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(ctnow.com)   Arab and Muslim students at U.S. colleges fear going home for winter break because they may not be able to get back into the U.S   ( ctnow.com) divider line
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2002-12-25 08:07:45 AM  
Good Lord, we sure don't want to cause them any inconvenience. After all, they are only in our country by our good graces, going to schools supported by our tax dollars and enjoying the benefits of our society.

If they have a problem with that, let them try to find a decent education and opportunities in their own country.
2002-12-25 08:08:48 AM  
[ sigh ] Here we go again.

If your visas are current, your paperwork is in order, and you haven't been involved in criminal activity while you were here, you will have no problem returning to school.

When I worked at Tivoli, we had an Iranian on my team that took his annual vacation to go home to Tehran to visit his family.

He was IN IRAN when 9/11 happened.

Know how much trouble he had getting home? Almost none. A slight delay due to very few flights coming into the US, but nothing related to his race, the place his trip originated from, or anything in his paperwork.

Know why?

His visas were current. His paperwork was in order. He didn't have any oustanding criminal warrants.

Here was an Arab man in his 30s returning from Iran a couple of weeks after the single worst terrorist attack in the world, having taken place on American soil, committed by Arab men in THEIR 20's and 30's.

If you haven't done anything wrong and your immigration papers are up to date, you have nothing to worry about.

Get over it.

2002-12-25 08:32:32 AM  
well, I was going to say something about they had better make sure they weren't "illegals" and had the needed paperwork....blah blah..... but Loligo said it first and better.
2002-12-25 09:04:28 AM  
The Crusaders had the right idea, they just stopped too soon.
2002-12-25 09:04:44 AM  
good, leave you stupid fvcks, the women dont put out and the guys are gay, we dont need em
2002-12-25 09:06:59 AM  
I'm having a had time giving a damn about these foriegn nationals who happen to be both wealthy and fortunate enough to study here.
Someone better post a motivational rant.
2002-12-25 09:10:03 AM  
motivational rant: the u.s. is not the best country for education so stop acting like it -- america is a police state now --
2002-12-25 09:18:12 AM  
we dont need to educate terrorists you stupid fvck
2002-12-25 09:20:33 AM  
Nice flamestarter, Sincityrugby. Would you like some bread to go with your whine?
2002-12-25 09:24:49 AM  
Yeah, I forgot about how many American students travel to the Middle East for a superior education in camel buggering and mandatory prayer.
2002-12-25 09:25:37 AM  
If they aren't allowed back in, someone better start drafting engineers (oh god I'm funny!). On a side note, Fark feels like my house did in high school when my parents went out of town. Since no one's here today, I feel as if we should throw a kickin' party, only to have the servers shut down by a state policeman.
2002-12-25 09:30:35 AM  
You papers are not in order...

[image from hollywoodjesus.com too old to be available]
2002-12-25 09:32:17 AM  
Why are they celebrating Christmas again?
2002-12-25 09:34:06 AM  
If they aren't allowed back in, someone better start drafting engineers (oh god I'm funny!).

You jest. Just bring in a few hundred-thousand more Indians. They'll never miss 'em back home and I'm happy to have them here.
2002-12-25 09:35:11 AM  
we have to let them in who else will pump my gas and charge me 10$ for soda and chips.theres an easy solution for these muslim extremists, they want to die for allah,let's bomb the whole region and send them to allah,then send in dudes in hazmats suits to get the petrol out.
2002-12-25 09:35:16 AM  
"Since no one's here today, I feel as if we should throw a kickin' party, only to have the servers shut down by a state policeman. "
hehe... that's been tried Rumbleminz, and you're being watched....

*looks around with shifty eyes*

2002-12-25 09:39:02 AM  
Honestly Shiver_ when people like you say that the US is a police state, I really would love to send a big 'ol Thunderdome reject over to your house JUST TO PROVE WHO RUNS BARTER TOWN... so you really have something to howl about.

A police state? Where is the evidence? INS? Please. I could tip off INS ALL FARKING WEEK WITH NO ACTION. Where are the cops in this country doing anything other than handing out parking tickets and going after drugs? I see no evidence of this. THAT PATRIOT ACT CRAP IS ALL PAPERWORK. It will be turned over. It is a matter of time.

Just because it gets a little tougher (for obvious reasons) to get into a country because of known terrorists using known methods to enter the country via useless, non-checked, crappy student visas. Suddenly everyone starts screaming about of all of their freedoms being stripped. Since when has this occurred? I see not one piece of evidence, I see some unapplied laws on the books. The only person that has been screwed recently is Skylarov. That isn't even a terror issue. He is now okay. And that stupid law is going to be off of the books by precedent. Besides as one farker said, "You get your paperwork right, you're in." Anyone travelling to a foreign country, even a tourist island, needs to get this crap correct, or expect the embassy boys to pick you up in a week or so.

Honestly, can we get some Aussies up in here to talk about immigration? I don't even think that I could even get into their country to work as a law-abiding American witout an Aussie corporation praising "Let him in! He knows cold fusion! He's building a 12GHz processor! He makes cruise missiles with duct tape! We need him! LET HIM IN NOW!"

