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11225 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Aug 2001 at 12:13 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-23 03:51:18 AM  
See me in Toriko's pic =P
2001-08-23 03:52:34 AM  
Farking-Luv-it = Yes-I-do!!!
2001-08-23 04:03:57 AM  
benjamin: i wasn't there. If i was, you can bet i'd be the punked out one screaming ROOOOOBOOOOTS! the entire time.
2001-08-23 04:08:05 AM  
WOF + MOF = Better than Walken ^_^
2001-08-23 04:08:08 AM  
Mtrxhzu: looks don't get you too far in life. I'm satisfied with my looks, but I haven't had a boyfriend in oh . . . NEVER. Don't get intimidated. That's just silly.
2001-08-23 04:14:55 AM  
Hey Maculated, got a farked up schedule too? I just woke up 2 hours ago... and everyone has gone to bed. What shall I do? :-(
2001-08-23 04:17:12 AM  
Nah, I'm just wired from hanging out with friends tonight. Beddy by now. I'm getting obsessed with this thing. Must . . . stop . . . sitting . . . at . . . computer.
2001-08-23 04:32:05 AM  
There are worse things you could be obsessed with ;-)
2001-08-23 04:36:02 AM  
Hmm, methinks I need to get a better pic uploaded...
2001-08-23 04:40:49 AM  
Hey, neat pic Tsubaki! And such cute kids ^_^
2001-08-23 04:41:04 AM  
Hell, I'm still licking the monitor....
2001-08-23 04:45:09 AM  
and i might as well join the party...

[image from too old to be available]

2001-08-23 04:46:13 AM  
I would be, 'cept my screen is incredibly dirty... I can't believe I can still read text on it.

Bumjube, I wasn't going to say anything... but I had to take a second (and third) look at your handle to see if it said what I thought it said. It didn't.
2001-08-23 04:49:23 AM  
Guy, s'ok... long story behind it, and I think most people think I got dangly bits because of it... but now I'm curious.. what did you think it said?
2001-08-23 04:51:21 AM  
Bumjob. Not sure exactly what that is, but I doubt it's good.
2001-08-23 04:52:56 AM  
That does sound rather painful... and messy...
2001-08-23 04:54:46 AM  
And I have to spell all of your name out, because I can't call you Bum... and I can't initial it as 'BJ'... ack! hehe
2001-08-23 04:56:10 AM  
Well, ummm.. would it be wrong of me to say that BJ is fine with me? Or does that sound wayyyyy too wrong?
2001-08-23 04:58:08 AM  
Oh no, it sounds very very right. [/lame line]

Well if it's ok with you, I don't see a problem with it ^_^
2001-08-23 05:00:30 AM  
ok.. This has gone way downhill...
2001-08-23 05:02:24 AM  
um... hooray for boobies!

Oh wait, that didn't help. Hooray for Farkers?
2001-08-23 05:10:37 AM  
That might help to clear the air a bit... and I think a drink might get the taste of Windex out of my mouth...
2001-08-23 05:13:00 AM  
*sips his diet root beer* No, it's not that bad... you can barely tell it's diet.
2001-08-23 05:14:40 AM  
Jesus shiat!!!!!
Farking_luv_it is one hell of a stunner!
Good lord!
2001-08-23 05:15:49 AM  
Indeed, she is very pretty.
2001-08-23 05:16:11 AM  
Root? Oh dear.. here we go again... never say that word around Aussies.. Are we the only ones awake here?
2001-08-23 05:16:28 AM  
Excellent, BV! I was going to suggest that someone post just the pics, and my wish has come true. I had no idea there were so many fine farkettes here. Almost makes me want to behave in a more cultured and gentlemenly fashion..................................nah................bring on more boobies! This is Fark, after all.

(P.S. perhaps we need some verification system when it comes to bare boobies. That pair shown by Melon_eep, I mean Melopene, could be just a ringer)
2001-08-23 05:19:18 AM  
Oh? What's wrong with Root?

And it looks like a few other farkers are awake at this ungodly hour (in the U.S. - no idea what time it is in Australia).
2001-08-23 05:21:28 AM  
There is absolutely nothing wrong with a root.. It's Australian for Fark... just one of those words that makes me giggle... And at the time of writing.. it is 7:20pm.. beep..beep...beep...
2001-08-23 05:23:06 AM  
*sips his diet fark beer* Hmmm, I think I like that.

7:30pm? Heck, I was sleeping then. ^_^ Just woke up a few hours ago...
2001-08-23 05:37:22 AM  
ok, I'm trying to eat my dinner here...
2001-08-23 06:02:28 AM  
thats NOT me by the way.... i'm prettier
2001-08-23 06:02:47 AM  
...i think
2001-08-23 06:06:17 AM  
Please, someone make that picture go away!
2001-08-23 06:08:47 AM  
Guy:Thanks for the compliment, but "cute kids" isn't the kind of thing Drew is looking for, right? I need to get a decent pic of ME (and having my boobies in there would probably help, too).

