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2002-12-26 11:33:17 PM  
2002-12-26 11:33:34 PM  
I thought this idea was cancelled by the FAA or the FTC, go figure.
2002-12-26 11:33:48 PM  
cool... stewardesses are now floatation devices.
2002-12-26 11:34:19 PM  
Come fly the friendly skies?
In case of a water landing the Stewardess' boobies can be used as a flotation device.
The captain has illuminated the do not stare at boobies sign.
We are on our final approach put all tray tables and seatbacks in their upright position and cease killing of all kittens.

Thank you.
2002-12-26 11:35:03 PM  
Hooters is about to completely change the meaning of the Mile High club.
2002-12-26 11:36:51 PM  
I'm buying tickets, like, yesterday.
2002-12-26 11:37:18 PM  
Just when you thought airline food couldn't get any worse.
2002-12-26 11:38:33 PM  
Are the flight attendants wearing the shorts and micro tees?
2002-12-26 11:39:01 PM  
insert **Cockpit** joke here______________________ !
2002-12-26 11:40:44 PM  
It's all about the wings.
2002-12-26 11:41:53 PM  
Hooters has good wings.
2002-12-26 11:42:39 PM  
Man, I wish I won the Powerball... Weekly trips to Myrtle Beach on Hooters Air...
2002-12-26 11:43:39 PM  
Who goes to Hooters for the food? I have only been once and would rather go to a real restaurant.

But hey, if anything can help stiffen the airline industry, Hooters can. Now, who is going to 'screen' the flight attendants?
2002-12-26 11:44:01 PM  
I was enjoying the article until music started to play. Man I hate those ads that play music or talk to you, especially late at night.
2002-12-26 11:45:37 PM  

cold shiner bock on tap
2002-12-26 11:45:55 PM  
insert **Cockpit** joke here______________________ !

ok, here goes... there was a game show hosted by David Brenner some years ago (it involved a huge pin ball machine thing). anyhow, it was a wheel of fortune type of game where they had to fill in the blanks with the answer to a question... a lady was given the following blanks:

_ _ _ _ - _ _ _

and was given the following question: what does a stripper and an airplane have in common? instead of "TAKE-OFF", the lady yells "COCK-PIT"... dang, i thought it was funny at the time. feh.
2002-12-26 11:48:22 PM  
2002-12-26 11:50:26 PM  
2002-12-26 11:50:48 PM  
Suddenly, flight delays seem enjoyable.
2002-12-26 11:51:20 PM  
If you get milk instead of coffee or tea, where does it come from?
2002-12-26 11:53:07 PM  
Will we be seeing a return of those old TV ads: "Coffee, tea, or me?"
2002-12-26 11:55:57 PM  
"Please return your stewardess to her full, upright position."
2002-12-26 11:56:56 PM  
I'd fly it......

I'd hit it, too......
2002-12-27 12:04:11 AM  
It'd be the first airline that you HOPE for a bumpy landing.....
2002-12-27 12:06:34 AM  
Only on America can a man get in a Hummer and then fly in a Hooter.

2002-12-27 12:09:19 AM  
'scuse me stewardes, it's too warm in here, you..er umm I mean I need more air conditioning.
2002-12-27 12:10:06 AM  
I wish I could get my girlfriend to be more proud of her hooters like everyone on this airline.
If I ever suggested she work there though to pick up the spirit she would blush a thousand shades of red.
2002-12-27 12:20:04 AM  
Amusing, Hooters restaurants here in Australia went broke. Girls wouldn't go there (unless they were the ones being paid) so no couples ate there, single girls were more likely to be hit by meteors than eat there, meaning guys that went there had 0% chance of meeting girls. Also - the food was crappy, and it was all overpriced.

If you want to see tits, go to a stripclub.

