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(NCBuy)   Not self-conscious enough about your body yet? Maybe you need a bellybutton lift   ( ncbuy.com) divider line
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2002-12-24 11:42:08 AM  
I need a "belly around the button lift"
2002-12-24 05:39:13 PM  
"Outie" or an "innie"?
2002-12-24 05:40:05 PM  
Outie implants?
2002-12-24 05:40:14 PM  
think i'll stick to sit-ups...

2002-12-24 05:40:25 PM  
"and costs a mere $2,500" I dunno, but two grand is a bit much to shove my navel up about an inch.
2002-12-24 05:44:04 PM  
For the love of God, why?
2002-12-24 05:44:51 PM  
I'm going to get me one of these once I'm done selling one of my kidneys. It's definitely worth it.
2002-12-24 05:46:11 PM  
This is just so farking stupid it makes my head hurt.
2002-12-24 05:48:34 PM  
Science can do this, but they still can't make my wiener prehensile?? *sigh* I guess i'll have to wait on that elephant-boy nick I was gunna use...
2002-12-24 05:54:12 PM  
i have heard of women who get their labias cosmetically enhanced.
2002-12-24 05:55:26 PM  
One of my neighbor's belly is so big and ready to pop. He actually walks around and acts like he's a God of some sort, and it's really gross. Well, he randomly comes over to smoke pot, and he does it without a shirt on alot and his bellybutton STICKS OUT cause he's so frickin' ready to pop! I've never seen this on anyone before, and it's repulsing!
I'd pay $2,500.00 just to NEVER see his ugly ass over_sized_not_suppose_to_be_an_outty_bellybutton!!!!

now I'm in a bad mood.
2002-12-24 05:59:11 PM  
Jacko doesn't have a bellybutton anymore.
2002-12-24 06:10:07 PM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]

Next new belly button sugury - make sure everyone can see your new raised Belly Button by having it surgecally implanted on a growth on your body! Your friends will be shocked!

2002-12-24 06:12:13 PM  
Just cover it up with a stud or ring if u feel that self-concious
2002-12-24 06:25:09 PM  
Jeeze, just accept who you are. I don't complain that my penis is hugely HUGELY deformed. (apologies to Red Dwarf)
2002-12-24 06:39:34 PM  
During the so-called "umbilicoplasty" surgery, doctors put a "purse-string" suture around the navel to control the circumference and give it a ridge at the top.

Of course they use the term "doctor" loosely.
2002-12-24 06:50:33 PM  
i don't get it
2002-12-24 07:02:17 PM  
I spackled my "innie."
2002-12-24 07:10:48 PM  
can anyone find before/after pictures of this? google images gives nothin
2002-12-24 07:15:13 PM  
I take that back - it's called umbiliplasty

[image from graphics7.nytimes.com too old to be available]
2002-12-24 07:15:52 PM  
Umbilicoplasty rather.
2002-12-24 07:41:12 PM  
hey, how about before and afters Indiepress?
2002-12-24 07:47:55 PM  
2002-12-24 07:48:14 PM  
Headline should finish:

and still no cure for cancer
2002-12-24 08:17:43 PM  
Argh! They're ruining my favorite part!
2002-12-24 08:48:21 PM  
Next Week
on the
Plastic Surgery FunHouse:

The AssEctomy.
2002-12-24 10:23:41 PM  
actually today i was looking at my bellybutton thinking the top part looked like it was starting to show it's age.
2002-12-24 11:47:18 PM  
May I help you look Femme?

</lonely farker
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