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2002-12-28 03:30:52 PM  
Sounds like those billboards that scan your retinas from "Minority Report" aren't too far away...
2002-12-28 08:27:49 PM  
billbizzle my assizzle
2002-12-28 08:29:36 PM  
whoever gave this the "cool" tag needs to get a serious beatdown.
2002-12-28 08:30:02 PM  
I don't know if this is a repeat, but as news goes, it's mighty stale.
2002-12-28 08:30:55 PM  
For example, if the freeway were packed with country music listeners, the billboards might make a pitch for casinos. If National Public Radio were on, the billboards could change to ads for a high-quality car or a gourmet grocery.

I can understand the NPR thing, but the first demographic? But country music and gambling? How about an ad for boots or a pickup truck?
2002-12-28 08:31:20 PM  
seriously though, what happens if everyone is listening to say, the howard stern show? would the billboard advertise condoms and beer? or swimwear and stripclubs? would there be more car accidents during certain advertisements?
2002-12-28 08:32:09 PM  
and if everyone stuck in traffic were listening to howard stern, the billboards could change to ads for gay porn
2002-12-28 08:32:44 PM  
I can't wait until some smartass whiz programs porn into the billboard or something like that...
2002-12-28 08:32:48 PM  
whoa kamikaze_fruit_basket, that's eerie
2002-12-28 08:32:48 PM  
video billboards are popping up all over sacramento and its horribly bright at night when you drive by... fark this advertising ploy.
2002-12-28 08:32:53 PM  
Does it go blank if I listen to CD's? .... please say yes.
2002-12-28 08:34:37 PM  
So, if you listen to country music you are a gambler; and if NPR is your bag, you are obviously wealthy and would want gourmet food and a high-quality car. I guess if you listened to Howard Stern, by this logic, your billboards would be trial attorneys and books on how to break out of prison.
2002-12-28 08:36:49 PM  
So we could use this technolgy to find out which neighbors are watching the porno channel.
2002-12-28 08:37:07 PM  
...or somebody could make a device that tricks the billboard into thinking the most-listened-to station is changing about 60 times a second... now that would be cool.
2002-12-28 08:42:17 PM  
how are they picking up on what music you're playing?
2002-12-28 08:45:05 PM  
can we use this tecnology to figure out why FARKers keep referencing Howard Stern?

Coincidence or Synchronicity?
2002-12-28 08:46:59 PM  
attention, twentythree has not recieved the fark lobotomy yet.

2002-12-28 08:47:08 PM  
Rosalea, good point. I remeber my GF, who works at a radio station, saying something about the radio station cannot truthfully get ratings, they have to do random polls to ask people what radio station they listen to.

Any clerification on this?
2002-12-28 08:51:13 PM  

I don't know what you're talking about.

And what are you doing with that needle?
2002-12-28 08:51:16 PM  
Rosalea, when any radio receiver demodulates a signal, it converts the signal down to an intermediate frequency, or IF. You've probably seen this in reference to television signals. Anyway, your radio inadvertently transmits that converted signal, and they just receive it and compare to what's actually being broadcast.
2002-12-28 08:52:16 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

Time for culture jammers and adbusters to kick it into high gear. I'm already curious as to how one might hijack one of those giant TV screens that infest Toronto along Yonge St, or one of the large Diamondvision-like displays in the same area.
2002-12-28 08:52:57 PM  
Rosalea, did you bother reading the article?
2002-12-28 08:53:25 PM  
What if I listen to NPR and like to gamble. Huh? Huh?
2002-12-28 08:55:08 PM  
Another question - should I pour myself another glass of Gin?
2002-12-28 08:55:53 PM  
then you better be driving with a bunch of people who like country music, tickr
2002-12-28 08:58:26 PM  
Another question - should I pour myself another glass of Gin?

Yes! Slam back that Victory Gin! Forget your troubles, and give thanks to Big Brother for all he has given us!

Sorry, having Orwellian flashes here...
2002-12-28 09:00:10 PM  
[image from classicphotos.com too old to be available]

img.fark.netView Full Size
, indeed.
2002-12-28 09:02:45 PM  
Can I get AdAware or Spybot for My radio?
2002-12-28 09:02:50 PM  
Whoa, whoa. If the government were doing this, it would be considered unconstitutional. Kyllo vs. United States seems to apply. The billboards are picking up on electromagnetic radiation that is in the visible light segment of the spectrum. I think this technology "is not in general public use" and gives the advertisers information that they otherwise would not have (only by physically looking at your radio could they tell). Am I wrong in interpreting this situation or is this something that would indeed violate our basic rights as Americans?
2002-12-28 09:04:02 PM  
"No original thought"
"No independent thought"
"Stay asleep"
"This is your God"
"No parking"
"No Imagination"
"Submit to Authority"

Maybe someday we WILL find out ad execs are one of the "Formaldehyde face" reptiles.
2002-12-28 09:04:51 PM  
Rosalea, did you bother reading the article?

man biatchy much.

yes I read the article. But what they say doesn't really make much sense. I can't imagine that it's that accurate...I've heard too many people working at radio stations talk about how tough it is to get accurate ratings.

maybe if they explained it more. although really I don't care. Even if they did that here I never listen to the radio.
2002-12-28 09:05:07 PM  
path2k2 : iam down with that mods tell us who it was
so they can get there beatdown .

