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(ABC News)   VP debate pre-debate: Will Palin wear her hair down so she can use the wireless receiver? (3-1) Will Biden make her cry? (5-1) GOP streaker? (10-1) Will you watch for the train wreck? (1-1)   ( divider line
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17209 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 30 Sep 2008 at 6:10 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2008-10-01 6:00:18 PM  

Bufu: Are any of you actually serious about her having a receiver during the debate?


Well considering it's probably been done before (see 2004 election) then yes, we're serious.
2008-10-01 7:10:27 PM  

Tech N9ne: It's farking scary that liberals get to vote.
Listen to this guy and learn, libtards. (new window)

I love the "don't start none" like this was some new fad or something that just began this election year. The 'libtards' started it all, he's just defendin'. Sure, ok. Must be true because he said it.

It was interesting, but again, he is free to have his view. His problem is that he quickly brands anyone of the opposite view as brainwashed. Like the current administration branded all who didn't support the war in Iraq as unpatriotic. Neither statement requires proof, yet has an indelible impact on those who hear.

All who are voting Obama must be on welfare and only care about their signature issue. No thinkers there, only sheep.

2008-10-01 10:48:13 PM  

Zafler: Ahh, so you just happen to remember someone that has been banninated since before you made your account, and you just happen to have immediately started your troll act within a month of making that account.

Skeptical zafler is skeptical.

god forbis someone lurk before posting, and No, he was not Banninated, because I had many exchanges with him. Eventually, he did, but I was around when he was posting 1 pic in the boobies of every thread.
2008-10-01 10:50:27 PM  

hachijuhachi: This has GOT to be the thread in which Taco reveals he's an alt. I mean he's really gone off the deep end. This is getting to hard to believe. There's NOBODY that's THAT much of an asshole.

eat me.

/assholish enough?

I love you all. You all give me a special feeling. I feel like a man with a great big bag filled with loaves of knowledge, and I give it out to all of you.
2008-10-02 9:03:41 AM  

Tacoby Bellisbury: I feel like a man with a great big bag filled with loaves of knowledge, and I give it out to all of you.

Well, you're filled with something, I'll give you that.

/can't wait for November 5th
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