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(ABC News)   Chinese creating theme park where you can eat the animals. PETA Surrenders   ( abcnews.go.com) divider line
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2002-12-27 12:20:56 AM  
Mmmm......I can't wait to try the Moo Goo Gai Panda.
2002-12-27 02:31:24 AM  
Fine, but expect a huge lawsuit when the rolercoasters collapse because of people eating to many support beams.
2002-12-27 02:32:20 AM  
I'm sorry... I completly misread that headline.

2002-12-27 02:34:06 AM  
Nothing new. There's a seafood restaurant at Sea World, which always raised an eyebrow for me.
2002-12-27 02:37:04 AM  
The Royal White Tigers were here a minute ago???
*Siegfried and Roy weep*
2002-12-27 02:37:41 AM  
>But tiger bones remain highly prized for their alleged medicinal qualities in China.
>Many Chinese believe tiger's penis is an aphrodisiac.

Can I just be the first to say that the Chinese are complete morons.

And China thinks it is going to be a world power soon....man they are SOOOO far from the 21st century.
2002-12-27 02:37:55 AM  
Many Chinese believe tiger's penis is an aphrodisiac.

My list, "100 reasons to avoid communist China," is now "101 reasons..."
2002-12-27 02:42:59 AM  
Only a few thousand Bengal tigers are believed to survive in the wild globally, according to the WWF.

Or so The Rock says...

Oh, no, that's right, those radical asshats forced the real WWF to change their name...
2002-12-27 02:45:06 AM  
Ha ha.
2002-12-27 02:47:24 AM  
"Many Chinese believe tiger's penis is an aphrodisiac"

Or you could just use it as a sex toy to spice up your love life!
2002-12-27 02:50:37 AM  
When I was in Xi'an, we were in a restaurant where dog was an actual item on the menu. I begged my chinese speaking friend, and the guys I was with to order it. Unfortunately they all refused. How cool would it be to eat dog!? Trust me though, dog is pretty minor compared to some of the other things they serve up in SE Asia.
2002-12-27 02:50:58 AM  
>Many Chinese believe tiger's penis is an aphrodisiac.

I think the keyword is many. it's not a relative. 10,000 chinese people are still *many* (and I believe that's enough number to creat a market for tiger peeners), yet there are like a gazillion of them as a whole.

whether most or even considerable fraction of the population believe it or not is anybody's guess. meanwhile, half-assed cultural understanding and lack of respect in major US tv-network is.. well ;)
2002-12-27 02:58:41 AM  
Would make more sense to have a park where you feed chinese to the tigers. Tigers believe chinese penis is like popcorn shrimp.
2002-12-27 02:59:12 AM  
Hmmm, since everything else made in China ends up on the shelves at Wal-Mart, I wonder if tiger tools will start showing up there too.
2002-12-27 03:00:25 AM  
China will be a world power soon. The US is going straigt to hell, with GW bush making idiotic laws about things like Stem-cell research all the research is moving to china. The US is #1 in medical research, but it wont be for long.

And it dosn't help that the rest of our economy is farked, either. with GW at the helm things are going to shiat with a quickness. He's getting us off on the wrong foot for this century, and it won't be long before the chinese catch up. I mean, their GDP is increasing at 10-20% a year, vs. ours which has literaly flatlined since 2k.

As for things like thinking tiger penis is an aphrodisiac... Well I'm sure they laughed their assess off when the Kansas schoolboard tried to ban the teaching of evolution. Compare the two ask who is realy stupider.
2002-12-27 03:00:39 AM  
tastes like chicken.
2002-12-27 03:05:14 AM  
I saw stranger things in the chinese supermarket I used to go to. Mostly in the freezer section. Lots of unidentifiable stuff, but among those I could name were "Ox Pizzle" and "Hog's Uterus". I never felt quite up to trying these rare delicacies, although I tried chicken feet once on the off-chance that, like seaweed, they wouldn't be exactly what the name said they were. Unfortunately, chicken feet are just that. Almost no meat, bony, too much like hard work to eat.
2002-12-27 03:17:53 AM  
Used to live in Augusta, Ga, where they had the Buffalo Ranch. There was a petting zoo and a restaurant where you could eat buffalo burgers that you petted last week.
2002-12-27 03:35:40 AM  
Sure, I'd eat a tiger after I petted it. You only live once.
2002-12-27 03:43:45 AM  
Sheilanagig, what do you mean? Seaweed is indeed exactly that. What did you think it was?
2002-12-27 04:23:38 AM  
deep fried shredded cabbage, or so I was told by the waiter.
2002-12-27 04:26:07 AM  
Ohhhh...there may be a difference between what the japanese call seaweed and what the chinese call seaweed, given that actual seaweed is more a staple part of the japanese diet.
2002-12-27 04:49:28 AM  
I have had dog in Korea. It wasn't anything special, and besides the one-time novelty and endless jokes in bad taste, an animal is an animal. Of course, I have not met a true chef who can unlock the miracle tastes of a pooch, but I need to loose a few pounds anyways....

and I like Squelch's idea, time to bring back the colesseum (sp?)
2002-12-27 05:32:40 AM  
What is with people grinding up animal penises and saying that eating it will improve your sex life

2002-12-27 05:44:25 AM  
I see wonderful teaching possibilities here: take your kid to the petting zoo, and the animal it becomes most attached to is later served up as lunch.
That just has to be one of the most efficient ways of farking up your kid. Hint: take out medical insurance which also covers analysis.
2002-12-27 05:51:17 AM  
man, people are fuct up
2002-12-27 06:30:17 AM  
Comon kids! Sing along!