All of those immigration hoops, and still NO ONE CLASSIFIES AUSTRALIA AS A POLICE STATE. But when we do something that makes sense and even remotely hassles NON-CITIZENS, then all of the farkers start making Orwellian jokes. If you wanna have a reason to biatch with police states, move to farking North Korea. I'm sure they would love to accomodate you and your complaints.
2002-12-25 09:43:55 AM  

Is your name in reference to that wonderfully delicious movie with Jonathan Pryce and De Niro? If so, I'd like to talk to you about your ducts.
2002-12-25 09:48:57 AM  
It was a good movie. The first time I saw it, in the theaters, it depressed me for days.

That shiat's like water off a duck now.

Is that you Mr. Tuttle?

The name is from a Jack Chalker book. Nathan Brazil.
2002-12-25 09:58:20 AM  
Bah.. they'll get it.. they pay what? $30,000 a year for yale?

and I doubt they'd be putting gas in your cars.. most probably you'll be working for them in 5 years.
2002-12-25 10:11:13 AM  
Send them to the EU to school instead, we'll need them as allies when we reclaim our American colonies.
2002-12-25 10:13:29 AM  
Brazil...wonderfully delicious? More like a hideous mistake that should have been aborted right after it was concieved.

On the subject...$30,000 for Yale, or any University, you of course realize that for many foreigners that their tuition is paid for by your tax dollars and part of your own child's tuition because the edicators at these schools and in your government want "diversity".
2002-12-25 10:13:59 AM  
Well good, maybe they can put pressure on their comrades in arms and get this whole thing to stop, so their poor Paki butts can go to Yale......Hold on a sec? These pansies are complaining about having to defer admission to Yale? WTF kick them out, let some Americans go to Yale, not Pakis.
2002-12-25 10:27:04 AM  
if iranians are kept out...who will buy Aramis?

[image from boscovs.com too old to be available]
2002-12-25 10:28:10 AM  
Tzzhc, heaven forbid there be a Yale educated Pakistani using his education to better his home country...

I'm really beginning to hate American Nationalists with their Hell No You Will Go attitudes and thinking the world owes them a big shiny throne from which to proclaim their world dominance.

To anyone who uses the "well if you don't like it, why don't you leave" argument, send me enough cash and maybe I will. Send a great deal of cash and maybe I'll leave sooner. Or maybe I won't. So fark you, I'm an American too, and I happen to desire the widest cultural foundation this country can muster for it's own health and longevity.

Purity equals disease. Remember this.
2002-12-25 10:29:15 AM  
where's the here tag?
2002-12-25 10:33:20 AM  
we should not deny any foreigners the right to come here and learn how to make weapons to kill their neighboring countries back home.
2002-12-25 10:36:02 AM  
O.K. If they are afraid they won't be able to return, they should just stay here. Then, once they graduate from Yale, they can go to Pakistan and "use their education to better their home country".
2002-12-25 10:36:28 AM  
Oh, that's so sad -- they can't be with their families for Christmas. I really feel for them....their presents are going unopened, they can't go to midnight Mass with their friends, it's a sad state of things, caused by this damn War on Terrorism.
2002-12-25 10:40:10 AM  
wow, look at all the hate filled racists spitting their vitriol.

your forefathers stole this country from it's rightful owners through terrorism.

now STFU.
2002-12-25 10:41:50 AM  
McFlizzy-then you pay for it.
2002-12-25 10:48:56 AM  
Angst, well, yeah.. heh.. it's just the idea of fearing arrest or deportation for something you didn't do instead of something you *did* do that rubs me wrong.

There are no goals in this war on terror. There's no time table or itinerary with which to fight it and no criteria with which to compare our successes and failures by. It's omnidirectional paranoia for the common citizen while our government decides what's best for us - an idea quite contrary to our purpose in this world as a bastion of liberty and justice for all. It's not just some grade school invocation we all chanted as kids - we exist as a nation for a reason.
2002-12-25 10:51:26 AM  
12-25-02 10:28:10 AM Mcflizzy
Tzzhc, heaven forbid there be a Yale educated Pakistani using his education to better his home country...

BWHAHAHAHAHA..... you think they are going back to Pakistan after they graduate.......BWAHAHAHA
2002-12-25 10:54:33 AM  
One good thing about letting them back in: they'll continue to pick up our WASP slack. In general, "Arabs" (for lack of a better term) living in the United States are better educated, and thus have higher paying jobs, than the average Joe. Why? Because they work their respective asses off, and place a huge emphasis on education. According to my astrological chart, the mass round up and summary execution of these people will occur in May of 2003. Until that date, let these people be!

And BrassArt: don't hate on Brazil, minus the suit of armor flying in the clouds, it was a damn imaginative movie, with quality acting; not too mention a killer soundtrack.
2002-12-25 10:56:32 AM  
12-25-02 10:40:10 AM Smokalotapotamus
wow, look at all the hate filled racists spitting their vitriol.

