10:11:23 AM  
Matt is a just a tad tightly wound up. Sounds like a little more wanking is just what he needs.

Who the hell isn't a wanker?
2002-12-30 10:11:33 AM  
That was funny.
2002-12-30 10:11:52 AM  
bring 0n all z p3ople's. what are! gonna

try and copie's the stYlee of riting like A; wan*** !
2002-12-30 10:12:31 AM  
should enable voting for this one guys.
2002-12-30 10:15:33 AM  
I resemble those remarks.
2002-12-30 10:17:27 AM  
the person who wrote this article is an ass. i can write in all small letters if i like. who gives a damn? i ain't a farkwit, either.
2002-12-30 10:17:35 AM  
2002-12-30 10:17:48 AM  
He forgot a good one. Use boobies, or more accurately, "pr0n" ...to promote your website.

Not that I would ever do such a thing...
2002-12-30 10:17:50 AM  
He forgot "ROTFLMFAO."

I keep mixing up "its" and "it's."
2002-12-30 10:18:45 AM  
so what do you call a female wanker?
2002-12-30 10:19:03 AM  
you can't be arsed to write properly

Was this written in the damn UK? I didn't even know that I could be arsed, let alone choose not to be.

Trying to convert your audience to whatever religion (or sect) they're not is a foolproof way of looking like a complete wanker. Be careful; if you've had a religious upbringing, you may accidentally take a familiar, moderate position: this is counterproductive.

Not to mention the equally wank-a-rific Internet tendancy to loudly profess that no religion is the only logical choice. You'll have no choice but to notice these folks. They're the ones typing in all caps, and posting pictures of themselves foaming at the mouth (or religious people foaming at the mouth). Oral fetishists, to be sure. They're far too busy getting bent over nothing to listen to anyone.
2002-12-30 10:19:31 AM  
Zeno_: - wankette?
2002-12-30 10:20:33 AM  
so what do you call a female wanker?

I guess a wankette

and I followed the instructions but I don't think it worked
2002-12-30 10:22:07 AM  
I should of read this before so I could of avoided using ignorant versions of contractions which I would of used otherwise, least I might of. But since the article should of mentioned them but didn't I guess it could of been considered okay, that is if I should of continued to use them. And if you don't see the main problem with this post then you should of gone to school so that you could of.
2002-12-30 10:22:21 AM  
It might also be useful to know how the wank like a writer.
2002-12-30 10:25:41 AM  
the = to
2002-12-30 10:26:11 AM  
Wow!!! He sure has Fark nailed huh? nevermind....
2002-12-30 10:26:22 AM  
Or proofread like a wank/writer
2002-12-30 10:27:00 AM  
I'm sure the term for a wankette is a diddler...
I should take more exercise.
2002-12-30 10:27:57 AM  
was peg the original tv wankette?
2002-12-30 10:28:51 AM  
2002-12-30 10:30:55 AM  
Theirs nothing of interest in this article.
2002-12-30 10:37:46 AM  
I have a stupid question, what does PSA stand for?
2002-12-30 10:38:02 AM  
Some of us can wank and punctuate just fine, thank you.
2002-12-30 10:41:57 AM  
How to sound like a frustrated lamer:

Write an article about how wankers write
2002-12-30 10:42:04 AM  
Jeb3diah - Public Service Announcement
2002-12-30 10:43:04 AM  
He forgot one important item:

Assume a scholarly stance against internet writing and talk about everything that is wrong with it. Railing against internet writing is easy and will get big laughs while making most people think you know a lot about writing.
2002-12-30 10:44:51 AM  
So this guy is like, king of the spelling nazi's?
2002-12-30 10:48:11 AM  
we all forgot
for these boards you have to say fark whenever u fArKiNg can

2002-12-30 10:50:34 AM  
2002-12-30 10:51:21 AM  
0r aS*ume A sch010r1y stanCe aGinst pp1 wh0 aS*ume A sch010r1y stanCe aGinst INterneT rItinG

c0z its fuN mAkin fuN 0 my 1337 h0miez dat mAk fuN 0 1337 HaX0r's.. d00dz.... 1ik3 st0nin ppl 0f 0th0r r31Igi0ns an h0s an sh*7 c0z J33buS iS mYsAvix0r aNd Cr33d 0wnz j00
2002-12-30 10:56:43 AM  
I think he forgot the one tried and true method of convincing everyone that you've just made the most important point and that your opinion will stand as truth for all time : sign each of your posts as you would put your name to great poetry, like this...

2002-12-30 11:06:16 AM  
c0z G0dX0r sAid iN R3v31ashUns 17:1-2 "v3n1 ostEndaM T1b1 damnationem m3r3tr1c1z MAgna3 qUA3 S3det suPer aquAz muLtAz cum QUA fOrn1cat1 sunt r3g3Z t3rra3 et in3brIat1 SunT qUi INhab1taNt T3rraM d3 viNo PRostItut1on1Z eiUz......"

aNd tHuS J33buz h8s d3m RiAA muTHaf*ckaZ wh0 iZ d3 m3r3tr1x baBy10nIz but J33buz l0v3s cR33d s0 cR33d mUs h8 d3 RiAA d00dz
2002-12-30 11:08:22 AM  
Let's not forget, Reactron, that most emphatic of all justifications and most righteous of all proofs of veracity,

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