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(Some Guy)   Woman dies after being trapped in freezer she was cleaning. Police thawt it was an open-and-shut case, but things were harder than expected. Family says they'll give her an ice funeral   ( divider line
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6520 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Oct 2008 at 3:27 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2008-10-07 10:11:37 AM  
frigid biatch
2008-10-07 10:13:29 AM  
That's cold subbie
2008-10-07 10:23:03 AM  
Awww, her name was Crystal, too. Her autopsy showed she'd had frosted flakes for breakfast. She had a hysterectomy. They found that out when they checked her ice box.
2008-10-07 10:35:35 AM  
Funeral services to be overseen by Amana the cloth, with interment at the Eternal Westinghouse.
2008-10-07 10:42:13 AM  
i15.photobucket.comView Full Size
2008-10-07 11:53:30 AM  
So mean. Sub-bie is a real zero.
2008-10-07 12:26:36 PM  
She should be nice and tender for the mortician once she thaw out.
2008-10-07 12:35:24 PM  
So it won't be an episode of Cold Case?
2008-10-07 3:30:50 PM  
Boy Trapped In Freezer Eats Own Foot
2008-10-07 3:30:56 PM  
hsgrafix.comView Full Size

2008-10-07 3:31:21 PM  
The headline is a Sub-zero.

/But I bet the deceased had hard nipples.
2008-10-07 3:32:01 PM  
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Approves (or appwoves depending on accent)
2008-10-07 3:32:10 PM  
It chills my veins just to think of it.
2008-10-07 3:32:26 PM  
I can't believe I'm saying this considering the source, but there are too many puns in that headline.
2008-10-07 3:34:18 PM  
Ice to see these Mr. Freeze references.
2008-10-07 3:34:35 PM  
Here is her husband
i18.photobucket.comView Full Size
2008-10-07 3:35:40 PM  
i38.tinypic.comView Full Size
2008-10-07 3:35:43 PM  
Her wake could last up to six months if the temperature is low enough.
2008-10-07 3:35:54 PM  
Positional asphyxia sucks.
2008-10-07 3:36:20 PM  
Not a happy way to die.

It reminds me of the urban legend where someone thinks he's freezing to death, and dies, but the freezer wasn't even on.
2008-10-07 3:37:47 PM  
the360loop.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Seen leaving the scene
2008-10-07 3:41:20 PM  
Maybe she was worried about a nuclear attack.
2008-10-07 3:42:58 PM  
moviecitygeek.comView Full Size

/wanted for questioning
2008-10-07 3:43:15 PM  
Cracked me up, subby.
2008-10-07 3:44:55 PM  
another case of voodoo death?
2008-10-07 3:45:42 PM  
snoopbloggyblog.comView Full Size

2008-10-07 3:46:35 PM  
i315.photobucket.comView Full Size
2008-10-07 3:47:01 PM  
"an ice funeral"

Ok...I chucked at that one.
2008-10-07 3:48:51 PM  
unavailable for comment:
blobie.comView Full Size
2008-10-07 3:49:56 PM  

alkivar: approves


my original pic got denied, and you got me in the search for one that worked =/

kudos to you, good sir.
2008-10-07 3:50:56 PM  
2008-10-07 3:51:40 PM  

mjk42: alkivar: approves


my original pic got denied, and you got me in the search for one that worked =/

kudos to you, good sir.

no biggie... surprised we were the first to think of him.
2008-10-07 3:52:03 PM  
Ice to see you...

2008-10-07 3:53:01 PM  
Just don't drop her...
2008-10-07 3:55:10 PM  
mega-prod.comView Full Size

Ice Ice Baby.

/word to your motha

//hotlinked for your pleasure
2008-10-07 3:55:36 PM  
-1to Subby for too many puns on a Tuesday.
2008-10-07 4:10:03 PM  
I love all these cool puns! Kenmore be made?
2008-10-07 4:10:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I see what you did there, Subby.
2008-10-07 4:11:17 PM  

MrSius: Approves.

Holy Jezus! Is he smoking an ice cigar??
2008-10-07 4:14:29 PM  
No "COOL" tag?!? For shame.
2008-10-07 4:16:26 PM  
-1 Subby... You were reaching too far for that one. I've seen better.
2008-10-07 4:19:04 PM  
imgsrv.923krock.comView Full Size

Took them 2 days to thaw out Frankie.
2008-10-07 4:22:46 PM  
This totally me of a Punky Brewster episode.
2008-10-07 4:23:07 PM  
If you lick her would your tongue get stuck???
2008-10-07 4:23:39 PM  
reminds me (doh).
2008-10-07 4:48:29 PM  

rcain: You're trying too hard subby.
But on the positive side, her estate will go to her frigid heir

We have a winner!!!!!
2008-10-07 4:57:30 PM  
Came in here for the Mr. Freeze, Mr. Cool Ice, Frostillicus and Vanilla Ice references. Was not disappointed.
2008-10-07 5:01:21 PM  
Came in here for the "Picket Fences" references. Was very disappointed.
2008-10-07 5:07:24 PM  
I came for Clerks cartoon references and left disappointed.
2008-10-07 7:25:49 PM  

Claude Ballse: I see what you did there, Subby.

+1 for the Demolition Man reference! Well played, sir!

Seriously, I'd hate to be the person who discovered the body in the freezer. "Hmmmm, Ice cream sounds good...wait, why is all the frozen food in the cooler? AAAAGGHHHH!"
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