"If I could walk with the animals....

....talk with the animals......

....play with the animals,.....


2002-12-27 06:34:01 AM  
Besides all the natural majesty and stuff, tigers don't even look tasty. Are they considered edible only for the sexual properties?
2002-12-27 06:46:17 AM  
The hell with the tigers, lets eat those yummy Chinese people.
*In the voice of Homer "Mmmm barbecued yellow person"
2002-12-27 07:37:45 AM  
Lions, tigers, and bears with pickles, lettuce, and tomatos on a seasame seed bun. Oh my.
2002-12-27 07:59:06 AM  
I'm betting that if you wanted to buy a tiger's penis it would cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, and we all know how great an aphrodisiac money is....
2002-12-27 08:18:10 AM  
"PETA Surrenders"

...If only.
2002-12-27 08:44:58 AM  
But they are also feeding the tourists to the tigers so it's a win-win situation.
2002-12-27 08:57:28 AM  
With all jokes aside, what the hell is wrong with Asians?!!
2002-12-27 09:03:05 AM  
Ooooh Yeah....

Candlelight + Barry White + Cristal + tiger wang = pure magic.
2002-12-27 09:03:07 AM  
Better not order the Sweet and Sour Soylent Green.
2002-12-27 09:06:41 AM  
Autopr0n, oh yeah... We'd be sooo much better off with some liberal nutjob in the Whitehouse, taxing us into hell, kissing some big Iraqi butt and generally standing hand in hand and signing "Give Peace a Chance" in lieu of foriegn policy. Yeah, that'd be great.

And you know what else? What's so bad about the Chinese having a bigger GDP than the US? They're a pretty smart bunch of guys (expcept for the tiger schlongs and stuff) and there are like 1.3 billon of them. That many people ought to generate more g&s than the US does. It's not a contest you know.

Oh! You're annoyed about the collapse of communism if their economy starts to really kick... Well, don't worry, there'll always be Cuba.
2002-12-27 09:23:41 AM  

Thanks for the false dichotomy, dumbass. It would be entirely possible to have a leader who was nether a dumbass when it came to actually managing a nation without kissing saddam's ass. Not that it matters, no one gave two shiats about Iraq until bush decided he needed a poll booster.

And not only that, bush is saying those exact things about giving peace a chance with regards to north Korea, and kissing kim-jong-ill's ass, despite the fact that N.K is probably a bigger threat overall.

As far as taxes go, you're right. People are paying a lot less in taxes. Of course, people are also loosing their jobs in droves. Bush's tax cut was insane, and now we're back to the ridiculous budget deficits of the Regan era, and a lovely faltering economy to go along with it.
2002-12-27 09:35:57 AM  
Remember when this thread was about funny stuff like eating zoo animals and tiger cack making you horny?
2002-12-27 09:41:20 AM  
PETA = People Eating Tastey Animals
2002-12-27 09:41:58 AM  
I do, LawTalkingGuy...good times, good times.
2002-12-27 09:47:55 AM  
Little threat (Iraq...so far) = Make sure they do not become a BIG threat by taking all their toys away.

Bigger threat (NK) = Treat with caution, i.e kiss a little ass, or "give peace a chance because they might just fling a huge-ass bomb in your direction".

Or something like that. :)
2002-12-27 10:10:12 AM  
Mdaryl, wtf are yout alking about? This is a cuisine thread for endangered species not a political round up.


"Many Chinese believe tiger's penis is an aphrodisiac."

Looks like a billion or so new prospective buyers of Viagra.
2002-12-27 10:24:11 AM  
LawTalkingGuy is right, sorry. I just couldn't help tweaking what's-is-liberal for taking the opp. to stand on his soap box. He did rise to the occasion though, didn't he? Back to tiger weenines.
2002-12-27 10:28:11 AM  
Maybe they'll have a special show where they feed disidents to the tigers.

"Wang Po failed to comprehend the leaders' wishes. Wang Po is now tiger chow."
2002-12-27 10:33:57 AM  
Autopr0n - This really isn't the thread for it man. I'm surprised your blatant jack hasn't been modded.

/end off topic

An edible petting zoo, eh? Did this remind anyone else of that scene in the Simpsons where Homer is singing "Under the Sea" and eating everything in sight?
2002-12-27 10:44:01 AM  
2002-12-27 10:48:38 AM  
That's really funny! Here in the US we are builidng "theme parks" with barbed wire to eat "iraqis", sorry I mean the towlieban, I mean al-queda.
2002-12-27 10:56:08 AM  
Western food culture isn't better by any means. Just read the book Fast Food Nation or visit your local meat factory slaughterhouse.
2002-12-27 10:56:19 AM  
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