Since women usually do travel organising (especially for husbands/boyfriends) if this was a public airline i'm thinking it would probably go the same way as the restaurants.
2002-12-27 12:21:16 AM  
Cool_Refreshing_Dr_Pepper LOL. Turbulence too I guess :)
2002-12-27 12:46:41 AM  
In a related note, Hugh Hefner announces his new thong-only airline: "Pooters+Hooters."

Not to be outdone, Larry Flint soon thereafter announces his crotchless thong panty clad airline: "Cooters+Pooters+Hooters"

Rumors suggest Mariah Carey will kick off the ad vertising campaign as spokesperson....if she can just remember to bring her panties.
2002-12-27 12:58:29 AM  
I like Hooters: beer, wings, beer, chicks, beer.
I dunno if I want to go flying around thousands of feet in the air with an ex bankrupt company though.

On the other hand, if we wreck on a desserted island, you can bet your ass I am declaring myself the new leader of a boobies tribe.
2002-12-27 01:07:30 AM  
woopie doo. who cares. its not like hooters is exciting. you want action? fly your ass to nevada and vist the bunny ranch. and see which one was more fun
2002-12-27 02:44:46 AM  
Excuse me miss, we need to step aside please. We have reason to believe you are trying to smuggle a bomb on board....or midgets :D
2002-12-27 03:28:28 AM  

'Nuff said!
2002-12-27 03:38:56 AM  
If I become a threat to the passengers will they wrestle me to the ground and hold me there? hmmm..
2002-12-27 06:34:14 AM  
So is this the same Brooks that owns SbB?
2002-12-27 08:05:38 AM  
In case of a water landing, please use your flight attendant as a flotation device.
2002-12-27 08:07:09 AM  
Awesome. I live in Myrtle Beach. It's about time something cool like this came about.... plus all the Hooters around here (they just built another) give huge local discounts to those with ID's with grand strand addresses.

Just had one of those Hooters pageants the other day :)

sorry for not including a silicon joke.
2002-12-27 09:22:40 AM  
Down here in Texas, Hooters just kinds of blends into the woodwork... and the horrible irony is that it's actually a great place to take kids... for some reason, all the local Hooters waitresses really go nuts over the munchkins...
2002-12-27 09:42:13 AM  
Oddly, I see a LOT of couples at Hooters.. and lots of girls showing up in groups.. My girlfriend and I go there all the time.. because my girlfriend isn't an uptight wench who gets offended and defensive every time she sees some cleavage.

Personally, I love Hooters.. The wongs are great.. and its got a much better (and surprizingly more family friendly) atmosphere than, say.. Fridays, Applebees, or (gasp) Ground Round.
2002-12-27 09:43:35 AM  
I jsut don't see this working out all that well. If you can afford to charter these planes, you can afford to jsut bring your mistress/hooker on the plane with you and then you don't have to share (unless that is your thing).
2002-12-27 09:45:28 AM  
"The wongs are great.."

Little freudian slip there?
2002-12-27 09:47:21 AM  
hahaha, whoops.. must be.. didn't even notice that...
2002-12-27 10:36:40 AM  
12-27-02 12:10:06 AM Pierre
I wish I could get my girlfriend to be more proud of her hooters like everyone on this airline.
If I ever suggested she work there though to pick up the spirit she would blush a thousand shades of red.

What, no pics?
2002-12-27 10:48:04 AM  
Something needed to bring life back into the airline industry. Personal service. That's what its all about.
2002-12-27 10:48:54 AM  
Ha! There is a god, and he likes boobies. Take that Jack Chick!
2002-12-27 10:55:16 AM  
Now maybe people will listen to the seatbelt instructions.
Ok, maybe not.

Seriously, this is so cool.
2002-12-27 10:59:44 AM  
[image from midcoast.com too old to be available]
2002-12-27 11:13:48 AM  
Love that picture Nagasaki
2002-12-27 11:25:31 AM  
I love lesbians like in the picture above.... women so ugly they think it's wrong for beautiful women to get ahead for their beauty. Stupid ugly lesbian. DIEEEEEEE
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