Bumjube: You have such GORGEOUS skin! Real peaches-and-cream. Wanna trade?
2001-08-23 06:17:17 AM  
Is it me or is SarahLily hot in this "whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks" kinda way?
Just a query...
2001-08-23 06:24:30 AM  
I think the ladies are *all* beautiful! And they're obviously intelligent too, otherwise they wouldn't be on fark right?

I'm sure there's female farkers out there who don't have a scanner and who would like to have been included in this thing. Maybe this should be done again in the near future allowing some time for them to get their images up. I'd offer my scanning services to any woman interested but i don't want to sound like i'm just trying to get my hands on your pic. Maybe one of the female farkers that has a scanner could offer to do it?

My girlfriend farks and has big boobies but i don't have a good boobie pic right now. Maybe we could do this again this weekend or turn it into an ongoing project.

Guys: quit posting your pics - you're scaring all the chicks away!

And to all the girls like Mtrxhzu who don't want their pic posted: you're beautiful just for being here.
2001-08-23 06:33:38 AM  
Tsubaki.. why thankyou very much! I had a very paranoid mother who made me use sunscreen while all my friends were using Reef Oil... what do you have to trade?
2001-08-23 06:42:12 AM  
Tsubaki, I guess you're right. Bring on the boobies then :-)
2001-08-23 06:47:12 AM  
I'm all for making this an on going project. I figure that after a while, we'll only get a few people who need to be added, etc. I think the big factor will prolly be how the site fares in the 1 pm to 5pm range today. if it doesn't crash and burn, then it should be okay. If it does, I'd want to try it on my new system (not yet built, but will be after this weekend), see if the current server was bombing just not serving fast enough. might also help to move the server back in my room with the router and cable modem. anyways, I' rambling, gonna check both emails now and see if anyone sent me pics.

Oh, and if you want to have your pics posted, please send them to me. If you post them to the thread, that's cool, but sending them to me makes it a lot easier to add you into the mix. If you do post to the thread, then please post the image (unless it's NSFW), and not the url. that's a pain to search through the thread to find the urls.

ok, enough ranitng laters all
2001-08-23 06:49:27 AM  
((Takes Bow))// No vanity wasted here//
A peak into the crreative process:
BlackVampyr: Dude, I need a tag that says "work" with a circle and line through it!
Frksamor: How big?
Frksamor: Okay
And a tag is born!!!!
2001-08-23 07:01:53 AM  
I'm dissapointed my picture isn't up there. I look gorgeous in my profile.
2001-08-23 07:08:07 AM  
If you look on the main page, everyone will see that FrksAmor and 3Horn helped supply me with the graphics I'm using on the site.

*yawn* posted a few more farkers, and added a few more pics of others (melinika).

Bongoman - A verification process, huh? Then I think that every female farker who has those kind of pics needs to own a webcam and um, netmeeting or omsething so that I can *ahem* verify the goods. an IRL meeting works to.

Ok, just kidding. I think this is better, because it kind of adds an air of mystery to this whole thing. I mean, what if toriko is giving us pics of her sister. What if kat is really a 45 year old man and those are his daughter, etc etc etc. This will let people's minds wonder who is posting real pics and who isn't (betting that most people are sending real ones.)
2001-08-23 07:18:14 AM  
Cheers to Blackvampyr and everyone else involved on this World Humanity project. Here's a shot \_/ and a drink |_| for all...
2001-08-23 07:37:40 AM  
2 things before work -

1,880 hits so far, and this site only got posted at about 12:15 this morning

Mike - I'm hosting all of the images locally.
2001-08-23 07:53:52 AM  
Here's one of me.. Sorry it's so blurred and big, but I had to get it from my friend.. it was the only one he had of me :p Recently formatted *ugh*

[image from too old to be available]

Hope that works, heh :)
2001-08-23 08:16:33 AM  
Drew: Are you going to add this photo site to the Menu bar?
2001-08-23 08:28:21 AM  
Ishidan - you've got it all wrong - the pussy is not supposed to lick you...

Well done Farkers!
2001-08-23 08:43:09 AM  
There sure are a lot of lonely internet perverts in the world
2001-08-23 08:43:43 AM  
Bumjube: well, my skin's not too bad, but it can't compare to yours...ummm...I've been told I have nice eyebrows...

I just had my husband take a pic of me and his cousins. I will post it when I work out how to do it (ie. when I work out how to get it from inside the digital camera onto my computer).
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