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(boston.com)   Scrap metal from World Trade Center to be used in constuction of USS New York   ( boston.com) divider line
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2002-12-26 08:36:27 AM  
Why? Did the market for tasteless trinkets from hustlers in New York taper off? Wasn't that the big 'hub-bub' awhile back? Can I make any more statements in the form of a question?

2002-12-26 10:02:28 AM  
For a minute I thought it might be an aircraft carrier, which would be weird. You know, what with planes landing on it every day and whatnot.
2002-12-26 11:11:49 AM  
I would hope they recycle the steel first, otherwise that's going to cause some seriously wierd angles on that ship. I would hope that it's an Aircraft Carrier, that would be priceless and so beautifully tasteless it hurts.
2002-12-26 03:01:28 PM  
That's funny. I heard it was only going to be used in the construction of USS New York.
2002-12-26 03:01:28 PM  
USS I love it when you call me Big Poppa, sholud be the name of the ship. Word.
2002-12-26 03:02:01 PM  
Where is Dubya?
2002-12-26 03:02:57 PM  
Key phrase:

If the trade center scrap meets specifications

If not, we can use American steelworkers' product, like we should.
2002-12-26 03:03:28 PM  
I thought this before, but was just reminded by this article...:

Does anyone else thing a better choice of landfills could be made for this project than one named "Fresh Kills"? It just seemed odd to me in all the news coverage of stuff. "searching for evidence of bodies at Fresh Kills", ya know?
2002-12-26 03:03:47 PM  
''The scrap steel will be extricated from the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island on Friday and trucked south to a Northrop Grumman shipyard in Pascagoula, Miss. ''
How tasteless of a landfill name is that to put the WTC remains?! Christ. Anyhow, W. Owns. He'll be there to commemerotate the ship, because W. Simply Owns.
2002-12-26 03:04:12 PM  
what a load of over-sentimental, faux-patriotic crap
2002-12-26 03:04:22 PM  
Natax you beat me. Damn you. Apologies.
2002-12-26 03:05:37 PM  
You guys beat me to the punch about "Fresh Kills".

I kept waiting for them to change the name after Sept 11th, never happened.

2002-12-26 03:06:11 PM  
IHaveAIDS, I always wondered about that name myself ;)
2002-12-26 03:06:26 PM  
Needless to say, the Freepers are creaming all over themselves over this.
2002-12-26 03:07:15 PM  
Well, Woodstock '69 was originally to take place in Wallkill, NY.
2002-12-26 03:07:57 PM  
I'd like to live on that ship. Because, what are the odds of TWO planes crashing into the same piece of steel?

[image from gomog.com too old to be available]
2002-12-26 03:08:54 PM  
That ship is going to be loaded with ghosts.
2002-12-26 03:09:07 PM  
I personally think this is a great idea.

For some reason though, it makes me think this might have been a Twilight Zone episode.
2002-12-26 03:12:14 PM  
And the cosmic balie of life continues....
2002-12-26 03:12:41 PM  
Cool as anything.
2002-12-26 03:14:45 PM  
Maybe they could use some for bomb casings too.
2002-12-26 03:18:07 PM  
what the hell, they outta just go whole hog and make bombs outta it.
2002-12-26 03:23:07 PM  
The ship should be named. "USS Fresh KIll"
2002-12-26 03:24:51 PM  
2002-12-26 03:27:35 PM  
This is pretty cool that the remains of the WTC are going towards something commemorative, but does the Navy need another warship? I thought they were trying to downsize?

On a slightly different note, I think they should have used the scrap metal in the construction of the new WTC memorial/building/whatever they put there. I'd like to know how supportive the 9-11 families are of this.

Not that it would stop anything.
2002-12-26 03:27:51 PM  
And then it sinks like the Titanic.
2002-12-26 03:30:15 PM  
I believe "kill" derives from the Dutch word for creek or waterway. Hence, Fresh Kills, the Arthur Kill, etc. Although nowadays there's nothing "fresh" about Fresh Kills. It's like in Jersey where all that swamp is called the "Meadowlands."
2002-12-26 03:32:25 PM  
I know this sort of move will raise morale so our brave troops can more effectively kill whoever it is that we need to kill.

