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3333 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Dec 2002 at 10:39 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-12-26 10:40:36 AM  
Why is fark here?
2002-12-26 10:41:35 AM  
How come you always accept my submissions? ;)
2002-12-26 10:42:04 AM  
Are the mods and admins centrally located,or are they spread out through the country?
2002-12-26 10:42:22 AM  
Admin and Mods: Have you ever been hacked?
2002-12-26 10:43:03 AM  
How can I start a website where the public posts news articles and the advertisers pay me money?

Oh and how can I get invited to all the parties?

Oh and what exactly is a "server"?
2002-12-26 10:43:05 AM  
Chron: Space Aliens require us to turn the human race into a much of slackers so that they can take over much more easily. As soon as we surpass Yahoo in daily page views (we are running about 1/20th of what they do) the world will end.

Biz: Yes, normally through the viewing of boobies links
2002-12-26 10:43:19 AM  
do i really want to be a moderator or are people forced to do as a community service sentence?
2002-12-26 10:44:15 AM  
Why does the spell-checker on Fark work erratically at best?
2002-12-26 10:44:53 AM  
How many farkers and total farkers are there?

bored in NJ
2002-12-26 10:45:10 AM  
How many hits could I expect if I hosted my own photoshop entries?
2002-12-26 10:45:21 AM  
No questions. None.

Thanks for asking, and keep up the good work, though.
2002-12-26 10:45:22 AM  
Wow! OK, next question.

Why does everything taste like chicken?
2002-12-26 10:45:32 AM  
Big Tuna No questions, I am just requesting that you start putting your logo back in your Photoshop contest entries. That thing always cracked me up.
Kat [TotalFark]
2002-12-26 10:46:13 AM  
I ain't answering shiat, no one told me about this :(

*goes to cry quietly to herself*
2002-12-26 10:46:57 AM  
Are there any photos of Drew not holding a drink ?
2002-12-26 10:47:11 AM  
Tell us the inside stories on banned farkers.

Sorry, not in the form of a question.

What are the stories behind banned farkers.

You know who were talking about.
2002-12-26 10:48:12 AM  
Taking a cue from Dewsdad, how does one get banned from Fark? I hear it talked about all the time but I have never actually known anyone who was banned.
2002-12-26 10:48:26 AM  
do make money for modding? or does the ad revenue just paying for the "hardware", er, I mean drew.
2002-12-26 10:48:48 AM  
I think the first question should be:

"Who are all of the Fark admins and moderators?"
2002-12-26 10:48:53 AM  
Could someone tell us the official version of why Slayerswine was banned? There are many rumors out there...

Also, > does this look infected to you?
2002-12-26 10:49:24 AM  
There is no plan to actually answer these questions, is there?
2002-12-26 10:49:57 AM  
Did you guys install the new equipment? And if so when are you planning on turning it on!?


It still does get slow in the afternoons though.
2002-12-26 10:50:06 AM  
What brands of beer does Drew usually drink if given the option?
2002-12-26 10:50:49 AM  
Dewsdad - are you so lame that you really want to hear about people so retarded they got their asses banned?
Let it be.

As for a question, what setup does FARK run on? (PC's, OS,etc)
2002-12-26 10:50:50 AM  
Why don't you guys post the FArQ at the top of the main page and every thread so that we don't have to hear the same stupid questions that are answered there asked in every thread? Why are there repeats...give me a break.
Kat [TotalFark]
2002-12-26 10:51:00 AM  
"Why does everything taste like chicken?"
It doesn't, chicken just tastes like everything.

"Why does the spell-checker on Fark work erratically at best?"
There's a spell-checker on fark?

"Do you spit or swallow?"
Depends on the taste. Mike will do whatever you prefer.

"How many hits could I expect if I hosted my own photoshop entries?"
from what I understand, it would break the bank.

"Is God really dead? If so, when did he die?"
God is a lot like Santa, he lives in our hearts.
2002-12-26 10:51:01 AM  
gonna be hard to keep up... I'll stick with the ones I have decent answers for...

Zoob - dunno - wanna be an admin?

Why not yours, and why so many repeats... get this one a lot. Not yours because it's already been submitted, had a better headline, wasnt something that looked interesting, already had 25 good articles to put up and quit looking, I was looking for something about pears, just didnt seem like something people would like.
Why so many repeats? 1500 articles submitted a day, I cant remember a damn thing anymore after looking at thousands of headlines every week.

Spell checker??

All of our moderators like the behind the scenes (where's that spell check?) look at things. They usually get bitter and burned out after about 3-4 weeks of dealing with the filth that is splattered all over the site by the folks that have no personal values.

