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2002-12-27 01:06:18 PM  
Okay, so maybe that might be the case, but in reality folks, when you cook at home you a) generally aren't talking while you are cooking b) are also not generally trying to impress anyone like a TV audience. Besides, a little saliva in your food, while sounding pretty disgusting is generally not going to hurt anyone unless you have a nasty communicable disease like smallpox. And if you have smallpox you have way worse than a hygiene problem.

Having said that I strive for two things when I cook: good taste and don't kill or sicken anyone. One cutting board is for meats strictly and the other for veggies. Another is used to cut cooked meats. Never the twain shall meet. Keep your tools clean, cook properly, make sure your ingredients are fresh and you won't generally hurt anyone. As for the good taste part...well that is up to the skill of the cook.
2002-12-27 01:21:49 PM  
I didn't realize my girlfriend worked for the United Kingdom's Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.
2002-12-27 04:51:47 PM  
HACCP obviously didn't ensue..
2002-12-27 05:53:23 PM  
Slow News Day Grips Springfield

2002-12-27 07:37:48 PM  
That's pretty gross...
2002-12-27 07:38:08 PM  
Nigella Lawson is actually pretty farking hot.
2002-12-27 07:40:50 PM  
I don't think thats amusing, the sick tag would have been better.
2002-12-27 07:43:36 PM  
Ming Tsai is also another one with a saliva problem. He's always sucking it back in between breaths.
2002-12-27 07:43:38 PM  
You mean like this guy?
2002-12-27 07:44:25 PM  
poppy IS sloppy
2002-12-27 07:45:39 PM  
i call bullshiat. these people are cooking on tv. come on. they are not in a restaurant that is benig inspected by the health department. who cares. if these people want to cook their food on their tv shows on a hibachi on top of a used toilet let them. people will stop viewing. jeez, someone got paid to investigate this, what a waste.
2002-12-27 07:46:01 PM  
Anybody seen Rachel Ray........I'd hit It!
2002-12-27 07:46:10 PM  
BAM! go to the dentist!

[image from emerilware.com too old to be available]
2002-12-27 07:49:26 PM  
A spokesman for Nigella Lawson said her passion for food was more important than perfect adherence to hygiene rules: "If we did exactly what should be done all viewers would see would be 30 minutes of Nigella washing her hands."

I would watch this...
2002-12-27 07:49:38 PM  
Is it chocolate, or...? ugh.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-12-27 07:50:07 PM  
What a cut-up
2002-12-27 07:50:57 PM  
The woman on the right looks quite concerned about the safety of her food...

[image from cswnet.com too old to be available]
2002-12-27 07:52:56 PM  
I'm a professional chef and I get so sick and tired of hearing people whine about the conditions that food is cooked under.

In 20 years in kitchens I have NEVER had a reported illness in a restaurant that I worked in.

I sure as shiat would rather have Jamie or Nigella spit around my food than have some greaseball at Mickey D's look at it crosseyed.

ANYONE that eats in ANY fastfood restaurant has NOTHING to say about hygiene or cleanliness.

And Nigella is hot as hell.
2002-12-27 07:53:10 PM  
the woman in that picture is a walking hygeine problem.. er, rolling maybe
2002-12-27 07:53:22 PM  
Ya know, Julia Child has probably been leavin' bits and pieces of herself in the food for decades now...
2002-12-27 07:53:59 PM  
Germs are our friends. I'm no germophobe, but watching some cooking shows really gross me out. One basic rule to anyone preparing food for me, only touch it with your bare hands ONCE. ONCE is all that's needed. Cook it, dump it on a plate and serve it. The food doesn't need to be fondled and posed and dressed in funny little hats.

If you have to touch the food more than ONCE, then you are not preparing "food", you're making small super-expensive little edible art exibits.
2002-12-27 07:54:28 PM  
[image from stylenetwork.com too old to be available] I have a meal for her!
2002-12-27 07:55:22 PM  
by "meal" you mean steak diner, right?
2002-12-27 07:56:23 PM  
Oh yes I would.
2002-12-27 07:57:13 PM  
perhaps some italian sausage (too bad I'm not italian)

what could a jew give her? some matzoh? um gefilte fish? help me out..
2002-12-27 07:57:27 PM  
If former Democrat Rep. McKinney offered you a bomb or food to eat, which would you pick?

