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(KITT)   Holy Hasslehoff. Somebody made a Knight Rider PC Game. Garthe surrenders   ( knightridergame.com) divider line
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2002-12-28 10:49:02 AM  
Yeah, my friend lent me this just before X-mas. It's pretty cool, but I'd only recommend it to fans or morons.
2002-12-28 11:29:18 AM  
Zoobtro - So which are you?
2002-12-28 11:31:27 AM  
I'm gonna buy this.
Right after I sand the bondo on my camarro and get my mullet combed and my Fu-Manchu moustache trimmed
2002-12-28 11:32:17 AM  
Let me just be the first to yell out

/dramatic scream
2002-12-28 11:33:01 AM  
Pity its a bit pants, isnt it.
2002-12-28 11:33:12 AM  
That's his Evil Twin Brother Garth.

/spelling Nazi
2002-12-28 11:33:41 AM  
The recycling trend continues.
2002-12-28 11:33:48 AM  
You know not until recently, when I saw a rerun of this show, did I realize how utterly ghey KITT's voice sounded.

In best KITT voice:

"Yes, Michael, I will only turn on the afterburners if you stroke my dashboard"
2002-12-28 11:36:49 AM  
No shiat Potbreath, straight guys name their cars after chicks. If my Honda had a voice, she would sound like Jennifer Tilly.
2002-12-28 11:38:32 AM  
Just played the demo this week, what a piece of shiat game. Whoever backed that software company deserves the losses they're goin to take.
2002-12-28 11:41:04 AM  
Jesus, Spoonfed'sBuddy.

I would shoot my car. If my car had a voice, it would sound like Kathleen Turner.
2002-12-28 11:42:52 AM  
This game blows...seriously blows. I "bought" the game and played as much as I could stand. It's terrible pretty much all the way around.
2002-12-28 11:43:16 AM  
Looking at the screenshots, I can't say I'm impressed. But then, if you judge the game by 1980's standards, it totally rocks, dude. < /80s >
2002-12-28 11:44:49 AM  
Haven't you ever seen that movie Bound?
2002-12-28 11:48:55 AM  
Anyone else seen Hasselhoff in Jeckle and Hyde: The Musical. I was seriously surprised.
2002-12-28 11:56:18 AM  
What I want to see, is a Baywatch PC game. You could pretend you are a big chested lifeguard running on the beach.
2002-12-28 12:00:20 PM  
Is Hasselhorf's hit song "Hot Shot City" going to be on the soundtrack? I hear that song is particularly good.
2002-12-28 12:40:11 PM  
Nice reference, NumberOneNuts
2002-12-28 12:51:46 PM  
NumberOneNuts: Was that #6 on the Best Of?

2002-12-28 12:53:34 PM  
Damn you seb... Damn you.

In future, I'll refresh before posting if there's a lot of tabs open.
2002-12-28 01:17:11 PM  
That game isn't even worth pirating!
2002-12-28 01:24:59 PM  
Wasn't the voice of KITT some famous television sitcom old person? I'm thinking the teacher from Boy Meets World or Mr. Belvedere...
2002-12-28 01:39:02 PM  
Yep, Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. He also played Dr. Mark Craig in St. Elsewhere. William Daniels. The dude rocks!
2002-12-28 01:44:44 PM  

[image from davilex.com too old to be available]
2002-12-28 01:58:44 PM  

Yeah, I've seen it. My skull still hurts.
2002-12-28 02:10:11 PM  
Photoshop KITT

link goes to a hundred or so pictures of KITT
2002-12-28 02:27:24 PM  
[image from images.google.com too old to be available]
2002-12-28 02:47:49 PM  
KITTs voice guy
2002-12-28 03:05:19 PM  
KITT is 100% homo. I had a KITT car and Michael 'action figure' as a kid. When you pull a cord, one of KITT's saying's was...

I'm coming Michael.

I guess I am also gay for having owned a miniture plastic David Hasslehoff.
2002-12-28 03:34:18 PM  
...lets all hope for this nightmare will sometime end for the Germans...
2002-12-28 04:11:17 PM  
Hey Skaff, where'd you find the demo? I'd like to try it, if only for laughs.
2002-12-28 04:24:22 PM  
Emilykp: Both.
2002-12-28 05:08:52 PM  
Holy Hasslehoff indeed! He is on HBO right now singing in some musical. I think it might have been the Nutcracker or something but I changed the channel too fast. AHHHHH!
2002-12-28 05:22:12 PM  
If my car had a voice it would be that man-lady from the Golden Girls.
2002-12-28 06:11:09 PM  
I thought that it was fairly decent, considering the fact that I didn't pay for it. I couldn't figure out how to get past the level with the jamming device, though.

2002-12-28 06:22:30 PM  
Motown: I had that toy too. I don't recall it saying THAT. Of course, I was just a youngster, wouldn't have got it if I thought about it for a while....
2002-12-29 12:34:28 AM  
Michael: Faster Knight Boat! We've got to catch those starfish poachers!
Knight Boat: You don't have to yell, Michael, I'm all around you.
Michael: Oh, no, they're headed for land! We'll never catch them now.
Knight Boat: Incorrect. Look, a canal.
Homer: Go, Knight Boat, go!
Bart: Oh, every week there's a canal.
Lisa: Or an inlet.
Bart: Or a fjord.
Homer: Quiet! I will not hear another word against the boat!
2002-12-29 01:11:22 AM  
hmm. someone changed this from Amusing to Boobies.... that's disturbing :)
2002-12-29 01:14:44 AM  
nevermind, i'm on crack apparently.
2002-12-29 01:50:12 AM  
PC demo on Fileplanet..
2002-12-29 03:59:11 AM  
My car would sound like the angelic voice of Hanah
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