*cheers to the armed forces, for their unquestioning use of ridiculously overwhelming ass kicking.*
2002-12-26 03:35:43 PM  
I think this is cool as hell.
2002-12-26 03:36:51 PM  
Yes, good for morale. "This is for the Trade Center!" they can yell as they attack some totally unrelated country.
2002-12-26 03:37:48 PM  
Yeah, that's good. I'd definately build a Navy ship out of faulty, retrograde steel. Might as well bring up some pieces of the Titanic and add it into the mix while you're at it.
2002-12-26 03:39:50 PM  
Great, the remains of a bunch of office workers, temps, and waiters go into a warship designed to kill people. I'll bet that's just what they would have wanted. Should be tagged "IRONIC" at best.
2002-12-26 03:40:04 PM  
These ships are meant for offloading marines onto whatever it is they're trying to land on.
2002-12-26 03:40:10 PM  
They re-smelt the shiat, you dumbass.

*shakes head at the ignorance of his fellow air breathers*
2002-12-26 03:40:20 PM  
Maybe they could also feed the recovered body parts from the WTC to the crew of the USS New York.....
2002-12-26 03:40:44 PM  
[image from exwar.org too old to be available]
2002-12-26 03:42:20 PM  

Disgusting. They should use it as fetelizer for the fields upon which the corn grows that the pigs eat that the marines stuff down their gullets that fuel their trigger fingers which fill assorted people and objects with lead and brass and steel.
2002-12-26 03:49:51 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

Back in 1996, PETA attempted to get the town of Fishkill, NY to change the town's name because it promoted violence towards fish.

It was pointed out then that "kill" is commonly used as a synonym for channel or creek in Delaware, New York and Pennsylvania. Probably due to the large Dutch population.
2002-12-26 03:51:33 PM  
They should then use the ship to plow into suspected terrorist boats.
2002-12-26 03:51:42 PM  
Are there any Navy folks either retired or enlisted on Fark today? What are your thoughts on this? I think it's kind of touching and sentimental. I'm thinking that someone who has served may have a different perspective than those of us who haven't.

Any thoughts?
2002-12-26 03:55:23 PM  

Or anybody, I guess...

Is the USS New York one of the new Zumwaldt class cruisers? When are the first ones hitting the water?

Is the war on terror going to still be going on at that point?

and so on...and so forth...
2002-12-26 03:57:50 PM  
I live on Staten Island, didn't know until last night that all that WTC stuff is in Fresh Kills. Yeah, I'm new.
2002-12-26 03:58:39 PM  
12-26-02 03:51:42 PM Squidloe
"Are there any Navy folks either retired or enlisted on Fark today?"

My name is Lurker_John and I'm a recovering submariner.
2002-12-26 04:02:56 PM  
Danho: No it would be a San Antonio class Amphibious Assault vessel (I guess to supplement the Wasp class and replace the Tarawa class).
2002-12-26 04:04:04 PM  
Actually here is a link with info on the class of ship:

2002-12-26 04:06:07 PM  
O.K. this is getting seriously out of hand folks.

This "patriotism" is really getting old.

2002-12-26 04:08:59 PM  
Hey folks, thanks, really, for the explanation of "kill" as in Fresh, Fish, and Cats....

To everyone else, read the article. They are only going to be using one 20 foot beam. All the others have been already used (for micro-RC cars....)

And yes, current plans have the War on Terror continuing until the 22nd amendment has been repealed.
2002-12-26 04:10:19 PM  
*shakes head at the ignorance of his fellow air breathers*

*shakes his head at Californians with no sense of humor*
2002-12-26 04:10:36 PM  
Cool my hairy butt. This richly deservs the assine or stupid tag. "Hey, let's use the metal bits we can slag down and sorta-kinda mix in with the good stuff to get lower quality steel so that with Al Quada rams their boatload-of-nutjobs into it, it'll fall apart!" Not to mention that having a battleship shooting at what, exactly? Five guys gathered round the donkey watering hole? That by the time your 1.5 million $$ missle gets there, have taken off and are watching it go boomb from the next sand dune over?
There's a reason why the drone miniplanes work so damn well - they're not based a zillion miles OFFSHORE.

/end rant
2002-12-26 04:11:54 PM  
No it would be a San Antonio class Amphibious Assault vessel

So they've demoted the name from a battlewagon to a mere Marine taxi? I thought that with battleships no longer in service, state names now went to nuclear submarines.
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