[image from sf.indymedia.org too old to be available]
2002-12-27 07:57:34 PM  
I'm guessing that several farkers have submitted that ugly arse cloneaid biatch's puss for a photoshop thread, so will the mods finally let one through. I'm anxious to see if they can do something with that poor face.
2002-12-27 07:58:14 PM  
after seeing that hot girl, then having to look at her, id choose the bomb
2002-12-27 07:58:31 PM  
I always knew that Jamie Oliver was one nasty f*ck. Annoying as hell, too.
2002-12-27 07:58:40 PM  

You and I are on the same page, so to speak.
2002-12-27 08:02:14 PM  
LordChaos, You don't get out to eat much, do you?
2002-12-27 08:02:21 PM  
Fuzzygirl, you racist japan hater. Go back to Scotland why don't you!!

Just Kidding, still laughing at the email you got.
2002-12-27 08:10:59 PM  
I have something Nigella can bite...
2002-12-27 08:14:31 PM  
This article is beyond inane. The reason for shows like this is to show the basic recipe. The shows need a rhythm, and the background of the region that's being cooked is a necessary segment of the show.

If every cooking show spent 1-2 minutes with the chef washing his hands and extolling the virtues of good hygiene, it would be one of those things that invites Seinfeld-ian comments ("Didya ever watch those cooking shows? You know, every single one of them shows them washing their hands! What's up with that?")

2002-12-27 08:15:27 PM  

FuzzyGirl18 also frequents the NASCAR bulletin boards spreading her insidious dislike for all things unScottish. Quite shameful, actually. If it were true it would be, anyway.
2002-12-27 08:33:36 PM  
W0lfman, I totally agree.....
2002-12-27 08:45:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The only gourmets you'll find scavaging in this kitchen are kamikaze ones...
2002-12-27 09:11:13 PM  
W0lfman I agree, as long as you put a muzzle on her. The way she talks is annoying.

I like watching Alton Brown on "Good Eats". I think he is one of the most informative, and one of the best cooks. I have tried several of his recipes, and I am always pleased with the results.

Emeril can go to hell. He used to be amusing, now he is annoying.

I've never seen Nigella Lawson, but I after seeing her picture here, I want to. When is she on, and what channel?
2002-12-27 09:52:25 PM  
Emeril was okay back in his days when he was skinnier and just had his own show, but now he's damned annoying with his live show and all of the stupid ass sheep that baa and cheer at every goddamn little thing he does, whether it be adding alcohol, cracking some pepper, or adding some tabasco sauce. I miss the days when Emeril was a cook, not a celebrity.

Bobby Flay's a dick too.

Rachel Ray hands down is the hottest chef on tv. AND she's pretty hygenic. Thank you and good night.
2002-12-27 10:02:06 PM  
"Go Ohta!"
"Iron chef Chen has just hocked a loogey into his wok."

Ah, for the days of the Galloping Gourmet, who would get hammered while he prepared his dishes on TV for us.
2002-12-27 10:17:24 PM  
Naked Chef?
2002-12-27 10:20:14 PM  
And let's not forget the Frugal Gourmet, a Man of the Cloth, and recently accused of molesting teenage boys.
2002-12-27 10:27:24 PM  
Sos, amen, brother. Good Eats is the shiat. As for Nigella Bites (which is unfortunate, but I'd make the sacrifice), she's on the Style channel at many various times of day. I'm sure there's a set schedule, but my girlfriend would psychically know if I had it memorized. She heard Nigella referred to as "gastro-porn," and has had her radar up ever since.
2002-12-27 10:41:49 PM  
[image from foodtv.com too old to be available]
Food Nazi. Watching Sara Multon is like watching paint dry. She is so clean and tidy it makes me sick but she is so BORING.

Iron Chef and Good Eats are by far the best shows.

And, much like every other farker: Emiril sucks.
2002-12-27 10:43:45 PM  
Ironchefrocks (the farkette) is cute, hell..she can spit on me for all i care.
2002-12-27 11:03:38 PM  
It's not just the TV Chefs. Every time I go into a men's room I'm frightened by the personal hygiene of others.

2002-12-27 11:12:45 PM  
Cook's Tour is the way to go on the Food Network.
Not a lot of hygiene there either, but damn that guy has a cool job.
2002-12-27 11:34:18 PM  
there are FAR less "i'd hit it"s for Nigella than there ought to be
2002-12-27 11:45:37 PM  
I don't watch Nigella very often with my wife, because I don't want to explain the pup tent away.(LOL) Any fool can see that she's a dirty girl. Naughty, naughty Nigella!
2002-12-27 11:52:20 PM  
[image from bbc.co.uk too old to be available]

This is the guy they mention in the article.
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