Admins live in KY and MI, Moderators are all over the US and in a few countries as well.
2002-12-26 10:51:01 AM  
What is your favorite beer?
2002-12-26 10:51:04 AM  
How many emails does Drew get on an average day? Of those, how many are whining, how many are spam, and how many are thanks to farkers putting his email on something that was linked from Fark instead of using their own email?
2002-12-26 10:51:30 AM  
How does Drew make so much money? I want to be rich, too.
2002-12-26 10:51:40 AM  
Here's a semi-serious one.

What are the guidlines for getting a single post deleted out of thread? And who makes that call?

How many mods are modding (?) a thread at any point?

Are you guys each going by a single set of rules governing the "decency" of a thread, or is it just whatever the individual mod deems unworthy at the time?

And what are the mods doing that allows them so much free time to referee a bunch of yahoos arguing over whether or not the girl from the boobies post is "hittable"?

Ok, so that was like 8 questions. Shoot me.
2002-12-26 10:51:40 AM  
why no submissions from Ananova?
2002-12-26 10:52:03 AM  
Who's idea was it to have admins/mods all get deluged with questions without warning them first?

Also, can I borrow a dollar?
Kat [TotalFark]
2002-12-26 10:52:19 AM  
"Why is there not a page of Farkettes for Farkers to view?"

OOO! I KNOW THIS ONE! THERE IS! or something like that! it's not all of the farkettes, but theres a lot of them!
2002-12-26 10:52:35 AM  
If You don't want to pony up $25 for 6 months of Total Fark, can You pay by the month? Does it HAVE to involve a credit card? or is there an address I can send a money order to? One of Drew's offshore accounts maybe?
2002-12-26 10:52:38 AM  
Why isn't there an "adult" version of Fark? It would be AWEFRIGGINSOME if we could post boobie pics, photoshop boobie pics and comment on boobie pics. Get with the program, yo. It's all about the boobies.

Vote for me! Oh, no voting enabled. Vote anyway. Moderators add voting...
2002-12-26 10:52:52 AM  
You can do it, Kat.
2002-12-26 10:53:12 AM  
I was banned....

Well, put on "time-out" for a couple of days...

I sent Drew a message asking what I did, never heard back from him.

2002-12-26 10:53:15 AM  
Jeff: "Zoob - dunno - wanna be an admin? Alright. I'm up for that. Or are you kidding, you swine? ;)
2002-12-26 10:53:30 AM  
How many beers does Drew average a day?
2002-12-26 10:53:36 AM  
How does one become a moderator?
2002-12-26 10:53:44 AM  
Seriously though, what are the legalities involved in using a copyrighted image in a photoshop on Fark. Will say, Steven Spielberg or some squirrel with huge nuts come after me with some kind of copyright infringement lawsuit, will they just go after fark, or all of us?
2002-12-26 10:53:46 AM  
You made my day Kat

/tears of joy
2002-12-26 10:54:30 AM  
this is cruel. They aren't answering the questions.

I'll sum up the past fifty posts and you can pick from the list:

a) Why was Slayerswine banned from fark?
b) Why are there so many repeats
c) How many Farkers and Total Farkers?
d) Have you ever been hacked?
e) Why do you do such a crappy job of picking stories (this is paraphrased here. And it's not my question. Please don't ban me.)
f) How many mods/admins, does it pay, and where are they?

2002-12-26 10:54:36 AM  
Serious questions;

1. Is there a list of banned people, roughly how many people have been banned, and why is it frowned on to talk about the banned. (we are a nosy group)

2. Do any of the Admin. ever post articles, or ban people based on being asked, as a favor, or because the submitter put their name on the source? I know Jeff hangs in TF forum some, and I'm wondering if some of the bastards get special treatment. There are a few people that have a very high number of submissions if you take in account the odds of anyone getting a submission posted. In short, do you guy play favorites?
2002-12-26 10:54:39 AM  
how is drew in real life?

what would YOU like to see on fark, that Drew hasn't answered about yet.

favorite photoshop/boobies link :P

and, in the spirit of Ironbar,

how does a thermos know to keep the heat inside to keep my coffee warm, or to keep the heat outisde to keep my ice tea cold?
2002-12-26 10:55:03 AM  
i thought this was the adult version of Fark.
when will there be a FARK for kids? lots of hamtaro links, that sort of thing.
2002-12-26 10:55:11 AM  
Why have so many of these been answered in the FArQ?
2002-12-26 10:55:27 AM  
Here's one that really bugs me.

Is there some sort of Nuclear Dope Slap that can be applied to people in Photoshop threads who do this:

Mods, please delete 12-26-02 10:51:40 AM Danho

And then proceed to post 4 more posts with nothing in it, and then ask to have those deleted?

Have mods ever deleted someone's screwed up post because they ask? Huh?
2002-12-26 10:56:21 AM  
Will you ever have an Atlanta,GA Fark Party?
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