al-g : your giving very bad ideas to very bad people .
btw thanks for the ideas ! :)
2002-12-28 09:16:08 PM  
This isn't cool, this is an invasion of my privacy and last time I checked that was a right guaranteed by the Constitution (of course I am half blind with drunkenness so I could be wrong.) In any case, I'm suing.
2002-12-28 09:17:53 PM  
captin-save-a-ho: For educational and informational purposes only. The comments you have read are merely ideas from a sophmore elec. eng. who does not yet have the know-how to build the devices for said purposes, although he may surely try when the opportunity arises...purely in the educational sense that is. Besides, it is only bad if you feel guilty about it. muahahaha
2002-12-28 09:17:56 PM  
Jkmartin - tough call. Can anyone quote the law on whether being in your car constitutes being in a private place? I'm under the understanding that a cop can search your car anytime he damn well pleases.
2002-12-28 09:20:06 PM  
These ain't cops and no cop searches my car while it's going 70. Besides which they can only search what is in plain sight. Damn I'm sobering up.
2002-12-28 09:20:07 PM  
Tickr, I'm pretty sure you can refuse a cop's request to search your vehicle, even if he pulls you for speeding or worse. However, if they REALLY want to get in your vehicle (they're pretty farking sure you've got drugs or something), they will like book you and impound your car. That's a pretextual stop, and it's perfectly legal. However, when they ask you, "Can I search your car?", you can say no and there's nothing they can (immediately) do about it.
2002-12-28 09:23:30 PM  
Al-g, I am soph Elec. Eng. too, I can think of a couple of ways it is possible. Easyest thing to do is probably get out of your car and place a farday cage around the sensor.

Tickr, acording to my Gov teacher who used to be a lawyer, they cannot search your car without "probable cause" or without your permission. They can look through your windows as they please.
2002-12-28 09:24:03 PM  
Oh yeah, before I make purchases, I always look to see what's on billboards. With their unique insight into my radio habits, these billboards will improve my life!

2002-12-28 09:24:52 PM  
This isn't cool, this is an invasion of my privacy and last time I checked that was a right guaranteed by the Constitution (of course I am half blind with drunkenness so I could be wrong.)

The Fourth Amendment doesn't apply to private corporations.

Those who truly care about freedom and the security of one's person and life understand that the limitation should extend to any concentration of power and authority. Those who wish to take advantage of legal loopholes in order to increase their own power point out what I pointed out above, but in order to defend their own practices. As I've said before, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are simply words on a page. The concepts they describe are far more important, yet the words themselves are fetishized to the point of absurdity.
2002-12-28 09:25:54 PM  
Thanks for the update - 'preciate it. Another question - if they don't know who you are (to the 'smart' billboard, you're just a radio), how is that invasion of privacy? Assuming you wanted to make a case and sue.
2002-12-28 09:26:08 PM  
So just do as I do - Listen to CD's and get over it.

Or, and this is an even better idea - Learn to just ignore billboards all together.
2002-12-28 09:27:00 PM  
In New York State anyway, the search and siezure laws were changed about 2 years ago, allowing search of the driver, vehicle, and all passengers without probable cause, for "the protection of the officer". The homeland security bill now gives a blanket permission for this nationwide.
2002-12-28 09:27:15 PM  
...Constitution and Bill of Rights are simply words on a page. The concepts they describe are far more important, yet the words themselves are fetishized to the point of absurdity.

Another situation that can be resolved with a little high explosive.
2002-12-28 09:28:48 PM  
PlatinumDragon, wow. Beautifully said.

Now, the question is, should the Fourth Amendment (especially, but also the others) apply to those private corporations?

Why should the federal government, which protects me from foreign invaders, provides me with healthcare, and does a number of other things to make my way of life possible, be prevented from doing things ("exploiting" me) that (greedy, capitalistic) companies are permitted to utilize to the absolute maximum?

P.S.--I dig the communist card. Is there a socialist one available?
2002-12-28 09:32:51 PM  
this smells like the matrix... perhaps someone can liberate us from all these
2002-12-28 09:33:37 PM  
i guess my truck is getting a tin foil hat

2002-12-28 09:35:03 PM  
Hey, how did you get this protection from foreign invaders and healthcare while the rest of us have to live with the threat of Arabs not trained in landing airplanes and private healthcare where "preventitive care" is considered the cost of being really sick?

Oh wait, you're joking.
2002-12-28 09:35:10 PM  
al-g : iam thinking pornos ,pornos and more pornos
an then big car crash i cant wait till they put one in
my area . and feel guilty me not know what that is .
i am going to have fun . hahaha ;)
2002-12-28 09:35:32 PM  
Now, the question is, should the Fourth Amendment (especially, but also the others) apply to those private corporations?

*slaps forehead*

Forget about whether this amendment or that law should apply to this concentration of power in that situation. It's better to ask whether any form of authority should be allowed to invade your privacy, be it state authority or capitalist authority. The concept is more important than the law itself.

Is what I'm trying to express clear now?

I could rip apart the reply point-by-point, but I'm tiring of being the token political fringe nutjob for the night.:)

I dig the communist card. Is there a socialist one available?

Naw. I drew it up as a parody of the "Farkistan Department of Lurking" cards, and a way of poking fun at people (and some Farkers) who lump all socialists together, from the authoritarian ones like Marxists and Maoists to the libertarian ones like anarchists and everyone in between, under the blanket term "Commie pinko".

I think I still have the base file around somewhere - want me to make one for ya?:)
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