Pakistani is a race now?
2002-12-25 11:02:35 AM  
"Pakistani is a race now?"

look at the idiot speak.
2002-12-25 11:02:44 AM  
Mcflizzy - True...I just have problem with the rest of the world coming here for whatever it is they can't get in their own country, whether that be an education, job, products, what have you. And then turning around and badmouthing the US. They left their hellhole country for a reason, and if they aren't complaining about the US, they are trying to turn part of the US into exactly the same kind of hellhole they came from.

Remember that the US is just a little over 200 years old, and most of the rest of the world has had a couple thousand years jump on us. Yet I don't see people knocking down doors to get into India, or Africa. And they should be.

Our "culture" of individual freedom, and private property, and capitalism, and founding fathers who felt that no ruler or ruling class should have much power...has given us our growth, and riches, and all the things we enjoy and can provide to the rest of the world.

They want what we can provide, but hate that we can because of who we are.

So how do you treat rude children at the dinner table (feeding trough)?
You tell them to go to there room until they kow how to behave.

You like diversity? OK how about I ome over to your house for Christmas dinner, open a couple of presents that are just lying about, eat your food, and then grab the gifts and tell you what a dump you live in and that your a bad host as I head out the door?

By the way...same time next year?
2002-12-25 11:04:07 AM  
There are Christians from all over the Middle East that come here for school. Even with a threat of not getting back to finish school, these students go to be with family for Christmas. Why would anyone deny them a safe return?
2002-12-25 11:06:39 AM  
So does this mean that all those years of being told American schools are way behind the soviet schools was a big lie?
2002-12-25 11:06:48 AM  
I see heavy doses of ignorance, intolerance, and prejudice here.

lots of sweeping generalizations which are invariably untrue.

a good healthy dose of "they hate freedom" style stupidity.

all in all a wonderful representation of the enduring american spirit. keep it up guys. your country will be a glowing crater soon enough.
2002-12-25 11:07:46 AM  
When in Rome do as the Romans do. You can't butter both sides of the bread. No cake and eatin' it too. SHUT UP and stay or go, otherwise help find the trouble-makers to make everyone's lives better.
2002-12-25 11:10:44 AM  
I'm with Brazil (the director's cut, that is). As Muslims, they are going home to celebrate the birth of the baby Jeebus why exactly? Sure, Arafat, a Muslim, used to do it when the Israeli's let him out of his cave, but even he stopped. WWMD? What Would Mohommed Do?
2002-12-25 11:14:51 AM  
Smokalotapotamus your forefathers stole this country from it's rightful owners through terrorism.

Genocide is NOT terrorism.
2002-12-25 11:15:34 AM  
Smokalotapotamus is right. this thread is exactly what all americans think.
2002-12-25 11:16:23 AM  
Mcflizzy, what the fark is that whole rant about??? It is a sad day indeed when having the "widest cultural foundation" has becomes such an important issue for our society. We have the widest diversity of people here (save for maybe Austrialia). Someone saying they would like to see Americans going to american universites has nothing to do with racial purity, it has to do with how we utilize a finite resource which higher learning is. It makes sense to want the people using that resource to be vested in our society.

Also, what "ethnic purity" is there here? America is made up of every race and culture on the planet. Other than backwoods Kentucky, and possibly the McFlizzy residence, we are not in any trouble of recrossing genes. Maybe you should bring you crusade against purity to the Chinese. They have a millenium or six of the problem under there belt already. They must all be ready to keel over any minute. If I donate to your going away party, will you go fight the good fight over there? Yes, and while you're there you can get a real taste of nationalism.
2002-12-25 11:18:53 AM  
Rumbleminz-hey I liked Brazil, until the end, it felt like the writer/producer/director put a gun to my forehead and pulled the trigger. The ending took a great and imaginative uplifting movie, and turned it into a Pessimism Gothcha. You know...life is crap, human beings are crap, everything is crap, but that's great, hurry up and die already, maybe you'll dream nice dreams when you're dead, but you won't.
2002-12-25 11:19:31 AM  
"As Muslims, they are going home to celebrate the birth of the baby Jeebus why exactly?" - Because Jesus is a prophet of Islam.

"Well good, maybe they can put pressure on their comrades in arms and get this whole thing to stop, so their poor Paki butts can go to Yale......Hold on a sec? These pansies are complaining about having to defer admission to Yale? WTF kick them out, let some Americans go to Yale, not Pakis."

These guys are going to be spending thousands for their education, will do better than you, and will end up being your bosses.

Remember kids, Purity through Strength!
2002-12-25 11:20:54 AM  
boo farkin hoo - i hope every one that leaves can't come back.
2002-12-25 11:23:00 AM  
oh, brother.

America has gone out of its way to remind people, through newspaper articles, television ads, popular culture and radio that it's wrong to blame innocent people for the actions of scumbags simply because they have the same ethnic/religious background.

But who cares? Mind over matter. Bush is a nazi who has crushed free speech and has political rabble rousers arrested in the dead of night.
2002-12-25 11:24:26 AM  
Smokalotapotamus: "your forefathers stole this country from it's rightful owners through terrorism."

Who "stole" America from it's rightful owners? Britian, France, and Spain mostly. The only land American's stole would be the 13 colonies from the British. The rest was purchased from said countries who "owned" it by divine right of planting there flag first, regardless of indigenous peoples.
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